Gus Guido had a big game on offense for Iona Prep, but the Gaels fell to Lakeland/Panas 10-9. (Photo by Jim Stout/

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Lakeland/Panas has had its share of difficulties when it comes to shooting the ball.

I put it diplomatically.

Rebels coach Jim Lindsay did not.

“We are a horrendous shooting team,” Lindsay said after the Rebels came from behind to win 10-9 at Iona Prep today. “We are shooting in the 20-percent range. We haqve to find a way to put the ball in the net.”

The Rebels managed to do just that in the crucial final period today, as they outscored Iona Prep 4-2 in the final period.

Lakeland/Panas vs. Iona Prep was one of the early games today. Action wrapped up tonight as New Fairfield beat Rye 13-7 and junior attackman Greg Petre scored a career-high six goals for Somers in a 15-3 win over Clarkstown South.

The Rebels’ fourth-quarter rally was keyed by Shawn Honovich, who scored the go-ahead goal with 8:14 remaining, giving the Rebels an 8-7 lead. That goal came off the face following another goal by Honovich which tied it at 7-7 with to go.

Honovich’s three goals were big for the Rebels since leading scorer Jack Doherty was limited to one goal and one assist. The Binghamton University-bound all-America attackman was defended by Chris Jackson throughout the game.

Iona Prep’s top offensive weapon, Drexel-bound senior Nick Trizano (who led the nation in scoring last season), was contained by Lakeland/Panas senior Andrew O’Mara. Trizano finished with a goal and two assists. Teammate Gus Guido had three goals and three assists.

Entering the game, it was uncertain whether or not O’Mara would even play. He suffered a pulled hamstring in a two-goal win at Mahopac earlier in the week.

“I knew he was quick, so I overplayed him,” O’Mara said. “I just basically played basic D. As the game went on, I could tell he was getting frustrated.”

Trizano’s father, Iona Prep coach Rick Trizano, was pretty frustraed too.

Before the team, he emphasizes to his team that desire beats skills. After the game, he was echoing that theme.

“It’s all mental,” he said. “Some of our seniors expect to have success without having to work. That’s not how it happens.”

Clarkstown South’s game at Somers featured two of the stars of the Hudson Valley Empire State Games bronze-medal winning team — goaltender Luke Haggerty of Clarkstown South and attackman Joe Marasco of Somers.

Though the Tuskers won easily and Marasco had four goals and an assist (including a goal off a hidden-ball trick), but players performed well.

Haggerty, who was peppered with shots after South took a 1-0 lead midway through the first quarter on a goal by Sean Day.

“It was nice to go up early,” Clarkstown South coach Adam Chagares said, “but having to deal with JoJo (Marasco) makes it tough.”

So top did having to deal with Greg Petre. The junior attackman scored a career-high six goals, including a behind-the-back shot off a nice feed from sophomore Kieran Donohue, who had three assists.

“After they went up 1-0 and having Luke (Haggerty) in goal, I was a little worried,” said Petre, whose previous career high was five goals (against Hen Hud earlier this season). “But our offense has gotten better since the Cold Spring Harbor game (a 7-3 loss last Saturday). We move the ball quicker and work off the ball better.”

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7 Responses to “Lakeland/Panas edges Iona Prep; Somers' Petre scores career-high six goals vs. Clarkstown South”

  1. jrod says:

    I knew haggarty could not handle playing a team like somers….

  2. laxfan42 says:

    haggarty isn’t the problem, he made saves, if it wasn’t for him the score would have been much higher. He has no team around him. As for Somers, they are improving with every game. Teams think that if they double team JoJo they got it made, there are to many weapons on that team and JoJo passes and lets them score. Coach’s Lew and Brain are doing awesome at making Somers a well rounded team and the defense is really starting to step up. They were balanced against greeley and tonight and if they continue they will be at the top

  3. Kender says:

    He had 24 saves in 3 quarters of are you going to say he cant handle a team like somers. His team cant handle a team like somers.

  4. Somers fan says:

    Think if hags was in the cage for another quarter he could have hit that 57 saves there cuse lol?

  5. LinGGering says:

    Was at the game last and what I saw was a very solid somers offence, Were placing there shots. Lingo wasent tested much but he played good. Souths D needs some work before it can hang with the big boys in section 1. Haggerty did impresse me though on a number of ocations and one were he stuffed jojo when there was knowone within 10 feet of jojo.

  6. ripo says:

    Wow Iona thought they were good this year. Very dissapointing since they said they beat JJ in a scrimmage and thought they were great.

  7. RedGray says:

    One of the best hits of the season happened in the Somers-South game. Dylan Haas laid out a South kid with a good clean hit, picked up the loose ball and went in and scored. Players from both teams kneeled while the trainer worked on the kid. He was OK.

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