The high school season officially ended on June 12. But returning varsity players throughout the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region have been as busy as ever the last few days. And that will continue to be the case for more than a month.

In addition, tryouts for the Empire State Games are ongoing. The Games, which were on a one-year hiatus last year because of state budget cutbacks, are back for their 32nd year and will be played July 21-25 in Buffalo. The day the Games end, one of the summer’s biggest recruiting showcases, the Battle of the Hotbeds, will be held at the University of Delaware from July 25-28 just before the NCAA-mandated evaluation period ends Aug. 2.

A developing trend on the summer season has been the emergence of summer teams made up entirely or mostly of players from one team. Examples of this include the Cross River-based Primetime team and the Manhasset-based Maveriks.

A noteworthy weekday event in the Hudson Valley will occur on Wednesday at 8 p.m. at White Plains High School when the remaining players trying out for the HV ESG team (expected to total 40) will participate in a Sound Shore League game against a team of Yorktown alumni known as Husked Corn. As always, you can post info/scores/roster for the Sound Shore League by clicking here.

Be sure to continue to weigh in with your thoughts and input on the summer recruiting scene.

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158 Responses to “Recruiting scene heats up”

  1. Laxn says:

    Should be a crazy month

  2. Dates: Wednesday, July 28 and Thursday, July 29

    Time: Registration at 7:50 am

    Site: Fox Lane High School, Bedford, NY

    Payment: $250 (includes an athletic bio for college coaches)

    Grades: 9-11 (and those seniors that are completing a post-graduate year in 2010-2011 academic year)

    Coaching Staff: College Coaches and Assistant Coaches as well as current and former collegiate lacrosse players.

    About: The Raw Talent Lacrosse Recruiting Combine allows high school athletes who want the chance to play college lacrosse to showcase themselves in front of college coaches. Our recruiting camp brings together the experience of a true athletic combine where athletes will be tested in their physical measurables as well as individual drills with the opportunity to play games. This is a unique opportunity for lacrosse recruits in the area who wish to give themselves the opportunity to play the game at the next level.

    Check out our website at

    Questions and Concerns can be emailed to:

    Registration can be done off the website, spots are filling up so please get your registration in soon.

  3. Just sayin says:

    How did WestRock do at Lehigh??? Who did well??? What coaches were there??

  4. reLAX says:

    Summer officially starts tomorrow. It is definitely gonna be non stop tournaments, recruiting events for as long as the evaluation period lasts until the end of July.

  5. long time laxer says:

    Regarding Westrock. Watched the U-18 Blue team. They went 2-2. Strong defensively, but need some work on the offense. Two highlights in the last game were their 4th goal scored by LSM Connor Ferguson on a fast break/clear that he was closed off on by the keeper and switched to back-hand and scored, Also in overtime, Connor Prunty drove to the cage and was pushed out, in mid leap he switched to behind-the-back and scored the game winner.

  6. rock_star_gazer says:

    U18 orange was also 2-2 and showed improvement over the course of the day. They were short five guys which didn’t help, and are still in the “getting to know you” phase, but did a lot of things well.

    By the end of the day the ball was moving with good pace on offense, cutters were on time and they were getting good shots. The defensemen started settling in and were playing more confidently.

    Kris Alleyne in goal is formidable.

    They need work, but all the signs are there.

    Blue Mtn L 6-3
    Maryland Roughriders L 7-6
    Jersey Select W 7-5
    Central Pa Dawgs W 7-1

    A fun day in the 91 degree heat.

  7. SirLaxalot says:

    Absolutely on size and speed – except the goalie position, where actually they do help too.

  8. no one says:

    westrock orange, was missing their face off guy and few middies that impacted the early games. a few guys playing too much one on one the whole day, and not passing, seemed like they were in it for themselves, don’t know the names, but #11 and #12 needed to be more team oriented, cost them a good amount of ball controll and took to many poor shots when others were wide open. goalie seemed to have trouble with shots off the ground, but stready most of the day, liked caffrey from lakeland on attack, and thorpe on attack from yorktown, lindsey from arlington moved from attack to midde. caffery, thrope and lindey played attack for westrock together in the past and they play like they are teammates during the regular year. in the first 3 games they had most of the goals and assists. if the orange team can get a face off guy they will be very tough. a few more practices and things will gel. #14 was a solid middie and hustled well

  9. Elephant Man says:

    Agree about Lombardo. Also Petre should have stayed at attack and not been moved to midfield, that would have opened up a middie spot for Lombardo.

  10. T.B. Toad says:

    Lehigh laxfest:

    Team Superstar 16U; 3-1. Looks like it will mesh into a top squad this Summer. One shut out game and 1 game with the only goal at the final horn.

    Great group of kids, a mix from Somers, Yorktown, John Jay and Ridgefield with some strays added in. They all seem to love playing with the guys they will be playing against for the next three years.

    Seems to be a great program, this squad is coached by Solazzo from Pelham.

  11. Gonzo says:

    Both U18 Team Superstar squads went 3-1 at Lehigh. The Blue Team lost their final game 8-6 to Summit, and Summit’s final goal came with just a few seconds left with the Superstars gambling on a double team to try to force a turnover. Well played games. Tim Schurr is coaching the Blue team and Alfredo Meola coaching the White team.

  12. Glad to hear says:

    Nice to hear The Rock, and the Star had good showings for themselves and Section 1.

    Love Roy, and Lew and respect their efforts for the boys.

    U-16 Superstar is a very good team I think they should be playing U-17, talent wise thats the bracket for them. PLAY UP. GET BETTER!!

  13. T.B. Toad says:


    I have a general question. Why do the recruiting tournaments and camps all seem to end after July?

    A kid who works at a camp during July can’t attend a recruiting camp for himself becasue he can’t get the time off.

  14. Joe Lombardi says:

    TBT –

    That’s because the NCAA’s evaluation period for coaches ends the first Monday in August (Aug. 2).

  15. NYmike says:

    Joe – what do you know about LOIs with D1 and D2 and whether signing with a school for one sport, say Lax in November, precludes you from considering interest from another school in another sport, say, football in December or March of a kid’s Senior year.
    In other words, does an LOI for a D1 or D2 school in one sport prevent the option of attending another school at any division for another sport if, for whatever reason, something “better” – be it fit, academics, or talent – came along in that other sport but college interst didn’t develop till after or during the LOI dates for D1 or D2 lax. My guess is that LOI is rather binding and signing that is a real commitment. I understand D3 doesn’t have LOIs but the commitment there is surely one’s word and binding in some way.

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    NYmike –

    In D-I and D-II, you may only sign a LOI for one sport. Any arrangement to play another sport would have to be made with the approval of the coach of the sport the LOI was signed with. For D-I and D-II, with the time commitments, etc., it’s almost unheard of to play more than one sport. In D-III, though there are no LOIs, as you noted, it’s also extremely rare — though not as rare.

  17. 39+1 says:

    Anybody have the final 40 list for Emps? They cut yesterday.

  18. Blue and Gold says:

    Yes 39+1.
    Would like to know if there were any surprises?? Or unknowns who stepped up. Or any Suffern guys who magically got through!

  19. wheres the phoenix? says:

    The big surprise will be if they win anything. It was a shallow pool to start with but a couple of the cuts they made yesterday and a bunch from last week, along with some of the guys they kept, are just mind-boggling.

    The team is as weak as day old dishwater and might be good enough to once again come in third. The streak of no championships since 1992 is safe.

    I understand that Empire is a fading format, but year in and year out we field a team that is on par with some of our travel teams and no better. Put the Westrock guys who made it back on Westrock and what’s left of the Empires would get run off the field in a game between the two…and absolutely add in Superstar and Primetime.

    When you see the final roster any honest, discerning person will say, “This team might do pretty well at Lehigh or UMASS.”

    Put together a tournament with WR, SS & PT and we would have a day of lax worthy of putting on TV.

    And I understand that we all have to put up the stiff upper lip and support the guys and all that, but even the players are so suspicious of the whole thing there’s no guarantee that the guys who made it are even going to play…and miss Hotbeds? And UMASS? For this? Are you kidding?

    We need the phoenix to help us rise up because Long Island is hammering us.

  20. always around says:

    Looked like lots of Rye kids,Caffrey,Mariano,Branca,Larabee,VanderDunk.To name a few.

  21. The record says:

    And for those that disagree with phoenix. OR Think guys like Colsey,Janavey, or Daniello tell there kids NOT to try out, you are wrong!!!!! They have always supported Emps, and said if you get cut you have an alternative.
    What hurt the process was those last year who were recruited heavily without Emps, As phoenix pointed out . Those were the ones who went to UMASS, hotbeds, or Champ Camp.

  22. i'll believe it when i sees it says:

    Don’t count on Caffery or any of the Westrock guys until after the fact.

    Coaches follow Westrock at Hotbeds (and UMASS, and all the other tournaments) and asking those players to give up a day or two in Delaware with coaches ringing the sidelines, to play in front of the assistant coaches in Buffalo might be a tough sell.

    Plus, if they’re not going to be there for the whole thing, Lew might just tell them to stay home. He’s in that kind of mood this year and has alot of guys already asking him to go – solid veteran players. Those guys who made Empire must be careful because if they give away their spot they probably won’t get it back. Just a hunch.

    I think it’s Vanderveerdunk; he’s a freshman, Branca is a sophomore, Mariano is a freshman, the big defenseman from Rye is a first year player…it’s a joke.

    Go to Hotbeds with veteran guys you’ve been playing with and winning with for two months, or go to Buffalo with a busload of freshman and guys from Rye. Hmmm, let me think…

    Yeah, right.
    See you in Delaware. lol.

  23. here here says:

    I second what The Record said. We should not even entertain the suggestion that Mr’s Colsey, Janavey or Daniello do not support Emps.

    It’s the players who no longer support the Emps.

  24. hooty_shooty says:

    LOL. and Rye’s two best players, McReddie and O’Callaghan will be in Delaware where the real action is. Ha!

  25. ??? says:

    The best players in every region play empires except Hudson Valley. Coaches ego’s, players ego’s, playing as a team in the off season, whatever the reason. The best players in NY state will be in Buffallo. That being said, if you can compete there you will have a college home and a resume builder. If you play on a club team you are still playing on a club team. There are thousands of them, one empire state games. True test. Players are being lied to and persuaded.

  26. Old Coach says:


    The best players?

    Last go round with ESG, Hudson Valley chose to leave the attack line of KI (Hopkins), AA Trizano (Drexel), and AA Doherty (Binghampton) home against the players’ wishes.

    Couldn’t convince me then they shouldn’t have been on the team. Can’t convince me now. Doubt you could convince the college coaches, either.

    Obviously, not playing ESG didn’t hurt their college recruiting. Nor did it hurt Pickel’s … or Daniello’s. Nor did it hurt all those who were recruited last summer.

    Who is lying to who?

  27. Repetitive. says:

    Mr ?????,
    Its what, and who helps you get on the Radar!. You want to try to tell me McNally and Ardizone, have the connections with the likes Of Colsey, Schurr, Lew and Lindsay??? OHH BEHAVE!

    No-One is being lied to. Do the research:

    Bello-St Johns
    Fitzpatrick-St Johns
    Bernabo-CW Post
    And Im sure Im missing a bunch. All did not Play Empires!!!!!!

  28. ????-Lying??? Whaaat? says:

    ???, I think that’s crazy talk. Nobody is lying to anyone or persuading anyone. If a guy wants to go to Buffalo go ahead. Good luck and have a great time.

    The ESG format is dead around here because the club circuit is just as viable as the Empires used to be and has become a preferred recruiting method. It is indesputable.

    How many college coaches ARE NOT going to drive from Buffalo to Delaware? The gasoline costs alone are enough to crush their recruiting budget let alone twelve hours in a car to get to Hotbeds. They’ll pick one or the other and if they don’t have a long list of guys to see at Buffalo they’ll be in Delaware.

    There may be thousands of club teams but we’re not talking about the Jersey Select or the North Bumbletown Snapdragons here.

    There is only one Primetime, one Westrock and one Superstars. Talk to virtually any college coach about any of those programs and you immediately have their attention. And if they haven’t heard of the programs they’re probably coaching at some DIII school in Idaho.

    People are not selling a bill of goods or persuading anyone. Their comments are truthful and they are also venting frustration over our inability to get our best team on the field and win the championship.

    If we cannot talk honestly and completely about this how can the problem ever be solved? The ESG team for us this year is a weak team compared to our club teams and ostensibly the other regions who will be at ESG. We’ll find out.

    If you are a freshman or sophomore and get a chance to play, by all means do so and build your resume, but if you are a junior or PG you need to be seen today by as many schools as possible and club teams are far superior in that regard even if it means you will be missing out on the “true test” you mention. Keep the test, I’ll take eyeballs.

  29. right on, right on says:

    Old Coach, you rock.

  30. slacrosse says:


    YOU do the research.

    Perelle played (as did Honovich). A couple of the kids you listed tried out.

    There were a ton of coaches there and was a great and helpful showcase for the players. It was a great experience for the kids.

  31. Lax Dude says:

    Empire State Games – for those who are fortunate to go it will be an experience they never will forget. I had the opportunity to speak with Tommy Schreiber, from St. Anthony’s, his greatest lacrosse moment to date was winning the Gold at ESG 2008. All the athletes (4-6 thousand) will compete in an Olympic atmosphere. For those who decide not to attend that is fine and the ones that do it is fine as well. Don’t hate on either, what really concerns me is that some of you like to point out certain kids and put them down, why? It makes no sense?? Good luck to all, either summer club or ESG,

  32. slacrosse says:

    “Blue and Gold” asks a simple positive question about the HV team in #17 above.

    What do we get in response? A barrage from the ESG/HV “haters”. The seeming NEED to complain about the quality, dis the team, take shots at some of the players, etc., etc. We’re some of you cut??

    Who asked you guys for your opinion anyway?? Especially negative opinion!! Root your brains out for Primetime, Westrock, etc. but if it’s possible , keep your negative comments to yourselves,

    Unbelievable: Complaining about the quality of the team and making a 100% effort to PERPETUATE the very problem they need to complain about!

  33. slacrosse says:

    Lax Dude,

    Right on!!

  34. theres one in every crowd says:

    ??? Ego’s? What ego’s?

    Just do the math and the club circuit wins hands down.

    I don’t think anybody is putting anybody else down. I think the guy is criticizing the program by pointing out that freshman and sophomores aren’t going to be able to get the job done because they’re young or inexperienced, and he could have explained it better. That’s what I took out of it, but people are so hyper-sensitive and automatically think the worst.

    I think that wherever players wind up they’ll have a great time and do as well as they can. And whether it’s through Hotbeds, recruiting camps or Empires at the end of the summer we’ll have a long list of players going to great programs and schools as usual…but it sure would be nice to beat Long Island one time.

  35. slacrosse says:

    theres one in every crowd,

    Yeah, for sure #21 “could have explained it better”. Am sure it was real important and “constructive” for him to take another dig and mention that the HV team should not count on Caffrey or the Westrock guys showing up tomorrow.

    With Schurr, the Greeley coach and other coaches helping to make the HV decisions, do you really think that Daniello, other kids from Jay,Town, LP kids would NOT have made the team had they tried out–I dont think so and I bet you agree!! But they didn’t and instead of encouraging kids this season to “try it” you lament …..”but it sure would be nice to beat Long Island one time”.

    P.S. HV beat LI in ’07 in a non-finals game. It didn’t mean much to LI except for the LI kids crying on the field after the loss. In ’08 HV was tied with LI until the last minute when LI won a controversial FO and put it in for a goal and win.

  36. slacrosse says:

    green alum,

    My comment was not aimed at you but only to the bloggers that feel a need to get personal on HV kids busting their butt to make the team.

  37. Lax Dude says:

    Top Club Teams around this area:

    1. LI Express 2011 Central
    2. For the Love of the Game
    3. CT. Chargers BLUE U18
    4. Primetime
    5. Tie: LI STing and Westrock

    I am sure the Ward Melville team and Fairfield Prep. are descent but they are not “Club” per say.

    The “Top !6 Shootout”,, looks to be attracting most of the above teams as well as the top teams from Florida, Ohio, PA, Texas and California plus the usual suspects.

    Hotbeds 2010 – this tournament is held really late in the rising senior recruiting cycle. Hotbeds really benefits the rising Junior (try to make all-star team).

    How many Section 1 kids are invited to Jake Reed?

    Lastly how come the Hudson Valley has no representation in the “Under Armour” underclassman showcase?

    Top Ten D-1 Coach told me where he finds most talent:

    1. Recommendation from High School or Club team coach
    2. A 3 to 4 minute highlight video with a little bit of everything
    3. High School playoffs (be it Maryland, PA, CT, New York or Massachusetts)
    4. Summer Showcase:
    a. Jake Reed
    b. Under Armour showcase
    c. Empire State Games/ Jersey State Games/Keystone Games and
    Nutmeg State games.
    d. Brine Shootout I and II
    e. Hotbeds

    Of course there are many others probably as good. Remember a coach shows up looking for something specific and ends up finding a diamond in the rough. So always tell your kids to give it their all, all the time because you may never know who is watching.

    Have Great Lax Summer

  38. Laximus says:

    What summer teams have been confirmed to go to Hotbeds???

  39. c'mon, c'mon, c'mon says:

    I think ESG is great for guys who want to play.
    You know, not every guy is on a club team.

    And the “tryout” process for a lot of these club teams is just as dynamic as Empire, but nobody talks about how difficult it is to get on a Westrock, Primetime, Chargers or Superstars.

    Try calling one of those programs and saying, “HI, my name is Johnny, I’m an attackman and I’m going to play on your team this summer!”

    If those teams don’t know you they better know “of you” or get a strong recommendation from your coach, or you can pretty much forget about getting in especially after the ninth grade. There are only so many spots to go around even at a $grand$ per head.

    Besides, if a guy has already done, or is going to do, the club circuit two or three years and gets a chance to do something different like Empire, why not? If they win, hey great! If they stink, who cares?

    They’re teenage guys and we all know they go there to meet girls anyway. If nothing else it sounds like fun and maybe they’ll meet a nice girl from Rochester or Oswego or Corning. (I hear the Corning girls are trouble.)

    LOL. You guys…

  40. slacrosse says:

    Lax Dude,

    To play for “Upper NY State” you’d have to drive 4+ hrs to Homer. Last season understand a top HV attack kid went and was told he could make team but would have to commit to getting to multiple mid-week practices/scrimmages. Just not much of a practical alternative.

  41. Laxtime says:

    With summer teams now forming along lines of their HS teams and most of Somers best players now at SuperStar, WestRock may not last much longer.

  42. Come to the Raw Talent Lacrosse Showcase (July 28-29 at Fox Lane HS)

    College Coaches working with the showcase:

    1. Sacred Heart University
    2. Tufts University
    3. SUNY Cortland
    4. Bates College
    5. Haverford University
    6. SUNY Plattsburgh
    7. Ithaca College
    8. Marist College
    9. Union College
    10. Babson
    11. Roger Williams
    12. Air Force
    13. Western New England College

    Many more are still responding and looking to come.

    Visit our website at for registration

    Questions or concerns can be sent to:

  43. i see you smiling says:

    LOL. Are you trying to stir the hornets nest?

    Somers guys and school teams or not, Westrock ain’t goin’ anywhere!

  44. always around says:

    i’ll beleive it when i sees it
    R u knocking those kids because thy r young.If u r then i guess you didn
    ‘t c the freshman from yorktown play.He plays like a senior and has proven that many times his year.Just look at all the big games he had this year.And Braca is a pretty dam good goalie.I think Tim would have brought him up.But he didn’t want too get run out of town like Sav’s

  45. lax watch says:

    the empires are a great experience for anyone who chooses to participate. It’s to bad great players like Daniello et all choose not to participate.Lets get behind the boys who do want to represent our section and support them. In 2008 Hud val lost w .09 to go Li and by one goal to western to get another shot at LI. The boys on that team had a great experience and bonded friendships for life, thats something no one can take away from those players.

  46. says:

    Who is going to Blue Chip from the area this weekend? Great recruiting venue there. Have been there and seen many head coaches as well as their assistants, etc.

  47. Trying to hard says:

    Schoolhouse- Laxtime:

    See where you might be going. The Somers players who are with Superstar were there before Lew became Tusker head man. ost of you should know that Roy and Lew are close friends, this might dissapoint some people.ALSO Lew is not like some of these other Ego maniacs who say, infer, or suggest that if you do not play with him, or school team during the summer it will effect the next spring.

    Schools that are represented currently on ( More then any other program?) Westrock:

    Clark South
    Kent School
    Philips Exeter
    Fox Lane
    White Plains
    Byram Hills

    Think They are OK.

  48. hand raised in corner says:

    I think it’s great that guys will be representing our section, but let’s make no mistake, they are going there for the personal experience and to be recruited. They’re not being selfish, but they’re not “takin’ one for them team” either. lol. They’ll be fine and do well, you watch.

    Raw Talent, you’re event sounds great, but you’re going to start it on the last day of Hotbeds? Can you possibly wiggle that a day or two toward the weekend, or is it geared more toward guys who are not on the summer circuit already?

    Can someone please pick up a phone and order a sense of humor to go because people on this blog are irregular in the head over high school guys playing lacrosse. (The thing about the girls from Corning was good…)

  49. Laxit says:

    Primetime will be at Hotbeds…

  50. Green White says:

    MSG Varsity HV all-stars… Nice award for Nick Mariano offensive newcomer of the year. Cablevision doesn’t cover Putnam except for Put Valley so there winners are from their coverage area…

  51. SirLaxalot says:

    What are this weekend’s big events and where?

  52. ctlax says:

    Where are the top players in CT committed other than the ones who have been committed for a while (Orban, Costigan, Parnon, Sands, etc…)

  53. I-95 Lax says:

    MSG Varsity just released its Connecticut all star teams …

  54. kudos to Trying to hard says:

    Nice job Tryin to Hard…I’m guessing you did that right off the top of your head and pretty much nailed it.

    Add to the Westrock list:

    Hackley School

    Nice words about Lew as well, he is and always has been for the kids first and foremost.

    Kudos dude.

  55. laxin by the pool says:

    Can you publish the list of the 2010 Hudson Valley Empire team.

  56. Joe Lombardi says:

    Laxin –

    The team has not been selected yet but I will when that happens.

  57. slacrosse says:

    Believe the Husker team won 9-8 over HV. Good effort by the “kids”.

    Could not miss Ranagan with his size and Hopkins helmet.

  58. reLAX says:

    Sounds like HV squad did well vs Ytown squad. Anyone have any details?

  59. Just sayin says:

    Who scored for ESG team??

  60. Old Rugger says:

    Its been a pleasure blogging on about HS Lax. Now that summer is here its time to reLax. Good Luck HV ESG, Rock, PT, SS, Gades, HHH and all the other summer lax. Just remember its a game and is supposed to be fun for all.
    Have a great summer and remember all things in moderation.

  61. Laxtime says:

    Who are the remaining goalies trying out for ESG?

  62. Laxit says:

    John Castellano from Iona Prep had 2, 1 for ESG team.

  63. Lax Dude says:

    Hey Joe,
    Below is the Long Island Underclassman “Under Armour” roster, your thoughts?

    James Bitter 2011 Deerfield Academy New York, NY Attack
    Matthew Chanenchuk 2012 St. Anthony’s East Setauket, NY
    John Connors 2011 Chaminade Bellmore, NY Goalie
    Chris Cook 2011 Manhasset Manhasset, NY Defense
    Gregory Danseglio 2011 St. Anthony’s Islip Terrace, NY Defense
    Ryan DeSimone 2011 Smithtown East Saint James, NY Attack
    Bobby Duvnjak 2012 Manhasset Manhasset, NY Defense
    Thomas Engelhardt 2011 Bethpage Bethpage, NY Attack
    Brian Fischer 2011 Garden City Garden City, NY Defense
    Thomas Forsberg 2012 John Glenn Huntington, NY Attack
    Jake Gambitsky 2011 Wantagh Wantagh, NY Goalie
    Stephen Jahelka 2011 Garden City Garden City, NY Defense
    Matthew Kavanagh 2011 Chaminade Rockville Centre, NY Attack
    Joseph Locascio 2011 St. Anthony’s Lindenhurst, NY Midfield
    Jonathan Lynott 2012 St. Anthony’s Massapequa, NY Defense
    Sean Mahon 2011 Chaminade Garden City, NY Midfield
    Will Mazzone 2011 Ward Melville Stony Brook, NY Attack
    Emmett O’Hara 2011 St John the Baptist Bay Shore, NY Midfield
    Michael Pellegrino 2011 Connetquot Oakdale, NY Defense
    Charlie Raffa 2011 St. Anthony’s Bayville, NY Midfield
    Walter Rooney 2011 Chaminade Rockville Centre, NY Midfield
    Brian Sherlock 2012 St. Anthony’s Nissequogue, NY Midfield
    Timothy Stackpole 2012 St. Anthony’s Massapequa, NY Defense
    Shane Thornton 2011 Chaminade Garden City, NY Midfield

    Looks like a few AA

  64. scooter says:

    I heard Conor Prunty commited to Siena

  65. Pasta says:

    Hey Giuseppe,

    Can we at least take a peek at the final 40?? ESGers.

    Scooter– Not Yey I believe though he is down to either Siena or Fairfield?

  66. Joe Lombardi says:

    It should be noted the Husked Corn scored the winning goal vs. the ESG team last night with just 40 seconds to go.

    Overall, the ESG team turned in a superb effort, showcasing athleticism and depth.

    HV coach Dave McNally told me he expects to have the final cut completed by the middle of next week.
    Stay tuned.

  67. Ytownlax10 says:

    the goalies left for ESG are Connor Wolfe from Scarsdale, some goalie from Warwick, Cameron Stephens from Fox Lane, although he didnt play last night for some reason, and Tom Branca from John Jay.

  68. lax-for-life says:


    Thanks for the heads-up at goalie. Any info on those left at the other positions?

  69. long time laxer says:

    HV ESG team cut down to 33 this morning. 3 more to cut and then decide which 20 will go to Buffalo and which 10 are alternates. The Hopkins helmet did not seem to carry any real magic last night.

  70. Old Coach says:


    I’m sorry, but you are too passionate here. Think you missed the ball.

    Post 24 was offensive – period.

    Yet you chose to ignore that post and complain about the responses to it. There is nothing wrong with someone playing ESG. There is also nothing wrong with someone choosing not to play ESG for WHATEVER reason.

    It is not an obligation or responsibility.

    It is a choice – an alternative. … and for an increasing number of players, it is not the first or best choice. No one has claimed it is not a good experience for those who do it. Good for them. But that does not mean it would have a better experience than those that were chosen by some in its place.

    … and it definitely does not mean that anyone suggesting or providing an alternative is evil and deceitful or that anyone who chooses an alternative has been manipulated, and is misguided, deluded and an idiot.

    I understand your desire to see the area’s absolute best play together and go up against the same from LI and upstate – but that is really just a pipe dream. You need look no farther than the last ESG to see that HV wasn’t even able to select the best team from those who tried out. It was an insult to the region’s coaches to leave two out of the (i believe) 3 juniors named AA for their play in the season just concluded. It was a travesty to leave the number one sophomore recruit in region off the team. LI played English and O’Reilly at midfield. HV could have done something similar – especially with Marasco. However they did it, those three needed to be on the team.

  71. The Rock says:

    Judging by what I saw last night this ESG team will have a lot of athletes and good chemistry.

  72. Ytownlax10 says:

    i’m not sure about other positions sorry

  73. alaways around says:

    Kid from YTOWN had real nice goal 4 ESG

  74. green alum says:

    Were we at the same game last night? The Town alum team was flat, had at least 10 – 20 unforced turnovers and couldn’t hit the cage. Basically, they didn’t look very good and certainly didn’t play to what was expected. ESG did not look as good as being reported here. Couple of nice goals toward the end of the first half but the first few were not pretty. Only one real “chemistry ” goal–the rest on broken situations or a nice move. Scarsdale Goalie looked good. Even though 8-7 it never felt like ESG was going to win. Fans might have liked the scoring sequence but it was not pretty lax.

    With all that said, ESG was better than I expected but still needs to amp it up to be on the caliber of our last team.

  75. slacrosse says:

    green alum,

    Agree. This is not a “team” yet but just a bunch of kids trying to make the team. For sure once the “team” is picked and practices they will “amp” it up. Not saying how good they will be but I’m sure light-yrs better then last night.

  76. Sec1 says:

    Old Coach
    On your post you talk about Jr AA’s being left off? There were only 2 Jr AA’s Daniello and Prunty, and they did not go out for the team. And the soph you speak of did he go out for the team?

  77. zzzzzzzzzz_ says:

    The game was a slopfest on both sides. It looked like a scrimmage in March when school teams first go outside. lol.

    I hear that Allen the goalie from Clarkstown withdrew? What does that say? He was the best one there. Where did he go instead?

    Where are the club teams all going next weekend?

    Beat Ghana!

  78. takiteasyonetime says:

    slacrosse, let’s temper the hype for once. “Light years better?”

    OK, ok. They’ll be better, but we’ll see how much. You know, what they put on the field last night…that’s basically it folks.

    Let’s be optimistic, but honestly the talent evaluators have made some mistakes, some of which showed up last night and they will have to address the probs that are staring them in the face. The best goalie is gone, the most versatile middie is gone, the fastest ball handling defenseman is gone. Those are all roles that need to be filled and the best guys to do those jobs are gone. These points are indesputable and this is why people get upset with this organization.

    The defense looks certainly capable, but a little slow footed as a whole and we will see how the match up against the upstate speed demons. They need to figure out how they’re going to clear the ball because I do not see alot of proficiency handling it. They also need to find out who is going to run the offense up top and get their middies shots because they’re all good players and most can shoot well, but I don’t see alot of matchup there.

    On the upside, I think the attack is the strength of the team. They still have Caffery, young Mariano who I think will be fine, Castellano and the John Jay kid.
    LSM is also a strength and the goalies, although not the best I saw there are all good, solid goalies. Pretty much every guy that’s left can play and we will see how the coaching staff uses them to fill the roles.

    Based on what I’ve seen at tryouts and last night, I think they’ll be a solid, competitive team, but I’ll believe they’re better than our elite club teams when I see the scores – and that is not a knock on the Empire team it is an acknowledgment that we have some powerhouse club teams in No Limit, Superstars, Westrock, Primetime, Chargers and for them to be on a par with those clubs is a very good start.

    They don’t have to be light years better to become a solid team, but at this point they turn into the coaching staff’s vision and we will see what Coach McNally has in mind and what he is able to get out of them.

    The way you put it in your post if they become light years better then credit Coach McNally, but if they don’t then Coach takes the heat and everyone is watching.

  79. Scooter says:

    Esg vs husked corn is men vs boys
    Did you really expect them to win? I think it’s great that they were able to keep it close

  80. slacrosse says:


    Good point.

  81. Old Coach says:


    context of paragraph and reference was “last ESG”
    refer back to post #25 for the who

  82. dee-up says:

    Love the ESG but the politics is enough to make you crazy. The tryout process is insane. lets get some big time thinkers in here and shake the whole thing up . . I would go with a club team myself , Primetime or Westrock, We played with Lew In the past . Prime time does look interresting .

  83. draft'em says:

    They should have a three team draft and play a tournament. The team that wins is your ESG team. lol.

  84. Laxtitutes Rule says:

    can we get some kind of roster for the hv emps squad??? please fellas

  85. Joe Lombardi says:

    LR –

    Sorry you missed my note from yesterday. The HV ESG roster will be finalized in the middle of next week. So there is no roster available now.

  86. Laxtitutes Rule says:

    Thanks, Joe

  87. laxwitz101 says:

    I thought that wednesday night was only a prototype of the ESG team. I feel as if the players were focusing more on being noticed rather than showing team chemistry and scoring quality team goals. There was a play or two that showed group effort, but they were few and far between. Defensively they were a little slow out the gate. But thats nothing that wont be fixed by time. In terms of the goalies the only one that stood out to me was the one in the last part of the game from John Jay. In fact I think he might have denied that Hopkins helmet in the last couple minutes. Seemed that the Scarsdale goalie struggled a bit while he was in, but he did get a last second stop which was good to see. The Byram goalie played alright, he had a few nice clears, as did the Warwick keeper. Either way the empire team needs to crawl before it can walk. With some practice, building of team chemistry. We might be looking at a solid HV team.

  88. the podium says:

    I think chemistry is one of those things a group demonstrates right out of the box.

    I agree with alot of what the guy up top says about curving the hype. They are basically what we saw the ther night. They need to put in a zone to fall back on because they don’t look speedy on D and can concentrate on being a physical defense because they have the guys. They are going to have trouble clearing the ball and they need to put in sets that will get middies shots. I think goalie is the least of their worries.

    There not going to be a bad team like some people are saying and they will be like our better club teams and will win games. They’ll still be a HV team and I am cnvinced they will win a medal.

  89. reLAX says:

    Anyone know if HV ESG has any game before final cuts??

  90. Trilax says:

    The kids still trying out for HV ESG seem to understand that being steady not spectacular and working hard and hustling are what it’s all about.

  91. Lax Dad says:

    It’s a cliche but there really are no stars on this Hudson Valley ESG team. Granted the “team” itself hasn’t been finalized yet, but you know what I mean. Great to see the kids all work together and playing unselfishly. Should be a fun summer to watch them represent HV!

  92. Lax Dude says:

    Lax Dad

    Maybe no stars?? Remember 1980 Olympic Ice Hockey Team.

  93. long time laxer says:

    Recent release from NCAA to stop early verbal aid offers. This will mean the end of kids committing before their Junior year, although I am sure that any number of coaches will continue the practice, but it will make it difficult for the student-athlete to come out and commit publicly.

  94. Ride the Wave says:

    Congrats to the CT Chargers U18 and U17 Blue teams. The U18 tearm won the U19 Division Championships this past weekend at the Bryant Bulldog Classic. The U17 Blue won the U17 title.

    Nice job boys!

    U-18 roster…

    Henry Eschricht A
    Matthew Yeager D
    1 Sam Grinberg G
    2 David Dickson A
    3 Will Driscoll G
    4 Adam Sands D
    5 Alex Marcus M
    6 Robert Bo Stafford A
    7 Peter Cabrera A
    8 Jack Kraus A
    10 Christian Bonaventura M
    11 Eric Parnon D
    12 Stephen Dodd M
    13 Dylan Torey G
    14 Jack O’Callaghan M
    14 Charles Ross A
    17 Brandon Coley M
    19 Conrad Oberbeck A
    20 Richard Gregory M
    21 Baylis Treen D
    22 Graham Maybell M
    23 Matt McReddie M
    24 Spencer Dahl M
    25 Justin Shaw D
    26 Jake Stein M
    27 Christian Kolderup D
    28 Woody Waesche A
    29 Matt Reyes-Dunn M
    30 Ben Preston A
    31 Will Swindell D
    32 Joseph Levine D

    U17 roster …

    Todd Stafford A
    1 Daniel Errett A
    2 Ian Ardrey A
    3 Charles Keady D
    4 Case Matheis A
    5 Bobby Weaver M
    6 Peter Kraus A
    7 Dominic Lee M
    8 Thomas Carey G
    9 Brendan Errett A
    10 Tony Britton D
    11 Curt Townshend D
    12 Matthew Lee D
    13 Ryan Fisher G
    14 Nic Mahaney M
    15 Alex Webster D
    17 Joe Marx D
    18 Paul Clemente D
    19 John Brainard M
    20 Michael Seelye G
    21 Nicholas Bartlett A
    22 Matt Brophy M
    23 Jon Magnusson M
    24 Michael McQuiston M
    25 John Baker D
    26 Eddie DeDomenico M
    27 Billy Heidt M
    29 Jack Clippinger M
    30 Jason Sands A
    32 Henry West M
    33 John Kelly M

  95. slacrosse says:

    Hey congrats to CT Charger U-18 players from Rye, Bonaventura (M), McReddie (M), and O’Callaghan (M/A) who are still in the running for the Hudson Valley team.

  96. CT Lax says:

    Surprised more Westchester kids don’t play for the Chargers. The coaching is at another level compared to any other of the summer league teams around the area, except maybe LI.

  97. slacrosse says:

    Couple other Rye kids still in running for Hudson Valley Team, Barton-A, Collins-D, Bonsall-D, Pickup-D) play for the LI Sting.

  98. P&G says:

    I’m really not trying to be difficult here…but why do we think this HV team will “medal”…

    I’m just looking for some unemotional reasons. I will root for them, but I have to tell you I’m not optimistic. And here are my reasons why – which are not based on having a kid involved, etc.

    – Most agree that Section 1 has been down this year. That can’t bode well.

    – Add to it that the many of the area’s top kids have chosen not to participate (not trying to open up this scab) – but the reality is when the best kids from Yorktown, John Jay, and L/P decline to participate you have a problem. These are schools that play tough out of section schedules. Not good.

    When Mabus, Schuldt, Prunty, Fraylich, Daniello, Weil, Walter, etc. don’t participate you have a problem Might have been tough to medal with them.

    If we are rooting for the colors – count me in…But I don’t hear anything that leads me to believe that the optimism is based on facts.

  99. Lax Dude says:


    I read your post twice and am trying to figure out why make such comments. Maybe in your heart you want them to fail. I am not sure but here are some facts. Other then Daniello, Prunty and Fraylich the HV team has as good or better players at every position. What I like about the kids still with HV Team is they WANT to be there.

    Curran (All-section)
    Bonaventura (All-section)
    Lombardo (underated, top F/O man)

    Castellano (CHSAA all-star over 50 goals)
    Caffrey (All-Section over 50 goals)
    Donohue (All-Section)

    Schurr (All-section, MSG Varsity HV All-star)
    Collins (All-section, MSG Varsity HV all-star)
    Ferguson (All-section)

    As well as usual suspects; Dedomenico, Christopher, O’Callaghan, Carey and Barton.

    Looking up I will go to battle with this group any day. Prediction “Silver Medal” or better. Good luck Coach McNally.

  100. first period says:

    I agree P & G, but if you somehow question the process, the coaching or the team you get attacked. I think they’ll be somewhere in between how good and how bad a lot of bloggers are making them out to be, but the list goes well beyond the guys you mention. The team is Rye heavy and whether you love, hate or have no opinion about Rye, many guys have fallen between the cracks.

    What is the emphasis for the Ct Chargers program? They have a very large roster, and I know some teams concentrate on winning, while others concentrate on showcasing their guys. Primetime and Westrock don’t do a lot on offense and have a few sets, but that’s about it. After that, there is alot of one-on-one and free flowing ball movement. On defense they don’t do a lot of sliding or helping and apparently that’s what college coaches want to see. Superstars are a little more regimented, but not much.

    The Chargers have really grown in the last couple of years, but it seems like alot of guys for a summer team and I’m wondering about playing time and functionality. Do players or parents complain? Any thoughts by someone who knows the program? Thanks.

  101. lax-for-life says:

    first period,

    CT Chargers players are required “opt out” of at least one of the six tournaments in which the team participates. That way the coaches keep the roster size manageable.

  102. very cool idea says:

    What an interesting way to approach the summer season used by the Chargers. I think this way they also ensure that they do not run short of players from week to week, which often happens with the other programs.

    The only downside are the higher tournament costs, but they are offset by the higher enrollment, and they get a chance for “rising” players to participate and improve.

    Very cool.

  103. Lax Dude says:


    Andreassi Michael 11 Sachem North Attack
    Begley Tyler 11 East Islip Attack
    Brunet Ryan 11 Comsewogue Attack
    Burnside James 11 Garden City Defense
    Cabble Jake 11 Sachem North Midfield
    Capparelli Nick 11 North Shore Defense
    Chazen Jesse 11 Jericho Midfield
    Cordts Thomas 11 Northport Goalie
    DeMeireles Aliro 11 Syosset Defense
    Enright Rob 11 Massapequa Defense
    Feit Ryan 9 Syosset Goalie
    Frocarro Jake 10 Port Washington MIdfield
    Gamblin Brandon 11 Hicksville Midfield
    Gerrato Bryan 11 South Side Midfield
    Gordon Thomas 11 Garden City Midfield
    Harris Alex 11 Sachem North Defense
    Jones Myles 11 Walt Whitman Midfield
    Keenan Kyle 11 Smithtown West Attack
    Leonard Joey 11 Hicksville Attack
    Miller Luke 11 William Floyd Midfield
    Nuckel Thomas 11 Division Attack
    Oliveri Zach 11 Connetquot Goalie
    Pannell James 10 Smithtown West Attack
    Sagl Michael 11 West Islip Midfield
    Scalera Matt 11 Comsewogue Defense
    Sherry Nick 11 Oceanside Midfield
    Stevens Jordan 11 Smithtown West Defense
    Walsh Ryan 11 Wantagh Attack
    Wendel Kevin 11 East Islip Midfield
    Zanone Zach 11 Ward Melville Defense

  104. long time laxer says:

    HV has always had a difficult time getting everyone to try out for whatever reason. Bocklet, Drew, Bohlander and any number of other “obvious” top players have skipped Empires at one time or another. And if I remember correctly, HV has medaled in 2 of the last 3 games, and beat LI in an amazing game the year they didn’t medal. Give the kids a chance to come together and see what they can do. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

  105. friends of Laxlessons says:

    Thanks for a great job this season. You do wonderful work with this blog and MSG Varsity. See you over the summer at a field near you.

  106. Scooter says:

    That LI team seems very beatable

  107. slacrosse says:

    Lax Dude,

    Hey agree with your post. Numbers of other good players that could have tried out but as you said Daniello, Prunty and Fraylich are the absolute “no-brainer” kids that should have been part of the HV team. Too bad especially since they’re already recruited and don’t need to consider “being seen” by coaches playing on a particular summer team.

    Not going to get into who should NOT be on the team.

    Good luck and good success to whoever ends up making the team!

  108. just a note says:

    Just a note…

    Ione Prep played a hybrid Westrock U18 (blue & orange) in a scrimmage this evening. Final was 11-5 WR and I have to give kudos to both teams for holding “garbaje time” down to a minimum. It got up to 11-2 with around 6 mins left, but Iona kept playing and scored two well-earned goals, and another that was, well lucky. lol. But I thought Iona did a good job of playing the whole game and the WR players did a pretty good job of staying interested.

    Both teams were missing a bunch of guys, but the ones who showed up played a nice game.

    WR is loaded.

    Iona and Coach T. have an interesting, solid nucleus to build on.

  109. P&G says:

    Lax Dude, we can agree to disagree…

    Do you really think those honors mean anything, playing in a STATE-WIDE tourney? Are you familiar how they pick those awards? If you think they carry weight then you have 2 junior ALL-AMERICAN’S not playing. You have ZERO rising seniors from John Jay and Yorktown playing. John Jay was the no. 1 ranked school in the section, a team loaded with rising seniors. None from Yorktown that played the toughest out of section schedule this year?

    You also forgot to include perhaps the most important position, goalie.. Where are the scouting report and the awards on the goalies? 10th graders that played in weak progams / and or didn’t even play varsity this year? How many tough out of section games have the current goalies won this past year? Come on – just be honest.

    I just don’t understand the reason for optimism, I asked for facts, and consider me unconvinvced. If you just want to root for your kid or for the Hudson Valley, count me in. I do not want this team to fail – I’m just trying to introduce some honest discussion.

  110. HV says:

    The HV empire team was selected last night.

  111. lax-for-life says:


    Do you happen to have the names of those who made it?

  112. friends of Laxlessons says:


    Obviously I disagree, to you those honors mean nothing but to a 16, 17 or 18 year old who worked for 6 or 7 years playing year round I am sure it does. In respect to the 2 all-Americans I understand they probably would have been locks to make team but they did not try out so we move on. With Jay and Yorktown kids not trying out that is their call, I am not going to compare them to who is going to Buffalo because it would not be fair. The Hudson Valley team will come together as a group over the next 3 weeks and based on the group I am aware of I do believe they will get Silver or better. If that does not happen it won’t be because there was no effort. In respect to your goalie comments I cannot respond I really do not know any of them. As the team moves forward over the next 3 weeks we should see a really good team. Good luck, “Hudson Valley”

  113. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just to clarify, the HV ESG team has not been finalized.

    Once that happens, I will post the roster. It should be within 24 hours.

  114. always around says:

    It has been finalized today.I heard Freshman Nick Mariano is alternate.Spoke 2 his father.Guys just let the kids play,its not about u guys.Summer coaches tell them they will be seen more playing with them.It”s about $$$$$$$.Thats why some kids dont play emps,u cant tell me any other reason.

  115. Lax Novice says:

    If there is one thing for certain in the 16 month history of the LaxLessons blog, it’s that it’s not done until Joe reports that it’s done, and if Joe says it’s done, then it’s done.

  116. Laxinit says:

    Hi all,

    Let me first clarify, the reason Jay and Yorktown kids arnt playing with the empire team is because the program has a very bad bad habit of cutting awsome players from both schools, for example I know that the empire team cut pete collucini a few years back…but back in the real world, collucini started at Syracuse. The fact is, kids from top end programs decided that it wasnt worth it to go out for the team because some kids that should by rights make that team wont because of the silly selection processand politics to make lesser know programs get more exposure. The problem is that if you want to run with LI, you HAVE TO TAKE the best players out there…thus we only win bronze instead of gold.

    Additionally, Im very sure that if you were to match up most varsity programs in section 1, barring the top 10, againt the out of league JV teams that Jay and Town play (chaminade, Wilton, Darien etc.), the JV teams would win. So I would take a 16 year old JV player from Town or John Jay because, as opposed to a vast majority of the teams in this section who dont go down to long island or up to the top end albany schools to play, the level of competition that they see is superior than a majority of varsity players in the area. So saying oh no there are 16 year olds that have no varsity expirience is wrong because I guarentee that Mariano or the Jay goalie who was on JV this year have seen better competition in their short high school careers than kids from Suffern, Mahopac, Fox Lane and Mamaroneck.

  117. Scooter says:

    That’s some bull to say JV kids have seen better talent than other solid programs in this section. If a kid is better than another during tryouts and fits the SCHEME, then they should make it. I’ll let you take those JV kids and I’ll take McNally, tj foley, Kevin Carey and others over kids who haven’t touched the varsity field

  118. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just to repeat. The HV ESG roster has not been finalized. Players who have been selected for the team have been and are being notified. The roster will be finalized when that process is complete and those selected confirm their participation, etc.

  119. Just sayin says:

    I heard they haven’t been able to reach a couple of players and that’s delaying things bc they don’t kno for sure they gonna play on the team and all.

  120. Laxinit says:

    So scooter, youre going to say that Scarsdale or Fox Lane’s (cause they are the middle of the road programs up here) varisty could rock down to Chaminade JV, a team whose leading scorer led Syosset as an 8th grader to a state championship and win?…doubt it. Chaminade and St. Anthony’s both had multiple kids on JV who were on the rising sophomore’s list. Theres a reason why 4 teams dominate section 1 year after year, its because outside of really the top 5, everyone else is mediocre or worse.

    Also, there are kids on Jay and Towns JV’s that would have started anywhere else in the section on varsity, kids you have never even heard of, like this kid Mariano and the Jay goalie, Branca is his name I think. I guarentee if you plug them anywhere other than the other top 5 programs they would have whole schemes built around them…

  121. slacrosse says:


    Glad you answered Laxinit . It was so outrageous. The very worst and most ludicrous of all the negative HV comments.

  122. thinking out loud says:

    ESG is interesting and all, but at this point I’m pretty much Empired out. Does HV have the longest recruiting/tryout process? It never ends and you would think we were picking Team USA.

    Just as a change of pace, does anyone know where the area club teams will be playing this weekend and who will be playing on them?

  123. its about time! says:

    Tell me it’s true… My friend tells me he read in a forum that Westrock, Primetime, Superstars, Ct. Chargers and L.I. Pride are holding a tournament at Somers HS on July 31.

    My son is in the 8th grade and this is exactly the kind of day I would love to bring him to.

    Anybody know about this or is my guy just killing me as a joke? Thanks.

  124. scooter says:

    Well Mariano did start but when you have an attackman going to Hopkins, it’s tough to have a scheme built around you.
    I’ll take Fox Lane and have them play St.Ant’s JV team because you know what?, the best of the best play varsity as freshman and sophomores. Sure they’ll have some good players but I doubt they would have faced a goalie the calibar of Cameron Stephen. Haven’t heard of him? Come down and watch a game and you’ll see a damn good keeper.

  125. long time laxer says:

    Laxinit – the reason the kids from town and jay don’t go out for empires is that they are stunned when the esg coaches dont bow down before them when they walk past at tryouts. so if they cant have their way and be named to the team just because of their jersey colors, they don’t want to be there. Three years ago, Rocky, Froats and Ethan Fox all made the team. They were the only town kids who tried out. They all made it. Obviously the esg coaches ignored them. The only Jay kids who tried out were Tyler Granelli (he made it) and and a bunch of 2nd line midfielders. The year before that Stockel, Bocklet and Douglass all made the team. It seems that you make the team if you have the talent, jersey color notwithstanding.

  126. slacrosse says:

    long time laxer,

    And of course in ’08, Ranagan, Fox, Fennesey, Mikey B from Town and Stewart from Jay were on the team. Yes I agree that leaving KI off the team was wrong and Trinzano was a tough call as well. Yeah the system is not perfect. We all know that.

  127. Lax Guy says:


    I really do not understand your logic, are you saying that these middle programs cannot have an outstanding player or two on their team ? Because their team is not competing with the LI powers that means they have no outstanding players ? Or do all the outstanding players have to come from Jay or Town. Help me to understand.

  128. View from the Bleachers. says:

    Its about time.
    That is true, but it is not July 31st. I believe it will be in Late August. All the Hud valley teams, are going to play in a round robin tourney..

  129. Its about time says:

    Thanks very much, View from the Bleachers…

    That will be a great tourny, but why would they wait until after the evaluation period to run it? I would think lots of college coaches would be interested in seeing that.

    Maybe they don’t care about that and just want to have a good day of games?
    Won’t football get in the way of that too?

    In any event, I am looking forward to it and I think it will create a lot of good play and buzz!

  130. Lax Guy says:

    WOW…So much negativity on this Hudson Valley Team – let the kids play and become a team together and there may be a bunch of them that may surprise all of you….Stop the Hate and Start to support our team that is going to represent our region!!!

  131. sounds good says:

    View from the Bleachers…

    When you say, “all the Hud Val teams” do you know if that includes the school teams, like Mahopac and Hen Hud and such? I would hope they would try to keep this exclusive to premiere teams.

    Any info is appreciated.


  132. NYmike says:

    Late August is football season, so . . . . two a days and lax?

  133. Laxer says:

    Prime Time wraps up the summer season for a majority of the teams at the Long Island Classic on July 18th with the last two teams closing out the season at Hotbeds and Patriot games according to their website, I don’t believe they will be playing in the above mentioned round robin based on there website. View from the Bleachers where did you hear that information?

  134. hehe says:


    Two a days and lax…It’ll give them all something to do and they’ll stay out of trouble.

  135. Moses Needs to Know says:

    Scooter, U R delusional. ST Anthony’s JV would beat Fox Lane’s varsity 9 out of 10 times.

  136. The Funky Sneaker says:

    I haven’t heard anything about this either, but “It’s about time” asked about it in post #125 and got a reply in #130.

    It sounds like alot of fun, so I hope they put it together.

    They award a trophy to the winner like a “The Funky Sneaker,” “The Rusty Stick” or “The Bent Facemask”.

    They are five good programs and it would be a very competitive day I think. But late August doesn’t sound right and July 31st does. If I was a college coach I would want to attend.

    Anyone have any more info on this?

  137. lookin' in says:

    I don’t know if it would have to do with teams being “premiere” or not, but there’s only two fields at Somers so five teams is a good fit.

    I have not heard a single thing about this.

    I understand that Westrock is blowing off the LI Classic this year and going to Yale instead. Anyone know why?

  138. Laxinit says:

    Scooter, Lax Guy,

    At the catholic schools on LI you cant play Varisty until junior year, so you have kids that, had they stayed at the high schools in their town, would be studs on varsity. The catholics on LI recruit so you have 30 or 40 recruited laxers as opposed to kids who just want to play and work hard. Its not that they dont have stars, but the level of competition that the JV’s from Jay and Town play make their kids better, thus they have streaks of championships. Ask any coach, if you want to get your team better, you play better teams. I dont see Fox Lane chomping at the bit to get Manhasset, Darien, St. A’s, Chaminade, Syosset, Wantagh or Wilton on their schedual. Thats what my logic is, I take a kid from a bigger program on a team like Hudson Valley because the time he sees on JV could be just as valuable if not more valuable because they are playing elite programs from LI and CT that are so deep they have kids on JV that should be on varsity.

    And to be clear, Im not knocking quality players like Stephan, because I have seen him play and he does do some good things. But looking at FL’s schedual, the best team they played was Put Valley, who is good, BUT there are TONS of better teams out there, I dont even see a challenging out of league game, so competition wise, can you really say that Cameron Stephan has seen better competition than Jay and Town…absolutely not. That experience could be the difference between Gold or Silver, Silver or Bronze or not medalling.

  139. slacrosse says:

    HV team played the CT Chargers. Think chargers won 6-4. Good effort for 1st time together as a selected team vs one of the strongest summer clubs around. Seemed to be more patient play on O which sure in part resulted from kids playing more relaxed without tryout pressure hanging over their heads.

    Also good to see Tim Schurr taking an active coaching role. Great for the team and D in particular.

  140. P&G says:

    Chaminade and/or St. Anthony’s JV would destroy the Fox Lane Varsity. I’m not going to talk about individual players on Fox Lane – but it would not even be close.

    As I mentioned in my post the other day regarding HV goalies – they have played against no difficult HS teams, let alone a HS all star team from a particular region.

    And yes it does not suprise me that Rye will have an incredible amount of players on the ESG team – I’m sure the Dooleys strongly recommended it to their kids to be there. Was it deserved – probably, will the team show well against regional opponents, not in my opinion.

  141. Bigeasy says:

    When Rocky, Froats, and E Fox played emps, many Town players tried out. Besides this year there has always been 15 to 20 trying out. That is completely false. Ranagan didnt make it either that year, nor did Fennessy, or Kurpis. Good players. Stop the hating. People didnt play Emps bc they have their summer teams and many dont want to play for the coach, like that or not. Their is not HV pride to be honest. Teams have pride in their school. We are not like LI or Central in that regard. I bet the Jay, Town, and LP kids who didnt try out would beat up on the team now. No disrespect but think about guys who didnt try out in Prunty, Daniello, Schuldt, Walter, Mabus, etc. I hope they do well and they may earn a bronze but no chance at a gold. LI does not have their best team their either. Saw a bunch just doing Under Armour instead.

  142. laxr says:

    HV Empires looked pretty good against a great Chargers squad, but to put things in perspective the Chargers were missing at least a dozen players (including their top 3 attackmen), several of whom are on the New England UA team. Still, I think this performance would indicate that Prime Time and other sec 1 club teams would not blow blow out the Empire team — those team just are not of the same caliber as the Chargers at full strength.

  143. yeah oh yeah says:

    Yes, the Chargers are lacrosse gods and one of the best teams ever and the HV team will start playing well someday. You guys crack me up.

  144. laxr says:

    Not at all the point. I think everyone here realizes that all of the Empire teams have lost their edge because of other club teams and the one year hiatus. I was also not trying to talk up the Chargers as lacrosse gods, because they are not — there are better teams out there but I don’t think that the HV Empires are. My point about Prime Time and the other Sec 1 club teams was not to say that they aren’t good, but just that they wouldn’t blow out the Empire team (just as the Chargers didn’t) — I may have miscommunicated that in my last post, but that was my intention.

  145. scooter says:

    If you can’t play varsity why was john Connors in goal as a sophomore for chaminade 2 years ago?

  146. Moses Needs to Know says:

    laxr, dont worry about ur post, it just confirms that u know nothing. The HV team plays a CT Chargers team without 12 players and thats some gauge as how good the HV ESG team is suppose to be?

    Dude, there are players on the HV ESG team that would see little or no time on either the Chargers or Primetime teams!

  147. laxr says:

    Believe me, as someone from connecticut I don’t need to be told about how good the chargers are. I have also seen primetime and know how good they are. I am not suggesting that the HV team would stay even w/in 5 goals of them, but I thought they looked better than I expected them to look, which was completely unrelated to who the chargers were missing. My original point was that they would NOT hang with the full chargers squad in a real game, and as a side observation (again completely unrelated to the result), I thought that the HV team looked at least like a team that could compete with some of the section 1 club teams that other posters were championing (most of which, again are not in the same tier as the chargers w/ the exception of maybe primetime).

  148. lax-for-life says:

    There are three Chargers on the HV team.

  149. cheap seats says:

    …doesn’t matter how good they, or any of the clubs are. We could play those games on paper all year long.

    As long as their players are getting looks from college coaches, they are doing a good job and from where I’m sitting the Chargers and a bunch of other clubbers around here are excellent.

    I would love to see that HV tournament at Somers, but i think the poor guy is getting his leg pulled. lol.

  150. Lax Novice says:

    I caught the 1st 45 minutes of the HV ESG – Chargers scrimmage last night, and I think we are losing the emphasis on “scrimmage”. There were liberal substitutions made on both sides last night and no comparisons should be made as to what might happen in a “real” game. I did get to see the Fox Lane goalie people have been speaking of, and I thought he was very good when the ball was shot straight at the goal, he’s got a presence and very quick hands. That said, he’s no Dylan Torey, who was excellent in the limited stint I saw him play last night for the Chargers U-18.

    And people have got to STOP YELLING AT THE REF

  151. HV says:

    The HV team tied the first Chargers team 7-7(they were actually up 2-0 before the alternates went in) and the killed the 2nd chargers team like 9-0 or something

  152. Chargers vs HV scrimmage says:

    Again, they tied/lost to only half (and maybe the weaker half at that) of the first chargers team. If Dickson, Oberbeck, Stafford, etc. had been there it would not have been a close matchup.

  153. Just how low . . . says:

    What is going on in this thread is a result of either 1) parents living way too vicariously through their kids, or 2) late 20 year old/early 30s ex- HS athletes who haven’t moved on – or both. It’s pathetic. Starts out with excitement for all the kids with recruiting season heating up as Joe says, and has now morphed into a pissing match of idiocy. Time to support the HV ESG team – or you negative posters should just go get out your yearbook, listen to Bruce’s “Glory Days” and then pop some Buds and watch “All The Right Moves”.

  154. Pequa says:

    Summer lax doesn’t take a break for July 4th weekend. L.I. Pride Pridefest at Hofstra will be tomorrow all day. Yeh I’ll be there with the little guy – haha.

  155. Old Rugger says:

    Moriarity stop with the negative vibes. Gotta love the passion on this site. 2 notes
    1. The HV ESG team is what it is, great kids that want to play for HV (and get a few looks from College Coaches) and made this choice, which in years past was fully supported by the travel team coaches. As more travel teams come about competition for $$$, bragging rights and having alum get into great schools adds presure on these kids to stick to their travel team. I remember westrock and ESG now we have many many more. Overall this is a good thing but with it comes this pressure.
    2. I agree with both posts about LI Catholics JVs, yes they are highly competitive and would beat many middle tier section 1 varsities. But that does not mean that those middle tier teams don’t have great players, they do but it takes more than 2-3 good players to be a good team. The LI Catholic JVs all have high lax IQ even if not all physically developed as their varsity.

  156. Laxonline says:

    I adore your blog – excellent job!

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