Yorktown holds the record for most consecutive Section 1 boys lacrosse championship game appearances at 32 straight.

And counting.

But John Jay also has an impressive streak of its own that’s also intact. The Indians have made seven straight sectional title-game appearances.

John Jay enters this season having lost in last year’s Class B sectional final to Yorktown 14-5.

The Class B race promises to be another rugged ride for all those involved. The Indians will also be tested in the preseason and in their non-conference schedule.

Now, let’s get our first look at 2012 John Jay.

Providing it is senior attackman Matt Ferentini, who is busy these days as one of the leading players on John Jay’s varsity boys basketball team.

The 6-foot-3 lefty attackman has committed to Division III power Stevens Tech.

Now, let’s get Matt’s perspectives on the 2012 season:

What have you been doing to get ready for the season?
So far this offseason, we’ve been having optional practices outside as many times a week as possible. A bunch of guys are putting in time outside before and after practice to get in some extra shooting and conditioning. I have also been getting ready by playing on the basketball team.

How does your schedule look, what games are you looking forward to most, and who are some of your scrimmages against?
Our schedule is loaded with great competition. We are all looking forward to the Yorktown game and also looking to avenge our losses from last year against New Cannan, Massapequa and Manhasset. I am also looking forward to our scrimmages against Darien and Delbarton.

What player or players on your team do you think will surprise some people this season?
We have a bunch of new players that will be getting major minutes this season. I think Doug Brown, Reid Maxmin and Mike Skluth will impress a lot of people. Getting Tommy Beck back this year is huge and returning sophomores Matt Lanza and Shawn Smith will also impress many.

What do you think the strength of your team will be this year?
Our strength this year is our offensive chemistry. We’ve all been playing together for a long time and know how to work well with one another. Also our defense is going to be very strong with Tom Branca and Jack Lambert leading the way.

How do you view the race in your league and who do you think some of the contending teams will be?
Our league is always tough, Yorktown, Somers, and Rye are all good.

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27 Responses to “Player’s perspective: Ferentini, John Jay preparing for battle in rugged Class B”

  1. P&G says:

    Big year coming for Tini!

  2. Jaybird says:

    Best of luck to Matt and the Indians. Word hard and keep your eyes on the prize boys.

  3. townON3 says:

    Yorktown is going to ROLL through section 1….AGAIN.

  4. Purple White says:

    Should be an interesting – and fun – year, with established stars like Matt and Jack Lambert and a rising group of promising young players read to mesh into the system.

  5. Northlax says:

    Best of luck to all the seniors who have been waiting to shine. Now is your time!

  6. Indian J says:

    Who are the younger Jay guys expected to have an impact this season ?

    • P&G says:

      Indian J – my early scouting report – and do not pretend to be the “authority”…just my two cents.

      On attack, junior Brandon Lee will put up points and continue the legacy of outstanding JJ attackmen.

      At midfield, soph Shawn Smith (played varsity as a frosh) will immediately become a household name. Big, fast, strong…Not necessarily a “new” name – but junior Tommy Beck returns (from a 2011 injury), and I get the sense the offense will run through him. He’s legit – and not sure of his recruiting status, since he lost last year – but kid can play at an very high level. He played and contributed as a frosh on the 2010 sectional championship team.

      On defense, besides Lambert – who is the best D pole in the section (I would think that my friend from Rye would agree), look for Matt Lanza (returning soph), Dan Caiola (all state football), and Mike Skluth (UA commit).

      Branca (Fairfield) returns in goal, and will be challenged by a very talented junior Christian Davey.

      No predictions, but they will be better than people think, compared to last years senior laden team.

      • Indian J says:

        Thanks for that update. The season will be here very soon and it helps to know what the situation is before hand. The Yorktown game is early like the last couple of seasons and that will be a tough test.

      • Indian J says:

        What can you tell us about Lee ? Will he definitely be a contributor or is this speculation at this point ?

  7. justlaxin says:

    Dont think Lambert is as good as Keolsch. He is good but off ball issues plagued Jack last season. Great onball and on in transition as well as picking up GB’s. Trevor is all around better. Good topic for discussion but Trevor is more consistent. Still sticks with me Jack covering Schuldt in last years section final. Not Jack’s best game. Trevor did great job on Dwyer (AA from GC) in states, although they did lose. Two great juniors who will be fun to watch the next 2 years. Will Lambert cover Gately or stay at pole?

  8. slacrosse says:

    Any Somers fans out there that can give any details on the team? Thx

  9. Tusker Town says:

    It will be an interesting year. Lot of turnover from last year. Leading players are the Cousin twins – Kevin on attack and Chris in goal, Kevin Schurr (defense/Army) and Anthony Carpenter (attack/Kean). Kevin and Anthony are the only college committed players as of now.

    • slacrosse says:

      Thx. Yes same for Rye having graduated a large and talented senior class. Some quite talented players now spread among soph to senior classes. While I do expect more commitments I believe right now senior Stern (A) is the only committed kid (Richmond-“Varsity Club”-hopefully D1 soon)

  10. Observer says:

    Round 1 – Yorktown 10, John Jay 7

    Round 2 – Sectional final – at White Plains – ???

  11. fanny87 says:

    Yorktown 15 , John Jay 8

    Will not be able to stop Ytown attack. This attack reminds me a lot of the ’01 attack of Crockett, McCall, Culligan and/or the ’05 of McCall, Dooley, Delillo.

    If these guys share the ball the way they are capable of it should be a fun unit to watch!

  12. gearth30 says:

    Yorktown 13 John Jay 6

    I agree with Yorktowns potent attack, they will cause extreme match up problems for many teams. I think it comes down to Town’s midfield. Lot of kids who have been waiting their turn, now they need to show up.

    Defense should be pretty solid, cuse/hopkins/rutgers holding down the fort. Biggest question is who will earn that starting spot in net, good competition…

  13. just laxin says:

    Towns attack will be excellent. 4th attackmen is Conor Vercruysse who is getting recruited by D1 schools already too entering his sophomore season.
    Midfield – Faceoffs will be good with Manning and Luke Palmadesso – hope I spelled right
    Saliano, Quigley and Raniolo were also big parts of 1st 2 lines last year.
    Ledwin from HH and Manning/Palmadesso should be best faceoff guys in section.
    But they have a ton to prove, no doubt. Especially with that schedule.

    Who will take faceoffs for JJ?
    Starting Mid and Attack guesses.

    Trying to size up 1st game but less than 2 months away now.

    Town – should compete at top level. See come playoffs how hard schedule helps them.

    Fusco – Gately – Mariano – Conor V easily best attack in section
    Quigley Manning Sialiano Luke P one of attack not in Prestro Raniolo
    good midfield. see who steps up vs JJ 1st game
    Defense- Trevor Cooley Phalen Gzm Lachqi Fusco Best D in section I would think.
    Trevor is best D man in section. Sorry Lambert-close 2nd. Fusco will be 2nd best LSM in section as well. Starts break like Jack does.
    Goalie Reilly or Graham both are good. no slouch here.
    I think that is what I get from looking at guys returning. Spelling could be horrible. Sorry. What is JJ’s ‘early’ lineup look like?
    I see they play Arlington before Town. Interesting game there as well up in Dutchess.

    JJ Attack Ferentini Lew Andrews??? Could struggle against top Defensive teams.
    Midfield Beck – solid player. Hurt them last year being out.
    Lobosco good lefty.
    These two are good and will present a strength for JJ>
    Defense Lanza Lambert Caiola
    Athletic D. Lanza will have to step up in sophomore year to help Lambert out.
    Goalie Branca excellent goalie who struggled at times in big games. Did he get pulled in section final?

    I see a 12-6 game 1st time with Town winning.
    2nd game – no idea but I would bet my house they will play again.
    If JJ wins that 1st game, all bets are off. Town will have to go back to drawing board and may be belieiving in hype surrounding them this year.
    Good luck to all.

  14. hopya99 says:

    IF Connor Vecruise can play midfield, Ytowns offense would be extremeley impressive:

    Gately – D1
    Mariano – D1
    Fusco – D1
    Manning – D1
    Prestreau – D1
    Vercruise – D1

  15. Lax Novice says:

    I read in today’s summaries of the Penn State – Johns Hopkins scrimmage that Mike Daniello do not dress and Jameison Pickel is no longer on Hopkins’ roster. What’s up with those guys?

    On the flip side, John Ranagan played well and scored a goal in limited action. No word of Kevin Interlicchio.

    • irishlax2020 says:

      Also noticed Brandon Merlino (JJ ’10) is no longer on the UMBC roster, what happened with that?

      • Not so Fast says:

        It must be something in the water up there in Cross River as Forrest Walter is not listed on the Colgate roster either. You can google him and they have a write up on him and gave him #44 but when you look at the Colgate roster he’s not listed and they’ve given his number to a freshman goalie. Weird!

  16. laxerital94 says:

    Ranagan played only for a few minutes vs Penn State, scored a goal. Daniello is hurt and Pickel is no longer a member of the team (not sure what happened)
    Interlicchio was rotating in at attack and also at midfield. He looks in great shape and was inverting a lot. Hop should have a great team this year.

  17. justlaxin says:

    Pickel quit team. No longer playing there.
    Great athlete so I am surprised.

    Maybe some of them went to schools over their heads.
    Many times kids “commit” to schools and they receive no money, so the coach has no real tie to them. They can be cut, etc. When you see commitments, would be nice to know if it is a money commitment – scholarship- or simply that the kid will be attending the school and playing there. Many kids who walk on – without scholarships- are cut, etc. Having seen that at the school I attended, it is still common. Kids with scholarships virtually cannot be cut. Not saying any kid is less valuable, etc. but coaches love kids who go to a school without financial scholarship for it is gravy for them. If the player turns out to be great, he can earn money. If not, he can cut the player at no cost.

    Question comes down to being honest with kids when they are being recruited or trying to figure what school to attend. Would you rather compete for a national title at Salisbury or sit bench at Hopkins, Maryland, etc?

  18. freeytime001 says:

    Would you rather have a Johns Hopkins / Maryland University diploma or a Salisbury…

    Thats the real question…

  19. Old Rugger says:

    Freeytime001 I’ll take my steak Salisbury but my Degree Hopkins thanks.

    This will be an interesting year for JJ and Somers as many of the kids watched from the sidelines last year. I’d have to give the nod to Town as they have more proven players who have gotten a year stronger.
    Lee will score goals for JJ but will they be against Town or Sett hard to say those are some good defenses.
    JJ defense will be solid, attack adequate as there are some shooters but no great dodgers or creators.
    The offense (IMHO) should be run through the middies with Beck, Scaperotti, Lew,Smith etc they can create more and dish to attack.

  20. rlaxfamily says:

    JJ is currently rotating FO guys. No one person has earned the spot.

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