Yesterday was Super Tuesday with plenty of big games that may foreshadow what we see in the postseason.

In light of the matchups now in store, I guess we can call today Wild Wednesday.

If you don’t know on face value why these matchups are so big, take a quick look, friends, at our latest Top 25 regional rankings.

Here’s the lineup:

• Garden City at Lynbrook, 11 a.m.

Prediction: Garden City 10, Lynbrook 7

• Farmingdale at Wantagh, 11 a.m.

Prediction: Farmingdale 12, Wantagh 8

• William Floyd at Sachem North, 4 p.m.

Prediction: William Floyd 9, Sachem North 5

In the Westchester region, there are a couple of interesting contests to keep an eye on:

• Rye at Hen Hud, 4:30 p.m.

Prediction: Rye 12, Hen Hud 6

• Fordham Prep at Iona Prep, 4:30 p.m.

Prediction: Iona Prep 14, Fordham Prep 7

Score updates

From Section 1:

Hen Hud 7, Rye 4

Scores of note:

Niskayuna 15, Guilderland 2

Corning East 9, Chenango Forks 8 (2 OT)

Scores from Section 1, NYC & Long Island:

Farmingdale 14, Wantagh 8
Friends Academy 11, Calhoun 7
Garden City 5, Lynbrook 4

Hicksville 11, Kellenberg 3
Horace Mann 16, Collegiate 3
Iona Prep 13, Fordham Prep 6

Jericho 10, Plainview JFK 2
LaSalle Institute 10, Suffern 4
Manhasset 14, North Shore 4

Northport 7, Sachem East 4
Plainedge 7, MacArthur-Levittown 6 (OT)
Port Washington 14, Freeport 5

Riverhead 10, Commack 1
Smithtown East 11, Patchogue-Medford 5
South Side 10, Long Beach 1

St Mary’s 14, Long Island Lutheran 4
Ward Melville 12, Half Hollow Hills East 1
William Floyd 16, Sachem North 7

Briarcliff 11, Wappingers 7
Croton-Harmon 16, Westlake 4
Harrison 6, Nanuet 5

North Salem 15, Edgemont 11
Mamaroneck 11, Ardsley 5
Rye Country Day 15, South Kent 3

Be sure to weigh in with your comments.

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31 Responses to “Wednesday's Today 5/Predictions/Score updates”

  1. Taz says:

    Joe – One of “Cuse’s posts made it seem like you had an issue with how Greeley played Interlichio – was just trying to get color.

    GC/Lynbrook probably the best of the LI games today. I think it’s a pick ’em but I’ll take Lynbrook. This will be one of the first real tests for GC’s young defense.

    Will also take Wantagh over F’dale although not sure on that one at all. Wantagh all depends on which team shows up.

    I like your Floyd pic but I’d take St. A’s over FF Prep – neither team has impressed early in the season IMO.

    Like Rye big over HH.

  2. GreenWhite says:

    Joe speaking of disputing its funny that people disputed your statement that KI would be contained in a game. You even said Katchis would be guarding him and it would be a great matchup and he winds up holding a kid who had 8 goals vs. St. Ant’s and 7 vs Somers to one goal.

  3. RebelYell says:

    Also nice pick going with LP over Pac 8-6 Joe-Lo. That was the actual final score.

  4. LaxerDude says:

    Joe is special.

  5. dee-up says:

    Props to Katchis . His name has been around as solid , so he goes and proves the point.

  6. casual observer says:

    joe, thoughts on IP-FP?
    and by the way my man you have st. ants vs FFP listed as a score from yesterday on yesterdays top 5. maybe i misread but whats the deal?

  7. slacrosse says:

    IP wins 15-5

  8. slacrosse says:

    New Fairfield (CT)??

    Rye plays on Sat. Anybody know anything about them? Last yr they had the AA defense guy that is at Duke (Constabile). 3-0 but not vs any top CT schools.

  9. CP Sailors says:

    I think HH can upset Rye today if they bring there “A” game. … HH 8, Rye 7

  10. What says:

    Not a chance in hell HH beats rye…if they do Im taking a vacation!

  11. Taz says:

    Joe – Nice call Farmingdale!

  12. LI Guy says:

    How did the Dalers do?

  13. WestonCT says:

    When are Ridgefield’s other tough games like Darien and Somers? Looks like Greenwich, New Canaan games will be blowouts.

  14. Keeler Tav says:

    We don’t play Darien till May 1 I think. Not sure about Somers.

  15. What: i guess your taking a vacation says:

    hen hud beat rye 7-4 @hen hud

  16. CP Sailors says:

    I called it!!! Hen Hud upset Rye 7-4. Bobby Cincero was sick in goal and Matt McDermott had three goals.

    We have a new contender in Class B!!!

  17. Syracuse says:

    I saw Hen Hud play twice in its first three games and if you had told me then that they would beat a team like Rye 10 days later I never would have believed you.

    That said, congrats to coach Solomon. Guy works hard. Deserves a win like this.

    Hen Hud has some offensive players, but the this score just screams that sooner or later Rye is going to have to get some offensive depth.

    This also tells me that Manhasset may win the Class C state semifinal game against the Section 1 rep 20-1.

  18. Dee-up says:

    Cuse so there are no other challengers in class c. And I’m not looking for a politically correct answer just serious straight up.

  19. Syracuse says:

    In Section 1? Well, this much I know: someone will win it.

    On Long Island, Cold Spring Harbor will likely offer the biggest roadblock to Manhasset. Upstate, we’re talking Lafayette.

    I’ve heard good things about Put Valley, Bronxville, but I don’t think either stand a snowball’s chance in hell of beating the Long Island rep. They just aren’t at that level. Neither was Rye, for that matter, but at least Rye gave you some hope.

  20. syracuse says:

    Check these scores out: Niskayuna 15, Guilderland 2; Corning East 8, Chenango Forks 8 (2 OT) …

    I just added a ton of scores up high in the body of this post …

  21. syracuse says:

    Correction: Corning East 9, Chenango Forks 8 (2 OTs)

  22. slacrosse says:


    You say Plainedge will be there (at New Fairfield)? Are there 2 games going on?

  23. slacrosse says:


    Really good effort by HH on O and D with some really nice goalie saves. They deserved to win.

    Your comment was that Rye needed to get “offensive depth” . Its worse then that: Rye’s D stunk in the most basic ways (agian credit to HH for playing patient, solid O).

    Maybe even more frustrating was a seeming lack of intensity (could see that in gound balls) as was case vs Jay. In the IP game Rye was 100% intense. Cant explain this drop-off.

    Thought the IP game was the start of a steady improvement with today being a big-time set-back.

    Agree with your comments on Class C vs LI.

  24. slacrosse says:

    Thanx Joe,

    Sure Coaches will have some pretty “no holds barred” things to say to the boys + 2 days tough practice with idea of turning around todays effort on Sat

  25. Taz says:

    Lynbrook vs. Garden City was more boring than Manhasset vs. JJ! and no one tried to hold the ball! 😉

    Seriously, neither team showed any semblance of a real offensive threat. Maybe due to the defense in some part but don’t think that’s entirely it.

    Have to think SWR in Suffolk is a strong candidate to win LI B’s.

  26. Joe Lombardi says:

    Taz –

    After SWR’s win over Mountain Lakes, I would have to agree.

    When I saw Garden City, the defense was way ahead of the offense. Sounds like it’s stayed that way. Same for Lynbrook.

    But you never know, CSH has pulled some surprises in the playoffs with that style. Just ask Manhasset.

  27. Doid23 says:

    I agree that SWR is a good team, but I wouldn’t use the win vs. Mountain Lakes as a good barometer, they are not having a typical Lakes season. They lost 8-4 to Kinnelon yesterday, they are 2-3 with both wins being in OT vs. Montclair and Bergen Catholic.

  28. Taz says:

    Not based on that – more just like the way they play and they can put points on the board. Also think “Wogue could be there at the end.

  29. Joe Lombardi says:

    Good point about Mountain Lakes not having a typical season, Doid.

    I agree with Taz about SWR overall. Exhibit B: a 9-4 win over a good, well-coached Mount Sinai team.

  30. Pequa says:

    Trust me, SWR is the real deal.

  31. Dee-up says:

    Slacrosse . I’m sure your guys will bounce back and run with it .. Those guys you have are to talented . catch you later & good luck

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