Call it David vs. Goliath.

There’s Lakeland/Panas, coming off its first sectional championship since 2003, winning two of its playoff games in overtime. Then there’s West Islip, the nation’s No. 1-ranked team, which is looking for its fourth state title in five years.

The David vs. Goliath storyline is typified by what promises to be an intriguing one-on-one matchup between the nation’s most heralded high school player, North Carolina-bound senior attackman Nicky Galasso of West Islip, and 5-foot-1, 130-pound defenseman Andrew Fazio of Lakeland/Panas.

LP vs. WI is the nightcap of a downstate semifinal tripleheader today at Hofstra University. The three winners advance to Saturday’s state class championship games at Stony Brook.

Here’s a rundown of today’s semifinals, both downstate and upstate.

New York downstate semifinals

at Hofstra University, Hempstead

Class B: Section 2’s Niskayuna (17-4) vs. Section 8’s Garden City (17-3), 3:30 p.m.

Class C: Section 1’s Put Valley (18-4) vs. Section 8’s Manhasset (18-0), 5:30 p.m.

Class A: Section 1’s Lakeland/Panas (18-3) vs. Section 11’s West Islip (19-1), 8 p.m.

New York upstate semifinals

at Cicero-North Syracuse High School

Class B: Section 3’s Jamesville DeWitt (20-0) vs. Section 5’s Irondequoit (13-7), 3:30 p.m.

Class C: Section 4’s Corning East (16-4) vs. Section 5’s Aquinas Institute (17-3), 5:30 p.m.

Class A: Section 4’s Ithaca (18-0) vs. Section 5’s Fairport (18-2), 8 p.m.

Winners of today’s semifinals advance to the state finals on Saturday, June 12 at Stony Brook University: Class B (11 a.m.), Class C (1:30 p.m.), Class A (4 p.m.)

You can get in-depth, real-time updates on all three downstate semifinals at Hofstra, provided by the talented and hard-working Chris Kieser on the high school page at by clicking here.

Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts/opinions/insights as the games unfold as well.

Also, gang. The starting times for Saturday’s Connecticut state championship tripleheader at Brien McMcMahon in Norwalk have been finalized:

Class L: Fairfield Prep (17-5) vs. Cheshire (20-2), 1 p.m.

Class M: New Fairfield (19-2) vs. Darien (18-3), 3:30 p.m.

Class S: St. Joseph-Trumbull (15-6) vs. Weston (19-3), 10:30 a.m.

Connecticut state tournament schedule, brackets

* Class L

* Class M

* Class S

New York state tournament schedule, brackets

* Class A

* Class B

* Class C

MSG Varsity coverage

(Only on Optimum)

* Week 10 playoff predictions

* Latest Hudson Valley/Connecticut Top 25 rankings

* Connecticut State Tournament Time

* New York State Tournament Time

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106 Responses to “New York state semifinals set for today”

  1. Laximus says:

    Should be some great games.

  2. blaxdog says:

    please tell me that kid is not really 5 ft 130lbs???

  3. slacrosse says:


    Yeah but he handles his long stick so well the local police come to games because it’s considered a potential “weapon” in his hands.

    He will be one of the fastest kids on the field.

    No one will be more aggressive then him.

    Gallaso will at least know he’s been in a very physical game.

  4. contelax says:

    he is really that size. i have stood next to him. i saw WI play in person for the first time the other night. this will be a massacre.

  5. Laxpert says:

    Fazio is a tremendous story. Joe did a story on him early last season so I made a point to go out and watch him. He creates huge matchups problems and does a tremendous job tying up the hands of whoever he’s on. He’s also tough and quick. Should be quite a matchup to watch tonight vs. Nicky G.

  6. blaxdog says:

    LP would be better off putting him on Hodgson, because Galasso is going to run right through him

  7. jeffreyp says:

    all long island teams will win big today

  8. mad_lax says:

    dang, going to miss the games due to member/guest in the way. can’t wait to read about the massacre/slaughter/whooping/rout/scrimmage that WI is going to put on LP

  9. MikeBrinkman says:

    Is the link provided for the in-game downstate updates correct? I want to make sure I don’t miss any of the action! I’ve clicked it and it brings me to the headline page, but not a specific blog or anything… any thoughts/suggestions?


  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yes, Mike. It’s correct. The link for the updates will be created close to game time of Game 1 (GC vs. Nisky). If you scroll down through a few stories on that link, you will see the live update page that was used for the Long Island championships, etc.

    Kudos to Chris Kieser who does such an informative, thorough and prompt job with the updates.

    Here’s the link again:

  11. Doid23 says:

    I agree, LI will win all three. L/P has had a nice season, great job to get to the semis, but WI is hitting on all cylinders, will be too much. Nisky’s D will keep it respectable, but GC should win comfortably. Set will have their way with PV.

    The most interesting game of the day on paper should be Ithaca-Fairport, will answer a lot of questions as to just how good Ithaca is. I think they are VERY good, the blowouts over CE look much better after their win vs Skan, and the blowout of West Genny.

    I would love to see an Ithaca – WI final.

  12. MikeBrinkman says:


    Thanks so much. Your work is absolutely terrific. I appreciate the information!

    Take care, and enjoy the games!

  13. buzlax says:

    don’t put to much pressure on david tonight. he has nothing to lose. good luck to nick g. and company.

  14. Ride the Wave says:

    It will be interesting to see if Garden City can match the 9-2 score Darien beat Niskayuna by this season.

  15. Lax Novice says:

    Speaking of the Wave, what is Putnam Valley’s plan regarding Drew Belinsky? Zone? Double-team? Ben-Gay in the jockstrap? This is the best player I saw in person all year, could be a long day for PV.

  16. What says:

    Brink 182

  17. MikeBrinkman says:

    What Says:

    June 10th, 2010 at 2:06 pm
    Brink 182

    I know exactly what that refers to….

  18. Indian J says:

    How about Lakeland ( w/ Ric Beardsley) over Farmingdale in 1991? Lakeland went to their only State Final game that year. Anybody go to that game ?

    Yorktown over Garden City in 1987?

    Town ended a very long win streak in the upset. Had lost to GC in 85 and 86. Andy Kraus had graduated and gone to Virginia in 87 though and it was a 9-8 finish?

    93 game must have been good too.

    Anybody remember them?

  19. NYmike says:

    Where is the update link on today’s games – I see nothing on the IL link

  20. Sec1 says:

    GC 1 Nisky 0 end of 1

  21. Sec1 says:

    Nisky 2-1 with ball 2:45 left in half

  22. NYmike says:

    wow – what is going at the IL blog for the NY semis at Hofstra

  23. Sec1 says:

    Nisky 2-1 half

  24. What says:

    GC 4 -2

  25. Sec1 says:

    GC 4 Nisky 3 end of 3

  26. What says:

    GC 5-4

  27. Joe Lombardi says:

    There is 3:38 remaining in the fourth quarter. Garden City still leads 5-4.

    Remember, you can get live action updates from Chris Kieser on today’s tripleheader here:

  28. NYmike says:

    Joe – the IL blog is way behind – been refreshing this string for updates -they must have traffic or connection issues.

  29. Sec1 says:

    GC 5-4 Final

  30. NYmike says:

    Thanks Sec1 – the IL blog had major issues all game

  31. Doid23 says:

    Wow, GC-Nisky sounds like it was a great game, two great D’s going at it. Jay’s loss to Nisky doesn’t look so bad (I never thought it did).

  32. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final from the Class B upstate semifinal:

    Jamesville-DeWitt 9, Irondequoit 5

    J-D, the 2007 Class B state champs, will play Garden City on Saturday at 11 a.m. at Stony Brook University for the Class B state title.

  33. mush says:

    Amazing what Vorgang has done with Nisky since losing all those great players last year. Eithier way no one is beating J Dewitt

  34. Pequa says:

    Here we go. Set scores off opening FO. 1-0 Set less than a minute in

  35. Setter says:

    4-0 Set late in the 1st qtr. Matt Tompkins has 2 g’s

  36. Setter says:

    5-0 after 1. Pat Moroney now has two goals along with Tompkins.

  37. PV Lax says:

    Kevin Christopher scored with 7 mins left in the 2nd to make it 5-1 Manhassett.

  38. NYmike says:

    6-1 set with 5 left 2nd

  39. mr lax says:

    Thanks for the updates

  40. NYmike says:


  41. NYmike says:

    10-1 set mid 3rd

  42. NYmike says:


  43. NYmike says:


  44. NYmike says:

    13-2 mid 3rd

  45. NYmike says:

    13-3 late 3rd

  46. NYmike says:

    Set emptying the bench – 13-4 end 3rd, Fitz with 2

  47. NYmike says:

    sry, it was 13-4 late 4th – Set wins 13-4

  48. NYmike says:

    To use a metaphor – the best of Section 1 are Oaks and Hickory among a forest of Pine and Ash, but Long Island is a buzzsaw. Congrats to PV on a great season – you can’t hang your head when you are beat by a superior team. Let’s go L/P.

  49. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: Corning East 7, Aquinas Institute 6

    Corning East will play Manhasset on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at Stony Brook University for the Class C state championship.

    For final stats on Manhasset’s 13-4 win over Put Valley, and real-time scoring updates on the 8 p.m. Class A semifinal between West Islip and Lakeland/Panas, check here:

  50. mush says:

    state final prediction

    Jamesville D 9 GC 8

    Manhasset 12 Corning East 6

    Ithaca 10 West Islip 8

  51. Jericho says:

    Andrew Hodgson scores 1:14 into the game. WI leads 1-0.

  52. HV Laxer says:

    2-1 WI 3 minutes in. Honovich scored the LP goal after WI was up 2-0.

  53. HV Laxer says:

    3-2 WI midway thru 1st. LP had tied it when Prunty set up Caffrey for a nice goal.

  54. jeffreyp says:

    final predictions: GC 8-7
    Manhasset 13-5
    West Islip 11-9

  55. HV Laxer says:

    4-2 WI with 4 mins left 1st qtr. Hodgson scored his 2nd. Fazio has held Galasso to zero goals so far.

  56. Pequa says:

    5-2 WI after 1.

  57. HV Laxer says:

    5-3 WI mid 2nd qtr. Belger coming up big in goal for LP. Fazio has held Galasso scoreless.

  58. HV Laxer says:

    Hodgson gets his 3rd to make it 6-3 then Hono cuts it to 6-4 midway thru 2nd.

  59. HV Laxer says:

    Back to back WI goals. Just like that it’s 8-4 with 5 minutes left in the 2nd

  60. BSX says:

    Joe were are Ric B’s comments!!!

  61. Gonzo says:

    Ithaca and Fairport tied 2-2 after one

  62. HV Laxer says:

    8-5 Caffrey

  63. Sec1 says:

    8-5 WI Half Fazio owns Gallaso lol

  64. Syracuse says:

    L/P is not going to win a shootout. Pull the ball out and slow it down.

  65. HV Laxer says:

    Hodgson gets his 4th off the opening FO of the 2nd half. 9-5 WI

  66. Joe Lombardi says:

    It’s now 13-7 with just under five minutes left in the third. Nicky Galasso finally scored a goal, it came earlier in the quarter and made it 10-7.

  67. Joe Lombardi says:

    In the other state Class A semifinal, Fairport leads Ithaca 6-3 at the half.

  68. Joe Lombardi says:

    Shawn Honovich’s man-up goal pulls LP within 13-8 with three minutes left in the third.

  69. Joe Lombardi says:

    Honovich scores again. It comes with two minutes remaining in the third. WI 13, LP 9.

  70. HV Laxer says:

    Back to back WI goals. 15-9 with a minute left in the 3rd

  71. not lax says:

    How can you say Fazio owns Galasso…1 goal and like 5+ assist….

  72. Pequa says:

    16-9 WI after 3

  73. Gonzo says:

    fairport up 8-5 in fourth

  74. LacrosseInsider says:

    Congrats to GC and Set on their wins and congrats to Nisky and PV for making it to the Semi’s – you guys should be proud of your accomplishments this year!

  75. ABCULATER says:

    19-10 WI time ticking away

  76. tomfx says:

    what is the fairport lax score

  77. Indian J says:

    L/P did a nice job putting in 10 goals on WI. 20-10 Final. Way to fight Rebels.

    Niskayuna really did a nice job proving me wrong and making some of you look like clairvoyants .

    Manhasset needed to score one more for me to get one spot on. This was just not my day in terms of predictions.

  78. kr says:

    reportedly Fairport beat Ithaca 8-6.

  79. Joe Lombardi says:

    You can get the final stats of West Islip’s 20-10 win over Lakeland/Panas here:

    Just to correct a comment with incorrect assist totals I saw by someone earlier, Nicky Galasso finished with two goals and two assists.

    How about this stat line for Andrew Hodgson:
    4g 4a, 8 GB, 10 shots

  80. Gonzo says:

    8-6 fairport wins

  81. Joe Lombardi says:

    Fairport won 8-6 over Ithaca in the upstate Class A state semifinal.

    Fairport will play West Islip on Saturday at 4 p.m. for the Class A state title at Stony Brook University.

  82. Joe Lombardi says:

    New York state championships

    Saturday, June 12

    at Stony Brook University:

    Class B: Section 3’s Jamesville-DeWitt (21-0) vs. Section 8’s Garden City (18-3), 11 a.m.

    Class C: Section 4’s Corning East (17-4) vs. Section 8’s Manhasset (19-0), 1:30 p.m.

    Class A: Section 5’s Fairport (19-2) vs. Section 11’s West Islip (20-1), 4 p.m.

  83. Sec1 says:

    One of the big difference’s in this game, that sometimes gets overlooked was the pressure put on the ball in between the boxes, WI was relentless.

  84. green alum says:

    Great run LP–Lindsey showing he can coach–needs more depth to make it past the semi-s. 20-10–no question about what happened–not close.

  85. LI Guy says:

    On to Stony Brook!

  86. Sec1 says:

    Fazio vs Galasso, Fazio outplayed him tonight, Galasso’s first goal came from long range and so did his first Assist, his second Goal was also outside and I think it will be given to Federico, it went off his stick. So I think he was really 1 and 2. He did nothing going to the cage, Fazio shut him down and roughed him up. Nicks a Great player but he was worked tonight.

  87. green alum says:

    Sec1: I heard that Galasso did what he does second best tonight which is create–he often is the double assist or second assist–neat role for him to take on given his ability to score. Reports are he went 2-3, not 1-3?

  88. Lax Bus says:

    Congrats to Nisky. One shot in the last seconds…away from a second straight trip to the State Finals. The kids change but the program remains the same.

  89. LI Lax says:

    Galasso went 2-2, but Fazio played an outstanding game. That being said, Galasso had several great feeds that WI players (particularly Sagl in the first half) failed to convert on, so he could have had 4 or 5 assists.

    Congrats to L/P, honestly this team exceeded my expectations. Honovich is going to be a legit player at Fairfield and Prunty was good as well. Fazio was extremely fun to watch. WI just had too many weapons and too much depth that Lakeland was overrun when it all started clicking. Of course, congrats WI for another state final appearance.

  90. Sec1 says:

    Green Alum

    Nicky is prob the best HS player in the Country, No one is going to shut him down or out, but fazio gets the nod tonight head to head. Nicky wanted to go to the cage and Fazio never let him, he had him limping some in the first half and knocked him down late in the fouth, he limped off and was done for the night, with the game in hand. I think his second goal went off Federico stick, I was sitting with all WI people tonight who were great by the way, they also thought it went off the stick and also thought Fazio did a great job. I can’t wait to read Newday tm to see what is said about the game. Fazio truly ia and All American!!!

  91. LI Lax says:

    Final Stats:

    Shots: WI 59-34

    SOG: WI 38-20

    Saves: L/P 18-10

    Faceoffs: 17-17

    Groundballs: WI 48-47

    Clears: WI 16/19 L/P 16/25

    EMO: WI 0/1 L/P 2/3

    Turnovers: WI 17 L/P 29

    Hodgson: 4g 4a, 8 GB, 10 shots, 7 SOG

    Moore: 5g

    Gebhardt: 3g

    Galasso: 2g 2a

    Sagl: 2g

    Caffrety: 4g 1a

    Honovich: 4g

    Prunty: 1g 3a

    Monteferante: 3a, 17/34 FO

  92. slacrosse says:

    I hope LP isn’t hanging their head on this one!! They kept it cloase getting to 9-7 before WI’s relentless game just took over.

    Caffrey was very impressive. Agree with someone above that IF LP could have had enough possession and slowed it down score may have been a 3-5 goals closer. WI just too relentless in transition and have cutters swarming all around the goal.

    Sitting among WI fans who were just shaking their heads in amazement at Fazio!! Also were very complimentary of Caffrey shooting ability.

    Think Montemurno had majority of FO’s in the 1st half but then got run down and a new FO kid came in and got the advantage.

    Congrats to LP on a great season and good luck to the Seniors.

    Let’s get Caffrey and Prunty on the Hudson Valley team!!

  93. Indeed says:

    L/P , Coach Lindsay, and Garcia. GREAT Season. Hold it high, represented you ,your school, and the section impressively.Showed everyone why you deserved 3 AA’s
    I believe Caffrey and Prunty are on Westrock?

  94. dee-up says:

    Great job By andy Fazio he worked over Galasso,like no one esle could at this level. With someone like Galasso you try to soften the blows and thats what happened he only go for the most part what Fazio gave him .

    Now on any other … Galasso still had a nice day but i’ LL bet not what many tought he would get .Prunty Shawn good job

    Island teams hats off to ya .

    Put Valley nothing to hang your heads 2x sect & region Champs

  95. Lax Novice says:

    Call me a contrarian, but I can’t justify any praise for a defense that gives up 20 goals when faceoffs and groundballs were split 50-50. I know West Islip is as good as it gets in HS lacrosse and they have many weapons and know how to use them. Seems to me that the Lions played the game as it’s meant to be played, moving the ball to get the best opportunity to score, regardless of who gets the goals. So I’d temper all this “Fazio outplayed Galasso” talk, it’s a bit embarrassing. I’m certain the young man appreciates the support, but in the end it’s about the team. No shame in getting to the State semifinal and being ousted by what could be the best team in the country. The same applies to Putnam Valley, a satisfying season that didn’t end until meeting up with an opponent with their own claims to the (thankfully) unofficial National Championship.

    Congrats to all.

  96. BSX says:

    Lax Novice – Some good points.. as all season WI (Whether Galasso or the energizer bunny – Hogdson, fed, moore and team) take what is given and play the game that is available. But to say praise for any young man at this level is unjustified c’mon.

  97. dee-up says:

    Lax novice -If you were at the game and saw the size of Fazio then you want to rethink this …. Although Fazio and his family do not want to see anything written about how small he is, truth be said do not judge this book by the cover. This young man should be put out there for all young atheletes big and small to follow . He plays like a 6’2″ 240lber . Yes his team lost to a better team, but what almost all would consider an obsticle(his size), this kid just blows it up. NOt knowing him an opposing team looking at him starting long pole(pole almost bigger then him) might chuckle and look forward to the match-up. Boy is that a mistake. Some kids twice his size find excuses on way it’as to hard. This young man is a once every some many years
    Andy you are the Man.

  98. WI Alum says:

    As a new visitor to this site I have to give you all kudos for some very interesting points of view and good analysis! Enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks. My take, being a WI fan aside, is that in a close game you can judge a head-to-head matchup winner but not in a blowout like this ended up being. But this Fazio must be a phenomenal player to play the D position so well (at his size) and hold his own or better against another phenomenal player. Wish I could’ve been there to see him.

    Fingers crossed for #4 on Saturday.

  99. Old Rugger says:

    Well said Dee

  100. slacrosse says:

    Right on dee-up!!

  101. Lax Novice says:

    Just so we’re clear, what I am talking about is that Fazio’s team gave up TWENTY GOALS. I can well appreciate that Fazio deserves personally many accolades for his play this season, even in Section 1 you have to be an outstanding player to be named a HS All America. But to read how Fazio outplayed, roughed up, dominated Galasso when the L/P team gave up TWENTY GOALS is a bit like asking Mrs. Lincoln how she enjoyed the play. As the young man would tell you himself, it’s not about size, its about giving your all every time one steps on the field. But as that other yutz would say, there are no style points when your team gives up TWENTY GOALS in a State semi-final. Given the brotherhood of lax, one would think the proper thing to do is give credit to the West Islip team, not demean their achievement by claiming their star got outplayed, so who cares about the final score?

  102. green alum says:

    Waited for eveyone to calm down before this post. Fazio is a good defenseman. However, I must agree that when the D gives up 20 goals in a semi final match up, it is silly to talk about the match up. Galasso not only had direct contribution on 1 of every 5 goals, but he also set up four or five more by pushing a side and creating the back side–something he does very well. I didn’t see Fazio stop him from pushing without help–in fact Galasso consistently caused LP to slide then he worked the back door–just like Scotty Craig has been doing for years.

    This year’s WI team is also not as talented defensively so that Galasso having long possessions–some lasted two minutes or more–was critical as well.

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