We’ve been asking in our “You make the call” feature and our rotating poll questions who you think will win some of the major 2013 tristate conference races.

Our first poll centered on the always competitive Nassau County (Section 8, N.Y.) Class A race.

Your choice to win?


The Braves, of course, are the defending champions. They beat Massapequa 14-13 in last year’s county championship game before falling to West Islip in the LIC title game.

For a look at the 2013 Braves, we check in once again with Johns Hopkins-bound senior goaltender Ryan Feit.

Feit, who has been an impact player on the varsity squad since his freshman year, of course, achieved distinction by becoming the first sophomore in the nation to make a verbal commitment, which started a national trend.

Now, here are Ryan’s perspectives on the 2013 season.11-300x150

What have you been doing to get ready for the season?
The Syosset team not only has been doing speed training a few times a week as a team, but we also have been playing in a new indoor facility in Syosset, where we practice three times a week after school there.  Besides those two things, the players all individually lift and work on conditioning.

How does your schedule look, what games are you looking forward to most, and who are some of your scrimmages against?
Our schedule again this year looks tough as always.  We are looking forward to playing Massapequa again this year, as a rematch of last year’s Nassau County Championship game.

We are scrimmaging a bunch of teams, but one in particular (defending Class A state champion) West Islip, we are looking forward to scrimmaging since it’s a rematch of the Long Island Championship game.

What player or players on your team do you think will surprise some people this season?
I think our returning middies are going to have a huge impact on the team this year.  Andrew Keith, Alex Hatzopolous, Nick Hatzipetrakos and John Diaz will all be doing the majority of our scoring this year, as well as Anthony Carchietta and Alex Concannon at the attack positions.  The defense will be huge again this year led by returning starters Liam Blohm, Kyle Haber and Harrison Schoenhaut.

What do you think the strength of your team will be this year?
I think the strengths of our team will definitely be the midfield, as well as the attack.  The middies are led by three college-bound players. The defense is led by two returning starters from last year.

How do you view the race in your league and who do you think some of the contending teams will be?
I believe it will again be a tight race in the A conference again this year.  I believe teams are strong again this year consisting of us, Massqpequa and Port Washington.

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19 Responses to “Player’s perspective: Ryan Feit, Syosset (NY) goaltender”

  1. bob says:

    The strength of the syosset team will be the 10th graders! All three attack will be 10th graders as will 2 middies and by mid season 2 def and a new goalie.

    • I'm not Bob says:

      Bob – please don’t post really stupid things about Syo Lax, NassauLax assumes that every stupid post is the work of jerseyshorelax and when you make such an obviously idiotic comment like the one you posted it makes me (jerseyshorelax) look bad.

      As is the recent history of Syo Lax, the strength will be Goaltending (senior All American not untested sophs)

      – wishing the soph class is great will not make them great only hard work will

  2. lovelax says:

    I don’t know who Bob is, but he is so wrong! Wake up Bob, it’s your senior middies and the defense.

  3. Nassaulax says:

    I would have to think that Bob is being sarcastic.

  4. Bob says:

    I am not sarcastic at all- u senior parents think your kids are so great- well guess what- they are not! A handful of 10th graders are far more athletic and skilled- u will see- Calabria already aluded to the fact that some of “our kids” will replace your almighty seniors!

    • I'm not Bob says:

      you are a jerk – the only question is which jerk are you? If you are a Syo person, which is doubtful, you are a jerk for trying to drive a wedge between the Seniors and Sophomores before the season starts, if you are not a Syo person……well played, but it won’t work.

  5. Nassaulax says:

    Wow, LOL, are you trying to create division on the team, I hope that it doesn’t hurt too much when you fall back down to earth. I would hope that the senior parents are rooting for the 10th graders to do well. Usually, the 10th graders even getting a look is because of a lack of 11th graders. Have you watched Syosset play at all over the summer and Fall??? Syosset won counties last year with 2 current 10th graders on the roster. The Syosset JV did not fair that well against pequa JV. I hope that they practiced a lot and grew, because I personally would like to beat West islip this year as a TEAM. So please stop the nonsense and root for the Syosset team and not the heir apparents.

  6. Andy says:

    Bob- doesn’t matter if u are a 10th grade parent or from another program, our players are not listening to your comments. As a parent of a senior on Syosset our team goal is a STATE championship. Our kids play as a team and are a family, and stupid ass comments will not divide our team, which is apparently your goal! As our captain said after winning the county championship- no individual play-its a team effort and out only goal is to win, with whichever players coach Calabria plays!

  7. MBL says:

    Feit is the best goalie in the tristate and will give Syosset an edge at that vital position in every game.

  8. Jericho says:

    Syosset is strong in all areas. I would be surprised if they don’t repeat as Nassau champs. Their quest is to get back to the state finals.

  9. Are u kidding me bob? says:

    Some of the 10th graders are good but Feit was All American, Diaz and Keith were All county-all3 can be All–American this year. Haber and bloom will probably be all county- those are your team leaders!!

  10. Don says:

    Fowler is the best goalie. Hands down!!

  11. IslandLaxpert says:

    Without a doubt Syosset has one of the best senior nucleuses around.

  12. Oyster Bay says:

    Pequa, Syosset are definitely the Class of Class A in Nassau.

  13. Frets says:

    Will start the season with a loss

  14. Syo Faithful says:

    Not sure of that GC

  15. SawLax says:

    Without question Syosset is a heavy favorite in Class A in Nassau.

  16. Anonymous. says:

    Pequa is returning 2 all county players, who are both ranked in the top 50 in the junior class. Plus another all conference player who very well should have been all county but he was snubbed because pequa could only have 6 of them. I don’t understand why people are underestimating pequa. Young talent with a great offense. SHould be interesting

  17. Lax LI says:

    Any predictions on Syossets opener vs GC?

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