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Farmingdale, which has never won a state title, makes its third state title-game appearance on Saturday when it takes on Ithaca at Cicero-North Syracuse High School.

It was a wild Wednesday of semifinal-round action, indeed, folks.

The big story was Wilton ended its 26-game losing streak against Darien and the Blue Wave’s hopes of a seventh straight state title in a surprisingly one-sided 11-3 win in the CIAC semifinals.

In New York, it was a Long Island sweep at the downstate semis at White Plains. But not without some close calls. Garden City beat Yorktown 10-8, overcoming an early 3-0 deficit, and Bayport-Blue Point edged Bronxville 9-8.

Now we’re set for the finals on Saturday.

Here’s a rundown.

Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts and predictions.


at Cicero-North Syracuse High School, Syracuse

Class A: Farmingdale vs.  Ithaca, 11 a.m.

Class B: Garden City vs. Jamesville-DeWitt, 1:30 p.m.

Class C: Bayport-Blue Point vs. Cazenovia, 4 p.m.


at Brien McMahon High School, Norwalk

Class L: Fairfield Prep vs. Ridgefield, 3:30 p.m.

Class M: Wilton vs. New Canaan, 1 p.m.

Class S: St. Joseph-Trumbull vs. Joel Barlow, 10:30 a.m.


At Rutgers University

Bridgewater-Raritan vs. Summit, 3 p.m.




Class A: Farmingdale 14, Shenendehowa 10

* For the final game stats, click here.

Class B: Garden City 10, Yorktown 8

* For the final game stats, click here.

Class C: Bayport-Blue Point 9, Bronxville 8

* For the final game stats, click here.


Class A: Ithaca 6, Pittsford 5, 2 OT

Class B: Jamesville DeWitt 9, Irondequoit 6

Class C: Cazenovia 15, Silver Creek 13


Class L: Fairfield Prep 7, Simsbury 2; Ridgefield 10, Staples 3

Class M: Wilton 11, Darien 3; New Canaan 6, New Fairfield 5

Class S: St Joseph-Trumbull 15, Somers 6; Joel Barlow 13, Stonington 7


Bridgewater-Raritan 12, Immaculata; Summit 10, Delbarton 5

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27 Responses to “Here are Saturday's state championship matchups”

  1. D-Pac says:

    Hey Joe. Do you have any info on the Senior All-Star game? How many guys are selected and how do they break -up the teams to play against each other.

  2. Lax Novice says:

    Can anyone recommend a good movie to see on Saturday afternoon? Thanks in advance.

    • P&G says:

      Yeah, it’s a horror story….How the prediction of a big blue wave that was supposed to destroy everything in its path, petered out.

      On second thought – maybe its a tear-jerker.

      • sgt hulka says:

        It’s tough to face a game like that without all your key players. Unfortunately, we’ll never know what impact Matheis would have had.

        All the more credit to John Jay. They played the entire season down 3 or more important players.

      • Lax Novice says:

        I’ll leave the tear-jerking to those who have never experienced the euphoria of even one State Championship, never mind eight.

        Nonetheless, all credit is due the Wilton Warriors on a dominating dismantling of the Wave yesterday afternoon. Sam Somers was the MAN yesterday. Essentially Wilton planned correctly by assuming that Darien would have difficulty working the ball inside to Gregory and Preston and packed the D in tight, daring the midfield to crank from 10-15 yards away on their 1st team all-Fciac goalie. Previously well documented was Darien’s difficulty getting the ball on the goal; when they did Somers made them pay by starting the transition by getting the ball to Serpa, Dunn and company, Francia took care of the rest on his end. No one this year got the fast break going against us the way Wilton did yesterday, not Haverford, not Manhasset, not anybody. That was the shocking part for me, how many layups Wilton got in transition. Can’t really blame Dylan Torey, there were simply too many opportunities for Wilton to take advantage of which combined with the inability to create any type of rythym on offense resulted in the one-sided affair. Full credit to Coach Wiseman and staff for the plan and to all the guys who wore blue yesterday and exorcised a demon they’ve had to live with since Clinton was President. There’s a lot of Wilton alums, surely including New Canaan coach Alex Whitten, glowing with renewed pride today.

        NC apparently had to gut it out yesterday, so congrats to them as well. Here’s hoping that the “throwback” Class M final is the instant classic that all lax fns hope it’ll be.

        Good luck to all on Saturday.

        • Blue White says:

          Need to bring home the banner otherwise it’s just a good win.

          Was disappointed in the Staples outcome yesterday. While I think they’ve come a long way since McNulty came on board and provided much-needed stability I was hoping they’d give Ridgefield more fits. Hopefully they’ll gear up the out of conference games next year in an effort to prepare for the post-season.

      • Indian J says:

        No. It’s a documentary on how any great team can have their season’s outcome greatly affected by injuries. Great clips of of knowledgeable lax fans concurring.

        • charlie c says:

          how do you give kudos to JJ? The bottom line is everyone gets injuries and they do just fine. Ask Virginia losing 2 all americans and sitting out another starting middie and they still win. Bottom line is JJ underachieved and you wont admit it. Name 1 good team they beat this year?

          • P&G says:

            What is your criteria for what is a good team? Following your logic, name one good team that Yorktown beat this year? Not played close, but actually beat?

          • slacrosse says:

            “EVERYONE gets injuries and they do just fine”??

            Come on. What you really honestly know is that (1) you DONT know that and (2) every team is different and react to multiple key players being out differently.

            Jay had multiple major kids not playing. No one would want to be in their shoes. Jay tried their best, had some good wins (Somers, San Rafel, Mahopac). It’s a testament to their program that they could still put a real good team on the field despite these injuries.

            The point isn’t whether they under or over achieved but whether they played their best with the kids on the field. That’s a fact and so is their playing without key players all season, a fate NO team would ever want to face.

            No one has been boasting how they would have done with the missing kids–just that they were missing and that’s a shame for any team.

          • laxr says:

            Great post. I find it absurd when people act like injuries don’t have an impact, whether it be by arguing that everyone is injured, or criticizing the injured team’s depth. It’s hard to quantify what a guy like Daniello means to JJ, and when you add in Beck, Walter (at the start of the season), etc., it really created a disastrous situation for them. Ditto for Darien. When you lose a guy like Matheis, you can’t possibly get the offense back up to speed in just two or three days before the biggest game of the season (and of course to make matters worse, they lost Gregory, their fogo, and West was not 100%). It’s a shame for both teams, but at the end of the day, you can only win the trophy based on the people who played in the game.

          • P&G says:

            And Morris too, meaning their two captains were out for the year. Those 3 scored 122 points in 2010. Schuldt, Mabus, and Gately had 92 in 2010. Think about that.

            With that said, I congratulate Yorktown on the Sectional win. A very good team.

            I think Slacrosse said it very well (as always).

          • slacrosse says:

            Yes and as I said before Bville acquitted itself very well against a real solid, gritty LI team and in fact was the better team and should have been going up to Syracuse.

  3. BigBadBear says:

    today’s rumour has Coach Sowell at Stony Brook leaving to take on Navy…this just after getting a 5 year extension…yikes

    • HV Fan says:

      This dude has moved now 3 jobs in the last 5 years I think

      • BigBadBear says:

        not a rumour anymore, laxmagazine says he told them he’s gone…to tell you the truth, although he’s a great recruiter, I think he got out coached in many of the big games that the seawolves had..

        now go ahead sla, start a petro to brook rumour

        • Lax Novice says:

          How about the guy who resigned at Binghamton this past year, Stevenson?

          • BigBadBear says:

            nah…lots of names being tossed out. cassese at lehigh is an ex-stony brook coach, the guy from towson (meade?)..even the danowski’s have come up…they do need to make a decison quick

          • Lax Novice says:

            Keep us posted.

  4. woodenstick says:

    CIAC has posted the Ct finals game times as 10:30 Sat for S, 1 for M and 3:30 for L, all at B McMahon. All should be good games.

  5. lax fan says:

    Thought Ytown was head and shoulders best team in Westchester. Leadership of Schuldt and Mabus is what is needed to win tight games. Underclassmen stepped up and they will be a force next year. Ironically, ( Shen, Farmingdale, Ithaca)if Ytown stayed in A, they probably would be state champs. A or B in 2012?

  6. Steve says:

    “Ironically, ( Shen, Farmingdale, Ithaca)if Ytown stayed in A, they probably would be state champs.”

    That’s hilarious. Got any other good ones?

    • laxr says:

      Except that Ithaca and Farmingdale are better than Town, and Shen would be a tossup (they went to OT earlier in the season), so…

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