Most now view the FCIAC championship chase as a two-horse race between defending champion Darien and Ridgefield.

Those two teams don’t meet till mid-May.

But we may get a bit of an idea how the teams compare tonight when Darien visits Wilton.

Last year, Ridgefield beat Wilton for the first time ever. Earlier this month, the Tigers downed Wilton 15-4.

Have the Tigers really climbed that far as a program? Maybe.

Can Darien keep pace? We’ll get a better idea tonight at 7 at Wilton.

Ridgefield, meanwhile, is in action today at Danbury at 4:30 p.m.

Red-hot Shoreham-Wading River visits Comsewogue at 4:30 p.m. in a key contest for both teams.

In the Westchester area, Horace Greeley plays at Lakeland/Panas at 4:30 p.m. and Iona Prep visits Bronxville at 7 p.m.


Darien 12, Wilton 7

Ridgefield 15, Danbury 3

Shoreham-Wading River 9, Comsewogue 8 (OT)

Lakeland/Panas 9, Horace Greeley 7

Iona Prep 10, Bronxville 7

Score updates:

Lakeland/Panas 11, Greeley 7

Nanuet 7, Ossining 6

Lynbrook 11, Wantagh 6

Ridgefield 18, Danbury 3

Shoreham-Wading River 9, Comsewogue 6

Baldwin 15, Plainview JFK 4

Manhasset 15, Valley Stream 4

Long Beach 8, Hewlett 4

Hicksville 12, Port Washington 10

Darien-Wilton updates

Update 1: It’s all tied 2-2 after one period.

Update 2: Darien outscores the Warriors 4-0 in the period and now leads 6-2 at the half. Here’s the goal-scoring breakdown: Darien — Foley 3, Bolton 2, Brickman 1. Wilton  — Francia 2

Update 3: It’s 8-2 Blue Wave through three periods.

Final: Darien 8, Wilton 4.

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22 Responses to “Wednesday's Top 5/Predictions/Score updates”

  1. Syracuse says:


    * Sooner or later Horace Greeley’s defense is going to have to regroup. Against L/P is a good place to start, but I still think the Rebels are better.

    L/P 12, Greeley 9

    * It’s widely thought that Wilton is a shell of what it used to be. Darien, for that matter, has already lost twice, albeit to two very good teams in Manhasset and Malverne Prep. I can’t imagine a Jeff Brameier-coached team looking ahead, what with Yorktown on the horizon.

    Darien 10, Wilton 5

    * Ridgefield runs the Somers offense during its game against Danbury, just in case there’s anyone left in Tigers Nation who doesn’t know it by heart by now. They’ll surely be up to speed by halftime. That includes athletic trainers, scorekeepers and grounds crew.

    Ridgefield 15, Danbury 3

    * SWR is getting an awful lot of love from EVERYONE. Now’s not the time to hit a pothole.

    SWR 11, Comsewogue 9

    * It’s like the Iona Prep supporters thought that since the Gaels beat John Jay in a scrimmage back in January they’d be ready to join the elite of Section 1 and beyond. Well, Bronxville has quietly developed into one of the nicer Class C programs in the section, along with Putnam Valley. This one will be closer than many think.

    Iona Prep 11, Bronxville 9

  2. SirLaxalot says:

    Syracuse are you and Joe joined at the hip. All your score picks are the same as his

  3. WarriorLax says:

    Wilton is a much better team now since playing Ridgefield. I’m hearing Darien is rebuilding and make a lot of mental mistakes.
    Wilton 11, Darien 10

  4. Syracuse says:


    I don’t read Joe’s predictions before I make my own, so if they come out similar I guess it’s just a case of two great minds thinking alike.

    I’m usually the one who will say Ridgefield 20, Danbury 0, but then again why predict a score like that? It kind of defeats the point.

  5. GreenWhite says:

    I agree with Sir Lax. Come on Cuse. Dare to be different my man.

  6. BlueWhite says:

    At this point in the season Wilton should be happy if it keeps the game close. Wiseman can’t turn it around over night, be pleased with incremental process until the end of the regular season. It’s been 10 years since they beat Darien so it’s tough to predict a win over a team that has lost to two quality opponents in Set and MP

  7. Lax Novice says:

    No disrespect to WarriorLax, but the only way Wilton could score 11 goals is if Kristine Lilly regains her HS eligibility.

    Darien 13 – Wilton 3.

  8. Joe Lombardi says:

    Congrats to Yorktown grad Tim Kurpis, a junior at Gettysburg. He was just named Centennial Conference defensive player of the week:

  9. LAX says:

    Any updates on the L/P, Greeley game?

  10. lax watch says:

    Lp 11- greeley 7

  11. Joe Lombardi says:

    Score update: Darien, Wilton are all tied up after one.
    Check the main body of this post for more.
    Do we have an upset developing? Keep it right here, gang.

  12. James says:

    Joe – Thanks for the update. This is where R’field slammed on the gas in the other game; let’s hope the Warriors can keep it close at halftime.

  13. Joe Lombardi says:

    No problem, James. Darien enjoyed a strong second quarter and leads 6-2 at the half. I updated the main body of this post with the goal-scoring breakdown so far.

  14. Syracuse says:

    I’m hearing Shoreham defeated Comsewogue 9-6

  15. slacrosse says:

    Is HG’s D getting better? Only gave up 11 this time. But didn’t Litwak have to sit out?

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    It just ended in Wilton, folks. Final: Darien 8, Wilton 4.

    Check the main body of this post for more info.

  17. CoppsHill says:

    Yo … Ridgefield beat Wilton 15-3. Darien barely only won tonite vs. Wilton by four goals.

    That means Ridgefield by like 7 or 8 over Darien!


  18. IP LAX FAN says:

    nice call on the IP bxvile score cuse,
    it was 14-8 final.
    and it was march not january. c’mon ur worse than keelan.

  19. syracuse says:

    14-8 or 11-9. That’s still very respectable.

  20. casual observer says:

    14-8 is respectable for a top team in the area. not if your suppousedly a strong C team playing a team that is having a tough time vs. sec 1 teams and really establishing itself as a top 5 team in the area. chose one, is bxville not as good as you thought or is iona prep better? cant have your cake and eat it to.

  21. syracuse says:

    Casual Observer,

    What exactly has Bronxville ever won? If anything I’m saying a 14-8 loss to a team with last year’s leading scorer in the nation and a host of other talented offensive players is a very good result for them.

    Iona Prep is a tweener team. They aren’t anywhere near good enough to roll with the upper echelon teams in Section 1 this year as evidenced by a 6-goal loss to a Rye squad that isn’t what it has been in the past and a one-goal loss to Lakeland/Panas, which may be the second best team in Class A, but is probably the fourth or fifth best team in the section overall.

    But still, they should beat Bronxville and to me 14-8 sounds about right. So it wasn’t 11-9 like I said. I was being optimistic. That’s not the end of the world.

    See, you guys take these stupid predictions too seriously. How much thought do you think are actually put into them? Sure, any of us could say Ridgefield will beat Bridgeport Central 20-0, but who really wants to hear that? That’s not good for the team that always seems to lose 20-0. The idea is to wish for competitive games, even though you may know in the back of your mind sometimes you just won’t get what you want.

    It’s better that way for everyone involved — unless you are foolish enough to take my sorry prognostications to Vegas.

  22. casual observer says:

    relax, i was just trying to figure out your point. i mean in your prediction you were giving bronxville props but then you continue on to bash them i wasnt attacking your point like IP LAX FAN was i was just looking for some clarity as to what your thoughts were.
    and SWLAX has a good point. i didnt know that until this morning. thats great that hes going to make a full recovery. i will pray for his recovery efforts.

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