Coach Roy Colsey led Ridgefield to its second FCIAC title game appearance in his three years as Tigers’ coach. Ridgefield fell to Darien 10-7. The Tigers beat the Blue Wave in overtime in the 2009 title game.

Well, it was quite a week, folks.

Conference champs were crowned in Connecticut, and, the state tournament has already gotten under way with qualifying round games.

The Nassau and Suffolk finals are set for next Tuesday and Wednesday, with marquee matchups Garden City vs. Manhasset and West Islip vs. Smithtown West highlighting the six games.

In Section 1, Mahopac, Yorktown and Bronxville won class championships.

Those were among the topics we discussed in the latest edition of the HS notebook for the tristate region.

You can check it out now by clicking here.

In college lax, the Memorial Day showdown for the D-I title between ACC rivals Virginia and Maryland is the latest subject of our poll question.

To vote, go to the right panel of this page. Then, just scroll past the “New Comments” and “Popular” tabs and click on “Poll,” and then cast your vote from the choices available, or write in your choice if it’s not listed.

You can check out the scores and schedules for all three divisions for men’s and women’s college lacrosse for this championship weekend by clicking here.

Back to HS lax.

In case you missed it, a total of 15 players from the nation’s No. 1 hotbed for lacrosse, the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region, have been selected to play for the North team at the sixth annual Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic.

You can find out check out the rosters for the game by clicking here.

The CIAC tournament started yesterday with qualifying-round games. Among them: No. 12 Greenwich beat No. 21 Stamford 16-4 and No.17 Cheshire beat No. 16 Danbury 12-7.

You can check out the schedule for opening-round games on Wednesday, June 1 and brackets for divisions L, M and S below:

Class L

Class M

Class S

State playoff action begins in New York on Wednesday.

Don’t forget, you can check out the entire downstate New York sectional schedule by clicking here. For the brackets for the state tournament, click here.

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Lombardi on Lacrosse Tristate segment for 5/24: Somers/John Jay breakdown; Lakeland/Panas vs. Mahopac and Yorktown/John Jay finals previews; Long Island playoff outlook; “Under the Radar” player


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13 Responses to “Quite a week: A look back and a look ahead”

  1. WestLax says:

    Look back at the 2011 season in Section 1

    1. Best Team – Yorktown
    2. MVP Section 1 – Ty Schut, Yorktown (Should be UA All American over Daniello,no slight just should honor player on field, who was injured all year)
    3. Offensive player of year – Charlie McCormack Bronxville
    4. Defensive player of year – Eddie Schur, Somers
    5. Underclassman of the year – Tie; Jack Lambert, John Jay and Anthony Berardis, Mahopac
    6. Goalie of the year – Thomas Branca, John Jay

    Final rankings
    1. Yorktown
    2. Mahopac
    3. John Jay
    4. Somers
    5. Bronxville
    6. Lakeland/Panas
    7. Suffern
    8. Rye
    9. White Plains
    10. Byram Hills

    Joe, great job all year! and all the bloggers thank you for all the comments and information; slacrosse, nymike, relax and section1.

    See you in 2012

    • SirLaxalot says:

      HV AA’s –

      Mabus, Town
      Schuldt, Town
      Prunty, LP
      Caffrey, LP
      Foley, Pac
      Schurr, Somers
      Donohue, Somers
      Near, Bronxville
      McCormack, Bronxville

      • sect1lax says:

        this makes no sense to me how Pac only has 1 AA.theres so many options…foley,berardis,bota,verde,parillo….theresmorethan 1

        • D-Pac says:

          I’m all for Pac D to get some respect. Tough to get another D-man as AA with a small number of guys getting the award. Parrillo-Senior-#24, Verde-Senior #28, Fetzer-Junior-#6 and Hynes-Sophmore-#25, should be All Section. D has given up a little over 6 goals per game for the season and 3.6 in the playoffs so far. Offense sells tickets, D wins championhips.

      • jeffreyp says:

        LP and somers get 2 and JJ doesn’t get any? JJ beat them both, Handled LP and mahopac and they both are getting more than JJ

    • section 1 says:

      i agree with everything except for branca, there are a good five goalies who had much better years then him and didn’t have great teams playing in front of them. for example: Larabee (BH), Danehy (mamo), Fraylic (PVill), Allen (south) and Stephens (fox Lane). Bronca’s a good goalie but i wouldn’t say he is the goalie of the year.

      • For What Its Worth says:

        I have to agree with Section 1 as it relates to Branca as well. Not sure the best goalie in section 1 can be someone who didn’t even become the 1# goalie on his team until mid-season. Seen all these goalies play this year Allen from CS is probably the best all around keeper. Good ball stopper and good outlet passes.

        If you could clone a goalie you wold take Larrabee as a ball stopper, Branca’s outlet passes and Stephens size. Now that would be the #1 goalie.

        But since this is the real world its Allen.

  2. 1 says:

    i agree witheverything except for branca, there are a good five goalies who had much better years then him and didn’t have great teams playing in front of them. for example: Larabee (BH), Danehy (mamo), Fraylic (PVill), Allen (south) and Stephens (fox Lane). Bronkas a good goalie but i wouldn’t say he is the goalie of the year.

  3. Conor STATESly says:

    Does anyone know where you can find the NY state playoff bracket?

  4. Playlax1 says:

    I agree with all of the rankings, including Branca, only because of strength of schedule. Ill go in order of comments:

    D-Pac, Branca started the first two games for Jay, had a good game in the opener against Town, but Jay’s offense and defense collapsed, kind of hung him out to dry. he got yanked against Rye in the second game in favor of Duffy. Duffy held the spot but struggled to make saves against the better teams, thus Branca took the spot back. Just because he wasnt the number 1 doesnt disqualify him from any sort of honor (Thus Daniello makes the UA all-america team even though when he was healthy he didnt play well.) Just remember, in the sectional semis Branca made 12 saves in the 1st half, and won that game for Jay, not to mention his play against Pac and LP.

    1, I understand your argument as well, but if we examine college sports, specifically football, you will see that opponent strength plays a large part in the voting process. In the end, I take a keeper who can hold his own against teams like Set, Massapequa, and Town, over a keeper who had a high save percentage because they played average teams. If you eliminate both Town games, Massapequa and the first Rye game, Brancas numbers against section one opponents are on par or higher than all of these other keepers. So if you are judging on in section performance, Branca played against Pac, Town, Somers, Rye, and LP, and Greeley, and he beat all of them, except town. The same cant be said for any of the other keepers on this list, none of the other keepers played Town, Somers, Pac, and only two played LP. How can you make that call when the level of competition is clearly different? Thats why Branca wins it over the others, because he played the best teams, and produced.

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