Tomorrow, Long Island will take center stage with some colossal confrontations on tap.

But today, Section 1 is in the spotlight.

Let’s call it Super Tuesday.

Headlining the day is the 4:30 p.m. showdown between a pair of unbeatens — Horace Greeley (3-0) and Yorktown (4-0).

Then, at 7 p.m., Class A title contenders and longtime rivals Mahopac and Lakeland/Panas square off at Mahopac.

And finally, there’s a 7:15 p.m. game between two teams who happen to be 2-2 — John Jay and host Somers — but who are regarded as the favorites to meet in the Class B sectional final. (Greeley may have something to say about that.)

So let’s get to ’em — and an intriguing Fairfield vs. Long Island showdown.

Fairfield County heavyweight Ridgefield  has been pouring on the points early on this spring. But the Tigers will take on their toughest foe yet — and one of their most challenging of the season — when they meet Massapequa.

In other action, Comsewogue (2-0) visits John Glenn (3-0).

Let’s get to the predictions. We will be back at 4:30 p.m. for live scoring updates.


Yorktown 10, Greeley 4

Lakeland/Panas 8, Mahopac 6

John Jay 9, Somers 7

Ridgefield 9, Massapequa 7

Comsewogue 11, John Glenn 5

Score updates:


Update 1: Yorktown leads Greeley 7-1 after one quarter.

Update 2: Greeley has battled back to pull within 8-6 at the half. Clever off-ball play and shot placement has gotten the Quakers back in it.

Update 3: Yorktown leads 11-7 after three. John Ranagan has five goals and Remy Lieberman has three goals. Derek Katchis has limited Kevin Interlicchio to one goal.

Final: Yorktown 16, Greeley 11

Ranagan finishes with 8 goals, including one I’ll let Joe describe later. Katchis does good job on KI, who scored just once. Joe disputes the notion of face-guarding and excessive double-teaming by Greeley. Lieberman had 3 goals. Kerstein for Greeley helped turn the tide a bit in the second quarter with fantastic faceoff work. Leventhal apparently had great game for Greeley. Yorktown coaches very upset with how the team played defensively, said to be very slow a-foot … Joe will have full recap later.


Update 1: Somers leads 2-1 after one. After Jimmy Morris gave John Jay a 1-0 lead, Somers got back-to-back goals from Dylan Haas and Colin Tullgren.

Update 2: Potentially devastating news for John Jay. After Will Stewart scored to make it 3-2 Jay, he severely injured his shoulder celebrating the goal and is likely done for the game. He’s in an ice pack on the sideline.

Update 3: Somers up 6-4 at the half. Morris scores second of game with 1 second left to end Tuskers’ 4-0 run.

Update 4: Haas’ third goal of game makes it 7-4 Somers 1:42 into third quarter.

Update 5: Marasco’s lefty rip makes it 8-4 Somers with seven minutes left in third. Daniello answers for Jay. It’s 8-5.

Update 6: Cole Partenza scores off fastbreak feed from Matt Deiana. Somers leads 9-5 with five minutes left in the third.

Update 7: Jake Weil answers for JJ, making it 9-7 . Fletcher Franklin replaced Robert Maher in goal for JJ earlier in the period. Somers’ Chris Longo has come up with some big saves.

Update 8: Somers up 9-6 after three.

Update 9: Forrest Walter scores to pull JJ within 9-7 with 4:14 left in regulation.

Update 10: Greg Petre scoops up a loose ball and fires it in. Somers leads 10-7 with 3 minutes to go.

Update 11: Longo has 25 saves for Somers.

Final: Somers 10, John Jay 7

In the other big showdown of tonight:

Final: Lakeland/Panas 8, Mahopac 6

Section 1, NYC, Long Island & Connecticut scores:

Ridgefield 12, Massapequa 5

St. Anthony’s 16, Fairfield Prep 7

Greenwich 5, Fairfield-Ludlowe 4

St. Joseph-Trumbull 12, Stamford 3

New Canaan 8, Staples 2
Darien 19, Trinity Catholic 2
Westhill 14, Bridgeport Central 0
Wilton 16, Fairfield-Warde 4
Chaminade 13, Holy Trinity 7
Comsewogue 9, John Glenn – Elwood 4
Fordham Prep 10, Xaverian 1
Huntington 10, Kings Park 8

Iona Prep 20, Mount St Michael 0
Islip 15, Greenport-Mattituck-SH 1
Kellenberg 13, St Dominic 0

Longwood 15, Brentwood 13
Mount Sinai 8, Eastport/South Manor 5
Rocky Point 16, Bellport 9
Shoreham-Wading River 11, Babylon 8
Smithtown West 11, Hauppauge 8
St Francis Prep 10, St Joseph By-The-Sea 6

Be sure to weigh in with your predictions, analysis and comments.

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85 Responses to “Tuesday's Top 5/Predictions/Score updates”

  1. re:lax says:

    Yorktown 12 Greeley 5 Yorktown just has too much
    Mahopac 9 L/P 8 Just a feeling…could go either way
    Somers 9 JJ 6 Even if Jay tries to slow it down
    Ridgefield 16 Massapequa 6 Massapequa = old indian word meaning “by the mall”

  2. coming says:

    What is your thoughts on the Nrock-south game this week.

  3. LAX 17 says:

    Mahopac game is at Mahopac.Joe better rethink your prediction.

  4. OGo17 says:

    Thoughts on Put Valley vs Bronxville?

  5. JLaxToMax says:

    I’m thinking #49 Brokate hits the winner in OT tonight…Jay wins 9-8

  6. slacrosse says:


    Dont think BV that strong.

    If PV doesn’t win easily and by a large margin, a real set back for their perceived quality.

    12-5 PV

  7. BigBadBear says:

    where is the BV PV game bieng played? If at BV, don’t count them out…I think the game will be closer…and Jordan might be the nicest, most polite and mature kid you will ever want to meet

  8. syracuse says:

    I think Ridgefield is going to wipe the floor with Massapequa. I think a 10-plus goal win is very possible.

    I also like Comeswogue to have an easy time with John Glenn-Elwood, even though I tabbed Glenn as a team to watch on Long Island a few weeks ago in the “View from the Dome.” Something tells me this ‘swogue team is for real.

    They just lost by one to an undefeated Springfield-Delco, a Pa. squad which plays everyone when it comes to privates. It just goes to show there are so many excellent private schools out there. We are sort of blind to them because they are mostly not in New York.

  9. syracuse says:

    And just to reiterate:

    Yorktown 11, Greeley 4
    L/P 10, Mahopac 6
    Somers 7, John Jay 6 (OT)

  10. dee-up says:

    awwww i was going to say Joe left the stepchild (Putnam Valley) off the map again but Ogo17 stole my thunder . I’m with big B bear , my understanding is bronxville has some game in them. I would like to think PV by 5-6 goals if they continue to play as a team and not overlook anyone . But will not be surprised by any team.
    Slacrosse hope your right on this one and why is it we don’t see many scrores on Rye . Have they not played many yet or it’s kept on the down low.
    No one individual is bigger then the team !

  11. dee-up says:

    Town 14-5
    Pac 12-9
    Somers 9-7
    giddy- up

  12. dee-up says:

    14-8 Putnam V over Bxville
    sorry for extra post

  13. nyack101 says:

    Nyacks goalie should be up on the poll not haggerty..

  14. Joe Lombardi says:

    Nyack 101 –

    This is a democracy! Go ahead and write him in on the poll.

  15. Somers fan says:

    Why should haggerty not be up there, he is a sick goalie.

  16. LAX 17 says:

    Pac12 LP 7 Too much O goalie on Pac playing well
    Ytown 17 HG 10
    Somers12 JJ 8 Jo Jo takes over

  17. […] • For live score updates on today’s games, click here. […]

  18. slacrosse says:


    I agree with your picks and ball-park scores.

    Rye plays Hen Hud tomorrow. Their scores have been 2-9 Town, 7-13 Jay, 13-8 Rye over Iona Prep. Full credit to Jay for coming back from a quick 2-0 deficit and playing good lacrosse. but I’ve previously said that I think Jay and Rye are much closer then that particular score denotes.

  19. LAX 17 says:

    Sla and dee up.
    Pac will beat L/P. Town easy over HG. Somers too fast for JJ

  20. LAX 17 says:

    Rye easy over Hen Hud. Santangelo and McCormack will control game. Keough will shut down Green. Rye middies will D up Hud middies. 12-5 Rye

  21. syracuse says:

    Yorktown putting boots to Greeley, 7-1 after 1.

  22. syracuse says:

    Give it up for the Fighting Quakers. They cut the deficit to 2 by half and trail 11-7 after 3.

  23. sec11 says:

    Greeley doubled Interlicchio and even face guarded him at one point which really opened up things for Ranagan and Leiberman…Thats the sign of truely a GREAT team when they can depend on other guns!

    Nice coaching job by Greeley by limiting Interlicchio’s shots…Thought it was gunna be an ugly one after 1st quarter but they stayed in it..

  24. syracuse says:

    Yorktown wins 16-11. Ranagan finishes with 8 goals, including one I’ll let Joe describe later. Katchis does good job on KI, who scored just once, though Joe disputes the notion of face-guarding and excessive double-teaming by Greeley. Lieberman had 3 goals. Kerstein for Greeley helped turn the tide a bit in the second quarter with fantastic faceoff work. Leventhal apparently had great game for Greeley. Yorktown coaches very upset with how the team played defensively … Joe will have full recap later.

  25. syracuse says:

    FINAL: Ridgefield 12, Massapequa 5

  26. Glax says:

    Great game Yorktown. We didn’t win, but I think we can all agree that Greeley has definitely learned your respect and we’re going far.

  27. Syracuse says:


    Updates from Somers-Jay will be posted in the body copy of this post by me as I get them from Joe.


  28. John says:

    Syracuse –

    Any details on the Ridgefield game? Did Colsey empty the bench?

  29. LaxMan says:

    Yorktown didn’t bring there best game and still won, Greeley didn’t have enough depth but some of those guys can play. I thought it was smart to unmercifully hack the the Yorktown attack borderline penalties not called but could have been. 15 goals by kids other than KI which is good sign, 11 goals from the midfield. Defense for Yorktown did not play well in the second quarter which caused the coaches to pull them out for the start of the second half. once again Yorktown did not play a strong game and still put 16 on the board however let up 11, I’ll put the blame on a long week off and a cold cold game.

  30. What says:

    I just had practice it was cold at all…

  31. What says:


  32. Run and Gun says:

    Geez LaxMan, you might be the most stubborn kid ever. Stop pointing fingers and give these kids some credit, they played a great game (and everyone had a week off and cold weather…).

  33. Syracuse says:


    I was told Massapequa held the ball a lot, not to say they stalled. Read into that however you want. I do not believe Colsey emptied the bench.

  34. Syracuse says:

    First Jay-Somers update added …

  35. Syracuse says:

    Guys, big news out of Jay-Somers. Will Stewart injured and likely will not return. Apparently hurt celebrating a goal. … Updates coming fast and furious now in the body copy of this post.

  36. hopkins says:

    wat time is the y town vs ward melville game on saturday

  37. town says:


    the game is at 2 pm @ Charlie murphy field

  38. hopkins says:

    ok thanks

  39. Syracuse says:

    It’s all over. Somers 10, John Jay 7.

  40. Indian J says:

    Somers 10 JJ 7

    I thought that the game in general was so so. John Jay made a lot of rookie mistakes and Somers capitalized nicely on them. I would say the difference was the confidence Somers had vs. JJ’s unsteadiness .

  41. LaxMan says:

    i gave them credit i just dont think yorktown played well and still put up 7 in the first quarter in the blink an eye and 16 for the game, i just dont think greeley had an answer for all the players that can score for yorktown besides KI, I’m sorry i wasn’t bashing greeley but bashing the crappy play of Yorktown

  42. yopac says:


  43. sadsss says:

    yea Ytown did play pretty sloppy..They were clearly looking past Greeley for their game on sat vs Melville BUT give credit to where credit is due, Horace Greeleys kids played very hard!!!!

    Granted ytown played bad, (they still put up 16 g’s…haha)

  44. LAX says:

    Nice win by Somers, hopefully JJ can polish up by sectionals where they will probably meet again. Any word on if Stewart is ok? Don’t know how he would get injured celebrating a goal lol. He may have made a difference, but Somers looked like the better team today. Longo made some key saves, Diena dominated faceoffs (he’s so fast), and Somers had an easier time finishing. JJ did make some unnecessary mistakes, but that can be expected from a team in which most of the offense comes from sophomores.

  45. slacrosse says:

    2 stories I think for Town. (1) the way JR took charge (to say the least) and as well how others stepped up big time with scoring with Ki being stopped. (2) Towns poor D which is too good to let in 11 goals (credit to HG for having players in position to score). HG didnt have spectacular goals but just got cutters, men open in front of the goal with no D at times to stop them.

    Town better pick up their D to their usual high level or they could be in trouble with WM and certainly Darien.

    As for HG great effort. they do have some offensive talent besides Fried in Becker, Berman, Cohen, Kerstein. Kerstein is a real good FO guy and was giving HG a fair amount of possession (JR handled him well in beginning of game but they Town put in other guys which perplexed me as Kerstein was winning more vs these other kids). Katches, Litwak played as usual very aggressively handling KI to the point where either of them could have/should have been called for penalties–but they had to go to the limit.

    I’d put HG right up there with Somers heading Class A

  46. slacrosse says:

    Meant to say Class B in last sentence.

  47. Dee-up says:

    Laxman – reread your post there is a lot of unnecessary comments . How about you take the win and tip your hat to Greeley case closed. maybe you throw in a few props to your boys on Town if you like. You have no excuses don’t make any up . Nice job to both teams . Vinny De you got the boys going , keep it up

  48. LaxMan says:

    somers and hg are in class B

  49. LAX says:

    You mean class B? JJ at Greeley Saturday should be a good game. Surprisingly high scoring game for Greeley against Yorktown considering the defense is so strong on both teams.

  50. townfan24 says:

    Hats off to greeley they stood close to town in a game where noone believed they would be close(me included) but you also have to ackowledge the sloppy play of yorktowns D. In some ways i think the sloppy play by yorktown today was good becuase it will encourage them to practice even harder then they already do this week and come out strong against melville. I know the crop will be in full effect…

  51. LaxMan says:

    Dee-up where are the unnecessary comments i didn’t say HG sucked and we should have killed them, i said that yorktowns depth was a huge factor and HG had some good players. I also said we didn’t play a good game and still scored 16 which is a credit to Yorktown, i also dont think they would say they played a good game either. This isn’t a popularity contest i just wrote what i saw so u can take what u think i wrote however u want but either way that is how the game went.

  52. slacrosse says:

    Had a feeling Somers would bounce back after a “down” performance vs CSH. Not saying they would have won vs a strong CSH team but just didn’t seem like the intensity was there as it was vs town and tonite.

  53. freelaxer says:

    Somers v Jay was a real good game. Both teams played pretty well but the difference was the ability to finish. Jay had 5 or 6 shots 1 on 1 with the goalie and shot it right into his chest. Face-offs were about even. Somers 10th goal shouldn’t have been one because a somers guy took it from the goalies stick from inside the crease so it should have been interference, then Jay hit 2 pipes on there last possessions, so could have easily been 9-8. Somers Offense and Defense looked good. Dylan Haas had 3 nice goals, to go with Jojo’s nice 2 goals, Jojo is also a ground-ball machine. Somers goalie Longo played outstanding wiht 25 saves.

  54. Doid23 says:

    Well, I’m encouraged by Jay’s staying with Somers. The young kids have to walk away knowing that if they continue to be part of games like this, and learn from them, they’ve got a chance to change the outcome if they happen to meet again. The 25 saves surprised me, was Longo standing on his head, or were the Jay kids just not finding holes, as mentioned earlier?

    Good on Greeley for showing some grit and not rolling over down 7-1 after 1, but I think it’s a pick your poison thing with this Town team. Greeley-Jay should be interesting on Saturday.

  55. Sec 1 Lax says:

    25 saves – WOW – how many shots did they get in total? Congrats to the goalie, but need to practice shooting

  56. solidD says:

    NOT to take anything away from chris longo who played a outstanding game, but it seemed to me that there were atleast 5 shots that were just on the doorstep and drilled right into his chest pad. It seemed as though jj couldn’t find holes and were just hitting him in the chest, head and thighs. Not to mention the amount of pipes jj hit in the last quarter, around 4 i would guess. But all in all somers was the better team tonite, jj one step behind. It was a very exciting game, and i would not mind seeing a rematch later on…

  57. OGo17 says:

    Hearing good things about Putnam Valley
    Cant wait for the Putnam Valley Rye showdown Rivalry next Saturday at putnam Valley under the lights 7pm game
    should be a fantastic game
    As for Putnam Valley
    Keep it up baby
    play togeter and keep winning
    good job

  58. LoveTownLax says:

    Glax – if only HG bloggers hadn’t done all that trash-talkin’ and promising and predicting…..

  59. laxfan42 says:

    Maybe JJ couldn’t find the holes because Longo read them…anyway you slice it 26 saves is amazing. Let me tell you Janavey does not count any save that is not a save so pipes don’t count boys. Toes do, knees do, and sticks do. Anybody see the slide on the knees from one side of the goal to the other….yeah that was right in the chest. Nobody critizies other goalies for using any part of their body they can to save a goal. Longo owned that goal – ask jj there were at least 7 one on ones and Longo saved them. Amazing game by Somers, they kept in prespective the 2 losses to the 7th and 15th ranked teams in the country. They never rattled and stayed composed throughout and waited for their chance to capitlize, it was great to see a team effort in scoring. if they continue and the defense picks up they will be awesome.

  60. tizo says:

    it comes down to can longo make that many saves again next time they play jj

  61. LAX says:

    Yeah Longo definitely frustrated JJ, especially in the 4th when JJ commanded possession but Longo made something like 10 of 11 saves. Also a huge shift in momentum when Stewart got injured, Somers went on a quick 4-0 run in the 2nd, they also scored the first couple in the 3rd quarter. It’s true that JJ failed to
    Capitalize on some easy shots, but credit that to Longo he was a true game changer. Somers was the better team tonight, but I still won’t count JJ out come sectionals.

  62. LAX says:

    Also, Stewart dislocated his shoulder in a freak accident while giving a high five, may have been the result of a football injury he suffered, but he says hopefully he’ll play Saturday.

  63. Old Rugger says:

    Somers -JJ Top seed very important. Difference from a fans perspective was
    1. faceoffs Somers won about 2/3rds,
    2. Goalie Play/shot selection/speed, Somers goalie was very good and JJ shots were 10-15 MPH slower than Somers.
    3. Defensive play of attackmen, Somers much better at riding the defenders trying to clear the ball all game, it was not until late in the game when JJ saw it slipping away that they started to trap (which lead to 1 quick Somers goal), atackmen on JJ were slow to cover their defensive counterpart compared to Somers. Just my 2 cents from a fan. A very entertaining game and Somers has quite a few good atheletes it is not all JoJo. Liked the way young Daniello challenged and dished the ball. Good luck to both teams well played

  64. dee-up says:

    If the shoe fits …wear this

    It’s hard for me to understand why when your team wins the game yet people still feel the need to make excuses such as we did not play well or the refs or whatever. All teams have to deal with the same things. Good teams win even when they have bad days , they find a way . Hey you won the game be graciuous, stop your crying and gloating. Give some credit to the players that have worked hard and deserve the accolades (on both teams).
    It becomes hard to cheer for some of the bigger better programs due to the smug ways of some. The players deserve better. They work hard to get to this level so don’t diminish whats accomplished by your need to feel good and put others down with gloating and excuses on why your guys did not win by more.
    ***This is not for any one individual just for those where the shoe fits!

  65. Lax Novice says:

    Syracuse –

    Great job with the crystal ball, calling the Somers win and the Ridgefield romp over Massepequa. You know your stuff.

    And you are right about Yorktown having to get their D going better, with Ward Melville Sat. and Darien later in the season. They aren’t going to get 16 goals against those teams.

  66. Crease PHD says:

    I know it is early. However got to tip my hat to Coach Lew for the way he has turned around the goalie situation In Tusker town. Many people counted Longo out for various reasons, and after what happened in the final game last year who can blame them. Ive seen Somers play three times now. Longo is emerging as one of the top tier goalies in the section, and the close D is playing Amazing against some legit Offensive players!!. Another big test tommorow, vs Greeley. Class B is lots of fun to keep track of, and real interesting.

  67. LaxMan says:

    Gee i wonder who the shoe is for, But Yorktown isn’t satisfied with when they give up 11 goals no matter the team, Greeley was good not taking anything away from them but Yorktown is expected to do great things this year as they are every year and that defensive performance wont cut it against Long Island when they’re trying to make it to the state finals. So worry about your own team and how they’re gonna do against somers and JJ in class B and let the Yorktown fans worry about their team and how they’re doing.

  68. Syracuse says:

    Wow. This guy CROP is too much.

    Yorktown wins a big game, Ranagan has eight goals and he doesn’t once chime in on LaxLessons to offer his insights. On top of that, not only did CROP blows us off here I also heard that the so-called “CROP” members at Tuesday game vs. Horace Greeley were actually freshmen, likely forced to go in some bizarre hazing ritual.

    I mean, are games against Section 1 teams too low profile for The CROP and his flock to attend? I understand the paprazzi can be relentless, but to not even come on this board and share???

    Man, that’s as weak as men who like Coldplay.

  69. FAN Rothberg says:

    it was a rough game for yorktown yesterday, i know for a fact the boys had their shoes tied tight today..

    ward melville coming up next, defense has to get in line..

    i think it iwll be beneficial in the end, a reality check for the boys

  70. FAN Rothberg says:

    p.s. DMB was in town and The CROP had no time to get it done on the blogs

    expect an emergence on saturday, agriculture at it

  71. FAN Rothberg says:

    agriculture at it’s peak*

  72. THE CROP says:

    cuse’….my man…

    to explain my absence, i was at a dave matthews concert, and let me tell you..i walked into the garden and the place just erupted, dave matthews even stood there in awe that i walked through the doors, he even dedicated a song to me ..”All Along The CROPtower” he usually does a cover of the jimi hendrix song watchtower, but he switched it to CROPtower just for me..the crop was in the garden and everyone knew about it….i upstaged dave, and keep in mind the concert was unbelivable. So i had to miss yorktowns W, altho alittle sloppy and W is a W, i heard we were alittle off but i was promised we will be back strong against ward. as for the crop showing (your freshmen hazing joke made me laugh)..but afternoon games are alittle tough, not everyone has nothing to do with their lives like me.

    you better be there saturday, i just sent out “THE CROP” message on facebook to everyone in the group, so mark my words THE CROP will be in effect… supposed to be great weather, dont forget your shades, the sun is brutal..ill be wearing my yellow retro ones, i hope to see you there..listen for some CUSE screams.

  73. syracuse says:

    Oh I will be there and will offer up a recap on this site later Saturday afternoon. My hope is I’ll able to mention The CROP as making a contribution to the Town win.

    There’s a chance you may get the trifecta on Saturday — ‘CUSE, Joe and Isaac — at Town, or at least there for part of it.

    I know what you mean about the reception at the DMB show. It used to be that way for me at the Beacon Theatre whenever the Allman Bros. came to town. They would jam out to like 25-minute renditions of the SU fight song.

    Metallica has been known bust out “For Whom The Bell Tolls” whenever I’m in the house.

  74. BigBadBear says:

    I do think the Allman bros would be playing “whipping post” for you ‘cuse…and I will be out to watch y’town smack WM too

  75. THE CROP says:

    now that you mention it, gregg allman played with dave at the concert..

    cant wait for the trifecta at town tomorrow

  76. syracuse says:

    “Whippin’ CUSE”

    “Whippin’ CROP”

    “Whippin’ BEAR”

    “One way out baby … Lord I just can’t get out the door.”

  77. BigBadBear says:

    lol ‘cuse…what took you so long?…and the correct line would have been “good lord I feel like I’m dyin” random picks for the day

    Bears over Nanuet today…11-10
    P’ville over Wappingers 9 – 5
    L/P all over IP 14 -7
    Y’town over WM 9 -1 (poetic justice)

  78. syracuse says:

    I think L/P-Iona Prep is going to be a war. I see this as a very evenly matched game. In the end though, I like Lakeland 11-9.

    Yorktown-Melville …. God I don’t know …. but I will make a final prediction tonight.

  79. slacrosse says:

    I’m going with IP 12-10. They just cant lose to another Section 1 “power league” team (albeit LP taking its lumps this yr).

    All stops being pulled out for this one!

  80. slacrosse says:

    10-6 Town over WM

  81. Yes says:

    Whats everyone predictions for the somers game coming up tommorw.

  82. syracuse says:

    Somers wins 11-2. Haggerty makes 57 saves.

  83. Yes says:

    57 is alot of saves there cuse

  84. syracuse says:

    Yeah, it is, but I have faith he’ll make that many.

  85. No says:

    Somers wins 16-2 haggerty makes 3 saves, lingo makes 23

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