Cortland State-bound senior attackman Tom Casey (shown in action Saturday against Darien) and the Yorktown ‘Huskers will be renewing their rivalry against Lakeland/Panas on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the annual Charlie Murphy Cup game. The game had originally been scheduled to be played at 3 p.m. at Yorktown High School’s Charlie Murphy Field. (Photo by Jim Stout/MaxPreps.com)

Hi all –

Just received word a few moments ago that Saturday’s 20th annual Murphy Cup game between Lakeland/Panas and Yorktown, originally scheduled for 3 p.m. has been moved to 7 p.m.

Also, as an FYI, in case you can’t make it out to the game, it will be aired on Cablevision. (But just a word of warning – you’ll have to be subjected to my analysis.)

Now that the time is set, who wants to throw out the first pick?

• For an in-depth preview of the Murphy Cup by North County News sports editor Isaac Cass, click here.

Murphy Cup results
Here’s a year-by-year look at results from the annual Charlie Murphy Cup game:
1990: 7-6 Yorktown
1991: 9-8 Yorktown
1992: 9-3 Yorktown
1993: 12-9 Yorktown
1994: 10-6 Lakeland/Panas
1995: 9-5 Yorktown
1996: 14-6 Yorktown
1997: 6-5 Yorktown
1998: 10-9 Yorktown
1999: 5-4 Yorktown
2000: 10-3 Yorktown
2001: 16-4 Yorktown
2002: 11-3 Yorktown
2003: 16-11 Yorktown
2004: 9-3 Yorktown
2005: 12-9 Yorktown
2006: 18-9 Yorktown
2007: 10-9 Lakeland/Panas
2008: 10-9 Yorktown
Total: Yorktown 17, Lakeland/Panas 2

Player profiles

For LaxLessons.com profiles of some of the key players involved in this year’s Murphy Cup, check the links below:







• Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks

• Video special: Neighbors’ road to Hopkins

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67 Responses to “20th Murphy Cup moved to 7 p.m.”

  1. GreenWhite says:

    Awesome. It will be even better under the lights. Bigger crowd. More intensity. This is BIG.

    Thanks for the news Joe. No suprise you got the scoop on this.

  2. Townielax says:

    Great news Joe. I will be there and watch it on cable too. Looking forward to your analysis. No one has the knowledge and insights you do.

  3. Townielax says:

    Almost forgot –
    Town 14, LP 6

  4. Laximus says:

    I’m neutral on this but Town has to be a 5 or 6 goal favorite. If LP beats Jay I may feel different, otherwise 12-6 Town.

  5. RebelYell says:

    Not so fast. Ppl said Town was a big fave last year before the Murph Cup and it wound up being a 1 goal game!

  6. MurphsPlace says:

    Ha yeh OK. Then when they played again in sectional finals Town won 17-4. LOL!

  7. Defense wins Championships says:

    I think it will only be close for the 1st qt just keep the cup closer to th town bench 11-3 town

  8. Nellie says:

    Thanks for posting the all time Murph Cup results Joe. You da man!

  9. Syracuse says:

    Throw out the records and all-time history when picking your scores fellas. L/P comes to play in this one every year. Sure, they have almost always lost in sectionals by a lot more, but to many of the people in the L/P area, Mr. Murph was important to them as well. Just ask a guy like Ric B.

    Unfortunately, I’m going to miss this one and not be available to help Joe out this weekend, but if each of you can continue to do the GREAT jobs you do throwing out score updates and analysis for any game you hear about, that would be fantastic.

    For the record, I like Yorktown, 10-5 on Saturday. And it will be a very competitive 10-5 to boot.

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    So you’re telling me I just wasted an hour getting all the all-time results?

    Just kidding, of course. You are right, ‘Cuse. Last year’s meeting proves that. Yorktown was a more talented team and it wound up being a one-goal game.

    By the way, we have just posted links for player profiles of some of the key players involved in the Murphy Cup. Just scroll up.

  11. Syracuse says:

    C’mon Joe. You and I both know you have every score of every game memorized.

    I think people should start paying attention to what teams like Guilderland and Shen are doing up in Section 2. Shen lost to Nisky only 6-2. Nisky hammered Guilderland 15-2. Guilderland beat L/P 15-10.

    Regardless of the fact that Nisky is now in Class B, Yorktown (or whomever) will not have an easy game in the state quarterfinals. People may think of Shen as the team or the type of team Yorktown destroyed last year to begin the season.

    Not the case. If indeed Town is eventually going to get its shot at West Islip, it has to continue to improve the rest of the regular season and then absolutely under no circumstances look past Mahopac or L/P in sectionals and Guilderland or Shen in the state quarters.

    Believe me when I say this: Yorktown is good, but can be picked off if they don’t bring their A game come crunch time.

  12. SirLaxalot says:

    Yorktown 10, Lakeland-Panas 5

  13. Jaybird says:

    I’m kinda mad now because I will have to miss Murphy Cup now because Jay/Nisky is at 7 also. This is a huge statement game for Jay. A win here would be huge and think reestablish Jay as the team to beat in Class B … and one certainly capable of beating Yorktown. There, I said it.

  14. THE CROP says:

    13-6 town

  15. RyeGuy says:

    Town 16, LP 8

  16. Fishy says:

    How bout picks on JJ-LP tommorow too.

    JJ 9, LP 7

    Town 11, LP 9

  17. Joe, I love how you linked the player profiles of some of the key players in this post. Great idea!

  18. GreenWhite says:

    Guys I think a lot of people think your profiles are a great idea judging by the cheap imitations that have popped up.

  19. syracuse says:

    Nisky will impress a lot of you. Be prepared for defense like you’re not accustomed to seeing. Sometimes the Silver Warriors win 5-3 and you knew the other team never had a shot. I think they will beat Jay along the lines of 10-3.

    Jay-L/P will be a very entertaining game. I like Jay 13-10.

  20. LAX says:

    I agree, last year they were very good but they hardly graduated anyone. They’re undefeated and had a domination of Duxbury (a team that was apparently “supposed to be” very good this year) a couple days ago. Duxbury only lost to them 2-13 and G-Prep 1-13.

  21. slacrosse says:

    13-5 Town over LP
    Nisky 12-4 over Jay
    Jay beats LP 8-4

    Jaybird-only way J is “certainly capable” of beating Town is if Town plays a horrible game and J plays game of its life!!

  22. LAX says:

    How bout Nisky-Yorktown? Now that should be a game. I see IL put Nisky in its latest rankings, well-deserved. I think the Island is pretty down in B this year, Nisky may take it all.

    I’ll be happy for JJ if they put up a close game with Town, but even if Yorktown comes in the certain favorite it’s still a great rivalry and will be broadcast on MSG. We’ve heard so many times this year that Jay is rebuilding but the thing I like about them this year is they’re playing together as a team, they’re so deep and so many different players are contributing! They don’t have any superstars but that’s not always a bad thing. That’s why they don’t seem to be hampered much by the injury to Stewart (who will hopefully be back by tomorrow) and still managed to score 5 goals (by 5 different players) against St. Anthony’s without arguably their 3 best players.

  23. Doid23 says:

    I can’t see Jay beating Nisky, they’re just too good this year. Nisky 13-5.

    Jay – L/P is going to be close, especially if the injured kids aren’t back or at full speed. I still think Jay wins it, but only by a few if they are not at full strength.

    I think you’re right, better watch out for Section 2. The Duxbury score didn’t surprise me, but the Guilderland-L/P score certainly did.

  24. townman says:

    19-5 Town…

    2oth Murph Cup game, at Yorktown, on Charlie Murphy field, at night, with the crop in full effect…ha
    Good luck L/P 😉

  25. freelaxer says:

    Bad news: Stewart and Walter are looking doubtful for the game tomorrow. Pickel should be a go, but has to see how it feels, may get limited playint time.

  26. Syracuse says:


    Nisky and Yorktown do not play this year and won’t in states because one is in B and the other is in A.

    It is a shame.

  27. Syracuse says:

    How many CROP members will be on hand for the Murph Cup game on Saturday? Will The CROP try to get on MSG during the Town-Jay game? These are the hard-hitting questions I pose …

  28. solidD says:

    Forrest Walter is out for jj tomorrow, and I believe Stewart is most likely not playing, and if he is it’s only on man-up scenarios. But Pickel will play tomorrow for jay.

  29. LAX says:

    Yeah sorry I meant theoretically it’ll be a good game if they play like in the states last year too bad they moved down to B.

    Will Walter and Stewart be back by Thursday? They are JJ’s two best middies pretty unlucky for JJ before a big game.

  30. THE CROP says:

    Cuse, I’m glad that you asked those questions. However, I’m not happy that you wont be able to see THE CROP (primetime murph cup style) on saturday. With the game being moved to 7, this will only increase numbers that were high to begin with. So to answer you, the crop will be in full effect.

    As for JJ, last year (before it was even called the crop) yorktowns student section was packed with no concern for the monsoon/mini huricane that was taking place (the game was also on MSG). Me and the other landlord of the crop were in full lax gear. And may i add when we rushed the field, i was the first to be in the big celebration scuffle, had the photographer for the journal news taken the picture from a different angle, my face woulda been front and center on the front page. …Lets just say we plan on creating the game at JJ a home game for ytown, and no dobut the crop will be on MSG.

  31. ripo says:

    Breaking news Stewart and Walter will be playing tomorrow. Pickel is also good to go. JJ is ready to run 10 middies in the heat tomorrow.

  32. TOWNfan says:

    Joe where did u get that picture from the darien game ?

  33. THE CROP says:

    is there any reason why my posts appear and then disappear

  34. LAX says:

    I’ve been noticing that too I think this site just sometimes takes a while to update posts

    You sure about that ripo? That’s very good news then.

  35. TOWNfan says:

    Im saying is there anyway to see more from the game ?

  36. slacrosse says:


    Good above comments on Jay.

    Nisky/Town!!–wow, What a game. Should be close, partic if Nis D is as good as it appears. I’d go with Town because lets say the D’s are equal, Town scores 1-3 goals more with a better O

  37. freelaxer says:

    Lax- Ripo is false. Walter is most likely out, and Stewart is out as well, but may get playing time on man-up but not likely. Pickel will be a go, which may help them out a little, but missing their 2 best middies is going to be tough, specially in the heat.

  38. Kuu says:

    You going to be at the suffren-south game?

  39. Yes says:

    Are you going to be at the suffren-south game tommorw?

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  41. Iceman says:

    I am going out on a limb, but I’ll take L/P by two today LP 8 – JJ 6. Also, Jay will get worked this saturday by a disciplined Nisky team. Nisky 10 – JJ 4

  42. Observer says:

    I agree. With all the injuries this could be the beginning of the end for Jay. Then after losing to LP and Nisky they will try to regroup but will get thumped by Town to end the regular season and enter sectionals with little confidence. Just my take.

  43. Old Rugger says:

    Town 11 LP 8 (Closer than you would think, its the Murphy Cup)
    JJ 9 LP 8 – Could be reverse score depending on JJ injuries
    Nisky 8 JJ 2 (I like Nisky vs CE for finals one moving down from A and the other up from C, though SWR and RP may have something to say here)

  44. Husker21 says:

    I agree with Laximus… 12-6 Town.

  45. WhaleBelt says:

    From a LI guy – why/how this is a rivalry or an interesting game? yorktown has – and will – smoke L/P. snooze.

  46. Syracuse says:

    Most everyone on this board knows this, but to those from Long Island who may not, here’s a brief synopsis of why the Murphy Cup game is such a big deal. If anyone wants to chime in on any of what I say, please do. I’m sure I’m leaving a lot out and may not have all my facts straight because I’m old and decrepit.


    Yorktown and Lakeland are in the same town, so it’s a natural border rivalry. Both are in the town of Yorktown. Lakeland is on the north side, Yorktown is on the south side.

    These schools really aren’t crazy rivals in many sports because over the years they have jumped up and down at alternate times in size classification, with Lakeland usually the bigger school and having to deal with much larger school competition (think Mount Vernon in basketball, Mahopac in baseball and football, etc.). That has changed in recent years somewhat because Putnam Valley opened its own high school. This move took a big chunk out of Lakeland’s enrollment.

    Yorktown has had to play the big schools as well in many sports, depending on the year, but not nearly as often as Lakeland (Yorktown dominated the state in Class B in lax from 1989-until the mid to late 1990s).

    For a long time they didn’t even play in football, though now it happens more often.

    The only sport where the schools are even a tad bit competitive with each other (overall, not in any one given year) is in boys and girls lacrosse.

    Traditionally, Lakeland has been better in boys soccer, field hockey, boys and girls basketball and baseball, while Yorktown has won state championships (albeit a long time ago) in football and is usually quite competitive with the John Jays, Somers and Horace Greeleys of the world on the gridiron, and has been the better program in girls soccer. The Huskers have also gotten pretty good at hockey.

    When it comes to boys lax, both schools have had a lot of players who spent time at Charlie Murphy’s place in Yorktown. Mr. Murph started the Yorktown program back in the mid 1960s with his own money and is largely regarded as the man who put lacrosse on the map in Westchester County and probably all of Section 1. He turned his home and sprawling property into a lacrosse utopia where anyone could come and play as long as they followed Murph’s rules. And believe me when I tell you, everyone followed the rules, whatever they were.

    He made a big impact on kids from all schools, especially Lakeland, because everyone was welcome.

    So when they decided to have a Murphy Cup two decades ago, the natural fit was with Lakeland because both schools are in Mr. Murph’s town.

    It’s really that simple. As I’ve stated before, though Yorktown has dominated the series, Lakeland (the last decade Lakeland/Panas since they merged in some sports with neighboring Walter Panas High School) has given Yorktown all it can handle. Records mean little in this game because everyone ratchets up their play. It’s like a state tournament game in intensity.

    It’s all a credit to who Mr. Murph was and what he stood for.

  47. Defense wins Championships says:

    Very Nice Job syracuse

  48. LoveTownLax says:

    Can’t believe you won’t be there, ‘cuse…. if you’re not getting married Saturday night, there’s no “ex-cuse”… then again, even that is not a good enough reason to miss the Murphy Cup…! :o)

  49. Doid23 says:

    ‘Cuse, Where’s the love for old Walter Panas?

  50. WhaleBelt says:

    thx for the info – sounds like a great tradition.

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  52. Tyson says:

    Yorktown 12
    LP 7

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  54. Hard Body says:

    K spillz the most solid dmiddie on ytown will have over 4 goals in the murph cup saturday night

  55. slacrosse says:

    12-5 Town

  56. Town Crier says:

    I sense frustration on our guys part over the fact the Murph Cup games have been so close the last two years. I suspect the fact they were both played at Lakeland may have played a role. Judging by the 17-4 score in the rematch last year in the sectional final it is clear Town was far superior talent wise. I’ll go with 13-6 Town.

  57. Town Crier says:

    Looking forward to watching your analysis of the game on Cablevision, Joe. You have done a superb job through the years. I assume it will be shown starting on Sunday?

  58. syracuse says:

    Town Crier and everyone else,

    I once asked this question on another board and it still has never really been answered.

    Besides bravado and ego, why does anyone really care about margin of victory?

    I understand it makes for interesting chatter on blogs, but what difference does it make if you win 10-9 or 17-1? Especially in a game like the Murph Cup?

    I ask because no matter who wins the game and by what margin it really won’t mean much past that final whistle. There will be bigger and more important games on the schedule down the road. Can you take the fact that you won by 10 to the bank that it will mean that everything is just peachy in your neck of the woods?

    Yorktown crushed Lakeland last year in sectionals. OK, great. But that vast winning margin didn’t necessarily mean that Town had “put it all together” for the rest of the season. All those goal in that particular game didn’t help them against Syosset.

    I’m all for smack talk if it’s kept respectable, but you gotta keep things in perspective. One game does not a season make and as great as you may feel after beating someone by a certain amount it doesn’t guarantee you anything.

    Take 1993 or 1994 or whatever year it was. Colsey’s Town team handled everyone and then lost by about 15 goals to Bethpage when it really mattered.

    So as good as you may feel or as good as you may think your team is after a certain game, you really are only as good as how you do in your last game.

    I guess what I’m saying is if you win by one on Saturday, just be happy you won and don’t under any circumstances think it’s a sign of what’s to come.

    Many of our teams just play too difficult of a schedule for anyone to ever feel too good about himself or his team.

  59. just a fan says:

    They keep score for a reason……Town over LP 17-7
    The LP pride Cuse mentions keeps the first half close but runs out in the second half.

  60. syracuse says:

    I think 17-7 is a bit overboard. But I do believe the longer Yorktown lets L/P stick around the better the Rebels’ chances will get and the more that pride I was talking about before kicks in.

  61. THE CROP says:

    town 13-5

    7-2 at half

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  63. just a fan says:

    Always a great event regardless of score. See everyone tonight…this one should be fun.

  64. GangGreen says:

    Colsey’s team never lost to Bethpage…they lost to Corning in 1990 and won the State Championships in 1989 and 1991. The 1991 team went 22-1 and only lost to Melville by a goal…but the Murph cup that year was insane…the Anthony Demarzo illegal stick and comeback was legendary…blast from the past…good luck to both teams tonight..respect the game and the game’s namesake!

  65. Indian J says:

    The Yorktown team that lost to Bethpage was 1996. They were undefeated and got beat badly 16-3. Bethpage was insane that year and Yorktown just got taken out of the game early. But Colsey I think I had already graduated from Syracuse by the time that happened.

    Also L/P’s win over Jay was the first since 2002. Not in 9 years as reported. Actually L/P lost to Jay in 90, 96 and then 03-08 other than that the Rebels have won that game.

  66. swinglax says:

    Ytown 16 – L/P 7
    Tight game in the fist quarter and will settle in and go to work. Ytown will put everyone in and there will be celebrations on the southside of 202. Enjoy!

  67. syracuse says:

    I know any win over L/P is a good win for Yorktown, but the Huskers were sloppy tonight and Dave Marr was ejected from the Murphy Cup game for the second time in three years. They need to have something bring this season all together and soon. …

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