We’re in store for quite a Saturday.

Today is marked by some interstate and in-state, non-section matchups that have been much awaited.

So let’s get right to it.

Yorktown, coming off its first loss in a setback at Chaminade, plays at Smithtown West in a rematch of a one-goal thriller last season.

The game will be at 3 p.m. at Smithtown West. You can watch it live on MSG Varsity Channel 14 (Optimum) and msgvarsity.com, or, if you are not an Optimum subscriber, on WLNY-TV 10/55.

Now, to some interstate matchups.

They don’t get much broader — distance wise — than the game at high noon at Darien between the host Blue Waves, winners of six Connecticut state titles the last seven years, and defending California state champion Torrey Pines. For more, click here.

There will be a full day of marquee matchups, many of them interstate games, at the fourth annual Checking for Cancer Classic at the Haverford School in Pennsylvania.

The showdown between national powers Garden City and Conestoga (Pa.) highlights the seven boys games that will be played on multiple fields. Wilton (Conn.), Lawrenceville (N.J.), Chatham (N.J.) and Delbarton (N.J.) are also competing in the event. Check the full schedule here.

St. Anthony’s vs. Penn Charter is the featured game at the Evan Fest at Malvern Prep at 3:30 p.m.

Last year’s John Jay-Manhasset game wound up being one-sided, but the recent series between the teams has produced its share of nailbiters. The rivalry is renewed at 7 p.m. at Manhasset.

The Somers-Ridgefield annual game has also been action-packed.

Somers, fresh off a huge 9-6 victory at John Jay, play the defending Connecticut Class L state champs at 7 p.m. at Ridgefield High School’s Tiger Hollow Stadium.

An interesting sidelight to the game is the fact that Somers senior goalie Chris Cousin, who was stellar in the John Jay win, will be a future college teammate at the College of Holy Cross with Ridgefield attackman Sean Wilkinson.

As if that’s not enough of a tie-in, Chris Cousin’s twin brother, Somers senior attackman Kevin Cousin, will be a future college team of Ridgefield’s Neil Gollogly at Siena College.

All four played together this past summer on  the same travel team.

In a game featuring two of the premier programs in Connecticut, Brunswick visits Salisbury for a 3 p.m. contest.
Needless to say, there are many other big games in the tristate region today. Scroll down to check the links to access the complete schedules. But if there’s a game you think we should have noted, by all means, be sure to post the info ASAP on the “Comments” portion of this thread.

Don’t forget to check in with in-game updates and final scores from the field with your mobile devices. You can post them directly as comments on this thread, or, if it’s easier, email them to us at info@laxlessons.com.

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Today’s schedule

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 * FCIAC (Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Association) boys, girls

* New Jersey boys

* New Jersey girls

Put those mobile devices to good use

Be sure, as always, to weigh in with info/thoughts/scores on games you attend by posting comments here. And don’t forget to provide in-game score updates as well as final scores.

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72 Responses to “Saturday, 4/14: Get set for a Super Saturday filled with marquee crossover, interstate matchups; Somers-Ridgefield game features future college teammates”

  1. mp laxer says:

    How about about Malvern prep vs.St. Anthony’s in the Evanfest tournament ?? Two power house teams facing off at 3:00

  2. Bill says:

    North Rockland plays at Weston CT today at 2:30. North Rockland off to a 5-1 start this season.

  3. Pole says:


    John Jay-7

    Yorktown- 9


    Lake/Panas- 11

  4. LI Lax says:

    Garden City leads #1 Conestoga 12-9 with 8 minutes remaining

  5. Relax says:

    Great job GC there’s a New #1 in the country & they’re from NY! Way to bring it Home! The Army/Navy game is off the hook! 6-6 after 3. Thul has 4 of Army’s 6 goals. Sowell better find an answer for him in the 4th

  6. LI Lax says:

    FINAL: Darien 16, Torrey Pines 10

  7. LaxLessons.com says:

    Darien 3 – 5 – 6 – 2 — 16
    Torrey Pines (Calif.) 3 – 3 – 0 – 4 — 10

    Darien record 5-0
    Torrey Pines record 9-2

    Darien scoring:
    Case Matheis 5-2
    Kevin Seiler 3-1
    Tim Murphy 2-2
    Bobby Weaver 3-0
    Jon Magnusson 0-2
    Henry West 1-0
    Clay Barker 1-0
    Brendan Hathaway 1-0
    Tommy Lyons 0-1

    Torrey Pines scoring:
    Sean Doyle 4-1
    Brad Gradinger 1-1
    Sam Perkins 2-2
    Tom Shafer 1-1
    Tim Weelak 2-0

    Darien goalie saves:
    Phil Huffard 5
    Hunt Bartram 1

    Torrey Pines saves:
    Sean Cady 7

    Great battle of “East Meets West” in front of a packed house at Darien High School. All proceeds for the game will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

    Darien battles arch rival New Canaan – Tuesday, 4/17 at DHS 4:30 p.m.

    Darien then takes on “Battle of the Sound” rival Manhasset on Thursday, 4/19 at 6 p.m. Boyle Stadium in Stamford. Proceeds from this game will also go to the Wounded Warrior Project and Stamford Youth Lacrosse.

  8. Conor STATESly says:

    The Yorktown Huskers take on Smithtown West in a few minutes and it will be played LIVE on MSGVarsity. Huge game for the Huskers coming off a tough loss to the Long Island powerhouse Chaminade. Look for Yorktown to come out strong today and fight for an early lead to make up for wednesdays loss.
    Keys to the game:
    -Yorktown needs to win face-offs to get possessions on offense
    -Reilly/Graham(goalie) needs to step up and make big saves
    -Yorktown’s attack needs to continue scoring goals on every given opportunity

    • Observer Lax says:

      2-1 Town after 1.

      Goals by Manning (St. Joe’s) and Frankie Fusco (Drexel) for Town, Schultz (Stony Brook) for SW.

      • Observer Lax says:

        Tied 3-3 four minutes into 2nd qtr.

        Fusco just scored his 2nd for Town. Pannell and Masi with the SW goals.

        Town goalie – Zach Reilly – left the game with a shoulder injury. Austin Graham now in goal.

  9. LI Lax says:

    After one, Yorktown leads Smithtown West 2-1.

  10. Relax says:

    Fusco’s backhand/underhand goal to end the 1st is SportCenter Top 10 material

  11. Relax says:

    Down 3-2 ‘town loses their starting goalie to an injured shoulder. Replaced by a Sophmore. Hope they can hang in. Pannell’s been playing well so far. O’s gonna need to control the ball Fusco ties it at 3. He’s having a great game but Schultz scores off the FO to take a 4-3 lead. SW winning The FO game. Come on ‘town hang-in. Uphill battle now w/ Keenan making it 5-3.

  12. Lax n stuff says:

    Smithtown West has pulled away to take a 8-3 lead over Ytown midway thru 2nd qtr. Ryan Keenan with 2 goals during this run.

  13. Relax says:

    SW is killin the back-up goalie w/ 5 straight goals make it 8-3. This is over

    • laxr says:

      Unfair to emphasize the back-up goalie as the thing that has changed this game. He had no chance on a bunch of those goals. The problem has been faceoffs and turnovers in the middle of the field, which have been giving Smithtown West a lot of easy transition goals.

      • SirLaxalot says:

        Absolutely right. Yorktown led 2-1 after one but in the 2nd half didn’t have the ball and several SW goals were scored cleanly off faceoff wins.

  14. LI Lax says:

    10-3 at half. Maybe this will open some eyes up in Westchester about how legit this team is.

  15. Warrior says:

    Brewster takes care of business. Beats Tappen Zee 10-3. Brewster empties bench in 4th qtr.

  16. laxxxx says:

    SW v Town has been an MMer, a mismatch. West’s offense is a well-oiled machine. The way they move the ball and move themselves without the ball is something special to watch. They just score and then get the ball back with their FOGO middie going to Hopkins. I expect something similar to happen with JJ and Sett and I’m a Westchester guy so I’m clearly rooting for the Westchester teams. Unfortunately I expected this with West after watching them do what they did to Ward Melville. West probably could have put in 20, but by mid 3rd quarter, they really began to just work the clock rather than go to the goal. I haven’t seen Sett this year, but I would assume they’re as good as always and if so, JJ will be in for a long night. Hopefully not though.

    • LI Lax says:

      Manhasset isn’t as good as Smithtown West on offense, but I wouldn’t expect JJ to get much going on offense. ‘Set might be the best defensive team in the country, and should control the game in that fashion. I would expect something like 10 or 11-2.

      • laxxxx says:

        Can’t seem many teams being as good as West on offense. Not only do they have talent, but they’re extremely well-coached. Good spacing, movement off ball, and they constantly find the open man cutting. I was just talking goal differential being similar which you seem to agree.

        • fan says:

          yorktown got killed in the faceoff department. granted SW’s man is a FOGO going to Hopkins meanwhile yorktown has basically a rookie in there in danny manning who barley played last year. overall disappointing loss for yorktown, not the fact that they lost but the fact that they didnt even make it respectable, disappointing day for a yorktown fan

  17. LI Guy says:

    14-4 final

    SW improves to 7-0

  18. slacrosse says:

    Putnam Valley 9 Rye 7

    Congrats to PV who looked better then a 1-4 team to me. Rye missed some slides letting PV middies score some and credit to PV D that seemed to stifle R’s O.

  19. slacrosse says:

    Congrats to Darien and good effort by Torrey Pines. TP had 2 attack kids (Cornell and Notre Dame) that did cause damage when TP had chances for settled play.

    Darien really dominated all over the field. What struck me most was their near total domination of ground ball/loose ball play (FO as well) which gave them lots of unsettled situations leading to goals.

    Numbers of Darien players stood out but Britton really was a beast out there reeking havoc whenever he was close to the ball and in most cases picking up the ground ball.

    Wilton must be darn good to have gotten within 2 goals of the Darien team I saw out there today! Manhasset is very strong but so is this Darien team. Should be a heck of a game and should be a close one, either way.

    • laxr says:

      Wilton is very good this year. Lost a heartbreaker today 8-7 to Penn Charter down in Philly after being up 6-3 at the half. Penn Charter may be 6-7, but look at their losses: in OT to Boys’ Latin, Malvern Prep, and Brunswick, by 1 to Loyola-Blakefield (top 10 nationally, maybe the best team in the MIAA right now), by 2 to Episcopal Academy (#22 in the country), and by 3 to Haverford (top 5 team) and St. Joe’s Prep.

  20. sec 1 lax says:

    Brewster handled tappen zee w/ ease once they got going. How bad must these teams have been that TZ beat? ouch. A lot of hype for a team that just got smoked. These Rockland teams that don’t play anyone need to relax with their wins over teams no one has ever heard of. They were decent at best had one or two good shooters but the skills just weren’t there all around. Coulda been more brew cleared their bench in the 4th

  21. CT Lax says:

    Weston 7, North Rockland 6, 2OT

    • LaxLessons.com says:

      In another double-OT game, this one in Nassau County, it was Cold Spring Harbor 6, Huntington 5.

  22. Pac Lax says:

    Mahopac 13 Greely 5

  23. Rebel Yell says:

    LP 8, Shen 6 … yeh boyssss

  24. LaxLessons.com says:

    Final from the Evan Fest in Malvern, Pa: St. Anthony’s 7, Malvern Prep 4

  25. LaxLessons.com says:

    Final: Salisbury 11, Brunswick 4.

  26. Jersey Shore Lax says:

    Huge win for Delbarton – 11-10 over Gtown Prep!

  27. LaxLessons.com says:

    John Jay leads Manhasset 4-2 after one quarter.

  28. LaxLessons.com says:

    Ridgefield leads Somers 11-4 at halftime.

  29. Laxit says:

    Where’s LI Lax??? He said John Jay would score 2 goals for the whole game and lose 11-2!

  30. 222222222222222222222222222222 says:

    Score jj game

  31. LaxLessons.com says:

    Senior attackman Quinn Moroney scores early in OT to give Manhasset an 11-10 win over John Jay. Another classic encounter in a heated rivalry as Manhasset storms back from a five-goal halftime deficit.

  32. bill c says:

    Manhasset beats JJ 9-2 second half. Can you say adjustments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. LaxLessons.com says:

    Ridgefield just wrapped up a 17-8 win over Somers at Tiger Hollow Stadium.

    • Impressive! says:

      That’s an impressive win by Ridgefield! Somers has been playing very well.

      • Kevin Mullin says:

        didnt Ridgefield destroy Manhasset in a scrimmage?

        • Blue White says:

          They “won” 8-8, go figure

          • Big Easy says:

            Ridgefield starters for 3 full quarters vs Manhasset starters for 3 quarters…score was 8-3 Ridgefield. Final was 8-8. Just a scrimmage….I get it. Ridgefield continues to do it’s talking on the field…

          • Blue White says:

            You have the same view as I regarding scrimmage results.

            Summit should be a good one. Hope everyone is back for that game.

  34. Jaybird says:

    A tough loss to Set but given the overall performance I have to say I’m energized and enthused for the rest of the season and playoffs. Given closeness of game vs Town and fact the difference was 2 Yorktown goals of John Jay bad passes, and Town showing vs Smithtown West today, I am feeling very optimistic indeed.

    Nice effort today John Jay! You guys almost pulled off the biggest upset in school history. (The team that beat Huntington in state semis 07 was stacked with D-1 talent and only lost to Huntington by 3 in regular season without Ryder B.) Let’s build on this.

    • vaskk says:

      bottom line is you lost!! end result!!

    • slacrosse says:

      Agree. Rye’s speaker for this season’s kick-off lax dinner was Zach Howell (Duke ’11, Huntington ’07). He remarked how he (and the Brattons from UVA) still hasn’t gotten over that loss to J in ’07. That was no upset.

      I’m still reeling from today’s score! Wow.

  35. Lax n stuff says:

    I agree Jaybird. LI Lax’s pick of a nine goal Manhasset win shows the true underdog nature of the game. In ’07 I saw Jay play at Huntington in the regular season and thought talent wise they were the better team even though they lost a close game, without Ryder as you noted.

  36. Doid23 says:

    To be honest, as a huge Jay fan, LI Lax’s pick for a lopsided Set win wasn’t ridiculous. Cmon, how many Jay fans thought they could hang with Set, much less take them to OT?
    As JayBird said, this score gave me some hope for the rest of the season. That’s good enough for me at this point.

    • slacrosse says:

      Great effort Jay!

      But agree with you and LI Lax and am shocked as I thought it would be a real kill for Sett given what I’ve seen for both teams so far.

    • Indian J says:

      Agreed, no problem with LI Lax’s prediction. Any attempts to say Manhasset is not strong are baseless. Jay played well and can head into their next game with a new standard. A win would have been better, but we did not get embarrassed. Not every team can make it through the weekend without getting jolted.

    • Old Rugger says:

      Well they shuld have won up 8-3 at half tied 8-8, 9-9 and 10-10 JJ had many oportunities point blank ones they have to get better at finishing. Sett did adjust to the Zone as it had them stumped in first half. Even though I was leaning towards LI13’s point spread after flat offense in Brewster, Rye and Somers, The offense had a lot more movement off the ball. Started Beck at attack then moved him to mid thru game. Lambert the best Athlete on the field.
      But as my friend no style points said a loss is a loss. Onto the next game. This is why they play the game. It was fun to see. Worth the drive.

  37. Phillylax says:

    Malvern Prep and St. Anthony’s fought quite the battle. 1-1 at the half. St. Anth’s went on to take it 7-4. Both goalies were outstanding but St.Anthony’s dominated the face off. Malvern looked great in the transition while St. Anthony’s seemed to take a while to get their offense in sync yet they played a great game defensively. All in all, an exciting game between two great teams.

Leave a Reply