It’s Week 1 of the regular season, folks. For some teams that is.

Most won’t getting things going officially until next week.

A few teams’ openers aren’t until the following week.

On today’s schedule, Ward Melville, regarded as a stronger challenger to West Isliup for Suffolk County Class A supremacy (the Patriots, after all, dealt the Lions their only loss last season) open the season with a 4:30 p.m. home game against Smithtown East.

Also of note, Floyd plays at Connetquot at 4:30 p.m. and Sayville, Shoreham-Wading River, Huntington, East Hampton and Rocky Point all start their seasons with home games.

Sayville meets Eastport/South Manor, SWR takes on Elwood John Glenn, Huntington plays Miller Place, East Hampton battles Deer Park and Rocky Point goes against Mount Sinai.

There are 10 games involving Nassau-based teams, including Lynbrook at Baldwin in a 4:30 p.m. contest.

In Section 1, Hastings plays at Tappan Zee for a 4:30 p.m. start.

As always, be sure to post your thoughts on these matchups as well as any info on the scores and game details.

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27 Responses to “Scoreboard Central: Thursday/3.25.10”

  1. Scrimmage says:

    Today Coach Savastano and JFK will take on the Scarsdale Raiders in a scrimmage at 5 o’clock at Scarsdale.

  2. Kharas says:

    The Scarsdale scrimmage is at 4:30, or at least listed at 4:30. Think there’s a Croton at Ardsley scrimmage at Ardsley at the same time. Anyone who can give those “scores” when they come in?

  3. Ride the Wave says:

    Somers is scrimmaging at Darien today. I was going to go and do a report on it here but I’m tied up at work. Can anyone else provide color?

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    I’m told Somers jumped out to a 5-0 lead and led 5-3 at halftime. They just finished the third quarter and Darien now leads 7-6. Starters have now been removed.

    Anyone who was on hand, please weigh in with more info and your thoughts.

  5. Joe Lombardi says:

    A bit more info has trickled in.

    Kieran Donohue and Greg Petre each had two goals for Somers.

    Johns Hopkins-bound Somers junior Eddie Schurr was on Darien sophomore star Case Matheis.

  6. laxr says:

    The starters stayed in for 3 quarters in the Darien vs. Somers scrimmage. After Somers jumped out to a 5-0 lead, Darien regrouped and reeled off 7 straight. (Note: the last of the 7 goals actually came in the opening seconds of the fourth quarter, but the starters for both teams were in during the opening whistle, so I think that counts). With backups in, the score ended up 9-7 Darien (Though I’m not positive — not that that score really matters).

    Don’t know all of the Somers players by name, but 21 is a stud. Also, Case Matheis had two goals. Both teams’ D and goalies were pretty solid, and the offenses were clearly working out the kinks.

  7. bluewavefan2 says:


    Final score with starters in the game. Darien 7 – Somers 5. Case Matheis finished with 2 goals and 3 assists, senior, Brian Gleason 3 goals and 1 assist, junior, Graham Maybell 1 goal, and sophomore, Henry West 1 goal

  8. slacrosse says:

    OK Somers did let Darien back in the scrimmage with big time defensive let down which needs to be examined and worked on for the future but seems like a really good show of Somers offense (and defense until Darien came back) against a very strong team.

    Great job by Darien in their come back.

  9. laxer says:

    faceoffs for somers was good until darien started their run, then somers couldnt get the ball to the offense.

  10. Montauk Lax says:

    Huntington 6, Miller Place 2

  11. Ragin' says:

    Matheis did not have more than 1 assist if that.

  12. BlueWhite says:

    Not bad for a Darien team that got off the rink at the end of last week and onto the field on Monday

  13. IslandLaxpert says:

    Rocky Point 9, Mount Sinai 2

    Comsewogue 13, Half Hollow Hills West 6

    Baldwin 13, Lynbrook 12

    Connetquot 10, William Floyd 3

    SWR 19, Glenn-Elwood 11

  14. laxr says:

    He (Matheis) definitely assisted at least Gleason’s first and third goals. Even if he didn’t end up with three assists, it was clear that he was getting the offense moving with his ability to feed off the dodge.

  15. attaklax says:

    Matheis and Gleason play great together – i am pretty sure he also assisted the other sophomore West on his goal for the third.

  16. Patriot Nation says:

    Ward Melville 11, Smithtown East 4

  17. Wall Ball says:

    Scarsdale rocked Kennedy 12-3 today in a scrimmage.

  18. Wake Up says:

    It just amazes me that some people quibble about how many goals or assists a player has in a SCRIMMAGE. Wake up people and see the big picture. Talk about not getting it! Stats don’t matter!!! You should be embarrassed even bringing them up from a scrimmage. And if any stats do deserve mention it’s ground balls and clears and stats that lead to possessions.

    I talked to several people who were there and they all agree Somers out played and out hustled Darien. That my friends is what matters.

  19. laxr says:

    Somers did out hustle Darien — they were faster and more physical. But you cannot say that they outplayed them throughout the game. For the first 15 minutes, Somers came out firing and dominated, and no doubt this is the part of the game that stood out in your friends’ minds (and assuming they are Somers fans, that is the part of the game they should look to, because it was an impressive opening that had Darien reeling). But once Darien settled in a rhythm, they won most of the groundballs, and moved the ball around on offense very well. After the early onslaught, Darien methodically took control of the game, and Somers really didn’t get a good offensive set going the rest of the way.

    All of this doesn’t really matter anyway, because the goal of scrimmages is not to win, but to experiment with your lineup and start working on different plays in game situations before the season starts (Darien mixed and matched a bunch of people in the starters’ segment, so there was bound to be some confusion and sloppiness. I’m sure that Somers had the same mentality, they just brought a smaller roster).

  20. Wave-Lax says:

    I was there, and some of you are a bit off.
    First Somers came out flying, both mentally and physically and quite honestly (we) Darien could not handle that. Many Darien turnovers were due to hard hits, and good defense.Second ,don’t know his final tally but with #12 covering Matheis he had only 1 Man-Up goal. He did not beat the Somes D man once. Darien did go on a run due to a few bad penalties taken by Somers. Both goalies are very good. Both teams had there share of good face-off play.Overall considering Darien is just getting rolling when they go it together looked very co-hesive. Somers is a very good team that plays extremely hard and fast, and if they do not have let downs for minutes like yesterday will be a top ranked opponent in NY.

  21. bwlax says:

    Matheis may have only had one man-up goal, but he had a second one in the opening seconds of the 4th quarter (sweet low-to-high, from about 10-12 yards out). The Somers D man did a very nice job of containing him off the dodge, but Matheis did a good job of finding the open man as dodged from X.

  22. dee-up says:

    it’s a scrimmage!… glad no one gets hurt .. the hustle is there , get the rotations down … lets leave the excuses and bragging at least till the season starts.. good luck to all on the new season

  23. lax -n- stein says:

    Stats do matter — all of them. Which leads to the biggest stat of all the final score and Darien’s starters beat Sommers starters.

  24. Lax Novice says:

    The final score is one of the least important stats to come from any scrimmage, including this one. I’d think both coaches will be happy to have had this matchup so see what they will continue to work on, Darien in the 1st quarter and half of the 2nd, and Somers over the following period and a half. Me, I was just happy to see my son get in after the starters left, that means more to my wife and I than any stat.

  25. FCIACLaxFan says:

    Not sure where to put this, but thought i would do it here since so many Darien followers. Some big FCIAC questions for 2010:
    1) Can Wilton start to show some progress back to glory – been some tough years but a new coach and new energy.
    2) How good a coach is Colsey? Last year tough to judge – great season, some let dows, some injuries – The early performance of scott and white at D1 level shows there might have been even more talent than we thought last year and thus was lack of state crown a dissapointment? this year with less talent will be a good test, plus roy gets one more year of familiarity.
    3) Is the pressure starting to build in New Canaan? Hugely successful program but pressure cooker with those parents – can Whitten keep everyone happy without winning some trophies?
    Just throwing them out there. any others?

  26. dee-up says:

    To lax fan …..horray!!!!!!!!! you hit the ball out of the park . To Lax-n-Stein when you get older and out of high school the light bulb will turn on, so hang in there my friend , hang in there and enjoy the games !

  27. Yogi_Yoda says:

    Scrimmage on Thursday:

    Ossining a lot
    Nyack a little

    Nyack; Young, young goalie, undersized, need skill improvement. Good upperclassmen leadership as they rebuild

    Ossining: Fast, physical, good leadership…surprising. The big drop off on second team I read about here is true

    We play Nyack middle of april…winnable

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