Next week, the most tradition-rich summer lacrosse recruiting showcase, the Empire State Games, gets under way in Buffalo.

But there are some other big events beforehand.

Yale and Hofstra are both hosting major tournaments on Saturday and Sunday.

The Bulldog Bash at Yale features four divisions: Elite, High School, Junior Varsity and Youth. The Elite division features top high school and club teams. It will be played on turf lighted turf fields and five grass fields. For more info, click here.

The Blue and Gold Classic at Hofstra will feature 68 teams in the varsity bracket, including the Hudson Valley Empire State Games teams as well as travel teams such as the Connecticut Chargers, Connecticut Elite, Team Superstar, Long Island Pride and Long Island Hurricanes and high school teams from Syosset, Farmingdale, Northport, East Islip, Connetquot and Walt Whitman. For the schedule, click here.

Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts on these events, and if you are on hand, don’t forget to post any info/updates you may have.

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58 Responses to “Recruiting events at Yale, Hofstra”

  1. Laxerrr says:

    Good info. Thanks

  2. ahh, not bad, not gr8 says:

    That’s a pretty thin group at Yale this weekend.
    HV Express
    3 Tribes
    Ct Hurricanes
    Ct Stars
    Team Fierce? Who is Team Fierce?

    Bulldog Blue should be good though.

    All WR championship in elite bracket? Maybe.

  3. Sgt Hulka says:

    There must be more than 1 Bulldog Blue then.

  4. bulldogs says:

    lol Hulka.

    Bulldog has a bunch of teams I think. Are they not so good?

  5. Wolfpack says:

    Opening weekend for the WestRock girls travel squad on Long Island. Good Luck Girls!!!

  6. mlax says:

    Blue & Gold should be sick.

  7. LI Guy says:

    Who are the top 4-5 teams at Hofstra?

  8. where my dawgs at says:

    bulldog blue is the B team the grey team (A) will not be going

  9. Sgt Hulka says:

    I stopped to watch a game at Tri-State last week while walking to my car. Somebody told me the team in grey was Bulldog Blue. It was perplexing to watch.

    I can think of 2 reasons for a kid/team to play in a tourney like that.

    1. to play against good teams and improve your game

    2. to get noticed

    After spotting the opponent several goals, the game took a bad turn. BD became more focused on cheap shots than on playing good ball. I saw 2 parents high 5 after a nasty cross check to the throat. The kids were energized by the dirty play. My guess is that they were man down for at least 6 or 7 minutes of the the 35 minute running time, but I wasn’t counting. It looked like 2nd line hockey players trying to stay in shape and do their best Hanson brothers schtick.

    I don’t understand why you would pay good money and spend all that time if the goal is to hurt the other team. It reflects poorly on players, coaches and parents. The kids’ games won’t improve and colleges won’t be impressed.

    I would normally chalk it up to frustration but the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves, so did their parents. It was too bad because it looked like if you cut through the nonsense that some of the kids were probably good athletes.

    Go figure.

  10. duck! says:

    I hear you Sgt… That’s just the culture for some teams and it usually comes from the coaches and they are usually bad teams. It does not perplex me at all though as I see teams like that everywhere I go, but they are always in the minority and eventually run into a team that knows how to handle cheap shot artists. Thank goodness for beatdowns.

    I’ve seen both Westrock U18 teams this year (b-i-g, physical teams) and do not think they’ll be intimidated. lol.

    Everyone thank the sarge for the heads up.

  11. Joe Lombardi says:

    Chris Kieser reports the LI ESG team beat the Hurricanes 20-4.

    Be sure to post info/scores on any games you’re at this weekend.

  12. Driving Miss Daisy says:

    Hudson Valley Empire Team @ Blue & Gold

    Game 1 HV vs. Team from NJ, HV won by 9 or 10 (really not much of a game for HV)

    Game 2 HV vs, Shoreham Wading River, HV got worked by a better team they lost by 3 or 4 goals. It probably did not help they played a real weak opponent in the first game.

    Game 3 HV vs. Farmingdale, good game a couple of lapses on defense but in the end HV won in overtime.

    Not bad 2-1 on the day.

    3 stars of the day:

    1. Caffrey – by far the best player on the HV team today.

    2. Stephens – Wow, 6-5 an can move in net, stops almost everything

    3. McCreddie – Great midfielder, steady, gets all the GB’s just a quality lacrosse player.

  13. slacrosse says:

    Should not have gone to OT as HV gave away 2 absolute “mental lapse” goals to FD right in front of goal.

  14. awright awright says:

    Caff is the best player on that team everyday.

    Cam’s the man in net.

    The defense is the Achille’s heel.

    Shoreham is pretty solid so nice win.

    Farmingdale was last game of the day and it’s hot, so no big deal. Thank goodness we have slacrosse.

    I thought B & G was a four game day.

    They’ll be alright.

  15. Acbsr says:


    RE Bulldogs. We played them at the Tri-State last weekend. We are a U13 team and I found them to be a rough crowd too.

    Taking my U15 boys tomorrow to the Bulldog Bash. Will be interesting to see the culture there.

  16. IslandLaxpert says:

    Anyone have any info from today at Hofstra?

  17. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here are some scores reported in from today at Yale:

    WestRock U-18 Orange 7, Springfield 4
    WestRock U-18 Orange 10, Claddagh U-19 1.

  18. GQH says:

    HV played the u18 Chargers gold team (b team).
    chargers had about 12 kids, so the alternates for HV suited up in Chargers pinnies and helped out.

    HV rolled them, but its really wasnt fair. the CT defense did not have one single sub for all five games, it was hot as hell, and they were just beat. off ball movement killed them.

    but the U18 gold team did go into overtime againt Farmingdale and got really killed this morning by shoreham

  19. Bigeasy says:

    The Ytown beat LI lizards yesterday, lost to U18 Chargers, and tied a Pennsylvania All Star Team. Today they lost to some NJ team and beat the NYC Empire team by 3. All at Hofstra.

  20. John says:

    Superstar 16 Blues went 5-0 at Hofstra partially avenging their only loss from last weekend (same club, different team).

    Thanks to all for the sympathy cards for the tent…it served us well.

  21. report says:

    Bulldog was quite gentlemanly from what I saw. The Bulldogs beat Westrock Blue U18 which had a really tough day. They just played without any fire or timing on offense. The defense was a step slow. Goaltending was poor today which is odd. Cirillo is nice at attack. Maybe looking ahead to HBeds. IDK. Lackluster all day.

    The U18 orange for Westrock (definitley the better WR team) lost in the championship at Bulldog. They’re a different team without Caffery. A solid team, but not great. Easy group to root for. They work hard. Lindsey at attack is sweet even without Caffery. The defense is good – includes the goalie Allen. They got clobbered on face offs, hit the wall and lost last game by a bunch 8-2, 10-2, something like that, but that’s only the second time they were blown out this season. Nice team and good effort. They should do well at Hotbeds…if they have Caffery.

    WR U17 went 2-2 and seem to be playing with more tempo and precision at this point. Another solid, but not great team. They worked hard in the middle of the field all day, but I didn’t see whole games, just bits and pieces. Got good goaltending today. They should probably look for another tournament to enter because they are just hitting their stride now. Just as they get up to speed they run out of season! lol. Are they going to Hotbeds?

    Hudson Valley Spartans were there out of Pleasantville, which was nice to see. Saw 3 Tribes too. Did not see Mahopac or any other HV teams, but I guess they all went to Blue and Gold?

    Yale coach Andy Shay was wearing a Westrock shirt all day. I guess he knows where his bread is buttered, seems like WR had about a hundred teams there throughout the weekend. lol.

    Tournament was better than I thought it would be and can really take off.

  22. Lax n stuff says:

    Interesting info. Thanks for the Yale report.

  23. Joe Lombardi says:

    The Connecticut Hurricanes beat WestRock U-18 Orange 9-2 in the championship game at Yale.

  24. Long time laxer says:

    I guess I missed the gentlemanly part of the bulldogs when they got into a brawl with the CT Cardinals team at 3 O’clock. I guess the hooting and hollering they did when one of their poles got an unsportsmanlike penalty against WR u-18 blue was no big deal either. The truth is that they are a very talented team and should have no reason to resort to that type of play regardless of whether they are winning or losing.

  25. Laxtime says:

    Wow. Sounds like Westrock u-18 laid an egg in the final.

  26. Tribe called quest says:

    3 tribes 7/8 (u13?) team won the championship at Yale. They went 5-0 and bet a Ward Melville team in a good game for the title. The team is made up of Brewster,southern Dutchess and Putnam Valley kids.

  27. Laxit says:

    Well now it’s on to ESG Games for HV — oops, I mean Rye — team. Will Rye medal?

  28. chillin' with a coolatta says:

    Yeah, I saw the Bulldog unsportsmanlike and it was warranted… even if Long time laxer’s reply is sarcastic and snippy…dude, that’s not like you and maybe the guy didn’t see it. They were running ten fields there today…be nice.

    Let’s all be nice to each other because I am noticing people here getting a little in each other’s faces recently. Maybe it’s the heat, but we can all make our posts and still be chill with each other. I wish I could give you all a coolatta.

    Bulldog lived up to their reputation, too bad because Laxer is right, they can play. They’re not great, but their behavior is beneath them – or maybe it’s not – I hear too much bad stuff about them and the penalty was stupid. I don’t think they’re going to Hotbeds, so good riddance.

    Yeah, Laxtime, total egg-age…Westrock orange got run off in the final and they were just out-manned, outplayed and outta gas.

    There was a nice cloud cover and cool breeze late morning, but in the afternoon, it was amazingly hot! Blazing. Scorching. They have an old astro turf field there that must have been 120 degrees. You could feel the heat through your shoes. It was crazy.

    But I agree, it was a good day and a good tournament that has a lot of potential.

    The facility at Yale is TEN TIMES BETTER than Hofstra and Mitchell Park – those fields are just tired and need to be taken out back and shot. Yale has shady areas all over the place to chill and set up tents. They even have a shady area to park your car next to the football stadium. Imagine getting into a car that isn’t 150 degrees. There’s not a lot of spaces there in the shade, but at least 150-200 cars were under cover. And another couple of huundred in the shade on the streets. Sweet.

    The Yale fields actually have grass on them and it wasn’t until the afternoon that the dust really started to kick up, but there is no comparison to Hofstra/Mitchell fields which are all dried up mud, bumpy and plain dirt spots.

    Yale’s new lax stadium (under construction) is awesome with a good ‘modern’ turf field. Coach Shay is a happy guy these days.

    Nice day, nice tourny, e-a-s-y ride … 84 to route 34 … a calm hour-and-five minutes.

  29. MESSAGE says:

    Yale Situation was very sweet. Well run, they figured out the last game in like five minutes, did not have to wait hours. And from what I saw there were very view blowouts compared to other brackets this summer. Biggest part was I did not have to cross the bridge to LI on a Friday Saturday, or a Sunday during beach crash.

  30. no one says:


    wr orange, played well all day. besides lindsey, #19, thorpe from yorktown played lights out, especially the first 2 games, the third game no one could do anything but it was basiclly he and lindsey who carried the team, with 2 of the 3 goals. early on they were on fire, great rides especially the first game which they were very aggressive getting the ball back after turnovers. throp had some nice rips for goals as did lindsey, one guy cant carry the team and those two stepped up and played good solid attack, cafferys 3-4 goals per game were certainly missed, wouldn’t have changed anything but the scores in the first 3 games, but even with him on the field for the last game wouldn’t have mattered, he can’t score if you can”t get the ball in the off. end of the field.

    lax time: they didnt lay an egg, they couldn’t get a faceoff against a team that seemed to own the faceoffs all day, and the few times they tried to get things going, the conn. teams def was excellent. got beat by a much better team. it happens.

  31. Long time laxer says:


    I guess I didn’t communicate well. The ref did catch the unsportsmanlike by buldog. I guess I was just a little disappointed that the fans/parents were so psyched by a pretty dirty hit when they were already up by 7 or 8. I don’t know about you, but when I am winning a game like that all I want to do is get it over with without anybody getting hurt. But to each his own.

  32. gimme a stick says:

    I really enjoyed the Yale tournament. Smaller scale, all quality opponents (WR u17 played vs, NED, Mt. Sinai, Be the Best – Chaminade it appeared – and a Bulldog team). After years of attending the zoo that is the CONNY youth festival it was nice to be up there with smaller crowds and a nice relaxed day of great lacrosse.

    Someone mentioned above that it is too bad the season is over for the West Rock u17, and I agree, the kids are finally getting used to each other, and played very well yesterday, especially team defense. The offense still needs some work but there was some good ball movement yesterday. Aside from their final game vs. Bulldog, which they lost convincingly, they had a very good day yesterday beating NED (Mass.) and Me Sinai, and losing by a goal late to Be the Best (Chaminade).

    enjoy the rest of the summer, football starts soon. lol

  33. U-13 says:

    Tribe called quest Says:

    3 tribes 7/8 (u13?) team won the championship at Yale. They went 5-0 and bet a Ward Melville team in a good game for the title. The team is made up of Brewster,southern Dutchess and Putnam Valley kids.

    Stop by to watch the U-13 game heard they move the ball really well i wasen’t disappointed
    3 tribes ia a good team WR-13 lost 7-6 in the final game to them WR had there chances,very good game WR attack was impressive # 7,10,23 middies were big and fast nice to watch a young team with good skills

  34. laxfan says:

    No one.
    I must make some corrections to your report.
    I agree Lindsey and Thorpe both had a great day yesterday, but it was # 12, rising junior, Anthony Carpenter on attack that had 2 of the 3 goals in game 3. He had a breakout day. Game 1, Carpenter had 1 goal and 2 assists. Game 2: 2 goals and 2 assists. Game 3: 2 of the 3 goals.
    Final game had 1 assist.
    Defense was strong all day and chris had another great day in goal.

  35. coach...tonight...on ABC says:

    Laxer, that’s why we call them Massholes, no problem and I’m sure everybody understands. Sometimes writing emails is a limited medium. lol.

    Yeah I agree with what everybody said.

    Jake T and Connor L are a terrific duo and Caff only adds to the mix. Don’t forget Carpenter from Somers either. They have a few very good middies too, but only one or two who are going to rip it from up top – that’s what’s missing because it allows the defense to focus on the attack down low. They have a tough time spreading the field, but the attack is so efficient they can usually make up for it. The WR defense is excellent, 6/6 and man down.

    They’re not an average team by any stretch. They’re an all star team no doubt and can play with juuuuust about anyone. I think they’ll do well in Delaware because I see a whole other level in them that is waiting to come out. Maybe it will come out at Hotbeds as they have shown flashes of it here and there so far.

    The Hurricanes guy was cheating on every face off and the ref didn’t call one…hitting the ball with his hand, holding the WR guy’s stick, kneeling on his own stick…it was funny. Lew must have really ticked off the refs. lol. One time, the goalie for Ct picked the ball up with his hand and put it in his stick and a bunch of WR parents were howling at that. It was very funny in an otherwise uninteresting game. lol.

    Yale is excellent and I hope we go back there next year. They have to work to attract the college coaches. I can see many of the NY, Ct and Mass teams leaving B&G and opting for Yale in the years to come, but the LI teams will probably stay at Hofstra. No bridge, no tolls, no L.I.E. Just take the northern route – Merritt Parkway or 84 and stay away from 95. It was nice all around.

  36. Lax Observer says:

    Thanks for the reports

  37. Acbsr says:


    I followed Manhasset Maveriks teams to both Hofstra and Yale this weekend for my 3 boys U-15, U-13 and U-11. Gotta say we enjoyed the Bulldogs. Our U-15 team held their own with all that was thrown at them walking away with 3 wins and a loss that could have been anyone’s game. We will be back if invited. Have a brother in CT who came with his two boys and enjoyed the festival then we visited at his house and pool after. All around it was a great day. We will be back if invited.

  38. justlaxin says:

    The LI tourney was loaded with talent. From LI all star teams, CT Chargers, WI, HV, WM, NJ all star teams, Town, PT, etc… Coaches I talked to say that it is one of the best of the summeer foer there is 92 teams in the varsity and championship divisions. Coaches aren’t leaving that for much.

  39. blue moon says:

    no one

    I’m feelin’ you wit Jake Thorp he can ball, but carried the team?
    The defense gave up 4 goals, 1 and 2 in the first three games. they won the third game 3-2. Who’s carryin who? The one gaol game shoulda been a shutout and they’ve giving up like 3 goals a game all summer. Our team gives up like ten.

    Even in the last game it was the Ct middies that destroyed them not the attack. Give credit where it is due if we had that D on our team we’de be sweet.

  40. no one says:

    blue moon

    make the correction to helped carry the attack. again most of the mumblings were about missing caffery, thought all 3 attack played very aggressive especially in their ridding and trying to get the ball back. wr had great d, fo and possessions the first 2 games, everyone sloppy the third and they ran up against a all around strong team the 4th. though half time of first game was 4-3 wr, final 7-3 or 7-4, second game was a blowout, third game ugly. just trying to give some props to some guys that i felt needed to step up and thought they did. lindsey and throp get little fan fare especally with the great play of caffery, but their off ball movement and feeds and creating seams when caffery is there allows for him to do some of his magic, a lot of his magic is his doing no doubt, still when those three are on the field together they have a chemistry like they have played together on a hs team, some of thier fast break movements in games past is amazing and none are selfish.

  41. no one says:

    lax fan,
    carpenter played good too, not denying that. you are wrong on who scored in that ugly 3rd game, sat with the dads of lidsey and thorp and they indeed had a goal each in that game with lindsey getting the asst to thorp. so don’t know who told you who scored what, but was right their with the parents when it happened. also first game thorp with 2gs and asst. 2nd game lindsey with at least 3 gs and a few assts, thorp with 2 gs and asst and game 3, lindesy with goal #1, thorp with goal #2(assit from lindsey) and thought a middie scored #3, but could have been carpenter. not hating on anyone, again thought all 3 attackman stepped up in the absence of caffrey, theay all played full games, no subs in that heat, just make sure you give accurate accounts of the games. thought the fo’s for the first 2 games were great, def oustanding first 3 games, goalie play for wr outstanding, shelled in the last game but no fault of his. all played very hard, excellent ground balls most of the day, nice movement, again game three ugly for both teams. good all around day for the boys and hopeing they do very well down in delaware, would like to watch them. seems they are geling pretty well.

  42. no one says:

    lax fan

    100% wrong. carpenter played great, but he did not have 2 of the 3 goals in the third game, goal one scored by lindsey, goal 2 scored by throp, the assit from lindsey, cant recall who scored the 3rd goal, could have been carpenter, thought it was a middie. I sat with lindeys and thorps dads for the 3rd game and was right there when it happend. for the day lindsey was off the first game, at least 3gs and 3 assits 2nd game, 1 g and ast 3rd game, and a goal in the 4th, thorp with 2 gs and asst first game, 2 g and asst 2nd game, and 1 g the third game. thought all 3 attack did excellent, they had a great fast break game 2, middie to thorp to lindsey across the goal to carpenter, sweet as anything. props to all three, but you are dead wrong on who scored what in game 3.

  43. rock paper scissors says:

    A very good day yesterday. My son plays on U17 and we watch the orange team every chance we get. They’re a good team all around, which I agree, gets lost by accident in some posts. The D is outstanding (which is what interests us). All obviously skilled players, but the separator is that the communication is constant. Aggressive while being smart and the middies help. Lew is very (underline ‘very’) demanding of the poles and they thrive on it.

    Nice setting, easy ride, easy parking, need some concession “across the street,” good fields except for the astro turf.

    It will all depend on whether they can attract the college coaches because competing with the Hofstra tourny is a tall order – asking college coaches to blow off the LI teams at Hofs to go to Yale and see Mass., Section One and Ct. guys? – I don’t know about that. They’ll have to convince those coaches that it’s worth it to ride up on Sunday after watching Hofstra on Saturday. If they set up a well-stocked, air-conditioned hospitality tent, or pay for the ferry from LI to Ct. they can do it.

    Good luck to everyone on all the area teams who are going to Hotbeds!

  44. blue moon says:

    third goal was scored by Connor L unsettled

    stop saying they were sloppy all around in the third game. they were not!

    there was nothing sloppy about the SHUT DOWN D. two gaols and the O kept turning it back over to Ct twenty times maybe more.

    a 3-2 lax game, dude…two! if you told the Ct coach before the game that his team would hold WR to 3 gaols and still lose the game he would think youre whack!

    give the luv

  45. laxfan says:

    No one.
    Sorry but check the stat book. Game 3 Carpenter scored 1 in first half on the crease and second half had a long bounce shot off the hard astro turf.
    They all played excellent but Carpenter who is a rising junior deserves the credit he earned.

  46. no one says:

    lax fan

    last comment, all 3 goals scored in second half. remember i sat with their dads and they moved to the other side at half time, 2nd half all goals for wr scored.

  47. Bigeasy says:

    U guys are too much. Summer lax baby!

  48. no one says:

    big easy, just trying to keep those folks honest. can’t say enough about carpenter and the other two attack yesterday, they had no subs and played all 4 games in that heat, guess the heat got to lax fan as well. they don’t have a scorebook for tourny games, all goals in the third game scored in 2nd half and yes it was lindsey, thorp scoring the first two goals with lindsey feeding thorp. just wish some dads would be happy with what their kids did and let the others have their day too.

  49. scrimmage time says:

    This sounds like orange vs blue in spots…Lew has been trying to set up that scrimmage for weeks. lol.

    Yeah, Robby adds a dimension to the others, but it’s not like they forget how to play when he’s not around. lol.

  50. laxfan says:

    No one
    Yes you were right, all goals were scored in second half but as I said earlier Carpenter scored 2. One on the crease and the other a long bounce shot. I am sure Lew has the book and Smith congratulated Anthony on his 2 goals after the game.
    I am not his Dad but a retired player, coach, official and Carpenter’s proud grandpa. I may be old but I still can keep stats. They all played well but I kept Carpenter’s stats. Not keeping stats for others and I am sure they had plenty in other games. 22 and 19 start regularly and definitely are impact players. I enjoy watching all the boys.

  51. no one says:


    and proud you should be. won’t get into it with you anymore, other to say then the final must have different, as lindsey and thorp each had a goal in that game, which would make it a 4-2 game instead of the reported 3-2.

  52. Lax Novice says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Craig of WI this weekend. Great fellow, as seems to be the concensus opinion. And I’m pretty sure West Islip’s summer team doesn’t bother with a stat book. They keep theirs in the spring.

  53. P&G says:

    Lax Novice – well said (and much nicer than I would have said it)!

  54. franklyscarlett says:

    Yeah well, schedule happened to follow WI games twice this past weekend and got to witness some of the parents in action. There’s no monopoly on wingnuts anywhere. All teams have them regardless of how precious the coach may be. Glad summer season is almost over. Looking forward to the fall and the soccer helicopter parents. 🙂

  55. Lion Town says:

    Franly Scarlett, You should come to a Long Island or State championship game sometime, then you can see 3000 West Islip fans in action.

    Then again, I’m guessing your schedule wouldn’t be following.

    Like the T Shirt says, we don’t like you either.

  56. franklyscarlett says:

    Haha, okay. Don’t have to come down. A.) I believe you. B.) We got plenty of wingnuts up here too. (Witness the middle part of this thread).

  57. LaxFan says:

    3Tribes 9/10 won the Bulldog Bash in the varsity division this weekend too. Team made of Put valley, new fairfield, and brewster.

  58. Stra Lax says:

    nice post. thanks.

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