Clarkstown South, which has won two straight one-goal games against rival Nyack, hosts the Indians tonight at 7 p.m.

We’ve been down this road before, gang.

Just like last Saturday, rain is once again in the forecast.

But unlike last week at this time, conditions are expected to improve — not worsen — as the day progresses.

While wet weather is a recurring theme this Saturday, so too are intersectional matchups.

Including a couple of noteworthy interstate encounters at high noon.

Red-hot West Islip hosts a Ridgewood (N.J.) team coming off an impressive win over Mountain Lakes.

Another Garden City power, Delbarton, visits Fairfield Prep.

At 1:30 p.m., defending Connecticut Class S state champ Weston plays at Huntington, which won back-to-back New York State Class B titles in 2005 and ’06.

In an interesting intersectional game, Smithtown West visits Yorktown at Charlie Murphy Field at 2 p.m. The Bulls’ only losses have been to Garden City and Ward Melville.

New Canaan, which fell to Somers 15-11 after leading 11-3, hopes to get a win against a Section 1 team when it hosts John Jay today.

Defending Section 1 Class A champ Lakeland/Panas, which won its first five games of the season, will try to avoid what could be a third straight setback to an instate, out-of-section foe. The Rebels have lost back-to-back games to Penn Yan and Carthage.

Rye and Horace Greeley square off in an interesting matchup of teams that hope to be in the mix in the Class B race.

In the Hudson Valley, Rockland rivals Nyack and Clarkstown South square off under the lights at South, which has won back-to-back one-goal games in the series.

Also at 7 p.m., Shoreham-Wading River visits Farmingdale.

In the CHSAA, St. Anthony’s will look to win its fifth straight when it hosts Fordham Prep at 3 p.m.

Western New England rivals Taft and Deerfield battle it out at 3:30 p.m. at Taft in Watertown, Conn.

As always, be sure to put your cell phones and iPads to full use by posting score updates and info right here. If it’s easier to fire off a text or email to us directly for us to post, you can do that by emailing us at

Mepham at Hewlett, 10 a.m.
Stamford at Danbury, 10 a.m.
Wilton at Fairfield Warde, 10 a.m.
Bayport-Blue Point at Sachem East, 11 a.m.
Staples at Greenwich at GHS Field 7, 11 a.m.
Ridgewood at West Islip, noon
Delbarton at Fairfield Prep, noon
Guilderland at Arlington, noon
Manhasset at Annapolis Area Christian School, noon
Rye at Horace Greeley, 1 p.m.
Weston at Huntington, 1:30 p.m.
Shenendehowa at Lakeland/Panas at Panas High School, 1:30 p.m.
Brien McMahon at Darien, 2 p.m.
Fairfield Ludlowe at Trumbull, 2 p.m.
Smithtown West at Yorktown, 2 p.m.
John Jay at New Canaan, 2 p.m.
Salisbury at Loomis-Chaffee, 2:30 p.m.
Brunswick at Hotchkiss, 3 p.m.
Trinity-Pawling at Westminster, 3 p.m.
Fordham Prep at St. Anthony’s, 3 p.m.
Deerfield at Taft, 3:30 p.m.
West Babylon at Babylon, 7 p.m.
Shoreham-Wading River at Farmingdale, 7 p.m.
Nyack at Clarkstown South, 7 p.m.
Westhampton at Riverhead at Dowling College, 7 p.m.

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149 Responses to “Gameday Saturday, 4/23: Interesting mix of intersectional/interstate showdowns with some rivalry games”

  1. D-pac says:

    Arlington will get a big win over Guilderland.

  2. Lax Novice says:

    I’m showing a 2pm start for John Jay/New Canaan. 4pm might be better weather-wise, perhaps a last moment change.

  3. laxerrr says:

    Greeley vs. Rye rained out :/

  4. slacrosse says:

    Hear Rye/Greeley cancelled. Assume Greeley’s grass field which is not great under the best conditions, is probably a mud pit with this rain.

    Greeley one of the wealthiest districts but won’t fund a turf field. Understand budget constraints these days but this has been a historical obstacle. Also understand they wont allow private donations towards any part of the cost!

    • laxerrr says:

      True, Greeley’s field is nothing great.
      But you don’t have your facts correct. They will actually only allow a turf field to be funded by private donations. And wealthy school district or not, the district itself chooses not to put a lot in the budget for sports.

      and to be honest. Nothing is better then playing on a good grass field. unfortunately, greeley doesnt have that

      • laxfan says:

        agreed, but communities a quarter of the size have found a way so it’s hard to believe they can not. Maybe Bil and Hil would donate a sizable chunk

        • laxerrr says:

          but how many of those communities have one of the top schools (achedemic-wise) in the country?

          • Lax Novice says:

            I assume, Sir, you are not among Greeley’s alumni.

          • PVLaxmom says:

            But his (or her) name is laxERR, so spelling errors are expected! Ha!

          • Quaker Posts says:

            Lax Novice are you a Quaker alum? Class ’84 here.

          • Lax Novice says:

            I’m not a Greeley alum, no, I was simply having some fun at the expense of the poor soul unfortunate enough to have made a misspelling during a discussion of academics. I’m old enough to have had to catch typos before the era of spellcheck, they didn’t have that on mimeograph machines.

            Good luck to you and the Quakers the rest of the way. And get that committee together to get those turf fields going, the kids deserve that.

          • lax says:

            Bronxville which is much smaller, Scarsdale probably about the same size as Greely maybe a little bigger has one, Rye, Fox Lane to name a few and those are all pretty good academically as well plus it’s a bit subjective when you rate a school as “tops” because what criteria makes a school “tops”? There are many variables and they can be discussed endlessly with each argument having some merit. Bottom line is that it’s not some impossible task and plenty of less affluent and what you would consider not “top” schools have figured out a way to do it so there really is no excuse for them to play at what would have to be rated a below average facility.

          • Lion says:

            “Top school” district, besides sounding rather elitist (as if Thurston Howell the third is saying it), is a phrase very much overused.

            Let’s stick to lax discussions.

      • slacrosse says:

        HG should forfeit the right to make up the game at HG to make sure the game is played. If a make-up game can’t be rescheduled in a reasonable manner should be a forfeit for HG.

        Kids have a right to expect to play their schedule but for lightning and swamped-out grass fields.

        • slacrosse says:

          meant to say in last sentence: NOT because of swamped-out grass fields

          • Lion says:

            Slacrosse: There are school districts with legitimate budgetary constraints and not with the demographics to afford the installation of turf fields in this economy. North Rockland, Yonkers, Nanuet immediately come to my mind. Cannot force them to build. They would sooner drop the programs.

            This would stunt the growth of the sport. Relegating it to rich districts only.

        • laxerrr says:

          so the kids and the coaches should be penalized because the district won’t fund a turf field? And because the football program doesn’t want one?
          I don’t think that makes much sense

    • NYmike says:

      ok – the 2nd Rye-Greeley AND 2nd Rye-Harrison game have been on the Boces site as “cancelled-no reschedule” for weeks – Rye is only playing 6 league games, Greeley and Harrison 7 (because of Rye dropping the 2nd games for more “worthy” opponents-and losses I guess), FL and Byram play 8 as Rye does play them twice – like it was lined up to be, each league team was to play each other twice, with 8 out of league games, I thought. Nothing to do with fields on May 10th. Don’t know how they can do that as if the league standings and play then mean nothing. Perhaps a Rye person can shed some light on the issue. Bill and HIll donate to a local American High School? Rigggghhhttt -they will get right on that. But this is a Lax forum so I digress.

      • NYmike says:

        my bad – was out of town, didn’t realize the game of 23rd was canceled for rain, but I would still appreciate some insight into my question of league play and Rye’s schedule.

  5. slacrosse says:

    Any other delays, cancellations? Town/Smithtown West?

  6. laxguywm says:

    anyone have West Islip score?

  7. Joe Lombardi says:

    West Islip leads Ridgewood 7-2 late in the game, according to MSG Varsity’s Jared Greenberg.

  8. F&MviaTP says:

    After Somers beat CSH & Pac beat Northport, could it be three times a charm w/ Town over Smithtown West today? We’re about to find out. I gotta believe Town’s playing the best of the 3 LI teams I’ve mentioned, but when section 1 can knock off 3 Island teams in 3 days it should be major news even if we’re not talking w. Islip, Ward Melville, Manhassett, GC, Chaminade, St Ants…catch my drift?

  9. slacrosse says:

    thx for score updates

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yorktown leads Smithtown West 2-1 after one. Ty Schuldt is back in action and has a goal.

  11. laxmom says:

    anyone have Greenwich/Staples score?

  12. Joe Lombardi says:

    Darien leads McMahon 4-1 after one, Lax Novice reports.

    Yorktown leads 3-2 in the second quarter on a goal by Mariano. Pannell had tied it at 2-2, scoring his second goal.

  13. slacrosse says:

    Go Town!

  14. Syracuse says:

    Yorktown leads 4-2 at halftime. Smithtown West will start third quarter man-up for 45 seconds.

  15. LacrosseInsider says:

    jay up 6 to 2 over NC at half

  16. Syracuse says:

    It’s a little sloppy by both teams, but the Yorktown close defense is doing work today. Schultz, SWest’s crease presence, has been shut down. Schuldt and Mabus are setting the tone, outplaying SWest’s middies.

  17. Syracuse says:

    Town kills off man-down situation to start third and Schuldt scores 12 seconds later, giving Yorktown a 5-2 lead.

  18. Syracuse says:

    Schuldt scores again, this time from Conor Gately and it’s 6-2 Yorktown with 9:16 left in the third.

  19. F&MviaTP says:

    6-2 Yorktown by back to back Schuldt goals make it 6-3 Pannell’s 3rd

  20. Syracuse says:

    Pannell answers with his third of the game unassisted 27 seconds later. Yorktown leads 6-3.

  21. Syracuse says:

    Keenan scores unassisted for SWest at 7:44. It’s 6-4 Yorktown.

  22. F&MviaTP says:

    6-4 on unassisted nice one on one by Keenan 6:15 left 3rd

  23. Syracuse says:

    SWest ball. Timeout, with 6:15 left in the third. Yorktown still leads 6-4.

  24. LacrosseInsider says:

    NC coming back In 3rd, jay up 7 to 6 with 3 mins left

  25. Syracuse says:

    4:11 left in the third quarter. Yorktown still up 6-4. SWest ball.

  26. Syracuse says:

    SWest cuts it to 6-5 on a goal by Schultz and it looks like Yorktown took a penalty as the goal was scored.

  27. Syracuse says:

    Sialiano with an insane save on Pannell. Yorktown kills penalty and has ball with under 3 to go in the third, leading 6-5.

  28. Syracuse says:

    Keenan ties the game at 6, assisted by Pannell. Yorktown 6, SWest 6, with 1:26 left in the third.

  29. Syracuse says:

    Keenan, after being shut down in the first half, has taken control. SWest now leads 7-6, end of 3. Yorktown reeling a bit.

  30. Syracuse says:

    Schuldt with a sick top left rip 9 seconds into the 4th. Yorktown and SWest tied at 7.

  31. F&MviaTP says:

    7-7 Ty’s 4th unassisted off opening faceoff of the 4th make it 8-7 off Pannell’s 4th

  32. Syracuse says:

    Pannell scores unassisted 1:23 into the 4th to give SWest and 8-7 lead over Yorktown.

  33. LacrosseInsider says:

    NC coming back In 4th tied 7 to 7

  34. Syracuse says:

    Yorktown ball. Timeout with 9:42 left. SWest leads 8-7.

  35. Syracuse says:

    SWest up 8-7 with 7:52 left in the 4th.

  36. Syracuse says:

    Yorktown goes man-up for 1 minute with 7:30 left.

  37. LacrosseInsider says:

    NC again up 8 to 7

  38. Syracuse says:

    Schuldt scores his 5th of the game with 7:01 left on EMO. Yorktown and SWest tied 8-8.

  39. Syracuse says:

    Yorktown ball, wins faceoff.

  40. F&MviaTP says:

    Schuldt’s 5th makes it 8-8

  41. Syracuse says:

    Turnover. West clears.

  42. Syracuse says:

    Pannell stopped by Sialiano. Yorktown clears.

  43. Syracuse says:

    Yorktown has the ball with 3 minutes left, playing a bit of a stall.

  44. Syracuse says:

    SWest ball with 2:10 left. Timeout.

  45. LacrosseInsider says:

    NC wins 8 to 7

  46. Syracuse says:

    Pannell scores from Keenan. SWest goes back up, 9-8 with 1:19 left.

  47. Laxwell Smart says:

    Final… Shen 10, LP 9 OT

  48. Syracuse says:

    Town ball, timeout with 48 seconds left. SWest up 9-8.

  49. F&MviaTP says:

    Pannell’s 6th makes it 9-8 he’s pretty much SW’s offense Town calls TO 48 seconds left

  50. big ron says:

    JJ was up 6-2 at half and only scored 1 goal in the second half ouch!!

    • Indian J says:

      Jay I guess was terrible in the second half ? Same dropped passes lack of focus etc. ? Was everyone playing ? Ughh with a U.

      • jeffreyp says:

        daniello and morris and bennett all sat

        • Lax Novice says:

          At what point do the guys who are playing for these injured ones start being accountable. All we heard about in pre-season was the great depth John Jay had, all these college-bound guys, compared favorably with the 2007 team. Now they can’t beat New Canaan, the 5th or 6th team in the FCIAC, which is struggling as much as they have in many years.

          The injury excuses are getting old. Where’s the leadership?

      • NCRams says:

        Nearly all of Jay’s goals in the first half were in transition…NC slowed it down in the second half and cut down on dumb mistakes.

        Once the Rams cut it to 1, though, you started to see the mistakes creep in – Jay had 2 or 3 bad turnovers in a two-minute stretch. Had a great shot to tie it with four seconds left, but the ball clipped Granito’s shoulder pad and skipped over the net.

  51. Syracuse says:

    SWest wins 9-8. Schuldt stopped with 10 seconds left.

  52. laxfan says:

    Good wins for SWest and NC but no real blood drawn. JJ and and Yorktown showing they can compete with the best and put a scare into anybody.

  53. Syracuse says:

    Tough loss for Yorktown, but Smithtown West showed why they are one of the power teams in the state this season. Despite the 3 losses in a row, I think Yorktown will be fine and will be a serious factor going forward, especially in Class B.

    Somers beating CSH, Mahopac beating Northport and Town playing as well as they did today can only be a positive heading forward for Section 1.

    And you can’t downplay Schuldt’s value. Maybe Yorktown beats Darien with him.

    It should be interesting from this point on for all of the serious Section 1 teams. The last 48 hours have given some hope.

    • F&MviaTP says:

      I agree 100%…was thinking the same thing about Schuldt & Darien…he had some game…kid’s a player!

    • laxr says:

      Again, not to stir the pot but Schuldt is not worth more than 3 goals against Darien’s defense. Darien was missing Henry West, who IMO is as good as just about any midfielder in the area when it comes to offense, defense, groundballs, you name it. Also, Darien, while not playing at all their best game (shooting was a mess, and second slides on defense were sloppy), was thoroughly in control of that game in the second half, and was up 9-4 w/ just over two minutes left. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t impressed with either Darien or Yorktown in that game. Having said that, color me impressed by the way Town competed with Smithtown West.

      • Murph's Place says:

        Laxr – You’re quite right. Schuldt is not worth 3 goals vs Darien. He’s worth 5 or 6! Today he scored 4. Further, he is Yorktown’s top FO man. Darien did not win a faceoff vs Haverford! In 20 faceoffs. Granted we are seeing Darien is vastly overrated and should lose handily to Manhasset, but still, with Schuldt Yorktown would have won by 3-4 goals atleast.

        • Blue White says:

          You’re a riot, will you be playing here all week?

        • laxr says:

          This is absurd. Schuldt is good, but he is not John Ranagan (and Ranagan was held to one goal the only year in recent memory that Town actually beat Darien). Is your homerism so grand that you won’t accept that Town shouldn’t have won unless they get absolutely run off the field? Face it, they lost, and it was not as close as the 9-6 score indicated. Town didn’t score in the second half until the last two minutes.

        • Lax Novice says:

          Well you have a team coming up in Chaminade that is on a par with Darien. Let’s beat the Flyers like you did last year and then you can talk about the what-ifs and coulda-beens from last week.

          • slacrosse says:

            You (and laxr) are just TOO much!!

            Now you say that ‘Chaminade is “on a par with Darien”! Deal with reality.

            So far Darien has been wiped by a true national power,Haverford, had some 7 goal(only 7?) victories over good regional CT teams (how strong is Brian McMahon?), and had a close game with Town, another good regional team!!

            Chaminade so far has a 1 goal loss to WI one of the truly, undisputed great teams in the country, a 14-8 drubbing of Massepequa, who would give Darien a fight for its life, and a 10-5 win over St. Anthony.

            It’s quality of record guys! You can’t escape it.

            I don’t objectively believe Darien’s quality of record comes close to pointing to it being a national power and being “on a par” with Chaminade.

            Maybe it will come (which I’d absolutely ackowledge if the case) but it’s not there yet.

          • laxr says:

            Before I get lumped into this comparison, I agree with you that Chaminade has definitely proven more than Darien thus far, and is deservedly ranked higher.
            As far as your qualms with my statements: I think its ridiculous that I am lambasted for saying that Darien was in control of a game w/ a 5 goal lead and two minutes to go, but nobody has any problems with Town fans claiming that Schuldt represents a 6 goal swing as if it were fact (when it really is an attempt to belittle Darien’s victory).

          • slacrosse says:

            I agree with you on your questioning the Schulte comment.

            Sorry for lumping you in with Lax Novice on his “Chaminade” comment.

          • laxr says:

            And McMahon is a solid team and program by the way.

          • slacrosse says:

            OK but my point is that Darien must do much more then beat “solid” programs to wear the nationally elite mantle.

            How solid is BM? Do you really feel that D is only 7 goals better?? I would have suspected so.

            Pre-season I felt D was a nationally elite team and stated so. Not sure now but I will climb back on the band-wagon if justified.

      • slacrosse says:

        There ya go “stirring” again over that game.

        Just as Town’s goalie held D’s score down in the 1st half, D’s goalie did the same for D in second half. So D was not “thoroughly in control of that game in the second half”. Your D was still letting Town get off good shots–your goalie made the real difference–and full credit to him.

        Suggest again not making any excuses for D or not to exaggerate what happened in the game or who you were missing.

        Just win vs your remaining elite teams and make sure that you DOMINATE the others–these two facets of your record will do all the “speaking” for Darien as needed.

        • laxr says:

          Torey had 10 saves…Sialiano had 22, and some of them were due to poor shots. It was 8-4 and then 9-4 for quite some time. Also, I might be “exaggerating” a little, but that was only in response to Murph’s Place exaggeration. I know I am partial to Darien, but slacrosse, you must admit that saying Yorktown would go from losing to 3 to winning by 3 purely because of Schuldt is a MUCH greater exaggeration

          • SirLaxalot says:

            As with most things, the truth is somewhere in between. As a neutral observer, I would say with Schuldt, Town and Darien play to a draw, which would have resulted in a 1-goal win for one of them. As if we didn’t see enough 1 goal games this past week – Greenwich/Wilton, SW/Yorktown, etc.

          • laxr says:

            What about if Darien had West and Shaw? What about all of the JJ players that were injured when they played Yorktown? It’s a slippery slope when you try to gauge how much each injury is worth. If Darien won by one or two, or pulled away late, then you could speculate. But they won by three, and the game was not in doubt in the fourth quarter, when Darien was up by five w/ two minutes left.

  54. cam newton says:

    Confirmation on the JJ game????

  55. Just a Fan says:

    Town with many, many turnovers today. They have the pieces and will be a factor when it counts.

  56. laxman says:

    Wow, interesting: Both JJ and Ytown were up 6-2 in their games and lost it, JJ 8-7 and Ytown 9-8. Tough fight by ytown as SWest is a good team, Pannel unreal. Schuldt showing what ytown was missing when he was out good day. Overall tough losses for both JJ and Ytown, but hopefully stepping stones for the team.

  57. cam newton says:

    I here Daniello is out for the season..

  58. CT Lax says:

    Huntington beats Weston 9-5. Good effort by Weston, especially their goalie who made 20 saves.

  59. laxidasicle says:

    Summit 9-5 over Mendham… 54 straight and counting. Hilltoppers should be tested this Tuesday when they travel to Chatham.

  60. kr says:

    any word on the Manhasset game? thanks

  61. LacrosseInsider says:

    Lax Novice – I wonder how good Darien would be if 3 of their top middies were hurt, Long stick middie out and Case M not playing??

    Enough with the hating….give some credit to the kids that are trying to fill some big shoes.

    • laxr says:

      Have to agree here. Although the Darien defense has been able to overcome the loss of Justin Shaw (Loyola), the offense has been very out of rhythm w/o Henry West (Cornell). If you took away Matheis and Maybell on top of that, things would get scary on offense.

    • Long road says:

      don’t let Lax Novice get you down. His dislike for Jay (fans, players, parents, the color purple, you name it) is well known. The kids are working hard and look forward to getting a few of the teammates back for the latter part of the season. It’s a little ugly now but it will improve. The best part of today’s brutal loss?… no one else got hurt.

      • Lax Novice says:

        I’m glad to say that I have many friends in Lewisboro, even some with boys on the team. Jay isn’t making my prediction of a 13-3 season and a sectional championship look good at this point, but what they should be doing is using some of that famous depth we all read about over the winter and stop waiting for a few injured guys to start playing winning lacrosse again. The more the new guys get to contribute at crunch time the better off you’ll be in the post-season when starters do recover from injuries, hopefully.

        For the record, I don’t hate anybody, esp. coaches and players. Unlike some of the posters we’ve had to suffer through over these months, the teams will work through their issues as best they know how. As far as the posters whose “know how” boasted of national rankings and Top 3 status in NY State, it’ll be long time before anyone takes those people seriously again, if we ever did.

        • Long Road says:

          with friends like Lax Novice who needs enemies. And I didn’t say hate I said dislike which is evident in every post you have made, referring to J, over the past year.

    • Lax Novice says:

      What we wouldn’t be doing is running onto blogs after losses using injuries as excuses for losing. As a famous coach once said, there are many reasons for failure, but no excuses. We have more D1 futures out of action than you do. Unlike you, we fill those big shoes with quality players who are making the most of their opportunity to keep things going until the starters return. Rather than complain, we just show up, play and move on, win or lose. We actually have depth, and we’d be plenty good as we have been thus far with more guys banged up than you’ll ever know.

      Your team is apparently at a crossroads, losing to a team that Somers handled, with Ridgefield, who beat Somers already, waiting down the road. I’d suggest that your team look to its senior leadership and figure out how to go forward with who is available rather than come on blogs and whine over who’s not.

  62. laxbro says:

    L/P played a great game today against a very good Shen team. Got robbed again by a questionable call with a minute left in overtime to give Shen a man-up, which they converted to win the game. Second game in a row that L/P has lost to a good team that way. Shen goalie is the real deal, kept them in the game with some great saves late. 3 straight tough losses in a row for L/P, but have played all three good teams tough, and could have won all three. Will be interesting to see how they re-group when intersection play continues, they’re definitely game tested against good competition at this point in the season.

    • cam newton says:

      L/P wont even have a chance against JJ this upcoming week. To many athletes for the rebels to defend!

      • laxbro says:


        They just lost in OT to one of the better teams in class A, and lost by one to one of the better teams in class B. Jay hasn’t exactly shown that they’re a powerhouse this year. Blown away by Town, losing after up big to an average NC team, that Somers came back to beat, hammered by Manhasset. Give me a break bro, to say they don’t have a chance is just plane dumb, kind of like Cam Newton’s behavior off the football field!

      • laxidasicle says:

        i like the rebels chances vs jj

  63. slacrosse says:

    Hey congrats to all Section 1 teams for beating some TOP out of Section 1 teams. Somers wins over Cold Spring Harbor and Carthage, Pac’s win over Northport. If you can call something a “great loss” it’s Towns game with Smithtown, loaded with high D1 players and a Suffolk County power. LP is getting stronger with each close, winnable games vs strong out of Section teams.

    Class A and Class B play-off games will be wars.

  64. D-pac says:

    Any word on Fordham vs St Anthony game?

  65. The Rock says:

    South, Nyack tied 1-1 after 1

  66. Andrew Luck says:

    LP has no chance against Jay unless they fix their defense which was horrible again against Shen. If not for the freshman goalie, they would have gotten blown out. The old saying is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, the defense is broken so they better fix it. If not, never mind Jay, I hate to see what ‘Town and ‘Pac will do against the Rebs.

    • laxforfun says:

      I think jj has some fixing of their own to do. They are ahead 6-2 and end up loosing 8-7, against a defense Somers scored 12 straight goals in 2 quarters. Not saying anything against Somers as that is an amazing comeback and they have proven it was not just luck. jj is getting a little defensive. Speaking of defense – where is that stellar “guru defense” I’m thinking jj should take L/P very seriously. In # of games played, L/P’s defense has given up less goals overall and against the same opponents…..L/P – 10 jj – 17. In 2 games that is a lot of goals to be giving up against not the strongest of teams.

      • jeffreyp says:

        somers scored those 12 goals in the 2 quarters against their back up goalie, had 2 goals against the starting goalie in the first half, thats why they were able to come back. the starter who played all game against jj today made over 15 saves which allowed NC to win

        • laxforfun says:

          No his 15 saves did not allow NC to win…jj had a 4 goal lead going into the 2nd 1/2. What allowed NC to win was the fact that jj didn’t play all 4 quarters.

          • NCLax says:

            If you’re looking for explanations for the two games, look no further than this: that Somers game represented the first Varsity minutes for every member of NC’s defense (and yes, NC’s backup goalie played during much of the comeback). Against JJ, they had five games under their belt.

            I wouldn’t use NC to compare Somers and JJ. Apples and oranges.

          • laxforfun says:

            Somers had not picked a starting goalie so NC saw 2 goalies. First 1/2 NC scored all their goals and second – not so much. Secondly, that defense that had no games under them when they played Somers allowed JJ 6 in the first 1/2. So I guess NC was a first 1/2 team with Somers and a second 1/2 team with JJ – apples and oranges for NC

          • NCLax says:


            They allowed 15 to Somers, 7 to JJ. The half-by-half breakdown means nothing.

            My point is: using NC as a common opponent is silly. JJ played a much better NC team – one that wasn’t breaking in, essentially, a JV defense. They also dealt ONLY with NC’s first-choice goaltender.

      • ROLAX says:

        JJ will loose to L/P. “We’ve got to right this ship somehow,” said Schurr

    • laxidasicle says:

      “if it ain’t broke…”

      it ain’t broke it’s young! a down NC had no chance vs JJ y’day either…oops. and, as far as Yorktown and Mahopac goes, only Mahopac would concern me. They’ve proven they play 4 quarters. Whereas, JJ and Yorktown can only seem to muster up 3 quarters of play.

      imo, there’s too much parity this year to really be able gauge who going to beat who this year.

      • Andrew Luck says:

        It ain’t broke – it’s young? How are two seniors on close defense young? Face it – it’s broke and it needs to be fixed. If not for the frosh goalie, they probably would have lost the Hen Hud, Suffern and Rye games. LP could easily be looking at 2-6 right now if not for that kid. And, don’t worry, Jay will muster up four quarters against LP because they are coming off a disappointing loss – and LP’s poles don’t match up with Jay’s offensive threats. And ‘Town is LP’s biggest rival – you don’t think they are salivating at the prospect of running it up on the scoreboard after getting beat twice by the Rebs last year?

        • lax says:

          Love all the L/P haters on here. Enough of the “if not for the goalie” nonsense. Fact is they have a good goalie, whose only a freshman, they have a good attackman, whose only a freshman, get over it. I’ve seen too many people write off this coaching staff in the past, only to get burned at the end of the year by them. They played three very good teams in a row, all of which would be at the top of teams in our section. Two of those games they gave up 8 and 10 goals, not 18 and 20. Everyone needs to relax and take a deep breath.

          • redlax says:

            The two seniors on the defensive side have never played together, and are inexperienced as far as the mental aspect. It’s not as if they are returning 2 starting seniors. One of the close D was a long pole mid last year so he’s learning as well. I think L/P is finally being tested that’s true, but the coaching isn’t getting the credit that they deserve. Had they been playing an easy schedule and winning big, everyone on here would get on them for taking the easy road. Kudos to them for getting after it, I can only hope they prove everyone on here wrong in the end.

          • Recruiter says:

            I agree. People have to begin to understand that they just lost in OT to a very good Shen team, that only lost to Yorktown by 1. L/P doesn’t have a single kid on defense that is going to play college lacrosse, half of them are just athletes with stick trying to learn the game on the fly. They lost to a very good Carthage team by one, a team that put up huge numbers on Somers. Town and Somers have MULTIPLE kids going to play division I lax on the defensive side of the field, L/P had none, and yet we’re all over them for how bad they are, yet they barely gave up more goals against common opponents with Somers and Town, and they have a freshman in the goal. Even last years team, as good as they were, only had one recruited kid go play lacrosse in college on the defensive side of the field. They just don’t have lacrosse players yet at that end of the field, but they’re always competitive in tough games, and haven’t been blown out by anyone. They’re two awful calls late in games from being 7-1 right now, against a very tough schedule so far. With the numbers they’ve been able to put up on the offensive side of the ball, people better hope they don’t figure out how to defend teams.

          • LP Mom says:

            Beg to differ. My son has been recruited to play defense at a D-3 school.

          • Andrew Luck says:

            Just remember, they are not young – maybe inexperienced is the word you are looking for. But, the truth is, they have gotten worse as the season has gone on – not better. And, the schedule is not getting any easier. If they were improving, the coaches would get the credit. Since they are not, should we be blaming the coaches?

          • recruiter says:

            That’s a good one, blame a guy who in 5 years has twice been named the coach of the year, ended a 13 year losing streak to Town, and is the only coach in their programs history to beat Town twice in one year. What’s the difference if they’re young or inexperienced, they’re competing against very good teams with no lacrosse players. Perhaps you could do better with what they have than coach Lindsay is, or has in the past?

          • laxidasicle says:

            what’s “gotten worse”? losing one goal games on some suspect refereeing? L/P is maintaining a level of play that should keep them in any game played on their remaining schedule. Too much parity and no standout dominate team this year in Section 1. Although, Bronxville is playing some good lax all around.

        • laxidasicle says:

          Of course Yorktown is chomping at the bit to exact revenge on L/P. What rival wouldn’t be after getting housed the year before? And, you are correct about JJ’s offensive threats. All they seem to be are threats. JJ is one loss away from .500 and the schedule doesn’t get easier. Looking forward to JJ/LP on Tuesday, should be fun.

          • laxman says:

            Actually, their season does lighten up a bit. Manhasset, Yorktown and New Canaan are probably 3 of their 4 hardest teams they will play. Their schedule certainly doesn’t get “easy” with LP, Pac, Somers, Ridgefield, ‘pequa. But certainly not as hard as those first 3.

  67. F&MviaTP says:

    Looks like there’s as many Darien Haters as Bronxville haters. Thing is Darien’s out there playing Town & Haverford & they’re an elite program. Bronxville plays no one. If Prep beats em after gettting “taken to the woodshed” by St Ants the Bville haters get their satisfaction. When Sett spanks Darien on Monday what will it take to get their haters satisfied? Funny how they both where Dallas Cowboys’ colors… Now there’s a team to HATE!!!

  68. F&MviaTP says:

    Wear Cowboys colors..I did go to TP & F&M for goodness sake

  69. FanNation says:


    Slightly off in your info. The New Canaan starting Goalie was brought back in for the 4th qtr. Besides the fact many think the other goalie for NC is just as good. The inside looks and ground balls that Somers dominated the last 15 mins of the game. It would not have mattered who the goalie was.

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