There’s certainly no shortage of talent in the state of Connecticut when it comes to high school lacrosse.

Cheshire won the Class L state title last year, edging always strong Fairfield Prep 9-8. (Above, Cheshire is shown celebrating after that big win.)

Darien has won six straight Class M state championships and has an array of players bound for major D-I programs, including Eric Parnon (Maryland), Case Matheis (Duke) and Henry West (Cornell).

Greenwich is coming off a surprising run to the FCIAC title.

Ridgefield is just a year removed from winning its first county crown.

Traditional powers New Canaan, Wilton, Weston and New Fairfield are also strong contenders, as is upstart Staples.

Salisbury, Avon Old Farms, Brunswick and Westminster  remain among the top private school programs in the entire Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region.

There are also plenty of other strong squads outside Fairfield, including St. Joseph’s (Trumbull), Guilford, Glastonbury, Ledyard, Ellington, Simsbury and Newtown.

So there’s a lot to chew on as far as assessing who the top teams will be in 2011.

But don’t let that stop you, gang.

Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts, stating who you think the best teams will be and why.

Also, our current poll question is, “Who do you think will be Connecticut’s best team in 2011?” (On the right panel of this page, just scroll past the “New Comments” and “Popular” tabs and click on “Poll,” and then click on your choice.)

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19 Responses to “You make the call: Who will be Connecticut’s top teams?”

  1. laxer says:

    public-darien. private-avon

  2. laxmancool7 says:

    The best team in the fciac is definitely up for debate, but they’re are definitly some arguments that can be shared. Darien is the obvious one but what about teams like wilton and Ridgefield. Ridgefield now has 4 players commited to division 1. Wilton also had a bunch of young guns looking to shine their junior year. Dont just vote Darien because they have the Great Case. Ridgefield after losing both playoffs games last year will be no doubt be a team with force.

  3. laxr says:

    It’s not just because of Case Matheis that Darien is #1. They have two other juniors (middie Henry West and defenseman Tony Britton) committed to Cornell. They also have 7 seniors going D1, including Maryland-bound Eric Parnon.

    • Young Warrior says:

      This is very true – Matheis was held without a goal 3 times last year – twice by Wilton. While the playoff game was close, the regular season game was not. There are many many reasons this team is loaded, not just Case.

  4. Bren says:

    Ridgefield is not going to challenge in FCIAC or States this year. You can talk force and D1 stuff all you want but the cupboard is bare. 2009 class will not be topped for a long time. Best chance might be this years sophomores due to depth of talent although I hear several are talking to Prep schools already.

  5. FFCLax says:

    Brunswick and Salisbury will be the best teams in CT hands down

  6. laxr says:

    Brunswick will have a sick offense, but I don’t think they have a strong enough defense to be #1 in CT.

  7. laxer says:

    Brunswick is private…they just play public schools. and darien is one of the most stacked teams in the country in terms of d1 commits..i would still say theyre the best without case

  8. CT Now says:

    Don’t sleep on New Canaannnn

  9. FrankUrso says:

    New Fairfield will have to fight hard to win a weak conference. Newtown and Trumbull are both in Fairfield County but neither can hang with the top 10 teams.

  10. CT Lax says:

    Agreed. NC will be loaded.

    • laxr says:

      Out of curiosity, what big players does NC have coming back other than Costigan, Eschricht, and Carey/Granito? It seems like they lost a TON of talent with the graduating senior class, and the guys listed before where the only other names I really remember.

  11. CoLax says:

    New Canaan is no joke

  12. Nutmegger says:

    1. Darien
    2. Salisbury
    3. Brunswick

  13. slacrosse says:

    Darien -Public. Nor sure about private.

    Don’t combine publics with private/PG’s. Apples and oranges.

  14. BoLax says:

    1. Darien
    2. Greenwich
    3. Ridgefield
    4. Wilton
    5. New Canaan

  15. Laxwell Smart says:

    1. Salisbury
    2. Darien
    3. Brunswick
    4. Greenwich

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