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That’s the topic of this week’s tristate lacrosse notebook at

We also talk about John Jay’s growing list of college commitments, the wild and crazy New Canaan-Somers game, and Darien’s measure of revenge against Greenwich.

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Also, gang, yesterday we went over the 20,000-comment mark in the two-year history of You can check out the 100-plus comments on yesterday’s action on the “Gameday Saturday” thread by clicking here.


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10 Responses to “Section 1, 11 Class A races living up to hype so far; Wild and crazy New Canaan-Somers game; Darien gets revenge”

  1. Laxwell Smart says:

    Wow 20,000 comments on the blog in two years. That’s pretty amazing. Congrats to all and especially Joe and staff.

  2. WestLax says:

    SECTION 1 – Private TOP TEN
    1. Yorktown
    2. John Jay
    3. L/P
    4. Mahopac
    5. Iona Prep
    6. Bronxville
    7. Somers
    8. Suffern
    9. Fordham Prep.
    10. Mamaroneck

    Outside Looking in – Rye, Byram Hills, RCDS and Hen Hud

    • section1lax says:

      the list looks good but i think somers should be a little higher and i really do think Mahopac will hold its own and beat l/p, and deff has a shot against jj and y-town. mahopacs roster is looking real good

      • upstate says:

        I would swap out Mamaroneck and put arlington in at 10. seriously! and byram is nowhere near the top ten.

        • SUlax says:

          I would agree with Arlington over Mamaroneck right now. I just think Arlington has already shown the ability to compete with top teams and i don’t think Mamaroneck has proven itself just yet. I think until proven otherwise the top 5 is on point. I think Somers is going to be a real tough out come playoff time with that schedule they have. Mahopac has a chance to solidify themselves near the top with games against Somers and Town this week.

    • slacrosse says:

      Too early but since you started it (sorry can’t do better then “group” in certain cases at this stage):

      LP/Pac/Somers/IP (no order)
      Rye (give them a “hall pass” at this point despite their 2 losses)/Suff/Hen Hud/Bville (wins over weak opponents)/PV/Arlinton (no order)

      Byram Hills, then Mamo.
      RCDS-why are they even listed? They only play Rye I think.

      Sorry-Very subjective and can’t do better then groupings in certain cases at this stage.

  3. Lax Dad says:

    agree with those rankings with the exception of RCDS on the outside looking in. Arlington is a much better candidate them then. It is very hard to gage RCDS against section 1 teams because of they rarely play public schools. even so, RCDS is an abysmal 0-6 vs Section 1 since 2005. Their competition is not on the same level as the top section 1 teams. If i had to rank them in section 1, I would put them in the late teens, early 20’s.

    On another note:
    I dont have a problem with Mamaroneck being in the top ten as of now. Only time will tell if they are the real deal or not.

  4. NYmike says:

    Gotta say: This Fox Lane Girl’s team is ridiculous. Catch one of their games when you can.

    • upstate says:

      Seen it and I agree. they put up points! the kid sammy jo (last name?) is on the u-19 national team and is only a junior. crazy.

      • slacrosse says:

        Saw them play Rye. Some excellent players. The girl you mentioned above won ALL but 1 of the FO’s!! hard to score too many goals when you don’t have the ball.

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