As is always the case with St. Anthony’s and Chaminade, the third time will be the charm.

At least for one of the teams.

The Friars of St. Anthony’s will face the Flyers of  Chaminade in the CHSAA Class AAA title game at Hofstra University at 4:45 p.m.

Both teams are ranked among the nation’s Top 20 teams. Chaminade is No. 7 in the latest Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse High School Power Rankings. St. A’s checks in at No. 16.

St. Anthony’s is hoping history repeats itself.

The Friars lost both regular-season meetings to Chaminade last year before turning around and winning the teams’ third meeting, for the title, 12-10.

St. Anthony’s is once again trying to avoid a three-game season sweep, and thereby, win what could be a fourth straight title.

The two teams have won every Class AAA title since 1987 – with the Friars taking 13 to the Flyers’ 12.

Chaminade (13-1) won Round 1 6-5 on April 5 as University of Virginia-bound midfielder Ryan Lukacovic scored the winner with time winding down. The Flyers took the second meeting 11-8 on May 10. The Friars (15-3) have lost to just one other team this season – Darien (Conn.) 8-7 on May 5.

You can watch a tape-delayed broadcast of the game at 8 p.m. tonight on MSG Varsity Channel 14 (Optimum).

It will be a busy day in Section 1.

The girls will be playing for three class championships at Fox Lane High School. The boys are in the semifinal round.

Ladies first.

Here’s the title-game tripleheader lineup:

Class C: Rye vs. Byram Hills, 3 p.m.

Class A: North Rockland vs. Lakeland/Panas, 5 p.m.

Class B: Fox Lane winner vs. Brewster, 7 p.m.

You can watch the premiere broadcast of the Class A title game — North Rockland vs. Lakeland/Panas — on Tuesday May 29 at 4 p.m.on MSG Varsity iO Channel 14. The Class B title game — Fox Lane vs. Brewster — airs Saturday, May 26 at 9 p.m. You can watch the premiere airing of the Rye-Byram Hills Wednesday May 30 at 4 p.m.

Now, to the boys.

The road to White Plains takes its next-to-last turn as 12 teams battle it out to be the six finalists on Championship Day in Section 1 next Wednesday, May 30 at White Plains.

Here are the starting times for today’s class semifinals:

Class A

No. 4 Mahopac at No. 1 Lakeland/Panas at Lakeland High School, 5 p.m.
No. 10 Mamaroneck at No. 3 Arlington, 5 p.m.

Class B

No. 5 Rye at No. 1 Yorktown, 5 p.m.
No. 3 Somers at No. 2 John Jay, 7 p.m.

Class C

No. 4 Byram Hills at No. 1 Bronxville, 4:30 p.m.
No. 18 Pleasantville at No. 11 Hen Hud, 5 p.m.

In Section 11 (Suffolk County), Class B and C has its semifinal rounds today. (Class A semis will be tomorrow.)

Here’s today’s slate:  Class B: No. 4 Hauppauge at No. 1 Comsewogue, 4:30 p.m.; No. 3 Eastport-South Manor at No. 2 Sayville, 4 p.m.; Class C:  No. 4 John Glenn at No. 1 Shoreham-Wading River 4 p.m.;  No. 3 Mount Sinai at No. 2 Bayport-Blue Point, 4 p.m.

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90 Responses to “Thursday, 5/24: St. Anthony’s, Chaminade meet for title; Section 1 boys semis, girls finals set; Section 11 has its Class B, C semis”

  1. Mike Q-Vegas says:

    Here you go

    Bronxville -11
    Byram – 7

    Hen Hud- 9
    P-Ville- 6

    Yorktown- 12
    Rye- 7

    L/P- 8
    Mahopac- 7

    JJ- 10
    Somers-9 OT

    St Anthonys- 11

    Fox Lane-15


    No Rock-12

  2. Luv Lax says:

    @Mike Q-Vegas, like your predictions, hope you are right!!!

  3. MikeQ-Vegas says:

    OHH, My apologies to Donnie Ice


  4. Indian J says:

    Bronxville -10
    Byram – 5

    Hen Hud- 10
    P-Ville- 7

    Yorktown- 16
    Rye- 7

    L/P- 10
    Mahopac- 6

    JJ- 9

    Nade- 11
    St. Anthony’s-8

  5. says:

    Rye beats Byram Hills 12-11 to win the Section 1 Class C title. 

  6. Relax says:

    B-Hills 1 bville 1 2:27 left in 1st Hiser for BH Warble for bville. J grass w/ a sweet shot comin round off-stick side of larabee. 2-1 jgrass to warble 1:11 left in 1st. 3-1 emo for bville 45secs left. Bville throws the ball away on a pass yet refs award them the ball. Looked like a pass to me. No shot. They score win the FO & score again 2 goals in 30secs makes it 5-1. That call by the refs caused BH 2goals unreal. The pass was to an attack behind & the ref thought it was a pass. If he awarded it to BH we’re lookin at 3-1

  7. Relax says:

    BH scores 2 in a row in 1st 1:38 of 2nd 5-3. Should be 3-3 bville player did not shoot that ball on their emo goal. He passed it. Everyone around me says their was no wind up & it was directed at a player off to the right side of larabee. Unreal

  8. sec1 says:

    Rye 2-0

  9. Observer Lax says:

    Some surprises already. Mahopac leading LP 4-0 early. Rye up 3-1 on Town in the first.

  10. Relax says:

    5-4 BH scores w 8:08 left in half. 4 men on jgrass w 1 sliding & an open attack no pass. BH gets the ball luv it. They pressure bville for 3mins no goal. Bville has it Fr 4:20 til 2:48 no goal BH controls it to halftime 5-4 w/o that call on the emo it’s 4-3 BH. Great 2nd qtr for BH

    • LaX4Life says:

      Enough about the shot that was actually a pass. There were tons of bad calls in this game, you don’t have to repeat your same point over and over again.

  11. sec1 says:

    3-0 two man up
    3-1 Gatley
    3-2 Mariano from Manning
    4-2 Rye end of 1

  12. says:

    Pleasantville, Hen Hud tied 1-1 after one in Section 1 boys lax semis. 

  13. update says:

    Bxville 5 4 at half…byram hit pipe right before haalftime

  14. says:

    St. A’s over Chaminade 4-3 late in the second quarter

  15. sec1 says:

    Rye 4-3

  16. slacrosse says:

    4-4 at half

  17. Ta-Da says:

    Mamaroneck looking good vs Arlington, up 7-3 (Halftime)

  18. Relax says:

    6-4 bville 3:01 jgrass to hgrass 7-4 3:31 BH wins the FO & scores 7-5 3:45 BH hits post at 4:45 Tyler Arroe unassisted 7-6 5:25 emo for bville at 8:27 questionable goal w ref stopping action & the ball not in the net. He calls it a goal w 2mins left in 3rd 8-6 ball must of somehow bounced out . BH answers w 55secs in 3rd 8-7 Refs call a goal after time runs out in 3rd. 8-6 & then reverse it bville coach is losing it but it was obvious! BH has been getting robbed ALL game this travesty was the last installment officially 8-7 to start the 4th can’t believe the refs reversed another horrible call thank goodness

    • LaX4Life says:

      you sir have a major bias.

      • lax says:

        agreed, people from both sides of the bleachers had plenty to complain about. The refs were awful for both teams stop whining and appreciate the great game byram played to even compete with bville.

        • slacrosse says:

          Hats off to BH for hanging in there and almost pulling off the upset. Thought they’d have to find a way to compete at FO and deal with the Grass kids and Wurble to have a shot at an upset–obviously they did.

          • Brine says:

            Thanks for the shoutout. Defense played great, Larrabee steller as usual.

            Not too big of a surprise on face-offs though Byram’s face-off group lead by Jake Kaiser, have been winning the face off battle all year. Yesterday was no different winning 11 of 18.

            But Bronxville won, hats-off to them. We hope they win Class C states.

        • watcher says:

          watched game, refs were not awful, actually were very good did good job getting together on goal/none goal got it right

          • xlax says:

            agrre w/watcher, sometimes people dont see things objectively, well played and well officiated

        • Byram fan says:

          I don’t think anyone from byram is focused on refs at all. It was an intense, great game and byram should hold their heads high for performing like few outside of theiir team thought they would. Tough because with a game like that was so many bounces and plays could have been the difference, but that is just the way it is. Bronxville has built an impressive program and is to be congratulated. Great season byram and tremendous effort today. You came up a little short but your families are proud of you. Good luck seniors.

  19. slacrosse says:

    FO GB. favor Rye but mo was switching to Town near end half.
    Rye goalie playing very well.

    • Warrior says:

      Wow..the 4-2 Brewster-Rye score at halftime looks a little more impressive today. Rye’s D was tough to crack but holding Ytown to 4 at half is great for them.

  20. slacrosse says:

    Town scores 2 during non releasable penalty

  21. playofflax says:

    Jack O’brien and Chris Santangelo two sophomore studs for rye. Peter White the junior also stepping it up for the playoffs.

  22. slacrosse says:

    10-7 town end 3. Town winning more FO now and Rye being beaten up by town attack, Mariano tough

  23. long time laxer says:

    Any update on Mamo v arlington

  24. sec1 says:

    Town 13-7 5:56 left

  25. slacrosse says:

    Town has taken over. FO GB

    13-7. 5:56 left

  26. says:

    North Rockland wins battle of unbeatens, winning 10-9 over Lakeland/Panas in the Class A girls title game.

  27. sec1 says:

    Town 14-7 bench is in

  28. X marks the spot says:

    Final: Mamaroneck 12, Arlington 4

  29. sec1 says:

    Town 14-7 Final
    Rye really played well into the the 3rd, outplayed Town in 1st half.
    Talent won out.

    • slacrosse says:

      Yes congrats to Town and good luck vs Jay.

      Big picture was Rye controlled FO and GB in the 1st half and used this possession to beat Town’s goalie with bounce shots from the outside. I felt that this was a vulnerability that Rye could continue to work IF they continued to get these shots.

      While Rye kept it to 10-7 end 3, I felt Town was regaining the possession and “mo near the end of 2nd and into the 3rd.

      Then Town pretty much took over possession at FO and GB and their talented attack went to work in a big way. Mariano looked particularly lethal to me. Have to say things made worse as Rye took the real brunt of multiple penalties throughout the 2nd half (inc a non-releasable where Town scored twice).

      Congrats to Rye’s seniors and good luck going forward. As for the many younger kids on the team they’ll at least have the learning experience of playing a strong 2-3 quarters vs a very talented Town team to take with them into next season

  30. pPV laxmom says:


  31. town1 says:

    Somers score?

  32. says:

    John Jay leads Somers 3-1 after one.

  33. Seeds matter says:

    Broxville 8 – Byram 7. Too bad this was the semifinal, should have been the final

  34. Relax says:

    Subsequently scored 2 quick goals-iPhone error

  35. says:

    Fox Lane and Brewster are tied at 4-4 in the Section 1 Class B girls title game. 

    • says:

      Fox Lane leads Brewster 7-5 with 15 minutes remaining in regulation.

      • says:

        Third one-goal game of the day in Section 1 girls lax guaranteed to happen. Brewster, Fox Lane tied at 8-8 going into OT. 

  36. Sailors Fan says:

    Hen Hud Stats:

    Jake Koch 5G, 1A
    Kevin McDermott 4G, 2A
    Ryan Tandy 3G, 2A
    Sean Tandy 4A
    Matt Ryan 1A
    Joe Fraietta 1G, 1A
    Matt Ledwin 1G, 2A – 23 of 25 FOs
    Eddie Gilman 23 saves

  37. Intheknow says:

    Holy Trinity-Kellenberg.?

  38. DPAC says:

    Congrats to the Mahopac Boys. The D looked awesome tonight. Total team effort. I believe LP scored 3 maybe 4 at even strength. Offense jumped out quickly and attacked the net. Pac had too much speed and definately had the deeper team.Kudos to LP’s Monteferante who played his heart out , especially in the 4th quarter. He was a true warrior. Good luck at Army.
    Mamaroneck should give Mahopac a good game, especially the way they easily handled Arlington. Although it was earlier in the season, Pac needed OT to beat Arlington. Should be interesting, although Pac should be the favorite to repeat as Section Champs.

    • X marks the spot says:

      Mamo on one of THE most improbable runs ever! Winning on road as huge underdogs last 2 games and now they can make history.

      PAC is very strong and Mamo will have to keep the mo on the murda express to complete this run in Sections.

      Wow! What does the Sec Finals Game slate look like?

    • slacrosse says:

      Congrats on the win. Tough having to play all away games when your field went down. Had a bit of doubt after the Bville game but several close games with strong teams kept me thinking the talent was there.

      Good luck vs Mamo.

      • DPAC says:

        Thanks S Lacrosse. I can see your doubt after the Bronxville game. Too much internal stuff going on with team after their 8 and 0 start. Coach Haddeland has turned the ship around and has it back on track. The boys are playing as a team and have the common goal of winning another section title. A number of players have stepped up. Congrats to Rye on their season and playing Town tough for 3 quarters. They look like they will have a strong team next year. Hope to see you in White Plains.

  39. Lax Brah says:

    Nice job on and off the field Byram Hills lax. You guys earned my respect.

  40. Sec12012 says:

    That wasn’t a performance by a team that could contend in states(should they beat jay).Yorktown would need to jump out on gc to have a chance.2nd half-gc’s depth will beat towns.Just being honest,maybe jj game sparks them.Best of luck to all teams.

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