HUDSON VALLEY, N.Y., August 19, 2013 – Hudson Valley Sports Report (www.hudsonvalleysportsreport.com), a hyper-local, multi-platform digital sports media company, will launch on Sunday, Aug. 25, 2013, with the most comprehensive coverage of sports in New York’s Hudson Valley region.

HVSR will provide in-depth news, features, analysis, opinion, stats, video and more for 30 local high schools in Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam and Orange counties – including updates from Westchester and Rockland counties – as well as coverage of collegiate sports at Marist, Army, Vassar, Dutchess CC and SUNY-New Paltz. HVSR will also spotlight local pros, such as the Hudson Valley Renegades; recreation sports, including golf and running; and youth sports.

“To me, you just can’t give our local athletes – especially high school athletes – enough coverage,” said founder and co-managing partner Rich Thomaselli. “We have some good local media outlets around here but the coverage is still limited. Hudson Valley Sports Report gives all the athletes and coaches another venue to chronicle their exploits, to give them more publicity and recognition that they deserve.”

Together with co-managing partner Charlie Cornacchio – one of the most well-known and beloved local sports figures for two decades as the sports anchor of Cablevision News – there’s more than 50 years worth of journalism experience. Add in Westchester/Rockland contributing editor and columnist Joe Lombardi, and now you’re talking 70+ years of experience.

“I am thrilled and excited to integrate the level of video production I’m used to into this multi-digital platform that is accessible anywhere and anytime,” Cornacchio said. “This kind of visibility will be great for athletes looking to get recruited, great for the schools to follow their sports teams, as well as for parents and relatives who will be able to see video highlights and articles no matter what time of day or where they live around the world! To be able to make a difference has always been important to me, and to work with this passionate, talented, and award-winning team we’ve assembled makes it a lot of fun!”

Newly hired reporter Brian Smith will also contribute articles and video.

“Charlie is the difference-maker as far as I’m concerned,” Thomaselli said. “The growing trend in digital sports media at every level is video. There’s a big difference between going out to a sporting event and shooting some shaky video on a Flip or iPhone and having folks like Charlie and Brian Smith. Having Charlie produce the kind of professional, award-winning video packages he’s been known for will set us apart right out of the gate.”

Some of the video content HVSR will produce includes:

* A weekly 15-20 minute show called “Monday MashUp” that will appear on the site every Monday morning, giving a recap of the previous week, looking ahead to the following week, as well as a sit -down chat with a local sports figure.

* A Wednesday video profile of a player, coach, volunteer, or sports program in the community.

* A “Weekend Warrior” segment that will share health tips and exercises to reduce sports injuries, and more.

“It’s great to be working with my former broadcaster partner Charlie Cornacchio once again and also to be alongside another longtime colleague, Rich Thomaselli, and the whole crew here at Hudson Valley Sports Report,” Lombardi said. “I know they, along with a great staff that includes Brian Smith, will have every nook and cranny of Dutchess, Ulster and Putnam counties covered.

“My mission, and I’ve chosen to accept it, is to keep folks up to date on two counties I’ve covered for a long time and that are at the epicenter of Section 1 sports and also hotspots for college athletics – Westchester and Rockland. It’s an area filled with great players, fans and coaches, and most importantly, great stories.”

Visit www.hudsonvalleysportsreport.com for more information beginning Aug. 25. To watch a 30-second promo video for the Aug. 25 launch, click here.

You can follow Hudson Valley Sports Report on Twitter @HVSportsReport and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hudson-Valley-Sports-Report/89899072820

You can follow Hudson Valley Sports Report on Twitter @HVSportsReport.

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    Great site. Love the mix of videos and stories. As always Joe is a pleasure to watch/read no matter what sport.

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