Senior midfielder Kevin Dachille and the Garden City Trojans host New Canaan today at 4:15 p.m. (Photo by Jim Stout/

We’ve reached the unofficial midway point of the regular season and have quite a week on tap.

It starts on Monday with a couple of marquee matchups and ends on Saturday with two of the premier rivalry games in the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region and perhaps the No. 1 high school rivalry in the nation.

Garden City, which is eighth in the latest Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse National High School Power Rankings, hosts New Canaan at 4:15 p.m. On Saturday, the Trojans host Manhasset at 2 p.m. in the 119th Woodstick Classic, a rivalry that dates back to 1934, with Manhasset holding a 65-53 advantage in the all-time series.

The Somers-Yorktown rivalry is not nearly as historic, but it’s pretty intense just the same. It started in 1996 when Somers launched its varsity program. The Tuskers picked up their first win over the Huskers in 2003 and beat Yorktown in back-to-back years, 2006 and ’07. The Huskers have won the last two meetings. Game-time is 7 p.m. on Monday at Somers.

Yorktown ends the week by facing crosstown rival Lakeland/Panas in the 21st Charlie Murphy Cup on Saturday, May 1 at 4 p.m. at Lakeland High School. Yorktown has won the Cup the last two years after losing in 2007 for just the second time in the event’s history.

Also on tap on Monday in Section 1, Bronxville hosts Sleepy Hollow and Pelham visits Briarcliff at 4:30 p.m. Elsewhere, Westlake hosts Saunders at 4:30 p.m., White Plains visits North Rockland at 4:45 p.m., and Eastchester host Clarkstown North at 4:15 p.m.

Rockland rivals Suffern and Nyack meet at 4:30 on the turf field at Suffern Middle School. At 4:15 p.m., Nanuet visits Pearl River.

In Connecticut, St. Joseph-Trumbull plays at Fairfield Warde at 4 p.m. at Tetreau/Davis Field. Also at 4 p.m., Danbury hosts Bethel. At 7 p.m., Wilton hosts Joel Barlow and Cheshire hosts Amity. Fairfield Prep visits Shelton at Finn Stadium at 7:30 p.m.

It should be an interesting Monday in Suffolk.East Hampton, off to a school-record 9-0 start, plays at 5 p.m. at Hauppauge. Happauge’s only loss is against Comsewogue.

Comsewogue, meanwhile, hosts Mount Sinai on its turf field, Huntington plays at Rocky Point, Kings Park plays at Half Hollow Hills West, Southampton hosts Center Moriches, Patchogue-Medford lays at Bellport and Harborfields visits Shoreham-Wading River at 4:30 p.m. Westhampton hosts Miller Place at 6:30 p.m.

Other games in Nassau today include Roslyn at Jericho and Malverne at New Hyde Park at 4:30 p.m.

Be sure to post your thoughts and predictions on these matchups as well as any info on the scores and game details.

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156 Responses to “Scoreboard Central: Monday/4.26.10”

  1. Laximus says:

    I would like Somers in this game because they should have a big edge on faceoffs and even ground balls with their athleticism. But last year didn’t KI score 5 vs. Somers? I don’t understand why they didn’t shut him off. With that in mind and Yorktown coming off the Big Chaminade win Ill say…

    Yorktown 11, Somers 8

  2. 10589 says:

    Heard coach Lew’s son Jo-Jo scored three goals in the 3-4th grade game vs Somers yesterday. One behind the back. Interesting rivalry building at home all ready.
    Monday nite should be the tale of two teams who have played up and down. Think it will also come down to Somers stopping KI. And Yorktown stopping Somers Middies. One of the two best goalies in the area might come up big? Weather might also be a factor.


  3. RedRageisback says:

    Somers is firing on all cylinders. Good to see #28 healthy.

    Somers 11 – Ytown – 10

  4. IndianJay says:


  5. laxforfun says:

    Thanks Indian J – you picked Rye too – right?

  6. SirLaxalot says:

    That was IndianJ I believe this appears to be a different person – “Indian Jay”.

  7. laxnoz says:

    Somers is playing well will be a close one but i got to take somers 8 to 7 bello will shut down KI GO TUSKERS!!!!!!!!!

  8. mid_kowntee_madman says:

    Currently watching Penn St. vs. Towson…completely unwatchable…painful. It’s this kind of game that will keep the game from growing!

    Towson is sloppy and slow and Penn State couldn’t beat some of the L.I or Sec One teams. lol. You think I’m kidding…horrendous…both teams. Somebody bury the game tape and salt the earth where it lies.

    Everybody contact both of those coaches because they need players.


    Does the big W vs Chaminade give Yorktown a hangover?

    Somers coming off 3 in a row on a roll, but are they read to roll to the top of the heap?

    Too close to call for me. I hope they get good weather.

  9. slacrosse says:

    After Town’s win over Cham got to go with Town 12-9.

  10. Doid23 says:

    mid kowntee madman,

    I just caught some of that Towson game, thought the exact same thing, unwatchable (which is why I stopped). When I watch the game with my son, I usually talk about what the guys are doing, this time I was telling him what not to do. Both teams could barely throw and catch. Just awful.

  11. no_style_points says:

    Yeah, Darien also has Fairfield-Lud and Westhill before that game.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t want to be on their sched this week after the Manhasset game.

    This week:

    Darien – New Can is 1 vs 2 on laxpower and should be a good one.

    John Jay; Byram, Rye, Syosset
    A chance for JJ to make a statement of dominance in SecOne by beating back Byram and Rye. A chance for SecOne to extend their recent success vs L.I. against Syosset.

    L/P; Wappingers, Yorktown
    Is Wappingers a trap game if they’re caught looking past to Yorktown? Probably anxious to get back on the field after Somers.

    Yorktown; Somers, Arlington, L/P
    Huskers rolling in last 3 are in section all week vs top ten teams before going Ridgefield and Darien next week.

    Arlington; Yorktown, Copiague
    Moment of truth for the Admirals.
    Arlington Laxpower Strength of Schedule so far is a dismal 44th in the section. To give you an idea of how weak it is Peekskill (39), Roosevelt (36) and Westlake (21) have played tougher schedules.
    Arlington’s most impressive win so far is a one goal escape from Ossining – no disrespect to O, they are worthy of respect this year even in their losses, but Yorktown is a whole other level.

    Bronxville: Sleepy, Eastchester, Iona
    B’ville has quietly found a home in the top ten and doesn’t show any signs of dropping out any time soon. No doubt their eyes are focused on the weekend tilt vs Iona, but they would do well to first take care of biz against the Eastchester Eagles and the high-scoring duo of Massi and Cirillo, who can ruin your day in a hurry.

    Put Valley; Croton, Ossining, Byram
    Their schedule gets tougher as the week unfolds. Their defense has carried the load this year, giving up double digits to Yorktown and L/P, but holding all others to 5 or less for an avg of 6.

    They match up well with Ossining, who has a schizophrenic offense that puts pressure on their defense and maybe that will allow PV to get their offense rolling. If not…tough game. Byram is another team that wins with defense and this game will favor the team that wins face offs and scores man up.

    Brewster; Mahopac, Wappingers
    Bears are 1-2 in their last 3 and are looking to break over .500 before they run out of games. If they don’t pick up both this week they are most likely on the road for their first playoff game. Maybe that’s a good thing for them.

    Okay, my fingers are tired, somebody else do some game previews.

  12. Reality Check says:

    Well said slacrosse. Sec1 has obviously been waiting to have a KI love fest all season.

    The fact is KI had 1 goal vs. John Jay. Ditto vs. Ward Melville. Ditto vs. Garden City. All losses.

    So to recap – in their only big tests before Chaminade, Yorktown was 0-3 and KI had one goal in each loss. Um, is that scoring whenever he wants??? I don’t think so.

    He had 3 g’s vs. Chaminade. Wohoo! Good job! We can all see that. So he’s had one good game in 4 vs. top teams. That’s a fact. Pipe down Sec1. One game does not make a season and if he’s so good you wouldn’t have to be his press agent. His results would speak for themselves.

    Let’s see how he does in the other big games – Somers tomorrow, LP on Saturday, Ridgefield, St. A’s, Darien. He better have more than one goal in each of those if he’s gonna get AA again because lets face it his role is to score goals. I don’t ever see him laying out hits, getting GBs or riding.

  13. funsky says:

    Y’town — great win vs. Chaminade but Somers will be dominate!!! Y’town had their day in the sun. Somers on the rght track will win by 2 or 4 goals!!

  14. the boss says:

    Somers will be the clear winner over Y’town. Lock it in!!!

  15. mid_kowntee_madman says:

    How deep did you get? I think I made it until maybe mid third quarter, but I’m not sure because I was getting delirious and entered some sort of time warp. lol.

    That’s a terrific post. Obviously has research and thought put into it and it’s unbiased as well. We should be able to feed off it for a while here.

    Reality Check has made very good points about KI.
    Hey, this is competitive and I hope the kids all understand we are simply debating this sport.
    That being said, it sure would help the Huskers if they get a couple more out of KI. lol.

  16. GreenWhite says:

    Fair points, Reality Check. The good thing here is that from this point forward is what counts starting with Somers.

  17. Reality Check says:

    I hope KI can bounce back and Town finishes strong. Sure he’s been shut down in 3 of 4 big games Town has played but he has a chance to reverse that trend in the 2nd half. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  18. Sec1 says:

    Reality Check

    Who said KI can score whenever he wants? Also of the games you point out how many of them were you at? Why would he need a press agent? He’s alredy going to Hop.

  19. Sec1 says:

    Reality check

    I just looked at score board for Sat, that Sec1 is not me. I am the orig Sec1 he’s a poser.

    Joe Lombardi

    Is there a way that when someone has a call name first on your site that it can not be duplicated? Thank You

  20. LI Lax says:

    Zach Losco and Hauppauge end East Hampton’s unbeaten season later today with a 13-8 win.

    GC fairly big over New Canaan, 10-3.

    Rocky Point 10, Huntington 7

    Town 9, Somers 7

  21. Laxit says:

    Somers last beat Town in 07 and I don’t think any of the seniors were on that team so it makes sense none of the seniors have beaten them. That was actually the case for a lot of Town seniors in 07 before they beat Somers because they had lost to Somers each of the two years before that.

  22. Bear says:

    Great post by no_style_points. Very impressive.

  23. no one says:

    reality check

    Sure KI’s numbers are down, not as good talent around him. also, you make it sound as though his ability is down. seems not only is the town team playing one of if not the hardest schedule in all of hs lax, he then also is shadowed by the best d man those teams have. JJ outstanding def in general, best of the best plays him, numbers kept in check, ward mel. pretty outstanding def., best of the best plays him, numbers kept in check, gc pretty outstanding def. best of the best plays him, numbers kept in check. can’t always measure a players ability due to the numbers. seems that this young town team (remember all the preseason talk was how they were down and not experienced) took a few games to take advantage of a shadow on him, see mahopac and cham games. That being said, every team will put thier best d man on him, and since there appears to be very few of those teams being bottom dwellers, it becomes a battle, reading that and using it against the def. is what town needs to learn to do, dare the other team to cover him and beat them with other weapons, young and inexperienced as they may be and if that happens then the def. is forced to soften up on ki which leads to opportunities. I doubt there are many high profile players around that face the def this “down year” town team is facing and I doubt there are even less that are being shadowed by the outstanding individual players he is facing, somers will do the same tonight. Just because his numbers are down, does not make him less of a player then he is, his abilities are just being respected by coaches more then most players. Seems kudos should go out to the d man who can keep him out of the net more so then spiteing him for not dishing in 5 goals per game.

  24. keepinmind says:

    If i am correct the talk has been that alot of somers kids in all their years playing have yet to beat y-town. Longo from what i have heard has not beaten then since he started in 3-4 grade? The Wall is looking for this HUGE win along with Petre, Pfiffner, Bello, Deiana, Smith n more seniors. If somers pulls off this win there will be a giant turn around in everyone on this team!


  25. somlax says:

    Deiana was on the 2006 and 2007. He was on varsity in 8th grade!

  26. Malarchuk says:

    Go bears

  27. gimme a stick says:

    no style points, hope your fingers are rested I look forward to more of your posts.

  28. gimme a stick says:

    ok, so I went to look at LaxPower’s strength of schedule rankings after seeing no style points reference to Arlington coming in at 44. I compare the Eastchester (ranked 35) and Sleepy Hollow (ranked 30) schedules as they played a close 11-8 game, Eastchester win. The differences in their schedules are EHS plays Pearl River, Briarcliff, and Tappen Zee (all wins) at a combined w-l of 14-10…Sleepy plays Peekskill, Croton, and Pelham a second game (Pelham handed EHS its only loss) at a combined w-l of 8-14. How is Sleepy’s schedule rated tougher as the balance of the schedules are identical?

  29. Indian J says:

    There is a great deal of partisanship that goes along with a blog that features sports teams. Obviously, Somers supporters are rooting and believing that they will defeat Yorktown today. They should be. I just don’t see much evidence to suggest this will happen. Somers has been playing much better, or at their actual level of talent as of late and had a nice victory over L/P the other day. If you can overlook the losses to Iona Prep and Mahopac, then it’s easier to predict a win against a team who has a potent offense, fantastic coaching, and wins over Mahopac 14-7 and Chaminade 11-9. Keep in mind, both of Yorktown’s wins, Mahopac and Chaminade, were not as close as the score indicates. Yorktown was actually leading Chaminade by 5 and Chaminade came back at the very end to make it look respectable.

    Both Jay and Town receive a great deal of criticism on these blogs and I will admit I have expressed some disappointment in a few of my alma mater’s performances. ( Its a little different when its your team) For much of the preseason, Yorktown was ranked as low as 3rd in Section One and Jay, although now 7-1 , is still regarded as number one “in theory only”. That is, until the inevitable loss to the mighty 4-4 Somers takes place. I have never known a program to be afforded so much credit for a 4-4 start. To be sure, they are talented, but to confidently predict a win over Yorktown by as many as 2-4 goals? You have to be nervous about playing a team that just took it to Chaminade.

    Maybe the wet weather benefits Somers? Not sure if it will be a factor.

  30. Old Rugger says:

    Town 10 Somers 6. Town Defense starting to gel. McLee for 3. Somers ball movement much improved at finding open cutter and using team speed. The score is based on the Town team I saw play Chaminade not the team that lost to JJ or GC. Both teams much improved from early days Town just better at this point in season and have been more consistent. Like both Goalies. Somers has to keep eye on bad penalties and needs to win GBs to make this closer than above.

  31. oh come on says:

    no one Every marquee “name player” who is an AA has a guy shadowing him or face-guarding him all game and that guy is always the best defensive player. I watched all three games played at St. A’s this weekend on MSG yesterday and you could see them doing that to Belinski from Set and Schrieber from St. Ant’s. The two of them had 11 goals and 3 assists combined. KI is a very good player and had a nice game against Chaminade but stop with the excuses for everytime the guy has had an off day.

  32. Doid23 says:

    Further proof that Inside Lacrosse rankings are a joke, Summit NJ is at #5. If you took the Top 25 teams in LI, CT and Westchester and they played that schedule, they would all be undefeated.

    Mid_Kowntee – looks like between us we had that game covered, I watched the 4th Quarter. It was as if neither team wanted to win. Who do I need to talk to in order to get that 30 minutes of my life back?

  33. Doid23 says:

    Good points Indian J, Not sure what results this year would lead anyone to predict Somer’s beating Town. I know there have been some crazy results so far this season, but if the Chaminade Town shows up? No way. The GC Town? Maybe. But then again, I haven’t seen that breakout game from Somers this year.

  34. laxnoz says:

    Weather will be a factor for both sides will just make game more intreresting don’t forget last year game that was close with ranagan and jojo playing ok this year towns got ki but don’t sneeze at the somers talent I still see upset for somers

  35. Syracuse says:

    I like Yorktown 12-7. Huskers midfield is slowly becoming a very talented unit. Somers has edge in net and at close D, but if KI can get space, which will be difficult, it will free up four or five other guys to do their thing. Somers has plenty of finishers and the young Town D will be under an enormous amount of pressure.

    But in the end I think Yorktown turned a corner last week and will flex their newfound muscles tonight. Should be a great game. Enjoy it.

  36. Malarchuk says:


  37. no one says:

    oh com on.

    not making excuses for anyone, seems you have a chop on your shoulder about ki, the kid gets the best of the best on him, and he dosent score up to your potential and he shouldnt be considered for aa? seems all those great teams play him like he is aa. if we go by your thought process, jays stud attackman Mr. D, should not be considered as aa at this point either which would be a joke. I think you would have to agree, set and st. a’s have much stronger supporting casts to work with that opposing coaches have to content with. but, hey just my thoughts out there, i am sure the town coaches feel he is doing the job they need of him. last i looked this was a team game, an individual is not going to consistently carry a team.

  38. laxified says:


    Is it true that today’s game between GC and NC was postponed ?

  39. BigBadBear says:

    B’cliff cancelled, switched to 5/19

  40. Malarchuk says:

    No game is just like a win

  41. Malarchuk says:

    Cause it’s not a loss

  42. no_style_points says:

    Thank you for the kind words guys.

    Gimme a stick, that’s a good job by you in your post. The Sleepy reference is a good example of why these tools have to be combined.

    The better measure of schedule strength might be to use Strength of Schedule in conjunction with RPI. Because RPI deals only with wins and losses it’s possible to get a skewed result because equally bad teams can knock off each other, but one will show up higher in the RPI, thus also raising another team’s (say Sleepy for instance). Even though struggling teams are knocking off each other someone is still winning and it factors into the big picture that is RPI.

    The Strength of Schedule factors, well, style points. It factors computer rating, which includes margin of victory and rewards any team that wins a game by more than one goal. Assuming that most games are won by more than one goal it can overly reward a team for winning a single game by 8 or 9 more so than winning two games by one each especially in the case of evenly ranked teams i.e. Eastchester/Sleepy, etc.

    But when you put the two together and then look at power ratings for each opponent individually you get a pretty clear picture of how a team is fairing.

    Bottom line is, the tools have to be combined and then reasoned out with the human mind and second, it would be easier to use this blog to learn how to speak Norwegian than to explain rankings!

    Arlington has played only one team with a 90 or greater power rating and that’s pretty meaningful when combined with their other opponents who are all near the bottom.

    In Sleepy/Eastchester, their power ratings are almost identical and Sleepy has a higher SOS, which includes the RPI factor. But when you look at straight RPI Eastchester has a higher RPI with a significant loss. That to me is inexplicable and maybe an email to the laxpower guys will help clear it up because it’s a meaningful question.

    Does this help or make your head hurt?

  43. limelax says:

    should be a great week

  44. Lax123 says:

    Somers 12 Town 9 Bello,Schurr and company shut down Towns Attack physically. Longo outplays Koelsch. Middies are faster than Towns and Towns D and Somers attack a toss up. Towns attack too slow for Somers D

  45. gimme a stick says:

    head hurt

    lol, thanks no style…I’m just going to hope my team does well against the tougher competition coming up soon, I’m enjoying the year so far.

  46. slacrosse says:

    So the Town/Somers game is still on??

  47. laxforfun says:

    Indian J…believe you predicted a big win for Mighty JJ in the finals last year after JJ lost to Somers 10-7 in the regular season kind of bold of you wasn’t it especially when Somers was 14-4 and JJ was 10-8. Truly the games weren’t as close as the score showed. Not sure of your point except that you still have not been able to have that thorn removed. . “I have never known a program to be afforded so much credit for a 4-4 start”: What was your hype about JJ’s team last year that started 2-3. Same scenerio…get off the Somers rag wagon and just route – you are the most negative towards a team. Everyone on this blog routes for their team, of course everyone hopes and wants their team to win.

  48. slacrosse says:


    Good review post above!

  49. slacrosse says:


    Funny as I read your prediction above, it reminded me exactly of what I thought of a Somers/Town game PRE-SEASON (you left out Deiana on FO). I had Somers ranked #1 for at least the reasons you stated and would have favored them over Town.

    BUT NOW at at this point in the season with 8-9 games done, W/L records in the books, and with Towns recent very dominant win over Cham + some other good ones, as I said in #9 above got to go with Town 12-9.

  50. Lax123 says:

    With your recent predictions being as good as they are. I am genuinely worried I could be wrong but I still believe after playing both teams already I thinks Somers will win the matchup battle

  51. slacrosse says:


    It should be a great game and the way this crazy season is going, it won’t take much for either of us to be right!

    Boy its raining pretty good down here in Rye. Guess the game is still on but I hope the rain stops. Shame for the rain to be a possible factor for this showdown between these two fine teams!!

  52. LI Lax says:

    GC-NC game is on, GC has a turf field.

  53. laxified says:

    2 1 NC after 1

  54. NCFan says:

    Thanks for the update, laxified. Keep them coming.

  55. laxified says:

    NC 3 1 at half. NC has been stalling on two thirds of their possessions and don’t think GC has more than 3 or 4 shots

  56. LI Lax says:

    Rocky Point up 4-3 on Huntington at halftime

  57. laxified says:

    Still 3 1 4 min left in 3rd

  58. laxified says:

    Jahelka and Gordon in last minute make it 3 3 after 3

  59. laxified says:

    4 3 GC 5 40 left EMO goal

  60. laxified says:

    5 3 GC 5 left

  61. NCFan says:


  62. laxified says:

    NC makes 5 4 18sec left

  63. laxified says:

    5 4 GC final

  64. John FANagan says:

    Here we go. 1 hour til FO.

    Deiana and Somers takes control of the faceoff battle throughout the game- using his strength to give the Tuskers posession. HOWEVER… Yorktown does what it did against the much better Chaminade team- uses it’s shutdown defense to force turnovers and gain posession. Yorktown’s Mike Sullivan does what he did in the faceoff circle against Chaminade, wins a few, but at the same time slows down what could be a fast break right from the get go.

    The weather works in Somers favor, due to their program historically producing athletic players who also prosper on the football field in the fall. Somers will try to instill its scrappy play upon Yorktown- looking to lay big hits just for the sake of a statement.

    However.. Yorktown’s skill on attack and patient offense overwhelms the Somers defense that will be looking to shut down KI. Both team’s play has been sporadic throughout the year, and both are coming in hot. I think Yorktown’s skill and role players take the headlines tomorrow morning and take the win.

    Look for a big day from McLee… he matches up speedwise and will be looking to draw and dish. He will find the open man on attack..

    Pfiffner and Deiana will cause a lot of trouble in the midfield, but not enough without JoJo –>

    Yorktown wins, 12-8

    KI 4 and 3, Schuldt 2 and 2, Mabus 1 and 3, McLee 1 and 2, Mariano 2 and 1, Lieberman with 2 and 1

  65. John FANagan says:

    One more thing-

    Derek Koelsch takes the battle for the Best Goalie in Section 1 personally and outplays Longo for a contest that could produce Section 1’s All American goalie.

  66. Est 1873 says:

    Nice effort by NC…sounds like a great game…who scored for NC?

  67. Lax4Fun says:

    Town seems to be gaining Mo with win over Chaminade great for confidence. Sloppy conditions could slow pace down quite a bit. Town needs to build on win from weekend. Somers is geared up. Should be a great game. I just hope no one gets hurt in rainy conditions. no prediction here I just hope it a clean fun game.

  68. laxified says:

    I believe #16 had two and #21 the dman had one. He was the best player on the field for NC

  69. Sec1 says:

    Town vs Somers

    Game is going to be played Town cameout on field for warm up 15mins ago. It is raining harder now then before, real shame not sure what kind of crowd were going to have? There are some cars here, maybe people waiting until last sec to get out. Should be fun!!!

  70. slacrosse says:

    Hey great effort by NC. Not sure what number but that Costigan kid (North Carolina) for NC is the real deal.

  71. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yorktown has jumped in front 3-0 midway through the first on goals by Frank Fusco, Ty Schuldt and Nick Mariano.

  72. laxified says:

    Just got a look at their roster and #21 is Ian Knechtle, the kid was all over the field, great stick and high lax IQ. Actually the three best and smartest players on the field all had poles, Jahelka and Fischer for GC. Very good game and if NC could have scored that 4th goal in the 3rd it might have been a different story. Jahelka coast to coast with 56 secs left in 3rd to make it 3-2 changed the game.

  73. slacrosse says:

    Just like Town had a “great win” vs Chaminade. Looking at the glass being “half /three quarters full” could say this is a “great loss” for NC!!

  74. Sec1 says:

    Town 4 Somers 2 end of 1 sloopy

  75. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yorktown leads 4-3 early in the second. Erik Pfiffner has two goals for Somers. Brett Emanuel has the other Somers goal.

  76. slacrosse says:

    Wow. Sounds like a great game!!

  77. Joe Lombardi says:

    After Somers tied it at 4 on a goal by Emanuel from Petre, Yorktown regains the lead on a goal by Remy Lieberman.

  78. Joe Lombardi says:

    Conor Gately becomes Yorktown’s sixth different goal scorer. Yorktown leads 6-4 with 4:35 left in the second.

  79. laxfan says:

    Wow, thats a nice thing to hear if youre a Yorktown fan..DEPTH!!??!! Joe thanks for the updates, keep em coming!

  80. Lax4Fun says:

    Thanks for the updates, How is weather affecting each team. Cuse who do you see with the advantage, How is Town doing in faceoffX Joe Great work as always keep us posted
    Bkatt out

  81. Sec1 says:

    Town 7-4 half

  82. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yorktown leads 7-4 at the half. Ty Schuldt has two goals for Yorktown. It’s been sloppy with the rain. Yorktown has outshot Somers by a good margin Somers has a slight edge in faceoffs. Of note, John Bello has held Kevin Interlicchio to one goal with the goal coming after a Somers turnover.

  83. Lax4Fun says:

    Joe great job, Keep us posted. Stay dry. Cuse what are your thoughts.


  84. Syracuse says:

    I commented earlier today that I really feel like Yorktown’s midfield has the potential to be as good as Town has had depth-wise in a while. Looks like they have balance all over. And that’s a scary thought, the idea of KI being shut down and the Huskers still dominating against a good team.

  85. Joe Lombardi says:

    Mariano scores his second early in the third. Ytown leads 8-4.

  86. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yorktown dominating time of possession. Chris Longo has made a bunch of saves. Yorktown leads 9-5 with a minute left in the third.

  87. laxfan says:

    Couldnt agree more…KI makes every team focus on him so much but the thing many teams arent aware of is ytown has very good younger players! GO TOWN!

  88. Sec1 says:

    Town9-6 end 3

  89. Joe Lombardi says:

    Pfiffner’s fourth goal comes with Somers a man up in the final minute. Yorktown leads 9-6 after three.

  90. Joe Lombardi says:

    Somers wins opening faceoff of fourth but throws the ball away.

  91. Syracuse says:


    Every team needs to have “stars” obviously to be successful, but if you complement that star player with guys who can fly under the radar — As Town has with McLee, Fusco, Mariano, Gately — it makes the jobs of the other “go-to” guys like Schuldt, Mabus and Lieberman that much easier.

    More importantly, I think was genuinely humiliated by what happened against Garden City. This is a good Somers team and there’s still a quarter to go, but you have to be encouraged if you are a Yorktown supporter that this team can get something done this season.

  92. Joe Lombardi says:

    Interlicchio scores his second after Somers’ third turnover of the period. It’s 10-6 Ytown two minutes into the fourth.

  93. Joe Lombardi says:

    Emanuel scores off a nice fastbreak feed from Colin Tullgren. It’s 10-7.

  94. Lax4Fun says:

    Joe how much timex

  95. laxflow says:

    good point laxfan…..too easy too look at the big gun and forget about the others that make it work…

  96. laxfan says:

    Good points…I think ytown just didnt come to play vs GC…Not saying that if they did bring their “A” game that day they would have won but I think after being embarrassed they really rebounded nicely…Gotta acknowledge the coaches and captains for Town for making sure they got back on track…Somers is good team with a great coaching staff..should be an interesting finish to the game!

  97. Joe Lombardi says:

    Interlicchio’s fourth makes it 12-7 midway through the fourth.

  98. thereg99 says:

    Interlichio is so annoying…..

  99. laxfan says:

    Joe, Thank you for standing in the terrible weather giving us these updates! Im no where near NY but its great I can get these live updates!

  100. D-Pac says:

    yes, thanks Joe for your dedication to this great sport

  101. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: Yorktown 13, Somers 7

  102. D-Pac says:

    okay, enough of the love affair, what’s the score!

  103. the boss says:

    Agreed — thanks Joe!!

  104. D-Pac says:

    Thanks Joe. Now go dry out and get some hot chocolate

  105. Lax4Fun says:


    What a nice win by TOWNNNN in poor conditions, and against a very good SOMERS team. Nice to see No Hangover from Chaminade game. Joe, Congrats for staying the course, and batteling the elements. Good goint Town nice game Tuskers Can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds.

  106. ytown says:

    Sounds like its was a great game…Real nice to hear how yorktown had so many different scorers (for the most part)…..Somers is a good team and this is a nice win for the Huskers as they have a busy week ahead of them

  107. Sec1 says:

    Town 13-7 Final

  108. TownLaxer says:


    KI seems to have their number as the night moves on, tonight. John Bello made a valiant effort early,

  109. nomlaxr says:

    Entertaining game! Yorktown has some really talented players that dont get too much press….The combined effort really seperated them from Somers tonight….I thought Bello gave great effort tonight but KI did his thing and got the job done for his Huskers….Great game by both teams tonight.

  110. fan8 says:

    Kudos to the Yorktown coaching staff. They have really done a great job putting out a nice team this year. Dave Marr and Sean Carney really makes sure everyone touches the ball on the offense (I think 6 different scorers tonight) and Adam Lodewick has really developed a good defense with kids who really have zero game experience prior to this year. Derek Koelsh has been phenominal in goal and he is my AA pick so far for goalie.

  111. John FANagan says:

    Just got home from the game.

    Stat of the night (not sure if it was mentioned before) was the first 6 goals by ‘Town were scored by 6 different players.

    This is a scary thought. What everyone thought to be a down year for Town, Marr and staff assembles a squad that has depth.

    The game started out sloppy on both ends. Yorktown jumped out to an early lead 3-0, but by the sloppiness of play you could tell the lead wasn’t going to last too long. Deiana won the majority of faceoffs but unfortunately Somers couldn’t convert off of them. Town had some good stops, but early in the game there were too many turnovers. Somers eventually tied the game at 4-4, but as a spectator there wasn’t really a moment in the game where you thought that Somers was going to take control.

    CWPost-bound senior, Steven Burke made some big plays on the defensive end to stop goal-scoring opportunities. Town’s defense doesn’t get the credit it deserves, granted its being compared to last years. I agree with “fan8” in that Koelsch is the early pick for AA goalie this year. One of his main strengths is his distribution game- unfortunately the rain didn’t allow him to showcase that ability. He makes the big time saves that are needed whenever you get the worry that the other team is going to come back.

    The Tuskers were clearly the quicker and stronger team on the field. Unfortunately they were unable to impose their will and use it to their advantage- in an environment that should have played to their advantage. Somers just looked impatient when they had the ball. Despite their advantage in faceoffs, similarly to Chaminade, they were unable to control the game. Deiana’s low-center of gravity and brute strength were evident, and you could see why he was a star on the gridiron.

    Yorktown’s midfield game is arguably their most dangerous aspect. They can play you in so many different ways. Whether they use McLee’s speed, Mabus’s smarts, Porcelli’s aggression, or Schuldt’s quickness (don’t forget Fusco who they also throw into the mix) they played a dynamic midfield game that troubled even Somers’ athletic players.

    KI drew so much attention today (as expected) and it was great to see the other guys step up. Big games by Freshmen Nicky Mariano, Sophomore Conor Gately and other role players stepping up, KI has the help he needs to make some noise with the squad Coach Marr has. And not enough can be said about Lieberman’s quick-release cannon. KI picks his time when to attack but he has the knowledge to simultaneously include his young teammates.

    Not to take Arlington for granted, but they should breeze by them on Thursday with good momentum going into the biggest game of the season on Saturday. KEEP IT UP!

    17 more goals for Interlicchio until he becomes the All-Time leading goal-scorer in Yorktown history. Saturday look for the countdown in THE CROP.

  112. slacrosse says:

    Congrats Town on another solid win over a strong team.

    Looks like Town got another good game not only from KI but from the other kids that have been scoring well. Balanced scoring!!

    Husker “MO” keeps building!

  113. slacrosse says:

    Great analysis John FANagan.

  114. eary88 says:

    John FANagan,
    Love your comments…The “crop” is certainly a fun thing to watch at ytown games, you guys are great…Nice job tonight from Ytown…Offense looked smooth and Koelsh/Burke held the Defense down…GO TOWN!

  115. RedRageisback says:

    Hats off to to Ytown

    Somers needs to stay positive.
    Greeley thurs….then watch out JJ next Tues, on our turf!!

    was definetly worth getting soaked to watch this one

  116. LI Lax says:

    Hauppauge ends East Hampton’s unbeaten season, 10-9

  117. Montauk Lax says:

    Great effort by East Hampton nearly pulling what would have to have been considered a big upset. The game a lot closer than most thought including even LI Lax. Go Bonackers!

  118. LI Lax says:

    15 Ward Melville players have been suspended for tomorrow’s game against Smithtown West. Six have been suspended for indefinitely longer than that. Check for the details.

  119. slacrosse says:


    Yeah Somers has to remain positive but a HUGE mistake if they are at all thinking past Greeley to Jay. HG is the “best” 2-7 team in Section 1 losing as you know by only 1 at Somers as well as losing several other close games vs, good teams.

  120. slacrosse says:

    Special congrats to Town.

    Pre-season, despite still having KI, I had Town ranked 4-5 given all the major losses all over the field from last season. The only thing I was right on was saying you never know with Town given KI, Town’s coaching, and a tradition of winning.

    Boy, aside from KI’s expected contribution, this team has really come thru with known senior kids (like Lieberman) really contributing, jrs like Mabus, Shulte contributing plus lesser known kids (at least to me) like Burke, the freshman,, etc. Many town supporters said to watch out for Town’s goalie and he has really turned out to be very impressive!

  121. laxflow says:

    LI Lax .why can’t find anything, this would be interesting to know.

  122. laxflow says:

    Finally found it but no specifics given.

  123. laxflow says:

    LI Lax All Sports players really need to be aware that ALL school districts are cracking down on “partying” whether it be the cops that break up a party, athletes it is not worth smart focus on the important things, like your team and season. Wow and Ward Melville was having a great season, as usual.

  124. tuskerfan says:

    Yorktown was the better team,their offense was very impressive were Somers was anemic. They played sloppy and seemed sluggish. They have not gained the confidence needed to string together a true winning steak. It is a shame I would say that Ytown’s defense is the early AA favorite Koellsch is a decent goalie, but the majority of the shots by Somers were dunks and not hard shots.. He had 6 saves, that means Somers only had 13 shots and 7 of them scored. Longo didn’t have his best night either but when you look at the season stats, both have played 8 games and Longo has 121 saves Koelsch has 84. The difference between Ytown and Somers is the fact that Ytown offense has been more productive, not Somers goalie play. Longo does more in that goal to make a save than any other goalie in the section.Remember 1/2 the time he is playing man down. His clears have improved and 99% of the time they are a line drive right on the mark. Tonight I don’t think eiither goalie was treated to conditions to show off their skills Plus he has no problem taking a hit or giving one when needed. Longo is still the AA favorite.

  125. laxaround says:

    great game coming out of yorktown…
    The yorktown defense coming up huge and not letting in many goals. Derek Koelsch is a fantastic keeper. Absolutely awesome on his part. Senior defensmen Steven Burke is also one to note. Not given much credit. He shut down West Point bound senior petre. I have 3 AA picks in yorktown. KI, Koelsch, and Burke. Burke is underrated and extremely talented. He shut down Daniello completely before being injured early in the 3rd qaurter. Now he shuts down petre. This kid has a lot to offer to his team. When he is in the game he helps the defense of town not only by taking away the ball but by playing strong team defense. He is very talented.

    Joe any thoughts on this?

  126. LI Lax says:

    They aren’t going to say what happened in an article, the purpose is not to embarrass the kids. I have some idea what happened but will not post it on an open forum. We will find out what kids were suspended when they take the field tomorrow against Smithtown West, against whom they should be heavy underdogs after the suspensions.

  127. Syracuse says:

    These are by and large minors. You will never have names mentioned. Don’t look for specifics either because you will never get them from a news publication when dealing with an incident such as this. Just wish the kids who are playing for Melville luck for the forseeable future.

  128. greenpiece says:

    laxaround-a little early for AA picks based on only a handful of games. That said, I agree that Town has several seniors in addition to Interlicchio who are playing very well–certainly as good as any other player in the section in their position. Whether this makes them an AA is yet to be seen.

    Town Srs stepping up: Def–Koelsch in the goal–playing awesome–word is that he worked very hard in off season with staff and continues to do so–its obvious. Burke playing well and still has tremendous upside–needs to clear better especially with his stick skills;

    Midfield–Porcelli and McLee–both on varsity since sophomore year–both scoring every game and posing a dual threat of O and ability to create transition (something which had been missing). McLee capable of having a big game like in J and two sweet assts at Cham;

    Attack: Lieberman–as with last year at mid-season he is starting to take over–scoring multipoint games, key goals and running a motion O with confidence. He mugged the goalie last night and had some key plays on rides. Look for him to continue his surge–led the attack in goals and assists thru playoffs to semis last year.

    Underclassmen making a difference: Fahey best surprise on the D; Poritzky as D middie might be best in section; mariano and gately filling third attack spot and multipoint games; schuldt and mabus still carrying well and adding a few goals. Schult very interesting on FO’s–great against PV and last night had a sweet fastbreak too.

    Next Test will be a hungry LP team with Prunty having played well against Somers and Caffrey always a threat for a big game. Town is my favorite since LP does not have an answer for a very potent O. 8 players scored 11 goals for Town against Cham and last night 7 players scored 13 goals–very tough to stop a team with so many scoring threats and a D that is playing beyond their individual talent level. Look for LP to focus on the emerging beast in KI and let Lieberman help orchestrate another win with multiple scorers. As long as KI keeps playing hard and drawing so much attention, his teammates will continue to get the job done

  129. Indian J says:

    Does Walter return to the line up for JJ today?

  130. ballerstatus says:

    word has it that Bello shut down KI for only one goal (rest were transition or man down) burke had a great night i give them both the nod for AA

  131. ballerstatus says:

    both are great take away defenseman i watched bello strip KI several times

  132. whoshot says:

    I was at the game and Bello did not shut down Ki, when he went he dodged bello hard twice and scored, and his third was bello ball watching and he cut right by him.

  133. jery9 says:

    ha ballerstatus, what game were you at?? Dont get me wrong, Bello definitley gave a great effort and really showed how athletic he is but ki did have a very good game against him

  134. Laxtime says:

    I’m not a fan of either team but I was there and it’s true, Bellow completely shutdown down KI when they were paired one on one. KI’s goals came in transition or off turnovers.

  135. laxpike99 says:

    KI dodged bello both times from the left side and scored then cut off his back to get a goal…..It was a GREAT team effort by Yorktown..I thought Interlicchio has been doing a nice job including EVERYONE of offense which has really been working…If Ytown keeps playing unselfish they will make great strides come playoff time.

  136. observingcrop says:

    Ha how can you even say Bellow shutdown KI…I saw him get dodged for a goal atleast once…Even if the other goals were in transition or off a turnover, its Bellows job to not lose sight of Interlicchio….KI is too shifty/smart for many defenders…He has 11 goals in last three games vs 3 very good programs…I think he is def benefiting from the play of his teamates…Good job Yorktown!

  137. frmerref154 says:

    yea when the kid has a hat trick, you can really use the words “he shut him down” lol …. Nice win Town, I look forward to watching you boys progress into the season/playoffs

  138. MOLAX says:

    HV AA’s…

    Daniello JJ
    Pickel JJ
    McCormack Rye
    KI Town
    Burke Town
    Honovich LP
    Brando Pac
    Somers TBD
    Put Valley TBD

    What does everyone think???

  139. Lax123 says:

    Good Selections Mo.Just think that Town only has one AA in KI.Very hard to be AA if not All Section or AA the prior year. Interesting topic to find out if any prior plyers fit this category.

  140. LAXman says:

    I agree with your selections MOLAX. Lax123 I think Burke was injured last year so it’s kind of unfair to say that. It matters how you’re doing this year, not last year. Even Daniello wasn’t All Section last year, just Honorable Mention, which I strongly disagree with but that’s besides the point. I think Yorktown makes the strongest case for best in the section at the moment, and this is coming from a John Jay fan, I have no problem with them getting two AAs along with the two that John Jay will likely get.

  141. RedRageisBack says:

    I think Bello had his best game of the season by far, remember he is still coming off serious ankle injury. He frustrated KI I think would be the better way to put it. He really only got beat the one time to the left. The other 2 goals you can’t blame the one defender. His AA honors should maybe come Tues if he is able to take Daniello out of the game and Somers can come out on top. Both kids last night played great and no doubt KI is the best offensive guy I have seen all year. Much bigger and stronger than the kid from St. A’s. KI was not the reason Town won last night, Bello I would say did his duty for the night.

  142. geo says:

    hono really hasnt done anything this year and mccormack has been injured…

  143. lax it up says:

    Agree with KI,Daniello,Pickel,Brando all strong showings this year so far The other 5 up in the air depending on how Somers finishes and if McCormack and Honovich have a big second half.

  144. lax123 says:

    Agreed but even if there he would not have played on the D for Town with all the AAs they had on D Fennessey,Brunelle Cabrielle,Fox .Daniello on the other hand was only a Sophmore and started with good numbers last year. If Town gets two it seems that you are giving the second one because of their finish not because the player is one of the best nine in HV

  145. Old Rugger says:

    KI, Daniello, Pickel. Brando, McCormack, Deiana, as most likely
    Then Honovich but also like the smaller defender they have forget his name starts with an F. Actually he reminds me of Bohlander in his technique and ability to perfectly time a a poke check and get the ground ball and clear in what looks almost like one motion.
    Burke a possibility. Also does P’ville of Put Val have any solid considerations as have not seen them play this season. HG I know has losing record but that one kid begins with an L he seems to put up some points against good defenses.

  146. RED STORM says:

    Old Rugger,
    Good statements. Fazio is his name. very small and very quick. I have seen him play and he is tenacious and has good stick skills as well. KI, Daniello, McCormack, Brando are all good choices. They will probably get AA. I also agree that Burke is a strong possibility in there. Last year he was hurt for the majority of the season and along with that he had a entire returning defense in front of him. That shouldnt effect his shot at AA. So far this year he has shut down the top attackmen of section 1. Daniello he held to a fastbreak goal before getting injured in the 3rd qaurter of the matchup, he held Fitzgerald to 1 goal in the PV game, he covered Brando and did not let him score when they were matched up together, and 2 days ago he completely shut down petre from somer. All of these attackmen are going D1. Burke should have a strong shot as of right now for AA.
    For goalies, it will be between Koelsch and Longo. Both extremely talented and it is way to early to tell who is deserving.

  147. Laxer HV says:

    Daniello,KI,Brando are 3 locks as every defense has to figure first a way to stop them .Then the next 6 should come down to Honovich,McCormack,Fitz,Deianna,Petre or Bello from Somers,Pickel from J,

  148. rake says:

    what about Walter from jj

  149. slacrosse says:

    Old Rugger, Red Storm

    Back you guys up 100% on Fazio from LP. He has got it ALL–except for about 10 inches!!

  150. laxaround says:

    Laxer HV,… what about Burke he shutdown 4 of your picks or held them to one goal. But then again he did not play last year. I agree with redstorm as well. Fazio has it all but is very small.

  151. Laxer HV says:

    Burke is a close D.Shutting down an Attackman is never one guy as the early slides are what shuts them down from scoring.Also I think that Daniello scored 3 goals as did Brando against Town.I may be wrong. Just saying that my other picks all played last year and most were at least All Section. Nothing against Burke as he is a good player.

  152. scooter says:

    Locks- Daniello, Brando, KI (he came to play against Pac, Cham and Somers), Pffiner (he was one of the only somers players who came to play against town)

    The other 5 are up for grabs between at least 10 players who all will end up deserving by seasons end

  153. Lax 123 says:

    Agreed with your locks all deserved .Do you think any goalies are gonna be there this year?

  154. Locked Down says:

    Lax 123,

    In my opinion, as of now i would say no goalie gets it. Its early for the AA talk because usually the guys who step up come playoff time end up sneaking in for the final spots. By the end of the season i do beleive that either Longo (Somers), McGuigan (Pac) or Koelsh (Yorktown) could get picked but not yet. I think Somers would have to upset Jay with Longo having a big game, McGuigan would have to lead the Pac defense to the Class A championship and either have a huge game to win it or come close. I think Koelsh would have to be a big factor if Yorktown makes another run deep in post season.

    Frankly to this point all three goalies have had big games here and there, but none have consistently been huge factors for there teams. At least enough in my opinion to get AA…yet

  155. scooter says:

    I just can’t see a goalie get AA unless they have an unreal game in the section finals which Longo, Guigs and Koelsh are all capable of doing.

    I also can’t see more then 1 pole making it too. There just doesn’t seem to be that lockdown guy this season like a Fennessey who would take everyone out of the game, even on breaks. Bello and Burke are both very good players but I don’t think either one is the stopper that seems to show up on the list every year.

    Even with players like Honovich and Caffery from Lakeland, they’re good players but so far they’ve played 12 games which is the most in the section and that kind of inflates the stats at this point. If McCormack from Rye can bounce back from the injury and they have a strong run in sectionals then he’s a lock too.

    I would also be surprised if more then 2 players from Somers make it. They have really struggled this season and that’s shocking considering the talent level that they have. Nobody has really stood out outside of Pffifner and I really could see the selction commitee thinking the same thing.

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