Mike Daniello scores one of his four goals in John Jay’s 18-8 season-opening win over visiting Brewster yesterday. The Indians are now preparing for tomorrow’s 1 p.m. showdown at rival Yorktown at Charlie Murphy Field. (Photo by Jim Stout/MaxPreps.com)

The weather is supposed to be just great for both today and tomorrow. We’re talking 70s and sunny, gang.

But for lax in the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region, today is the calm before the storm.

Why, you ask?

Because today, there are no games on the schedule, and tomorrow is the day we have so aptly dubbed “Showdown Saturday.”

Throughout the week, we’ve been sharing predictions on those mega-matchups, namely Chaminade-West Islip, John Jay-Yorktown and Somers-St. Anthony’s.

We’ve also featured a rotating poll question for each game. (So if you haven’t had a chance, be sure to exercise your right to vote.)

There are also plenty of other big games on tap as well tomorrow, including Garden City at Smithtown East for a 6 p.m. game.

As we told you earlier this week, all proceeds of the John Jay-Yorktown game will once again support the battle against breast cancer.

Parents (led by Yorktown team captains’ parents Lisa Lieberman, Robyn Mabus, Lisa Porcelli and Jeanne Interlicchio) will be asking for a donation of any amount at the entrance to Charlie Murphy Field. They will also be having a 50/50 raffle to raise money for “Support Connection,” which is a Yorktown-based group that assists women with breast and ovarian cancer.

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19 Responses to “‘Showdown Saturday’ is just a day away”

  1. Doid23 says:

    Let’s go Jay!

  2. LI Lax says:

    Let’s go WI, St. A’s and Town!

  3. Strong Island says:

    John Jay – 11
    Yorktown- 9

    West Islip- 13
    Chaminade- 11

    St Anthony’s- 16
    Somers- 5

    Two close ones with late goals being the difference. And then A total beat down of Coach Lou’s fake defensive philosophy. Lets just hope both the Friars and LI Refs throw him right off the Island!

  4. scooter says:

    JJ- 14 Town 9
    WI- 14- Cham-13 in OT.
    St.A’s 13. Somers 8

  5. WhaleBelt says:

    JJ by 5, Chaminade by 4, St A’s by 6

  6. idk says:

    So glad we have geniuses like, StrongIsland and their razor sharp insight and wit.

    Good luck all on Saturday and have a great day.

  7. Iceman says:


    Strong Island…..Did coach Lew take your lunch money when you were a kid? Settle down Francis.

  8. Islander Pride says:

    Actually a Fan of Coach Lou and the Hudson Valley boys, we see every year playing down here on the Island in the summer. Strong Island, and IDK why U hatin on Lou??? He’s one of the Good guys in HV. Where did “RED RAGE” come from???

    West Islip- 8

    St Anthony’s- 12
    Somers- 10

    John Jay- 6

  9. LacrosseInsider says:

    Is anyone else as disappointed as I am that Syracuse has not given his thoughts on the Jay/Town game tomorrow?? A new era for Jay……a yearly classic match up….and Syracuse is out dealing with something else??….not even 5 minutes available in the day to post a quick note????? Section 1 LAX has taken a turn for the worse!

  10. Quaker Nation says:

    Hey Joe,
    I realize there are some pretty big games tomorrow that are getting some much deserved attention, but any thoughts on the Horace Greeley vs. L/P game tomorrow?

  11. Joe Lombardi says:

    This will be a real interesting game, Quaker Nation. As we’ve discussed, Greeley has a good nucleus of returning players on offense (in fact, its top three scorers are back), but suffered a lot of graduation losses on defense. Lakeland/Panas also lost some key defensive players. The Rebels also have a good corps of returning offensive players, including Fairfield University-bound midfielder Shawn Honovich as well as Will Fallo and Conor Prunty. I like LP in a close one. The game is 1 p.m. at Greeley.

  12. slacrosse says:

    10-5 LP over Greeley. Loss of the “animals” Katchis and Litwak hurt HG.

  13. idk says:

    Read again Islander… I’m one of the Lew likers and know his team will copmete well even though they are banged up will a ton of injuries. Lew won’t use that as an excuse though because the guy is class.

    I will be surprised if L/P vs Greeley does not see 25 goals scored.

    Yorktown/JJ will be all about who has the better goalie on the second half.

    Lacrosse games on EASTER SUNDAY. I guess it’s akin to football on Christmas.

  14. Slice says:

    Joe ,
    Will you be updating scores from St Anthony’s today?
    You guys need to lay off Coach Jan, He is one of the best motivators in the game. And his Tuskers will be ready today. Any news on who’s injured?

    West Islip- 10

    John Jay- 12
    Yorktown- 8

    Somers- 11
    St Anthony’s- 9

  15. Joe Lombardi says:

    Slice –

    As you know, we have built an amazing network of contributors throughout the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region – you guys! In the time I’ve spent publishing, editing and reporting for Web sites, I’ve never seen a community like this form so quickly and grow so rapidly. Kudos to you all!

    Looking forward to hearing your insights and updates from the fields at any and all of the big games throughout the region today on our “Saturday Scoreboard Central” thread:


    So keep those scores and updates coming, gang. You guys were great in Week 1.

  16. John FANagan says:

    Yorktown takes it 9-7. Faceoffs are key, but for the most part will be split 50-50. Porcelli is that hardest working kid out there and has the grit to compete on the faceoffs. John Jay has the slight edge, and posession will be huge.

    The XFactor is the Yorktown Midfield. Expect Schuldt and Mabus to step up their games and elevate the rest of the squad. We already know what to expect from KI and Lieberman… watch Joey Porcelli lead his midfield.

    Yorktown knows what to expect from Daniello. Wherever he may be- midfield or attack, Yorktown has the coaching to slow him down- shutting him down is close to impossible. Steven Burke has a lot to handle today, but he comes to play and does what is asked of him. Lodey has the scheme to slow down the JJ attack and the loss of Merlino is going to be crucial.

    KI will be expecting coverage from future teammate- the athletic Pickel. Watch KI draw the double team and feed. Daniello will have the better game, but KI gets the last laugh. Under the radar kids like Schuldt and Mabus step up… it’s their time to shine.

  17. Sec12010 says:

    Anybody know who starts on D for Town,I know they graduated Fox,Fennessey,Brunelle,and Cabrielle.

  18. Quaker Nation says:

    Nice prediction slacrosse

    L/P had an early 5-0 lead at the half. Greeley started to rally back but a few mistakes of defense really cost them the game.
    10-5 L/P final

  19. CK says:

    Here are photos from the Greeley vs. L/P game today…http://www.flickr.com/photos/carterkramer/sets/72157623638429351/

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