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Haverford’s Will McNamara (front) battles Darien’s Brandon Coley during
the host Fords’ 11-5 victory today at the third annual Checking for Cancer Classic in Hanover, Pa.

In a day marked by much-awaited interstate and intersectional matchups, Haverford and West Islip came away with impressive wins.

Haverford pulled away for an 11-5 win against Darien in a matchup of the consensus top two ranked high school teams in the nation.

Possession was the key for the Fords, who will remain No. 1. They won an astonishing 19 of 20 faceoffs led by star of the game Joe McCallion, who was 15 of 15 on faceoffs to go along with one goal and two assists.

Darien got two goals apiece from Case Matheis and Graham Maybell. Richard Gregory had the other goal. Henry West had two assists, but suffered a foot injury in the second quarter and did not return.

In other games at the Checking for Cancer Classic, Fairfield Prep beat Chatham (N.J.) 10-8, Greenwich fell to Conestoga (Pa.) 13-5 and Wilton lost to La Salle (Pa.) 12-4.

A new generation of West Islip players, meanwhile, is continuing the program’s proud tradition. Conor Braddish scored three goals and Mike Sagl scored twice as the Lions held off Chaminade 8-7. The game was tied at 2-2 at halftime.

Brunswick picked up a huge 7-6 win against Salisbury, which started this week ranked as high as fifth nationally in some polls.

In other games of note today, Mahopac beat Yorktown for the first time since 1999, winning at home 12-11 in double overtime on a goal by Anthony Berardis. You can watch that game-winning goal by clicking here.

Defending Section 1 Class A champion Lakeland/Panas improved to 5-0 by edging host Rye 8-7.

Manhasset turned in what coach Bill Cherry called its best overall effort of the season, winning 10-1 at John Jay.

Joe Mancini and Ryan Matthews each had two goals for the Indians. Mancini also had two assists. Quinn Moroney had three assists. Frank Morelli was outstanding in goal, as was the entire Manhasset defense.

The lone JJ goal was scored by Forrest Walter from Jake Weil midway through the second quarter, making it 6-1. (Manhasset led 5-0 after the first quarter.)

New Jersey power Summit extended its win streak to 52 games by handling 2009 FCIAC champion Ridgefield 10-5. The Hilltoppers, who led only 4-2 at the half, outscored Ridgefield 5-1 in the third quarter in improving to 7-0 on the season.

Garden City was dominant in a NY vs. Mass meeting, beating Duxbury 10-0.

For real-time updates and comments on today’s action, click here.

Photo by Ray Nelson/

Anthony DeLuca controls for West Islip during today’s 8-7 win against Chaminade.

Today’s college results
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31 Responses to “What a day: Haverford, WI, Brunswick win; Mahopac downs Y'town in 2OT; LP edges Rye; 'Set beats JJ; Summit streak at 52”

  1. WestLax says:

    Great week of lacrosse across Westchester/Rockland. Just when you think you have the rankings in hand you get a game like Pac vs. Yorktown. Somers turns into the Cardiac Kids (remember the Cleveland Browns in early 80″s). Fordham won a big game against Holy Trinity and get Chaminade Tuesday after their tough loss against WI. Below is my top 14 Westchester/Rockland and Private schools:

    1. Lakeland/Panas
    2. Somers
    3. Yorktown
    4. John Jay
    5. Mahopac
    6. Bronxville
    7. Fordham
    8. Iona Prep
    9. Suffern
    10. Rye
    11. Hen Hud
    12. Fox Lane
    13. Hackley
    14. Mamaroneck

    • section1lax says:

      top 5 deff not agreed with.. its to early to tell. LP hasnt had a hard game so far for example pac town or jj. somers is going to fall soon they arent very good have had some lucky wins but will also fall. jj is deff a surpriize so far on how bad they r producing. i think the top 2 should deff be ytown and pac. Pac maybe even on top, they lost to somers with 2 seconds bc of 1 players mistake by losing the ball w 2 seconds. other than that they r on fire and just beat y-town. Pac deserves the # 1 spot with LP and town in 2nd and 3rd. once LP plays a harder scheduale than they can be added to the higher side of the list. so from so far i would say…..1. Pac 2. Y-town 3.LP 4.Somers 5.John Jay…comment and state some opinions i would like to know everys feelings on this

      • WestLax says:

        May 5 2011 Pac vs. L/P we will see, for now L/P is undefeated and will stay on top of my list till they fall. Pac’s loss to Somers hurts but my 2-5 could really go in any order. Good luck to all next week.

        • Lax Supporter says:

          Westlax, you cant be real with Fox lane, Hackley or Mamo in your top 14. Fox lane has lost to some suspect teams including BH, Hackley plays no one, and Mamo plays nobody regardless if their in Class A. And when Mamo did play a decent team they lost. Just off those bottom three picks your entire list has no credibility.

      • slacrosse says:

        Come on, get real! How is an 8-7 win over ANY team ever considered “easy”? Positive the LP players and their fans at the game yesterday would agree that the game was anything but easy.

        • slacrosse says:


          Sorry bout using the word “easy” coming back on your point. You said LP hasn’t had any “hard” games yet. You get my point.

          • section1lax says:

            well sorry ill change that. maybe not easy games but i consider pac ytown and jj hard games. once they play those and establish then they would move up on my list. i still think top 3 are pac,ytown,and Lp

      • laxidasicle says:

        i think it’s time to give sleepy hollow some thought.

    • Pops says:

      It blows my mind that people can rank teams without obviously not seeing most of them play. To exclude arlington from top 15 is ridiculous. They have had 1.5 bad quarters with a win over pv at pv and did not play particularly well. They dismantled a very solid new milford team on the road. Many people who were not at the game didn’t realize they were down 4-3 to lp with 40 secs to go in 2nd quarter and gave up 2 goals to go into half 6-3 instead of 4-3. Huge momentum swing and menatally beat in 2nd and got smoked. Too many unforced turnovers at Yorktown and were beating pac in 4th. Not saying an elite team but top 10 for sure……..mamaroneck, hackley, fox lane(ahs handled in scrimmage), hen hud and fordham over them weak no doubt!

      • slacrosse says:

        You’re really stretching that 14-3 pounding by LP into something it wasn’t. Also New Milford seems just like an average team playing not a strong schedule so don’t see any special kudos in that win.

        BUT based upon the reasonable losses to Pac and Town + the win over an albeit much weaker (this season) PV team, I’d move up Arlington and Byram Hills to right below Bville in my list.


        Town/Pac/Jay/Somers/LP (no order). Can’t see any meaningful separation of these 5 yet-need more games
        Rye/Suffern (no order)
        Arlington/Byram Hills (no order)
        PV/Hen Hud (no order)
        Greeley/Mamo/Fox/WP/Pville (no order)

  2. slacrosse says:

    Town (small edge despite loss to Pac)
    Pac/Jay/Somers/LP (no order). Can’t see any meaningful separation of these 4 yet-need more games
    Rye/Suffern (no order)
    Bronxville/Byram Hills (no order)
    PV/Hen Hud (no order)
    Greeley/Mamo/Arlington/Fox/WP/Pville (no order)

    • BigBadBear says:

      way too many “no orders” there dude…I can’t put WP in the elite group yet..Hen Hud gonna have a big week we will see about them..Town can’t be ahead of the team that just beat them? Greely and Mamo? potential maybe

      • lax says:

        if Hen Hud gets by Montgomery it’s almost a lock they go on a 5 game losing streak following it; just look at their schedule; it’s very tough

      • slacrosse says:

        I put Town there because I don’t believe that an early season loss in OT automatically eliminates consideration as a #1. I did really debate putting them in the second group but ended up edging them to #1. I just think they have a larger # of offensive weapons on their team then others along with a good enough D. These teams are VERY close and could beat one another on a given day.

        As for WP I wasn’t thinking of the list as just the “elite” teams in Section 1 but rather just a broad top down list.

        • Lax Guy says:

          slacrosse, I agree with BBB how can you put Town ahead of Pac when Pac just beat them. What difference does it make that it is early in the season, we are half way through. And why is overtime loss different then a regulation time loss? Town can climb back up as the season progress but I dont believe they can be 1 today.

          • slacrosse says:

            I’ll tell ya, when you AND BBB are on me, I gotta rethink!

            OK. I’ll go with Town’s loss to Pac and drop them into the same group with Pac.

            Like Westlax said below we need to wait until the “measuring stick” games are played to really have a serious idea of ranking. Some teams have numbers of very tough opponents coming up as well as face to face games.

          • BigBadBear says:

            my view, these rankings are all “at a point in time” and are really just for fun…the only rankings that count are at year-end…besides, this gives all those ‘husker fans something to talk about..

          • Lax Guy says:

            Sla, never meant to get on you just comparing to college Lax or football rankings, if number 1 loses a game never ranked number 1 the following week.

          • slacrosse says:

            Thx but not necessary–I was just kidding you guys with my opening words!!

            Although my “gut” tells me that Town may still be the best team by a small margin you and BBB are correct. They lost which should be reflected.

    • D-Pac says:

      Have to agree with you. Although, I would move up Arlington at least two slots. I believe they are definately better than Byram, PV and Hen Hud. Otherwise, good analysis. I am sure JJ will get it together and be there playoff time.

  3. WestLax says:


    Bronxville vs. Fordahm (5-5)
    Yorktown vs. Darien(4-20) and then Smithtown West (4-23)
    Mahopac vs. John Jay (5-2)
    John Jay vs. New Canaan(4-23) L/P (4-26)
    Somers vs. Cold Spring Harbor (4-21)
    Rye vs.New Canaan (5-5) then Greenwich (5-14)
    Suffern vs. Christian Brothers Academy (4-21)
    Fordham vs Chaminade (4-19) then St. Anthony’s (4-23) WOW!
    Iona vs. St.Peters Prep(4-19)then CBA (4-27)

    Here is nice stretch of games for L/P
    4-19 vs. Penn Yan
    4-21 vs. Carthage
    4-23 vs. Shenendehowa
    4-26 vs. Jay
    4-28 vs. Greenwich
    5-5 vs. Mahopac
    5-7 vs. Yorktown

    Good luck with that

    I am sure their will be a new order next week and the after.

  4. Old Rugger says:

    Congrats to Pac you finally got your signature win!
    JJ looks to me like a lot of senioritis, no fire in the belly. They did better as sophmores playing stall ball against a stronger Sett team, still they have time to get it together.
    LP Pac should be a great one.

  5. sect1lax says:

    1. Pac
    5. Somers
    While others may dissagree i feel like as of now this is the most accurate list but will deff change very quickly within the next week. the top 3 teams can possibly be moved around but i still feell like pac and town deserve the #1&2 spots even tho LP is doing well.

    • slacrosse says:

      As of your writing above were you aware that Somers beat Carthage yesterday? Carthage has lost only 1 game to West Genny by 2 and beat PENN YAN handily. Then PY beats LP 8-5 today.

      With that Carthage win as of today I’m putting Somers right up there in the mix with Pac and Town. As I said earlier not much separates these teams right now.

      • P&G says:


        Any insight into Rye? What’s the problem? With John Jay I think its as simple as significant injuries (that they may or may not get past).

        I thought Rye would be just behind Ytown and Jay – can’t put them there right now – but not sure I’d want to play them in the sectionals.

      • sect1lax says:

        sorry i was unaware of the games between somers and the LP game. from that maybe ill move up somers a spot and LP down

  6. ROLAX says:

    What makes JJ a tough game? Have you seen them play? They should have destroyed Rye. Scored 1 goal gave up 10??? D look like deer in the head lights. O was in awe.

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