HSNote_600x400_01_12Manhasset and Yorktown shared the spotlight not only of the tristate but the entire nation with a pair of monumental wins on Saturday.

‘Set held on for a 9-7 win over Garden City in the 123rd Woodstick Classic, snapping a streak of three straight Woodstick wins by the Trojans.

Yorktown pulled away for a 12-8 win over previously unbeaten Chaminade, the No. 2 team in the latest Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse national rankings.

In addition, the two high school games played prior to the start of the Big City Classic at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., were both one-goal games.

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8 Responses to “Monumentals wins for Manhasset, Yorktown steal Saturday spotlight”

  1. WestLax says:

    Section 1 Power Rankings
    1. Yorktown – Super Power with Super Friends, Ridgefield 4/30
    2. Bronxville – only blemish from above, only test left Jay 5/11
    3. John Jay – decent stretch ahead, finish with Bronxville
    4. Somers – one of the toughest schedules in Sec. 1
    5. Mamaroneck – Staples and Bronxville ahead, maybe “A”favorite?
    6. Rye – Got dominated at X by Somers tough stretch ahead
    7. Mahopac – really tough schedule ahead; Somers, HenHud, Bxville and Jay
    8. Arlington – can they hold on down the stretch and make noise in playoffs
    9. Hen Hud – Best face off guy in the section
    10. Putnam Valley – New to the 10
    10. Brewster – good record no big wins, tough loss to Arlington

    • fan says:

      I agree with your Rankings for the top 3. It should be….

      1. YORKTOWN- way above everyone else. Should be ranked higher nationally

      2. Bronxville- Way above everyone else in section 1 with maybe regards to JJ

      3. John Jay- Tough schedule and close games should help them but last big section 1 game is Bronxville

      THEN YOU JUST HAVE EVERYONE ELSE. No rhyme or reason why but i would say that besides those top 2 teams and still not completely sold on JJ. the rest of section 1 is way way down. In class A who knows who wins that and very well can have a team with a losing record win it. Section 1 in class A wont even make it to regional state game. THey will lose in the out bracket against Shen. At its even scarier that Town will have to play Niskuyana in the out bracket game just to get to the regional game. Any thoughts on why section 1 is way down this year.

      • Lax says:

        A is exceptionally weak this year, even at the top the argument could be made that C with Bronxville, Hen Hud, and Put Valley are better than A with Arlington, Mamo, L/P, and Pac. Head to head C has come out on top and the only losses in C’s top teams are to Ytown, Bville, JJ, and Somers. While definitely not definitive, the fact that the argument is there shows how down a year it is.

      • South of 287 says:

        Different take – Ville and Town are way up this year and have a lot of front line talent, especially Town through out line up. Ville has another two yrs at most in this run, then not as much front line talent coming up. With Warble and Grass sr. leaving, this is the year for them to make a serious run in states.

        Town will be town – big difference this year is the D which is very stout. Shen must be tough to put 12 up on them, saw they lost to Nisky 14-12 in game 1 this season so they are legit.

        JJ playing well, just doesn’t have the depth of talent Town does, especially if Beck is out

        • slacrosse says:

          But then Jay (without Beck) beats Sett who beats Garden City–go figure!

        • fan says:

          I have to disagree with you some South. I believe that Bville will be around a little longer then 2 years. I was very surprised at the game the other day against L/P when announcing starting lineup Bville had 5 starters that were either a soph or a freshman. But i think they are building a nice foundation down there.

          • South of 287 says:

            Not saying the Ville is going away, but they have top line Offensive talent now with their 2 best players leaving this season. Was forecasting State title run, not blowing out Scarsdale.

  2. ? says:

    Hen Hud and Putnam valley may very easily lose 4-5 of their remaining games each and by right there record wise with the “A” teams. Bronxville is the only legit team in “c”. Please don’t lump in those 2 teams with the Ville. Hen Hud will end up 9-7 or at best 10-6. If they beat pac and LP I will be very surprised. Beating Carmel and Wappingers not very impressive.

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