Brian Brecht didn’t take long to tap into his Hudson Valley connections after taking over as Rutgers coach.

Brecht, who recruited the region heavily during his tenure as Siena coach, landed a verbal commitment from one of the top goaltenders in Section 1 in rising junior Kris Alleyne of Clarkstown South High School.

If you checked our “Updated recruiting review and commitment rundown” on Friday morning you learned of Alleyne’s commitment as it happened.

Alleyne becomes the latest South player to take his talents to the D-I level, joining a group that includes such current and former South standouts as Zach Widbin (Harvard), Chris Hagerty (Quinnipiac), Scott Rickli (Delaware), Kevin Shea (Stony Brook), Tim Shea (Albany), Dan Ritter (Albany), John Giordano (Quinnipiac), Mark Lieval (Stony Brook) and Nick Glasser (UMass).

“We are very excited for Kris,” Clarkstown South coach Adam Chagares said.

Now, let’s get Kris’ thoughts on the big news. Here’s a Q&A on his commitment:

What were the main factors in your decision to attend Rutgers?
There were multiple factors that led to my decision to attend Rutgers. I immediately felt comfortable with Coach (Brian) Brecht. The strong academics and school size were big pluses. I had a strong desire to play against the best and playing in the Big East gives me the opportunity to do that.

What other schools were you considering and what schools did you visit?
Stony Brook, Michigan, Binghamton and Sacred Heart. I visited all those schools except Michigan.

What adjustments do you think you will need to make to play at the next level?
I will need to improve on consistency in all areas of my game and adjust to the speed of the college game.

What are your strengths as a player and how would you describe your style of play?
I pride myself on my clearing ability and rely on my fast hands and athleticism in the cage. I always leave everything on the field in hopes to motivate my teammates and everyone around me.

What players have you looked up to as you have moved up through the varsity ranks?
Through my years at Clarkstown South several older players have helped to mold my game, especially Luke Haggerty, Sean Day and James Burke. Luke was always there to help me make any adjustments to positioning or to help work on anything he saw I could improve on. The work ethic of both Sean and James showed the necessary drive needed to be successful at the varsity level and beyond.

I must also mention (Clarkstown South) Coach (Adam) Chagares. He’s taught me to push myself to the next level and never settle with being average but to work to be the best on and off the field.

When did you first realize you had the potential to play at the college level?
Playing for WestRock with Coach (Lew) Janavey and making the Battle of the Hotbeds All-Stars at the end of last summer.

* For more info on Kris, including his highlight tape, check out his recruit profile by clicking here.

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11 Responses to “Clarkstown South rising senior goaltending standout Alleyne reflects on commitment to Rutgers and new coach Brian Brecht”

  1. Lax Observer says:

    Great job Kris!!!

    Well deserved.

  2. Lax n stuff says:

    Congrats Kiris. Hudson Valley has turned out quite a few D-1 goalies the last few years.

    • Record? says:

      By my count Kris makes the 4th D-1 goalie to commit from Sect. 1 already from this grade…Danehy (Gate), Larabee (Notre Dame),Branca (Fairfield)and there could still be more…Joe, is this a record for sect. 1?

  3. Laxxx says:

    Way to rep Section One Kris

  4. Scarlet Knights says:

    Good job by Brecht to get this commitment. His highlight vid was real impressive.

  5. Wolfpack Laxer says:

    Nice job bro. Congrats

  6. The Rock says:

    Way to go Kristian!

  7. SirLaxalot says:

    Not sure any “records” are kept for commitments lol, but it has to be the most. Does anyone recall as many or more?

    • NYmike says:

      The most according laxpower going back to 2007, and it’s still early (3 in 2008) – (2 this past season and others) Who’s left that could go D1?

  8. Westrock parent says:

    Kris has the best hands and feet of any high school goalie I have ever seen. Congratulations Kris you are a great kid and a terrific player. Your brother Ryan and your mom Karen did a pretty good job also!!

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