College schedules are, of course, up and running.

High school slates are being finalized.

But let’s take a look at how things stand now, as the start of the high school season rapidly approaches.

Here are links from to access the  websites with college schedules for the conferences and teams you’re interested in:


Division I

Division II

Division III


Division I

Division II

Division III

Now, here are links to LaxPower’s high school schedule pages for the nation’s No. 1 lax hotbed, the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tristate region:



* Section 1 (Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and parts of Dutchess counties)

* Section 2 (Albany area)

* Section 8 (Nassau County)

* Section 9 (Orange, Ulster, Sullivan and parts of Dutchess counties)

* Section 11 (Suffolk County)

* Connecticut (Public/Parochial)

* New Jersey (Public/Parochial)



* Section 1 (Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and parts of Dutchess counties)

* Section 2 (Albany area)

* Section 8 (Nassau County)

* Section 9 (Orange, Ulster, Sullivan and parts of Dutchess counties)

* Section 11 (Suffolk County)

* Connecticut (Public/Parochial)

* New Jersey (Public)

* New Jersey (Parochial)

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If you miss the segment with myself and Shawna Ryan, you can watch it online now.

The steady stream of verbal commitments involving sophomores continued this past week. That’s among the topics in our weekly look at tristate lax for

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34 Responses to “Schedules scanner: College men’s/women’s, HS boys/girls rundown”

  1. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here is Chaminade’s 2012 schedule:

    4:15 PM

    4:15 PM
    Holy Trinity

    1:00 PM
    West Islip

    4:30 PM
    St. Anthony’s

    4:30 PM

    1:00 PM
    @ Greenwich

    1:00 PM
    @ Fairfield Prep

    4:15 PM
    Kellenberg Memorial

    4:30 PM
    St. John the Baptist

    1:00 PM

    5:00 PM
    @ Fordham Prep

    4:15 PM
    @ Holy Trinity

    4:30 PM
    @ St. John the Baptist

    7:00 PM
    @ St. Anthony’s

    4:15 PM
    @ Kellenberg Memorial

    5:00 PM
    @ Iona Prep

    1:00 PM

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here is Somers’ 2012 schedule:


    22-Mar Thursday Eastchester/Greenwich Home 4:30pm
    24-Mar Saturday Somers Red/Grey Pre-Season Classic Home 8:00am
    26-Mar Monday Pelham/Clarkstown South Home 4:30pm

    Regular Season:

    29-Mar Thursday Iona Prep Home 6:00pm
    3-Apr Tuesday Arlington Away 4:00pm
    5-Apr Thursday Hen Hud West Point 11:00am
    7-Apr Saturday New Canaan Away 7:00pm
    10-Apr Tuesday Putnam Valley Away 4:30pm
    12-Apr Thursday John Jay Away 6:30pm
    14-Apr Saturday Ridgefield Away 7:00pm
    19-Apr Thursday Brewster Home 4:30pm
    21-April Saturday Niskayuna
    24-Apr Tuesday Fordham Prep Home 5:30pm
    26-Apr Thursday Yorktown Home 7:00pm
    28-Apr Saturday St. Anthony’s Home 7:00pm
    3-May Thursday Mahopac Home 6:00pm
    5-May Saturday Bronxville Away 2:00pm
    8-May Tuesday Horace Greeley Home 6:00pm
    12-May Saturday Lakeland/Panas Home 7:00pm Community’s Collide Day K-Varsity

  3. EAGLE FAN says:


  4. Tusker Times says:

    Somers overscheduled a bit but good to see tough teams from start to finish. Should help make them playoff ready.

    • slacrosse says:

      I was really very disappointed and surprised that Rye and Somers are not playing after doing so for many seasons with some real good games having been played!!

      Yeah I agree with you that Somers strong strength of schedule will help them with the playoffs. Disappointingly I can’t say the same for my Garnets.

  5. Lax O Lax says:

    Dont really know what overscheduled means. Lew has always tried to play the best teams possible, Unlike some others who schedule cupcakes to pad the wins.
    I believe Rye dropped Somers to play Rye Country Day.

    • slacrosse says:

      Agree that you should always play the best competition you can schedule.

      IMO I don’t think the Dooleys would have dumped Somers for RCDS unless maybe for some local Rye political pressures put to bear to resume this Rye-only “rivalry” game. Also RCDS was good to Rye letting the spring teams use their fields in both of Rye’s floods which should be fairly considered.

  6. justlaxin says:

    Look at Ryes schedule then say they dont dodge people. No town or somers? Seems weird, bad for them come playoff time.

    • GreenBear says:

      I think what you may be seeing in some cases is the whole geography thing in play. Limiting games that are far away to keep costs down. However, Town and Brewster dont play this year either and thats not geography. I cant remember the last time that happened. Neither one is running.

  7. justlaxin says:

    Could also be seeding based. The math for the seedings is interesting. Remember, Town was the 2 seed last year behind Somers. Suffern was 2 seed even though they lost to LP during season. Wins are 4points no matter who you play. Losses to good teams ae 2, I believe.

    • justlaxin says:

      Quick example. Town loses to Chaminade, 2pt loss. Beat them, 6 pt win. Suffern beats Section 9 Pine Bush, 6 pt win. Seem fair? Teams can play teams that have good records in weak leagues for 6 pt wins. Tappan Zee was the 3 seed last year. Needs to be fixed in some way.

      • rlaxfamily says:

        My quess is they try to keep it a simple formula. Can you tell me why the seeding is so important? For example, what is the difference if Yorktown was seeded 1 or 2? thanks.

        • justlaxin says:

          Home field games are big importance for seeding. Section finals are only neutral site game. Suffern hosted LP in section semis last year after LP beat them at Suffern earlier in the year. I dont know the solution but this system is silly.

  8. Garnets a Plenty says:

    Fellas no one used the word dodge, when talking about the reason. It is true Rye AD asked Dooleys to put RCD on the schedule to keep the harmony between the two schools. They are linked in many ways when it comes to sports and there facilities. Rye chose the Somers game to drop. Lew has many friends called one up picked up a game. End of story

    • slacrosse says:

      Thought that probably was the reason which makes sense but wish it could have been someone other then a traditional top team like Somers who was dropped. Maybe there were League requirements that played into this.

  9. Laxtime says:

    Some big games right off the bat like Syosset-GC on March 20 and Yorktown-John Jay on March 31.

  10. PV Laxmom says:

    I seem to remember that last year the fans here had the same comments about the seeding procedure- all thought it silly. Yet the powers that determine the rules did the same thing this year. Must be something we don’t see. Maybe without this, there would be no reason for strong teams to play down, allowing the weak teams to play up and get better? However, playing down doesn’t help section 1 champs in the state playoffs. I wish they would explain it to us.

  11. $$$ talks! says:

    PV laxmom

    to answer your question about seedings? the rules will not change for a while. Atleast not till school districts get more money. The reason for many schedules is b/c of the aligment of the leagues based on geography. B/c school districts complained a few years ago that bussing and the rising cost of sports is costing too much they implemented a new league assignments. Some leagues are bigger then others leading some teams to schedule more non confernece games and some teams to schedule less. That is why a lot of the leagues (small in #’s) play a home and home series against there league opponents. The power league was a great idea but b/c of the all mighty dollar they had to change that. hope that answers some ?’s

  12. IslandLaxpert says:

    Some big tests for Sachem North, Garden City and Manhasset vs Maryland teams. SN plays at Archbishop Spaulding March 16, GC plays at St. Paul’s March 31 and Set plays Calvert Hall, also on March 31 at St. Paul’s.

  13. Laxtime says:

    More big games before April 1 than I can ever recall before. Let’s get it started!

  14. BigBadBear says:

    Interesting weekend for college lax, among other things Michigan’s first win, Lehigh shocking upset of UNC, and yesterday’s Uva ‘Cuse game. ‘Cuse mid-field still inexperienced, but they need to get better, UVa, killed them on GB’s and FO’s, if not for the UVa goalie having a bad 2nd Q, this game could have gotten ugly.

    • slacrosse says:

      Now UNC loses to Penn. Something is very wrong in Chapel Hill. Too many thorough bred kids competing-wondering if Breschi is up to the task?

      I can understand how a top AA junior or senior that has been in the program for a few yrs can maybe get frustrated,demoralized as he fights for playing time vs others like him (OK that is normal) but then sees Breschi bring in a 5th yr AA kid (McBride-Princeton)and an AA transfer in Emala (Gtown). Could bring on dissension and diminishing returns?

      • BigBadBear says:

        that’s too complicated for about Hop pitching a shut out? first since 1983 when petro played

        • Who Dat says:

          Easy does it BigBad Bear,, not too excited about the win it was against Manhattan. Hop is undefeated but they haven’t played anyone yet. Beginning this weekend their schedule gets tougher, lets see how they fare.

      • Lax Novice says:

        Isn’t it crazy how things can change in a few weeks? The same UNC that was so disappointing when you wrote this dominated Hopkins tonight. Just goes to show its a long way from the start to the finish of the season.

        Another odd college note: Darien HS had three alumni win games this weekend as the goalie for their college teams. Jameson Love ’08 led Bryant to a 11-8 decision over Sacred Heart, Andrew West ’10 got the victory in Cornell’s 7-5 win over Dartmouth, and Dylan Torey ’11 recorded 10 saves to lead Quinnipiac in an upset 12-8 win on the road vs. Mount St. Mary’s. Congrats to all.

  15. Sec1Girls says:

    Best girls game in section 1 this year should either be Yorktown @ Fox Lane on April 13th or one of the two Lakeland/Yorktown games on 4/18 and 4/23. I think the gap between the top 5 or team programs in section 1 girls lacrosse is much wider than the gap between the top 10 and the rest of the field in boys lacrosse.

  16. rlaxfamily says:

    Yorktown is rebuilding,Fox Lane has three players who can lead but can they lead the rest of the team? Brewster may be giving some of the top teams a run for their money, stars may be aligned there. Lakeland, always competetive along with Mahopac, with or without top players, they play very physical lax game. Not sure who will have the best game this year but its fun not knowing this years outcome at the begining of the season.

  17. slacrosse says:

    You know you’re overflowing with talent like UNC when you can afford to have Gallaso, #1 HS player/recruit and ACC rookie of the yr last season, ONLY involved in EMO situations!! Guess he’ll play more when he gets 100% fit after being out with his foot injury

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