All-star teams for the Battle of the Hot Beds Tournament at the University of Delaware have been selected, and there are lots of players from the tristate area.

The games are at 8:45 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. today at University of Delaware Stadium.

Here’s the rundown:

2012 teams

Blue All-Stars

BL 111 Menard, Chris South Hadley High School ATT 2012

RED 215 Riley, Sean Ridgefield High School ATT 2012

RED 366 Davidheiser, Gregor The Hill School ATT 2012

BL 387 Francis, Brendan Ponte Vedra High School ATT 2012

RED 408 Rastivo, Michael Ward Melville ATT 2012

BL 71 Demarchi, Justin St. Michael’s College School MID 2012

RED 144 Dooley, Dylan The Calverton School MID 2012

BL 156 Phillips, Cory Lambert High School MID 2012

RED 220 Gladstone, Jack Horace Greeley High School MID 2012

RED 372 Mcerlean, Joe Bishop Shanahan High MID 2012

BL 401 Stockstill, Steele Jupiter Christian MID 2012

BL 402 Susskind, Max Saint Andrew’s School MID 2012

RED 410 Edmonds, John Ward Melville High School MID 2012

BL 793 Ruquet, Matthew Rocky Point High School MID 2012

RED 88 Micciche, Zack West Windsor Plainsboro DEF 2012

BL 162 Roman, Braxton Lambert Hs DEF 2012

BL 233 Hannigan, Patrick Hanover High School DEF 2012

RED 424 Kellerman, Ryan Ward Melville DEF 2012

BL 848 Lawyer, Ryan Benilde-st. Margaret DEF 2012

BL 412 Peaks, Conor Ponte Vedra High School GOAL 2012

BL 851 Gilligan, Thomas Benilde-st. Margaret’s GOAL 2012

White All-Stars

RED 140 Goodwin, David The Calverton School ATT 2012

RED 365 Vetter, Christopher Cb East ATT 2012

BL 391 Rooney, Jacob Timber Creek High School ATT 2012

BL 828 Barnhart, Al The Blake School ATT 2012

BL 830 Dines, Andy Westminster School ATT 2012

BL 157 Price, Zack Lambert MID 2012

RED 175 Natarajan, Ram Springbrook High School MID 2012

RED 371 Longordo, John Bridgewater-raritan High MID 2012

RED 412 Coughlan, Jimmy Ward Melville MID 2012

RED 440 Reese, Jonathan West Islip High School MID 2012

BL 579 Tagliaferri, Michael Srv MID 2012

BL 841 Topousis, Taylor Deerfield MID 2012

BL 887 Pescheret, Scott Eagan High School MID 2012

BL 976 Moore, Jimbo Ec Glass MID 2012

RED 523 Schurr, Kevin Somers DEF 2012

BL 160 Massa, Colin Lambert High School DEF 2012

BL 164 Schuster, Grant Lambert DEF 2012

RED 450 Santo, Anthony West Islip DEF 2012

BL 800 Ward, Tyler Farmingdale DEF 2012

BL 849 Mccormick, Lucas Benilde-st. Margarets DEF 2012

RED 45 Larrabee, Andrew Byram Hills Hs GOAL 2012

RED 451 Kelly, Jack West Islip Hs GOAL 2012

2013 teams

Blue All-Stars

BL 47 Mccaffrey, Colton Chaparal High School ATT 2014

RED 138 Butcher, Weston The Calverton School ATT 2013

BL 143 Geran, Matthew Lambert High School ATT 2013

BL 363 Levine, Jake Cold Spring Harbor High ATT 2013

BL 413 Whipple, Connor Jupiter High School ATT 2013

RED 37 Werlau, Christian Trinity Pawling MID 2013

BL 56 Smith, Austin Mullen High School MID 2013

RED 120 Tenbrink, Jimmy Smithtown East High MID 2013

RED 151 Rainier, James Calverton MID 2013

BL 376 Winkoff, Allen Cold Spring Harbor High MID 2013

RED 416 Mazzone, Christian Ward Melville MID 2013

RED 442 Wieczorek, Ryan West Islip MID 2013

BL 459 Kempe, Colby The Benjamin School MID 2013

BL 576 Montero, Will De La Salle High School MID 2013

RED 227 Gravitte, Sam Ridgefield High School DEF 2013

BL 341 Rhudy, Johnny New Canaan High School DEF 2013

BL 382 Kirby, Chandler Jericho High School DEF 2013

BL 472 Weprin, Jason Saint Andrews DEF 2013

BL 708 Toscano, Luke Kings Park High School DEF 2013

BL 996 Laudadio, Matthew Penn Charter DEF 2014

BL 386 Purcell, Ryan Macarthur GOAL 2013

BL 590 Ernst, Will San Francisco University Hs GOAL 2013

White All-Stars

BL 65 Dismuke, Wilkins Rock Canyon ATT 2013

BL 110 Marcus, Evan South Hadley High ATT 2013

BL 365 Ward, Brian Bayport Bluepoint High ATT 2013

RED 430 Braddish, Kevin West Islip ATT 2013

RED 477 Vercruysse, Connor Yorktown High School ATT 2014

RED 9 Dowiak, Jordan Delbarton School MID 2014

BL 63 Joaquim, Anthony Our Lady Of Lourdes MID 2013

RED 150 Mazza, Nick The Calverton School MID 2013

BL 308 Hubbard, Sam Moeller High School MID 2014

BL 399 Mahler, Grant St. Andrews MID 2013

RED 411 Bruckner, Jack Ward Melville MID 2013

RED 436 Aponte, Nick West Islip High School MID 2013

BL 461 Lewis, Devon Lake Highland Prep MID 2013

BL 843 Woodring, Jake Eden Prairie High School MID 2013

RED 1 Otterman, Chad Delbarton DEF 2014

RED 135 Triolo, Peter Smithtown Hs East DEF 2013

BL 378 Blatz, Ed Garden City Ny DEF 2013

RED 426 Zerbo, Michael Ward Melville DEF 2013

BL 466 Beekhuizen, Nick St. Thomas Aquinas DEF 2013

BL 585 Ford, Charlie St. Ignatius College Prep DEF 2013

RED 136 Balkam, Brian Smithtown East GOAL 2013

BL 589 Bowlby, Cameron San Ramon Valley High GOAL 2013

For the Hotbeds schedule and list of teams, click here.

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11 Responses to “Here are your Hot Beds all-star teams”

  1. Star Power says:

    Superstar teams are tearing it up at Hot Beds… 2012 is 9-0 with one more game left before playoffs … 2013 is 7-2 with one game left before playoffs.

  2. BW Fan says:

    While 9-0 is great who have they beaten this summer? Dukes 1/2, Chargers (Blue), Crabs, Tri-State Black, LI Express, Bulldogs, West Coast Stars? Like to see them spread their wings a bit and play a slightly more challenging set of tournaments. Just sayin.

    • laxer says:

      BW Fan, you are right. Looking at SS 2012 schedule at Hotbeds, they have not played too many good teams.

  3. section1 says:

    Wow, only 1 section 1 kid?

  4. Really?? says:

    Section 1, you need a new name. There are three section 1 kids on the all star teams. Quick can you name them?

  5. slacrosse says:

    I count 4 kids.

    Larrabee-Byram Hills

    • Really?? says:

      Slacrosse, my bad for the confusion on my previous note to section 1. I was trying to indicate to that there were 3 additional section 1 players on the all star team. In addition to those 4 players there is a kid from Trinity Pawling that made the team who lives in the North Salem Hs school district. I’m sure Coach Curran would like to have him.

  6. section2 says:

    What an idiot! I’m section 2 and even I knew that! stupid section 1

  7. blax says:

    way to go stoneeeee. the tiny lefty sniper making a name for himself

  8. Turf and Dirt says:

    Just a note ragrding Hotbeds. Superstar 2012 well played, just a peg below the champs. Locals on that team also did very well.
    Primetime looked a bit out of sync in some games. All though Larrabee and Marasco looked like they will be heard from in Section 1.
    You can say what you want about Coach Janavey and Westrock, but I will tell you this. They competed all week against teams with 4-5-6 players who are Div 1-2-3 big time recruits. Teams from Florida, Minnesoota, Chicago,Penn and California. This Westrock team ONLY had 3-4 players who ever started on a Varsity team. These guys fought, and battled in every game. Some of the wins, Comebacks, and Even Bravehearts were mirrors of the Somers spring season. Kudos to those guys who are definitely ready to make some noise in 2012 in section 1. And once again a great job by Coach J in having his teams compete and play hard whistle to whistle. I think he is very underrated.

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