The Byram Hills Bobcats are set to embark on what promises to be a challenging season.

After all, the Bobcats have been aligned in a league with defending Section 1 champion Somers as well as  John Jay and Rye, who have each won four sectional titles the last five years. There’s also 2009 Class B semifinalist Horace Greeley.

Senior standout attackman Danny Lohrfink shares his thoughts on what kind of shape the Bobcats are in to take on these challenges – and more.

* Section 1 league rundown

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What have you been doing to get ready for the season?
Our team has been working together since the fall. In autumn we had pickup scrimmages two nights a week which then turned into optional practices in our basketball gym during the winter. The turnouts were mediocre at first but increased as the season crept closer. Now that the season is on the doorstep we are finally back together as one team and look more mature and more promising than last year.

Who are some of the key players you lost from last year and how you think you will be able to replace them?
Last season, we had two studs in midfielders R.J. Medeo and current Syracuse redshirt freshman, Stefan Carpentieri. Losing them has resulted in a less explosive midfield, but has given rise to top juniors such as Nik Carpentieri (Stefan’s brother), Jordan Pollack and Andy Murphy. Also, our starting attack from last year, which includes Robb Blum, Ethan Sencer, and myself, are all returning and are poised to do some serious damage.

How does your schedule look and which ones are you looking forward to most?
Our schedule definitely looks more challenging than it was last year because we see powers such as John Jay, Somers, Rye and Greeley all twice. However, we do work well as a unit and feel as if we can match up with any team given our mindset is right.

Your brother, Andrew, has made Georgetown’s team as a walk-on. Tell us about that and are you looking forward to catching any of his games

Yes, my brother was a captain on our Byram Hills team for both his junior and senior seasons. He played midfield and always drew the best long pole and still managed to lead the team in goals and assists. Since heading to Georgetown his size has increased tremendously and the coaches decided to give him a D-pole. He played well in tryouts and ended up making the team as a close defenseman.  I went to the season opener against Maryland and look forward to seeing him again this Sunday against Providence. He has only been playing defense for a few months now so he doesn’t figure to get much playing time this year but is hoping to rise in the depth chart by the start of next season.

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