On a day when Garden City knocked off the nation’s top-ranked team, Conestoga (Pa.), the biggest surprise happened not at the Checking for Cancer Classic at the Hanover School in Pennsylvania (where Garden City and Conestoga played), but in Nassau County.

That’s where John Jay, coming off a 9-6 loss on its homefield to Somers, took the nation’s 15th-ranked team, Manhasset, to overtime.

Manhasset wound up pulling out an 11-10 win on a goal by Amherst College-bound senior attackman Quinn Moroney.

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With the season rapidly approaching the midway point, we’d like to know which team you think has been the biggest surprise in the tristate area thus far this season.

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16 Responses to “John Jay-Manhasset OT thriller biggest surprise on a day in which Garden City may emerge as No. 1 team nationally”

  1. Relax says:

    So glad the #1 team in the nation will be from NY! Nice to see a Public HS from LI At #1 Sounds better then PA. LI’s always been a Hot Bed. PA’s been the place good NY kids might go to play college ball!

  2. upstate says:

    If Smithtown West and GC played, I would take Smithtown. The big schools of Suffolk are better than the smaller schools of Nassau. Smithtown should be ranked one spot higher than GC

    • slacrosse says:

      No doubt SW is a great team but disagree they should be a notch above GC. Toss up if they played. But quality, not size Of school that counts.

      Also GC’s strength of schedule so far has been much tougher: Syosset, Ward Mel, St. Pauls,#1 ranked Conestoga!!. STW’s name games vs real top teams includes Ward Melville and Yorktown–no comparison.

      • upstate says:

        fair point, but the single common opponent they had was Ward Melville. West’s margin of victory was higher.

        • slacrosse says:

          In fairness to STW for it’s schedule, thought I had read that Suffolk County may have some kind of limit on playing out of Section games??

        • LI Lax says:

          I would favor Garden City if the two played, in a close game.

          Attack- Edge West (GC’s attack is still real good though)

          Middies- Edge GC

          FOGO- Edge West

          Defense- Edge GC

          GK- Edge GC

      • LI Lax says:

        Yorktown is better than Syosset and St. Paul’s…Bay Shore is also better than both and West crushed them. SP is very down this year.

        • slacrosse says:

          Yeah was going to footnote fact in my list that that SP is down this yr–was at the SP/Garden City game. Not a kill at 9-6 but only GC’s 4th game. GC far better then that 3 goal margin.

          Do Sections 8 and 11 limit out of Section games??

          • upstate says:

            I don’t believe they do. West got a new coach this year though and they have never been known to venture too far beyond section 11. They pick up some section 8 games and some catholic schools here and there. why schedule out of section when you section consists of the best class A schools in the state though? Doubt they would drive up to west genny for a game.

    • USSOCOM says:

      SW has played GC in the past, last year in fact, I know SW is good this year but not as good as GC. I don’t think SW has ever beaten GC.

  3. LI Lax says:

    Our league (Suffolk A) we can only play 2 non league games.

  4. slacrosse says:

    Thx guys

  5. upstate says:

    That’s right, I should’ve known that. It has been a while for me and I even played on LI in my high school days. I forgot that your class is you league in suffolk. That is why they used to have the super 6 champs…not everyone could play all of the teams in the league. Thanks for the clarification LI Lax.

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