Just a few weeks ago, Scott Bulkley was eagerly awaiting another season as assistant coach at Darien, where he played, lives, teaches and helped the Blue Wave win five straight state titles.

But in early February, Paul Burke resigned as Greenwich coach just days after being sentenced to six months in prison for drunk driving.

We’re now just days away from the start of varsity practice, and Greenwich has handed over its coaching reins to Bulkley,  who was a midfielder for the University of North Carolina, where he graduated in 1995. During the ’95 season, Bulkley served as co-captain of the Tar Heels with the former Yorktown standout Rocco D’Andraia.

We caught up with the Cardinals’ new coach tonight to get his thoughts on this major move in the landscape of Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut lacrosse.

What interested you in the Greenwich job?
There were a few key things that interested me about Greenwich.  First, I have coached some of the current varsity players in the summer with the CT Chargers.  So when the position opened up, some of the boys reached out to me and asked me to think about coming over.  That affected me a lot. The next thing was that it has been a dream of mine to become a head coach and see how I would do.  The last thing was I think Greenwich has a lot potential.

What are your thoughts on the program as it stands now and its potential?

I think Greenwich has huge potential.  This group of young men are hungry to do what it takes to become great lacrosse players and tremendous people.  I couldn’t be more excited to coach this group of kids.

What are your feelings about leaving the Darien program, where you play and were part of five straight state championships as coach?
Leaving Darien has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.  I love Darien, it is my home.  The players that played for me, Coach (Jeff) Brameier and the entire DYLax program are like family to me.  It was  just time for me to move on and see what I can do as a head coach.  I have been blessed to have been able to learn under Coach B.  That experience is priceless.

How familiar are you with Greenwich’s varsity personnel and its feeder programs?
Like I said earlier I know a lot of the current Varsity players through the CT Chargers.  I have also been scouting Greenwich for the last six years, so I have a pretty good idea what I am inheriting.  Just like in Darien, Greenwich has an awesome youth program.  GYL understands how important it is to make lacrosse fun while still fostering competitiveness, solid fundamentals and good sportsmanship.  I will be very involved in GYL.

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4 Responses to “Bulkley’s appointment marks new era for Greenwich”

  1. Ride the Wave says:

    Scott – Thanks for your tremendous efforts. We in Darien all wish you the best at Greenwich. The games will be heated but fun at the same time.

    Joe – Great story as always. We love you in Darien!

  2. Lax Novice says:

    Congrats to Coach Bulkley on being named Greenwich’s Head Coach, Darien’s loss is the Cardinal’s gain. Connecticut’s FCIAC and Class L just got a whole more interesting. Best of luck this season.

  3. Cards Lax says:

    Joe – The local Greenwich paper picked up on your scoop of Scott Bulkley’s hiring with this story. The link is attached:

  4. slacrosse says:

    Cards Lax

    How bout a review on the team for this season?

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