The game is set for 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 2 in Cross River.

But why wait?

Let’s hear who you think will win. Right here, right now.

Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts and a score prediction on this thread.

The John Jay-Yorktown game, by the way, is the focus of our latest high school notebook column at You can check it out by clicking here.

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John Jay-Yorktown results since 2005


John Jay, 8-7


Yorktown, 13-10


Yorktown, 13-10


John Jay, 12-6


John Jay, 11-7

John Jay, 10-9 (OT), Class A sectional final


Yorktown, 10-9 (OT)



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89 Responses to “You make the call: Who will win the John Jay-Yorktown game?”

  1. SirLaxalot says:

    There should be some good back and forth action. I like JJ winning 11-8. This is similar to Set-GC in that it is just Round 1 with the sectional championship game rematch very likely.

  2. West Lax says:

    Looks like everyone expected John Jay to win this. After their first two scrimmages there should be some concern. Yorktown as the underdog will come to Cross River with something to prove, if JJ does not get it’s act together quickly they will be in trouble.

  3. D-Pac says:

    I agree SirLaxalot, but something is telling me that it will be JJ and someone else in the final. Perhaps Somers.

  4. THE CROP says:

    Being the head of the yorktown fan section it is no surprise that I believe that Yorktown will come away with the victory. Yorktown is coming in as a strong underdog and is not upset at all. Yorktown loves to come out and play being the underdogs and will only get them more fired up then they already are. From what I’ve heard JJ has a great team this year and is expecting good things. But this will have little effect on a Yorktown team who knows what it means to win. Although the game is away and at JJ, we should expect a good turnout from The Crop and a very intense game. I wouldn’t count Yorktown out of this one.
    Yorktown 9 JJ 8

  5. slacrosse says:

    Assumming all teams are healthy Jay gets the edge with in no particular order, Town, Somers and Rye battling it out on a pretty equal basis.

  6. laxman says:

    JJ doesn’t come as ready to play as town, 8-6 Town

  7. Laxinnn says:

    JJ 12 Town 9

  8. m dad says:

    which goalie is going to start for JJ?

  9. random guy says:

    JJ 11 ytown 6

  10. LaxWatch says:

    JJ defense, with the master Coach Schurr, too much … JJ 8, Town 5

    • Fox Lax says:

      word on the street is that Daniello is out for up to quarter or longer of the season with bad hamstring. Without Mikey so far JJ’s offense has been non factor in scrimmages , add in Morris and Beck being out for the season and this is starting to look ugly for the Indians. Their goalie situation is unsettled. They have no one from their junior class stepping up and the seniors who are suppose to be good( ie. Weil, Pray, Walters, etc) have done nothing in the scrimmages. The one area that seems to be ok is their defense. With all this as background i think Town beats JJ. Town is well coached , they are healthy and seem to be hungrier.

  11. Observer Lax says:

    Both scenarios …

    With Daniello – JJ 8, Town 7, OT

    Without Daniello – Town 10, JJ 6

    While it’s always a big game there is no reason for Daniello to push it and try to play. There’s a whole season ahead.

    • laxman says:

      i don’t really see how not having daniello will make Town have 3 more goals, he has no affect on the defense or areas like the face off that create possessions. I can definitely agree that it will set jay back 2-3 goals but idk bout giving up 3 more. You may say its a possession factor but I don’t really see it

      • LoveTownLax says:

        Fewer quality shots make for more saves and/or turnovers, potentially giving Town more opportunity to get the job done. Not judging the JJ healthy players, they are all talented, but taking out a playmaker and leader affects the entire strategy and complexion of their game… physically and mentally… But then again maybe not! That is why they play the game, right?

  12. Indian J says:

    Daniello being out and the other injuries being what they are would give Yorktown a significant advantage. It was basically even with a healthy Daniello. It is disappointing if it is true because even if you hate JJ and like to see them lose, you don’t want it to be with an asterisk or with question marks.

    Whether or not Daniello comes back ( Or when he comes back) his absence will be felt for sometime-even after his return, you need to play together, work on things together and so on.

    If it’s basically his first time on the field, you cannot expect that much. Town has to be salivating.

    Is there any way to verify Daniello will be out Saturday and perhaps longer beyond that? If that’s true Jay needs to prepare and get an alternative line up together.

  13. mickey ward says:

    I think Daniello should sit out of the season and get healthy for Hopkins. Mikey will start right away for the blue jays. If he comes back early and tears the hamstring he will jepordize next year.

    JJ still wins without him 5-4

  14. John FANagan says:

    ladies and gentlemen I am back.

    Huge matchup this weekend, classic every year. All of the JJ supporters have been hyping up the Indians for the last 3 years, sounding like a broken record, hyping up this particular year for their Indian team. They are undoubtedly talented, but its time to put their money where their mouth is. When they lost, they would point to this year how they are the state favorites to win the Class B State title… but is it really their year? Yorktown may not be as good on paper, but this will definitely be a huge test for the Indians.

    Yorktown has their marquee players in Mabus and Schuldt, but the supporting cast isn’t getting the credit they deserve due to the tough season the Huskers had last year. Expect big things from Freshman Austin Fusco, the brother of current middy Frankie. He has the size to excel as a Freshman, and over the next 4 years he can only get better. Mariano and Gately are going to create a different sort of attack that Town has used int he past, relying on Interlicchio’s strength and pure talent. Instead Yorktown will have an offense consisting of quick ball movement. Senior leadership from Tyler Fahey and Danny Big Dog Donatelli will be unparalleled.

    John Jay has the matchup on paper. But the town of Yorktown has been going through a rough patch so Yorktown will have the heart.

    Town 12 JJ 10

  15. LoveTownLax says:

    The weather Saturday night does not look promising, going to be a cold (snowy?) night of lax…! Of course I want my boys to win….. but you are right, Indian J, no one should be glad that he is hurt, and I wish him a speedy recovery. He is a great player with such an exciting future ahead of him.

  16. Old Rugger says:

    With Daniello out Town 8 JJ 6, With Daniello JJ 9 Town 8. While this game involves bragging rights the much more important game will be in late May. Hopefully JJ will be healthier and Town will remain healthy. Who is taking faceoffs for JJ

  17. Doid23 says:

    Just have a feeling that Jay will get off to a slow start this season, with or without Daniello. I see town taking this by 2 goals. I put the line at even for most Jay-Town games, so don’t believe it will be an upset.

    And I hope that Jay doesn’t switch the goalies at half every game like last year.

  18. Ride says:

    JJ 10, Town 7

  19. Observer Lax says:

    Geez the season hasn’t even started and Jay can’t catch a break.

  20. Lax Novice says:

    I think if Yorktown has anyone hurt, they’re smart enough not to run out and post it on a blog.

  21. laxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    So out against Yorktown for sure, are Jimmy Morris (out till very late in season), Tommy Beck (out for year), Alex Bennet (few more weeks), and now FOrrest Walter for a couple weeks as well. Along with a banged up Daniello, that leaves JJ very thin on offense, especially midfield. Walter and Morris were both starting middies last year, with Beck as a great second line player. This game is going to be extremely hard to predict with all the people JJ is missing. As it stands, I only see Weil and Chen as the offensive midfielders that made a big impact last year, looks like someone is going to have to step it up.

  22. Fox Lax says:

    what JJ should do is pull up some of the very good sophomore attackmen from the JV and have them run midfield.They are good lacrosse players period and would do fine at middie. in fact they also should bring up Frazier Bostwick as well, FB runs well is big and has good instincts.

    • The Jay says:

      Sounds like Fox Lane, should call himself John Jay instead. I also heard they have some very talented players on freshman that can help the varsity out as well.

      • Fox Lax says:

        I’ll stick with Fox Lax. Just know the kids from JJ from summer teams. One of the kids on the JJ JV had 50-60 points for Hackley’s varsity last year as Frosh Attack. So JJ has the players they just need to use the right ones.

    • slacrosse says:

      Just like he does in hockey!

  23. Just sayin says:

    I’m gonna go with JJ 9-7 bc Mike D will come up big even at less than 100% and Jake W will have a sick game

  24. Lax Novice says:

    Certainly John Jay is working hard this week to have guys step in to replace any and all of those unavailable to play Friday evening. That is what all good teams do. Out of adversity comes opportunity. In 2009 my team lost a returning 1st-team All-State attackman to a football injury for essentially the entire season. In his place a freshman with much potential was plugged into the starting lineup, hoping that we’d not lose too much production in lieu of the lack of experience. The season turned out to be a mixed bag, 5 losses overall including a defeat in OT in our league championship game, but we were able to win our 5th consecutive State Championship. So while the Yorktown game matters a great deal to Jay followers, it’s putting things together over the course of the regular season to be playing your best lacrosse in June that really matters.

    And that freshman, Case Matheis, has worked out pretty well for the Wave thus far.

  25. Conor STATESly says:

    With this epic match up being only two days away, I thought it was necessary to give a quick preview of what Yorktown has to offer this year and why you shouldn’t count them out of this one…

    Following a year in which Yorktown lost its first section final in several years, many people are unsure of what this years team will look like. However, this team is arguably better then the team that Yorktown fielded last year. Yorktown suffered a tough loss with the departure of Johns Hopkins attackman Kevin Interlicchio and Trinity College goalie Derek Koelsch, but Yorktown’s new young team has great potential.

    This years team will be led by senior captains Justin Mabus(Towson), Ty Schuldt(Hartford), Tyler Fahey and Danny Donatelli. Schuldt and Mabus were both key components of last years team and will be around for another year and are hungry for a section title of their own. Yorktown’s defense will be led by Senior captain Tyler Fahey and Johns Hopkins bound Sophomore Trevor Koelsch. Arguably Yorktown’s most effective and youngest attacking core in years will be led by Juniors Frankie Fusco and Conor Gately along with Sophomore Nick Mariano.

    Yorktown’s team this year plays a slightyly different style than usual here at Yorktown but I believe they can achieve some big things this year, especially since they are flying under the radar. With all the talk being about John Jay’s team this year, Yorktown is ignoring what they are hearing and just preparing for this big game to start off their season and to take back the attention which they rightfully deserve.

    There is no doubt in my mind that no matter the turnout of saturday’s game, we will all see a great game with a lot of intensity. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this matchup reappear in the section finals game later on. With that being said, I believe Yorktown will come away with the win on this one. I would expect seniors Schuldt and Mabus to have big games along with Juniors Conor Gately and Frank Fusco. I am looking forward to watching this one on saturday night along with the rest of Yorktown’s Fan section…THE CROP.

    Lets Go Town.

  26. roach says:

    Kennedy Catholic beats Carmel 7-5

  27. rlaxfamily says:

    Nice to see Yorktown keeping it real and rooting for their team. John Jay fans seem to have tuned down the chirp and chatter. I don’t believe a damn thing said in the blogs leading up to this big game about injuries and such. I wouldnt let you know a darn thing going on my field if I was a parent or coach of these players/teams. What I am sure of is that both teams have been practicing hard, both coaches are planning and most likely losing sleep already over the uncertainty of thier teams moving into the start of the season. I wish both coaches luck on Saturday as I have great respect for both of them. I will root for Yorktown to come away with the win in a great battle…Y 11 JJ 8.

  28. Syracuse says:

    I expect a great game Saturday night. Yorktown should be better this year because they won’t try to force-feed the ball to any one player, unlike in years past, and appear to have some depth. Daniello missing, obviously, will hurt Jay, as will a few other injuries. Which goalie steps up? Many questions to be answered, but regardless of who wins I don’t think the loser needs to worry too much.

    This is just Part I, after all.

    I’ll be posting updates for Joe on Saturday night. Have a good one everyone.


  29. Conor STATESly says:

    Yorktown started off the season on a high note with a 12-7 win over nationally ranked John Jay. Senior captain Justin Mabus(Towson) started off the streak of goals by Yorktown. Johns Hopkin’s bound Senior Mike Daniello was held to 0 goals in the first half and was kept in check throughout the game by Yorktown’s Defense led by Senior Captain Tyler Fahey(Albany).

    Coming into this season there was a lot of hype about the John Jay lacrosse team and many people believed this would be the year they won states. However, after this loss to Yorktown, John Jay will have to do some re-thinking and figure out a way to live up to the hype.

    On another note, Yorktown looked more than impressive today in their season opener. Yorktown’s attack led by Junior’s Frank Fusco and Conor Gately, along with Sophomore Nick Mariano, kept the momentum going for Yorktown throughout this great game. I would expect big things from this young attacking corps that Yorktown has this year.

    Overall it was a good game but Yorktown’s powerful offense was too much for John Jay. Yorktown dominated this game but im looking forward to a rematch later this season in the playoffs. Yorktown is looking like it will be a competitor throughout this whole season.

    Lets Go Town

    • laxman says:

      Daniello did score the first goal of the game on Fahey..but other than that i agree with all your thoughts, Town started off the season on the right note.

  30. school says:

    JJ knocked out of national rankings.

  31. Fox Lax says:

    U know whats weird about the tonights outcome? I bet if u looked back at the scores of all the games between the two programs for the last 3 to 4 classes( 2011 through 2013/2014) over the last few years either in CONNY or at JV , i bet at every level JJ team has won each game. Very odd outcome tonight. JJ needs to reflect.

    • Bp says:

      That might possibly be the dumbest post ever. 3 out of the last 4 meetings on varsity is all that matters…….not to mention town gave away last years game. Should be 4 in a row. With that said wouldn’t be surprised if jay avenges loss in late may.

  32. townlax says:

    Town had “too many weapons” — Jay defense looked lost!!! Congrats to Town–well done and well deserved!!!! Cheap check by Daniello on Fahey in the 4th-

  33. LoveTownLax says:

    Way to go ‘Town! That’s how the game is played!

    However, LTL is concerned about Fox Lax… overly obsessive about past Town/Jay youth games… too much time on your hands, I think… And not correct, they haven’t always beat Town. Although in todays JV game, the “Jay JV-A” team did win, but only by one goal 7-6, so I’m not sure pulling up their JV players (reference above 3/29 at 9:41 a.m.) would have changed the outcome of tonights Varsity game. (but does that mean ‘Town will lose 2014 Varsity game by one goal??? :o)

    • LoveTownLax says:

      Fox Lax – we’ll have to agree to disagree but seriously, Fox Lax, blogging about 2 YOUTH programs, especially when neither is your own, is obsessive… (saw what you posted on “the other blog” now you say 90% Jay over Town wins – got all the win/loss stats recorded since 2000 2nd grade clinics, do you??)

      Full day/night of HS lax, then watched the MD game DVR’d, so yup, up at 2:00… have no idea what those other comments mean, however… not familiar with what you speak… and not a dude.. :o)

      As far as the “next time,” we’ll see. Whole lotta lax between now and then, but you sound awfully positive and you should never, ever count my Town boys out.

  34. LacrosseInsider says:

    I thought that Town looked like they had already played a half dozen regular season games and Jay looked like it was their first game….point is, Town looked crisp and aggressive and Jay seemed to be lost at times. Amazing how well Town is coached! This game may have been a very positive start for both teams in that Jay will lose their national ranking and realize that they really need to pull it together, get healthy and get moving. Town can build confidence on this win making for a strong start to the season.
    The sectionals should be a lot of fun this year!

  35. Just sayin says:

    Mabo had a sick one on one move for his last goal last niteeeeeee

    • Indian J says:

      Well, they looked terrible yesterday. Some of it was coaching and some of it was the players- that’s usually the way it works.

      If I could pinpoint the reasons why they had such difficulty, it would be Face offs, settled offense, and goal tending.

      They got destroyed on draws. Destroyed. Called for penalties, beat to the clamp and when the clamp was won initially they would lose the battle and Town would come up with it. The Yorktown guy was good- but not that good. Only once did I see an adjustment in which a pole was put on the draw and they lost that too.

      Settled offense was motion without much motion and with a confused objective. And when it was time to shoot, Jay had tremendous difficulty getting it on cage. They didn’t look like poor players at all-until they shot. There were a few point blank opportunities in which the cage ( THE CAGE) was missed. Then, the outside shooting left a the ball either in Purdys or the Pound Ridge Reservation depending on what quarter it was.

      This is not the best Yorktown team that Town has ever had. They have a couple of very good players. They all play very hard-much harder than Jay did and they all shoot with much more accuracy. ( Or at least yesterday they did.) Many of Town’s goals should have been saves and a couple of times when Town missed, Jay’s goalie should have had it, but Town backed up the shot. His outlet passes were good and I’m sure as his inexperience turns to experience he could be good but yesterday was a tough initiation especially with Town’s possession off the draw.

      If Jay parents complain, fine. Part of it was coaching, but the injuries are tough to deal with and they lost Walter recently. Daniello just came back and they appeared to be playing off the cuff or impromptu most of the time. All of that aside, they looked very nonchalant and too relaxed the entire game. When Schurr was hired, it was mentioned that he is “not a yeller” and that’s exactly what the JJ Parents want, wanted at the time, or was part of what led the last coach to being mysteriously dismissed. There may come a point in which the caffeine free approach is detrimental- if it’s even the caffeine free approach that is being employed. I’m not on the sidelines, so I have no view of what is going on, but I know that if you are looking to blow up the section, and then the state, you do it with dynamite.

      There is plenty of season left. There is nothing to do but watch and see what happens.

      • slacrosse says:

        I was mostly confounded/surprised by the lack of slides,backing up by Jay’s D! Let the Town kids have free reign! Hey maybe the goalie could have stopped some but he had very weak support in front of him! He’ll be good. Liked his outlet passes as well.

        Town deserves credit for certainly showing a potent offense, pretty good goalie and that small kid that was doing pretty well on FO. D looked OK but was not really tested.

        No excuses but it’s a fact that everyone knows. Jay was not playing with a “full deck” due to injuries to multiple key starting players. That many players missing makes a difference.

        The facts are that (a) Town is very good and (b) Jay will get alot better when they can get most of their starters back. I’m perplexed about the D though but can only assume that Coach Schurr will work to improve that as well.

        Good luck to your Jay team going forward.

        OK, maybe not so much good luck next Tuesday vs Rye.

      • laxaholic says:

        Indian J,

        Overall, I would agree with most of what you said, Jays faceoffs were not good, the offense looked like it was the daniello does whatever he wants show and the defense looked lost and confused.

        Offensivly Jay looked lazy and confused. They would move the ball around in the cycle but no one was doing anything off ball, they whole unit was litterally sitting there waiting for the game to happen to them. The offense was stagnant and looked intimidated to penetrate to the middle of the field.

        Defensivly, Jays unit looked completely outclassed athletically. Yorktowns offense overwhelmed them with speed, and while Jay couldnt hit any shots on O, Town was taking loads of shots and forcing Jays keeper to make saves. Also, the whole Jay defensive unit ball watched Town to death. Town backcut and scored so many goals because jay was staring at the ball and paying little or no attention to their men.

        The one thing I will disagree with you on is Jays goaltending play. If memory serves me correctly Id say right around 7 of Towns goals came 1 on 0 point blank with Jays keeper. Town killed the Jay D with rotation and back cutting. There were two specific plays that really stuck out to me. The first was later in the game, Maybus made a run down the right alley, dodged his defender got past him and ran in almost point blank with no slide and was allowed to fake like 5 times before he scored with no slide at all. The other was in a settled situation, Shultz I think had the ball and one of the town attackmen made a quick cut backside, got the ball and litterally was 1 on 0 from 2 yards out. There is nothing a goalie can do about point blank shots that are 1 on 0, so im not sure what softies you were talking about, but all I saw last night was Jays keeper getting hung out to dry pretty much the entire game.

        • Indian J says:

          Certainly he was left vulnerable unfairly on more than one occasion, I thought a few of Town’s outside shots were savable. I thought he did make one or two very nice stops and I should of mentioned these things in addition to his nice outlets.

      • big ron says:

        bottom line is J got rid of the best defensive coach in the hs game vinny sav. Sav was always prepared with scouting reports and a plan. last night was summer league defense

      • LoveTownLax says:

        Indian J – why the “The Yorktown guy was good… but not that good…” or “This is not the best Yorktown team…” comments? Don’t think anyone alluded to where they may “rank” in Town history, as well they shouldn’t and those comments were unnecessary… Town has A Lot of good players, ease up, my friend. Or is it that you can’t give any props to the winning team? Town only won because JJ played poorly? Should we put an asterik by the win? So much negativity, not cool.

        And as far as your goalie comments, it’s easy to say “he should have saved it” sitting safely in the stands and not between the pipes facing a 90 mile-an-hour shot…. have you ever done it????

        • Indian J says:

          Frustration I guess. Did not play goalie that’s for sure and really did not mean to insult Town, they played really well. It’s just that Town teams that have had more talent have typically had to work harder for wins against Jay.

          I think the outcome did have a lot to do with Jay’s play though, yes. I stand by that. They could have made it more difficult for Town to win-even with the injuries.

          Town is definitely a good team and no asterisk by the win.

          90 mph ? I was safely in the stands . Who had the radar gun ?

          • LoveTownLax says:

            I hope you realize I was defending the Jay goalie! I am not saying there were or weren’t shots that fast Saturday night, but rather that in general show some respect, most are not willing to get in cage! And with good reason… you know what they say about goalies…! :o) (and we do have players that can shoot that fast, as I am certain Jay does!)

            Indian, every high school fields a different team each year, with different strengths and weaknesses,and LTL really hates when bloggers compare them to past teams. They ALL work hard and want to win! Puts undue pressure on them… Just being Town or Jay puts the target on the back, right?

            I agree, as I stated back on March 29 that of course missing a key player (or two or three) can certainly change the result of the game, but Daniello did play, and Town came out of the gate playing hard and earned that victory. My understanding is that only one Jay D-man was out, and Town offense really played well, unselfish and lots of producers. But should the Jay 0 starters heal, a potential re-match would be a good one.

  36. laxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    I think that this whole its unfair to make excuses makes sense, but at the same time, if Town had been missing two of their best middies, Mabus and Schuldt for example, its not somethign thats easy to overcome. Yes Town played a great game and JJ did not. But i think that JJ will be fine in the future and that they will bring it together. Having played without 2 of their best offensive players is not something any team will have an easy time overcoming.

  37. JJ alum 2003 says:

    Have you ever seen the day That Kennedy Catholic is 2-0 and JJ is 0-1. Carma!!!

  38. JAY WAY says:

    Four missing starters too much to overcome. Round 2 in late May at Torne Valley should be VERY interesting!

  39. TB Toad says:

    How do you spell rout?


    Hunter Palancia great at the mid-field X. Got to have face-offs and ground balls.

  40. Watcher says:

    I think that what JJ was really hurting on was the graduation of the Super Human Newman

  41. Lax Novice says:

    I hope they raised at lot of money in the fight to defeat ALS. That’s more important than who won or lost this game.

    • LoveTownLax says:

      you are so right Lax Novice. If anyone knows the total raised, post it!

      • Lax Novice says:

        Boy, there’s a phrase you don’t see here often.

        • LoveTownLax says:

          :o) But you are right. It is great that for the past few years “The Game” has been the catalyst to raise awareness and funds for two important causes. Because at the end of the day it is… just a game. It was an honor to see John Cunniffe inducted into the JJ Hall of Fame, he is such an accomplished and inspirational man… and it puts life into proper perspective.

  42. Greenie says:

    How come no one is talking about the great job Tyler Fahey did on Daniello?!?

    • Murph's Place says:

      Kudos to Tyler. It was a very emotional night for him and he really came through.

      • laxnut says:

        The offense always gets the glory but it’s the defense that wins games. Tyler Fahey totally shut down Daniello and also survived his cheap hit. That’s why Ytown is gonna be awesome this year. Go Tyler, your the best!!!!

        • Indian J says:

          I did not see Daniello get totally shut down and I have been very critical of Jay in regards to this contest. Fahey did a good job. Daniello was coming off a hamstring injury and had two goals without playing very well. More people aren’t talking about it because they probably see it the same way.

  43. clam says:

    who won the white plains v brewster scrimmage?

    JJ kids this is a must win against RYE.

  44. noone says:

    daniello certainly didn’t like he was hurting when he ran down fahey and slashed him in the back while being offsides, seemed his hammy was working fine then. seems he did the same thing to burke last year when burke was handling him, except burkes shoulder got messed up. either way earlier in these post read that it wouldn’t matter with daniello being out prior to the game and that he would be the man. can’t you guys give yortkown some credit for playing very good? bet if any other team moaned about missing players as much as the jj fans did before the game and then afterwards there would be a ton of rightous ripping going on. dont you think?

    • laxnut says:

      Thank you noone for that post, especially about the Burke incident last year. He looked just fine to me too, just really frustrated. Fahey got burnt on Daniello’s first goal and didn’t let that happen again for the rest of the night, that’s shut down to me. Tyler, and the rest of the ytown boys, keep up the good work!

      • slacrosse says:


        noone: Alot of people on these blogs including myself were very complimentary of Town’s play. Maybe you didn’t read all of them?

        laxnut: Yes Fahey and rest of Town D played well. But Daniell had 2 goals. Who was guarding him for #2? Would you still say he was “shut down”.

  45. WestLax says:

    After watching film from the game Saturday night yes Yorktown had the horses. They showed great speed and Quigley had a great game. As for Daniello I would not be so fast to annoint Fahey. I saw one play in the 4th quarter from the top were Mike just blew by Fahey, #9 and #18 for a sweet goal. Give Jay time and they will get healthy and be there at the end. Coach Schur will get them there.

  46. JAY WAY says:

    Round 2 (sectional final): JJ 10, Town 8

    • Indian J says:

      I think it is way too early to do this ( although, who could disagree with the sentiment ?). Let’s go one game at a time and get there first. We just lost to Town and they looked very good. Class B sectionals will be a battle regardless of the regular season showdowns.

  47. LoveTownLax says:

    LTL, of course! and The Crop!

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