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Junior midfielder Nick Grasso and Fox Lane start a pivotal week of four key contests with a game today against six-time Class C sectional finalist Rye, which has joined Fox Lane in Class B this season.

It’s Day 1 of what promises to be a real interesting week as the regular season winds to a close for varsity teams in the nation’s No. 1 hotbed for lacrosse, the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region.

More on that in a moment.

First, in case you weren’t with us yesterday, the brackets for the NCAA tournament in both men’s and women’s lax — and in all three divisions — were announced.

You can check them out now by clicking here.

Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts on the selections on that thread, and make sure to take a moment to vote in our latest poll question, asking who you think will win the NCAA Division I men’s title.

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Now, to today’s slate.

Two of Putnam County’s top programs, Mahopac and Brewster, battle it out.

It’s going to be quite a week for Fox Lane. The Foxes face Byram Hills, Lakeland/Panas and Suffern all this week, starting today with resurgent Rye.

In Long Island, Manhasset’s offense is probably chomping at the bit after being held to three goals in its last game, but it was a win — 3-2 over Chaminade on Saturday. Today, ‘Set hosts Hewlett.

Fairfield Prep hopes to bounce back from a surprisingly one-sided 10-4 loss to Greenwich when it hosts Guilford today.

Here’s the rundown of today’s slate, with starting times:

Guilford at Fairfield Prep, 3:45 p.m.
Kings Park at Bellport, 4 p.m.
Fairfield Ludlowe at St. Joseph, 4 p.m.
North Rockland at Albertus Magnus, 4:15 p.m.
Hewlett at Manhasset, 4:30 p.m.
Mahopac at Brewster, 4:30 p.m.
Peekskill at North Salem, 4:30 p.m.
Edgemont at Irvington, 4:30 p.m.
Hastings at Saunders, 4:30 p.m.
Dobbs Ferry at Ardsley at Concord Road Elementary, 4:30 p.m.
Blind Brook at Croton-Harmon, 4:30 p.m.
Eastchester at Pearl River, 4:30 p.m.
New Paltz at Millbrook, 4:30 p.m.
Minisink Valley vs. Newburgh Free Academy at Mount St. Mary, 4:30 p.m.
Red Hook at Highland at Highland Middle School, 4:30 p.m.
Haldane at Fieldston, 4:30 p.m.
Pine Bush at Washingtonville at Middle School, 4:30 p.m.
Wallkill at Burke Catholic, 4:30 p.m.
Saugerties at Scotia-Glenville, 4:30 p.m.
Fox Lane at Rye, 5 p.m.
Clarkstown North at Harrison, 5 p.m.
Valley Stream at Hempstead at Lincoln Park, 5 p.m.
Notre Dame-Fairfield at Newtown at Blue and Gold Staidum, 6 p.m.

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49 Responses to “Gameday Monday, 5/9: Mahopac battles Brewster; Foxes face resurgent Rye; Manhasset, Fairfield Prep in action”

  1. improvement says:

    rye has scored 55 goals in their last 5 wins, last time rye and fox lane played rye came out flat and only won 5-4 after a stellar performance by the fox lane goalie… this is now a home game for rye and i bet they come out a little more amped up

    rye 10
    fox lane 3

  2. Old Rugger says:

    The FL goalie will still be there. Rye 7 FL 5, FO will be a big decider in this one. Rye has more team skill but FL better goalie.

  3. slacrosse says:

    Yes assuming Stephens is “on” like the last game Rye will get few easy goals and their shot selection will be important.

  4. Laxin says:

    Rye started to score more when they began to share the rock realizing they would get it back if in a place to score. Lack of “strip to break” unsettled situations in first half of year. A lot of that was on talent match ups, but as always, a team will learn more off losing to a good team than beating a weaker team. Good on the Rye coaches for their schedule.

  5. sec1 says:

    2-0 Rye 7:10 1st

  6. sec1 says:

    3-0 0:44 Rye

  7. sec1 says:

    3-1 Rye 10:32 2nd

  8. sec1 says:

    3-2 Rye 8:47

  9. sec1 says:

    4-2 Rye7:32

  10. sec1 says:

    5-2 Rye 6:28

  11. sec1 says:

    5-3 Rye 3:44

  12. sec1 says:

    6-3 Rye 0:5

  13. sec1 says:

    Rye 7-3 10:35 Barton with 3

  14. ReLAX says:

    Long stick scores 8-3 Rye. FL now man-down. Have a chance for a shorthanded goal & drop the pass. 2nd dropped pass in the qtr. FL is playing poorly & Rye’s playing well. FL leaving guys unattended in front of the net & not protecting the ball in transition. Not Good

  15. sec1 says:

    8-3 Rye 8:00

  16. sec1 says:

    8-3 Rye end of 3

  17. ReLAX says:

    8-4 on EM goal 10:47 left in the game

  18. sec1 says:

    8-4 Rye 10:43

  19. ReLAX says:

    FL’s goalie stops rye w/ 3 big saves #8 Fl scores 2nd goal in 1&1/2 mins 8-5 might have a game. FL’s playing better

  20. sec1 says:

    8-5 Rye 8:59

  21. sec1 says:

    9-5 Rye Barton with 4 5:30

  22. sec1 says:

    10-5 Rye Barton with 5

  23. ReLAX says:

    9-5 rye 5:45 left TO rye FL needs to help each other when the balls on the ground if they want back in the game. Rye constantly on O. 3:33 left 10-5. Done Rye’s game

  24. ReLAX says:

    FL doesn’t take advantage of an EMO all even. 43 seconds left FL calls TO.

  25. laxhead says:

    rye wins 10-5
    –rye scoring:
    barton: 5g
    chapman: 1g
    bonaventura: 1g
    mecreddie: 1g
    stern: 1g
    collins: 1g

    Ryes offense is starting to mesh together nicely, but there is a noticable dropoff from the first midfield line to the second which could hurt them come playoffs. Barton was a stud today and only missed probably one shot, 4 of his 5 goals were great on the run shots outside of 10-12 yards, the kid has turned into a dominant offensive force. Rye defense looked a little sloppy today but played solid 6 on 6 defense.

  26. WestLax says:

    Got a chance to see Rye game. The game never got out of hand for Rye. Big change for Rye is they are scoring first. #10 face off guy starting to dominate. Rye has huge weapons on O like #6 who scored 5. Their “D” is solid #16 had another solid game with an end to end highlight reel goal. Rye’s next 2 games are league games and then a big one against Greenwich on Saturday. A another note the FL goalie is the real deal.

    • ReLAX says:

      FL’s goalie was the only line of defense w/o him it would of been ugly. The close D for FL needs to slide to the ball. Their goalie had guys on the doorstep numerous times. They didn’t get after the ball when it was on the ground as well. Finally, they dropped too many passes at both ends of the field. They really didn’t play well except for the goalie & #8 who shined at times. Dominant performance for Rye. Saturday will be another story. Should be a much better game

  27. GreenBear says:

    Pac over Brewster 10-6…it was 3-2 Pac at half time. It was a competative game all the way…

  28. Laxn says:

    Underwhelming win by Mahopac. The stars must have been aligned right when they beat Northport. We know the Yorktown win was due to Schuldt’s injury.

    • sect1lax says:

      no matter how they win, its a W in the book.

      • Pac Lax says:

        Pac came out FLAT today. On the flip side credit Brewster for playing hard. You can not take any team lightly. Pac better pick it up with the playoffs around the corner. A W is A W

    • D-Pac says:

      Hey Laxn. The stars must have been aligned when Northport only lost by two to WI after blowing an 8-2 halftime lead. Enough with Schuldt’s injury. You don’t know if there would have been a different outcome. Northport is a good team like Pac. They are no better. Beat them last year and this year. That was a moronic statement

    • laxidasicle says:

      observation after 3/4’s of the season… ‘pac will win class A

  29. Randy Farely says:

    Class B Seeding if season ended today
    1. Town
    2. Tappan Zee
    3. Nyack
    4. Somers
    6 RYE
    7. Fox lane
    8. Greeley

  30. Laxtime says:

    If those seedings hold up, looks like a John Jay-Somers semifinal. Thoughts? Early picks?

    • laxxatt says:

      No if they hold up it would be JJ/Somers Quarterfinal. It would be too bad if these teams had to face each other this early in the playoffs.

    • laxman says:

      they play on thursday so you might as well pick for that game first.

  31. GreenBear says:

    How many teams make the B division? only 8?

  32. Randy Farely says:

    There will be 16 teams in the tourny but this will be your final 8

  33. Cold One says:

    I think your seeds do not include some of the bonus points JJ and Somers will get for there schedule.??Also Only NY State games count?

  34. Randy Farely says:

    A win gets more points then say a loss to a strong Manhasset team. That is why Nyack will be ahead of JJ. Out of state games do not count towards anything. Remember When Greeley was ahead of JJ a few years back with a better record then JJ.

  35. slacrosse says:

    Rye. Gotta echo Westlax above and compliment junior #10 DiPalma who is developing into quite a strong FO kid who also does a solid job at DM.

    Also want to particularly compliment #16, Binghamton bound senior pole Michael Collins, who aside from scoring today with a great shot, continued to play a consistent and superior game in all phases of being a pole. IMO he is one of the premiere poles in Section 1.

    • laxhead says:

      i agree collins has been playing very well on his matchups so far, i was also extremely impressed with the job #24 brian pickup did on the middie from new canaan, #5. Number 6 briggs barton has also been very impressive, looks like the best attackman in the section outside of daniello

      • slacrosse says:

        Yeah, Sr. pole Brian Pickup has been super. Ground balls, clearing passes and cleaning up on FO’s on wing. Among the most accomplished and awarded 3 sport(football, basketball) athletes to come out of Rye. Dont know details but hear he’ll be doing a PG yr somewhere next yr, continuing on with lax.

    • easterlax says:

      Rye #10 is decent, but it is more his wing players that make him look good. He is a good DM and he is fast. Overall he is a solid player, probably Rye’s 2nd best junior behind #3.

  36. slacrosse says:

    2011 Under Armor Undergraduate Games

    “Upper NYS” Team (open to anyone from NY except for LI that has its own team)


    June 15-16 5-8pm Hobart College (Geneva, NY) Mike Stagnitta-Coach

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