We have a winner.

It’s Alan Miranda.

The Alexandra, Va., resident won the latest LaxLessons.com Gear Giveaway — a pair of brand, spanking new Brine King III gloves.

Miranda was selected in a random drawing today.

“I heard about the giveaway through the the LaxLessons social media updates on Twitter and Facebook, then ultimately on the LaxLesson.com website,” Miranda said.

Miranda plays in the Adelic Summer League in the Mount Vernon, Fort Hunt Alexandria, Va. area.

“I plan on great coaching and learning efforts with the gloves;,” he said, “in addition to brilliant moves, passes, goals, faceoffs, rides and GBs playing local club lax.”

Miranda also has several nephews and nieces who’ve played or play the game.

“I plan on coaching and developing the youth talent in the Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland area where needed,” he said.


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One Response to “LaxLessons Brine gloves giveaway: We have our winner!”

  1. Alan Miranda says:

    …phenomenal craftsmanship, smart choice of materials, astounding attention to detail; it’s no wonder these are some of the finest gloves available on the market.

    Much appreciation for your sporting generosity; thanks, once again!

    correcting the typo: played Adelic Summer League, LLC – summer of 2010
    Best luck with your efforts!

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