For Jordan Fried, just finishing the New York City Marathon last Sunday was a significant achievement in itself.

But that accomplishment becomes even more meaningful because the Horace Greeley grad, who is a sophomore attackman on Hofstra’s men’s lacrosse team, was part of “Fred’s Team,” a group of runners devoted to raising proceeds for cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

“The whole day was filled with tons of positive energy,” Fried said. “Everyone has their own personal goals and you have 45,000 runners and their families all supporting one another.”

The team’s name honors NYC Marathon co-founder Fred Lebow, who died in 1994 after battling brain cancer.

In addition to being a four-year member of the Greeley varsity lax team and earning all-section honors as a senior, Fried, a Chappaqua resident, also ran cross country at Greeley.

For the complete story on Fried’s special day, check out this story from the Hofstra Athletic Communications Department.

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10 Responses to “Meaningful NYC Marathon for Hofstra attackman Fried”

  1. 12rock says:

    I have known Jordan for about 5 years now . We have played against him box league , fall in brewster and in regular H.S. play. One year down in Delaware in the fall he played with P.V. as he was there by himself. I don’t know where to begin,,,,he was a great kid and competitor …now it looks like he has grown into a great young man. Congrats and continued success Jordan

  2. BigBadBear says:

    one of the nicest kids you ever want to meet, a tribute to his parents…

  3. Geoff Stearns Sr. says:

    Congratulations Jordan. We have met as you have been both a teammate (WestRock) and opponent (John Jay) of my son Geoff all the way back to middle school. Your accomplishment is “meaningful” to the Stearns family because our daughter Ashley (23) just completed her first week of chemotherapy at Sloan on Friday. We experienced first hand what a special place Sloan is and it is through acts such as yours that crucial cutting edge research is being done so that more and more people will be “cancer survivors” in the future. Your participation in this cause says a great deal. Good luck on and off the field and give our best to Steve Sterling when you have a chance!

  4. Awesome job Jordan! Looking forward to seeing you play in the spring!

  5. north says:

    Mr. Stearns i am so sorry your daughter has cancer. All of our families prayers are with you

  6. Quake Lax says:

    Way to go Jordan. Your half man half amazing!!

  7. Greeley Grad says:

    Good work Jordan.

  8. Monty says:

    Way to go Jordan!

  9. LaxB says:

    Yeh Jordannnn

  10. Quaker Mom says:

    What a nice article. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Joe. Jordan – keep up the good work at Hofstra!!!! 🙂

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