As June rolls into July, the recruiting calendar has been heating up with events throughout the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region and up and down the East Coast.

One of them is the Blue Chip 205 Recruiting Showcase at Bryant University in Rhode Island. The event is divided into two sessions: Rising Seniors and Rising Juniors. Rising Juniors is set for July 5-8. Rising Seniors got under way yesterday and lasts through Thursday.

Blog poster “Mike” is on hand in Smithfield, R.I., and passed along some info.

Here it is:

“There seems to be 48 kids in the rising senior camp, with six goalies. Evaluations were done on Monday and then a heavy practice session with drills like I have never seen, fast-paced, players on and off the field, coaches calling numbers and baby you better be ready to rock or they call the next kid.

“After assessments, there must some sort of draft for teams – my guess is two teams of 24 with three goalies – but can’t be sure. Nice campus – dorms are AC vs. not AC at 205 at Maryland, for what that’s worth.

“Coaches in attendance and managing fields and the operation from Curry, Centenary, Springfield, Williams, Clark, Colgate, Lafayette, Aurora, Wheaton, New England, Holy Cross, Endicott, Union, WNEC, Bates, Nazareth, Wooster, Army, Wagner, Skidmore, St. Mary’s, Bryant, Middlebury, Albany Western Conn, Vermont and Salisbury.  Others expected to attend sessions for prospecting.

“This camp differs from 205 in that there are two sessions of two games with each day determining an all-star game played at 8 p.m. on the second and third nights of camp , apparently to give kdis a second opportunity to shine if there was a just a bad day or whatever.  So two nights of all-stars based on two days of performance.

“The practices  this first day were surely more legit and heavy duty than 205 was, but I am observing the elite squad on they Bryant Lax turf. The other players are spread along three fields set up on the outer grass fields of the campus. I did see some of those practices and they were more like play-in games to determine skill level.

“The elite squads practices were much more intense and perhaps more college-level driven to my untrained eye.  Derek Henson is here as well, recent commit to UNC and my God is that kid fast. UNC has a serious athlete in their stable in Derek and if his lacrosse skills can catch up, he will be a incredible.

“I believe there are several Hudson Valley ESG players here, but can’t confirm who and don’t know how that may play into the ongoing practice/tryout/scrimmage situation.

“The HV ESG kids had a two-hour practice at 7 a.m. on Monday at Greeley, then motored to Bryant – and with a Sound Shore league scrimmage set for Tuesday night at 8 p.m., there may be some conflict with this camp and the coaches here to see the ESG kids. We will have to see how that plays out.

“Apparently there is another scrimmage set for ESG vs a Connecticut team for Thursday at 5 p.m. in Connecticut, which shouldn’t conflict with Blue Chip as it ends Thursday at noon.”

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18 Responses to “Report from Blue Chip 205 Recruiting Showcase”

  1. Mike says:

    Upon further review, there were three waves of Elite so it appears there are 6 elite teams with 20 kids, including 2 goalies, Four 50 minutes games, 25 half, with goalies sharing halves. along with the college coaches running the fields and the teams there are several here observing as well. Very different vibe from 205 at college park, not better or worse, just different – Top 205 and this one, Blue Chip 225 would give any parent and top prospect a good feel for the process and the competition out there.

  2. truth says:

    At the King of the Hill tournament this past weekend Jay’s Prime Time team did very well. Finished sunday by beating Fighting Clams and ended 4-0. Only reason they weren’t in the camp championship the next day is because the Long Island Express (future camp winners) had a better goal differential through their first 4 games.

  3. always around says:

    Heard Yorktown boys r doing well at Jake Reeds camp.Heard Mariano had real nice goaL feed from teammate Danny Mannining.Trevor Koelsch playing real good D.Brian P doing well.Didnt know his last name.Go Town

  4. Lax Novice says:

    If you’re referring to the rising sophomore seesion of Jake Reed’s, they just started that session and have got aways to go. I didn’t happen to notice any Y-Town or John Jay guys at the rising junior session, although I could be wrong about that, thankfully they don’t give out rosters to parents.

  5. always around says:

    Actually the session started yesterday and theboys r doing well.Trevor Koelsch is playing real well on Damming do good on face offs and Mariano looks good.H

  6. T.B. Toad says:

    Where can I find the ESG roster?

  7. Terp says:

    I heard just check out Rye’s roster

  8. where? says:

    was there an evaluation of any of the all star games at blue chip?

  9. Moses Needs to Know says:

    Terp, if that’s true HV ESG is done before it starts. But I hope U R kidding

  10. NYmike says:

    @where – Blue Chip 225 All Star games were over two nights, under the lights at Bryant – maybe 30 coaches on the sidelines and in the stands along with the college coaches managing the fields and running the teams. The first night was the two elite teams and the two “regular” squads playing each other. The second night was elite vs regular (elite won both) – kids could make the team both nights, or not, depending on that days efforts. One kid that really shined was the only player from Hawaii – he is on the IL blogs and has a cool video playing near the great scenery from Hawaii – Lax in Hawaii, who knew? I truly hope he got a decent look from schools, long way to come. One kid from Brunswick headed to UA tourney this weekend, great player – several committed kids keeping their skill sharp – and no doubt paid for this thing early the year so why not go. The talked about kid heading to UNC made the All Star team the first night, not the second. ESG goalie from Fox Lane made the All Star team both nights and his team won the tournament going 11-1 over the three days allowing only 11 goals.

  11. o brudda says:

    I think Hawaii has six high school teams and I can imagine what transportation is like.

    “Okay, guys, load up the boat leaves in ten minutes.”

  12. Gonzo says:

    a couple of parents at the Blue Chip 225 who had kids who also attented to the Top 205 had this to say about the two camps: they said the 225 was much better organized than the 205. The lack of AC at the 205 made the whole thing very uncomfortable, the food was always greasy and generally poor, and the whole place just had a sense of semi-chaos. They claimed the 225 at Bryant was a more comfortable atmosphere and that it provided a more focused forum for the coaches to see the kids.

  13. NYmike says:

    @Gonzo – Agreed – the formats were slightly different, the venues of course very different, but I thought a good combination to go to both. One thing that 205 at Maryland benefited from was I believe Nike Blue Chip was going on in Baltimore and several coaches came from that event to the All Star games.

  14. oss pride says:

    the HV ESG team isnt all that great. they scrimmaged the CT Chargers team and their faceoff guy was getting wrecked by a kid they cut! ha

  15. HV says:

    The HV team tied the first Chargers team 7-7(they were actually up 2-0 before the alternates went in) and the killed the 2nd chargers team like 9-0 or something

  16. C-Lax says:

    Interesting stuff. Good job summarizing everything Mike.

  17. Cards Lax says:

    HV, that report isn’t entirely accurate. Chargers were up by 1 and it wasn’t the full A team. HV has a solid team and they should do well this year at the games. They’re scrimmaging again next week after HV has a chance to practice more together. This one should be a better match up for both sides. Chargers had already been to a tournament and had a few practices. Lots of talent on both sides, should be a great scrimamge.

  18. reLAX says:

    Good stuff. Thanks, Mike.

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