What had shaped up as a (relatively) light Friday in what is a busy, busy stretch of playoff games can no longer be classified as such.

That’s because the full slate of Section 1 Class C opening round games, originally slated to be played yesterday, were moved to today because of the postponement of an outbracket game on Wednesday.

So now, we have a good amount of games to keep tabs on this Friday.

But, of course, many folks are focused on Saturday’s action. You can get a rundown of that slate of games now at msgvarsity.com. For Westchester/Hudson Valley, click here. For Connecticut, click here. For Long Island, click here.

Before we run down what’s on tap for today, don’t forget, you can check out the entire downstate New York sectional and state playoff schedule by clicking here.

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The amount of score updates we’ve received here from throughout the region once again this season has been truly remarkable. I’m sure that all you folks will even go above and beyond that now that the games have even more meaning and the postseason is here.

Now, without further ado, here’s today’s rundown:

Section 1 playoffs

Class C opening round

No. 13 Haldane at No. 4 Sleepy Hollow, 1 p.m.
No. 9 Croton at No. 8 Kennedy Catholic, 4 p.m.
No. 17 Edgemont at No. 1 Pleasantville, 4:30 p.m.
No. 12 North Salem at No. 5 Byram Hills, 4:30 p.m.
No. 14 Pearl River at No. 3 Dobbs Ferry, 4:30 p.m.
No. 10 Briarcliff at No. 7 Pelham, 4:30 p.m.
No. 11 Ardsley vs. No. 6 Irvington at Manhattanville College, 4:30 p.m.
No. 15 Putnam Valley at No. 2 Bronxville, 4:30 p.m.

Section 8 playoffs

Class A opening round

No. 11 East Meadow at No. 6 Baldwin, 4:15 p.m.
No. 9 MacArthur at No. 8 Oceanside, 4:30 p.m.
No. 10 Port Washington at No. 7 Calhoun, 4:45 p.m.
No. 12 Uniondale at No. 5 Long Beach at Long Beach Middle School, 7 p.m.

Class C opening round

No. 5 Locust Valley at No. 4 Floral Park, 4:30 p.m.
No. 6 Mineola at No. 3 Seaford, 4:30 p.m.

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134 Responses to “Gameday Friday, 5/20: Section 1 playoffs continue with Class C opening round; Section 8 features Class A, C action”

  1. slacrosse says:

    Thanks for posting times of tomorrow’s games when available.

    • SirLaxalot says:

      For Sect 1 games tomorrow:

      Rye at John Jay 11 am
      Mamo at Suffern 11 am
      Hen Hud at Somers 2 pm
      Brewster at Yorktown 2 pm
      LP at Arlington 7 pm

      Don’t think these have been confirmed yet:

      White Plains at New Ro
      Scarsdale at Mahopac
      Tappan Zee at Nyack

      If anyone knows those times please post

  2. slacrosse says:


  3. Section 1 says:

    games to watch today:

    Upset alert haldane at sleepy hollow. Should be a close competitive game Haldane 9 Sleepy 7

    Great rivalry game at Manhantanville college: Ardsley vs. Irv. The 2 teams played a 3ot thriller early in the season.

    Ardsley 8 Irv 6

    • ReLAX says:

      The game of the day should be Croton vs KC. I know nothing really about these teams other than the last time they met @ KC it was 12-11 Croton’s a 9 KC is home & an 8 so a Croton win would be an upset. Could be interesting

  4. ReLAX says:

    Today Hopefully Dobbs dispenses w/ Pearl River. Tomorrow Nyack or TZ are gone. & I implore the Tigers to dispatch suffern. Now why do we have to take the bridge to see the GOOD lax teams in our section? WP’s field is sooo nice w/ the big screen, graphics & all, 1st class facility & it’s not a middle school. The section finals should be there. Like BBALL is @ the County Center!! & yes I know we got the downstate finals there, but why give home field to teams that won’t be there to play?

    • Lion says:

      This is kind of an arrogant post…I have this picture of Thurston Howe11 the third, ascot and martini, in mind when you are saying these things.

      • Mason says:

        I totally agree that ReLAX’s post is arrogant, however, I do think it would nice if Rockland had their own section or joined with Orange. The travel would be so much easier for teams and people on BOTH sides of the bridge. It might be fun to have a sectional championship of Westchester?Rockland like they do on the island.

        • Lion says:

          With the geographic conferences you do not have to travel to Rockland during the regular season. Most Rockland – Westchester/Putnam contests involve the Rockland team going over the river anyway.

          At different levels Rockalnd teams provide good competition. Can L/P get as good a team as Suffern from Long Island to play them? Harrison, Eastchester. Pleasantville match up well with Nyack, TZ and North Rockland.

          Only a handful of west of river teams totally outclass the Rockland teams. While a team like Ardsley or Westlake looks forwrd to Albertus, Pearl River games.

          ..but no problem going out to Long Island

      • ReLAX says:

        You’ve never been in Yorktown or Cortlandt Manor Thurston wouldn’t last long & he’s not gonna be found where L/P plays! Facts are facts! The lax is played this side of the Hud in the Hudson Valley..PaaaLEAS, but I do apologize for sounding arrogant, I’m just tired of the inane banter fr the WBB & the boys…my bad!!!

        • Rock Lax says:

          Please do not associate rockland county lax with the fans of suffern. Suffern field is cheaper than white plains. Personally, I love watching the game at WP and wish it was still there. Would like to see rockland back with section 9 too. No bridge for the busses.

          • ReLAX says:

            My post started an interesting discussion. I played college ball w/ a good rockland player. I think he was from CS or CN. Were either of those schools playing appx 30 yrs ago & were one of them a good program? Think his name was Jim Fandle or Fandel he was a middie & pretty good & a leader believe he was a Capt for us. I’m really not a total rockland hater. The Suffern kids just struck a nerve. Shut Up & Play! Tomorrow will be here soon enough

  5. slacrosse says:

    Class A

    Am assuming LP meets Pac in the finals but:

    See Mamo and WP having possible potential to be spoilers and “ruin someone’s day”.

    Dont know all their players but among others, WP has some “for real” players in Trapp and Broderick as well as other very solid players like Peoples.

    Saw Mamo beat Bville with a great D effort in particular from their goalie and Ferguson who I thought played the most dominating LSM game of any I’ve seen this season (seen lots). If their D and goalie are REAL good and hold down goals could be interesting.

    • GreenBear says:

      I think if you are mentioning Mamo and WP you have to include Arlington, which I consider the best of the 3 this year.

      • slacrosse says:


      • slacrosse says:

        When I mentioned Mamo and WP I was thinking of what lower(then Arlington) ranked teams might surprise

      • BudLax says:

        Agreed, Arlington is the team that i wouldnt want to play. Gave Somers and Pac pretty good games. LP could have some trouble there if they dont bring thier A game.

        I dont see White Plains as a spolier. At least if they get to play Pac. Pac handled them like 13-1 or something

        I think Mamo could beat Suffern on a given day but we’ll see how that plays out.

        • zodiac says:

          Arlington game moved to 11 so seniors could got to jersey shore as their prom is tonight! Its all about commitment fellas!

          • betterthanbaseball says:

            The game was originally scheduled for 11am not 7pm, it got switched to 7pm because of a track event. Arlington has 2 turf fields and the other was available. Do you know these senior personally, they are committed.

    • ReLAX says:

      Yes..Slacrosse as always you’re right on the money & you forgot Avery for WP he played well also. As far as the tiger goalie & #24 & #6 the most dominant D teamwise right now. What I mean is that it’s the Tiger D that wins game w/ other teams in the section the O carries or helps carry the team. If the Tiger O plays well it’s Bracket Busting Time!!!!

      • ReLAX says:

        I must add Town’s D is pretty darn good but that O isn’t too bad either

        • slacrosse says:

          Yes Town’s D is good but I’ve always felt Town’s O is definitely the scarier part of that team.

      • Lax Games says:

        Difference yesterday for Mamo on O was #13 who was out all season until last 3 games. Some circus like goals, a big body who can finish and a calming Sr presence on a very, very young O. Mids played more in control and did not ‘waste’ as many possessions given to them by D.

        What is scouting report on suffering? I saw part of MSG varsity game earlier in season which featured balanced O, but variable D.

        Either way should be a good game.

        • The Boy Who Cried Wolf says:

          Sorry guys I lied I can’t stay off this…Suffern has a methodical offense and the defense has improved a lot through the course of the season in large part to Mike Johnson who has turned in some impressive performances of late. Mamaroneck is a scary team though and it is anybody’s ball game. Hoping and praying for a Mounties victory. Should be a good one to watch for any fan.

  6. Indian J says:

    Rye vs. Jay Should go down to the wire regardless if any injured players return or not. Thoughts ?

    • slacrosse says:

      Agree. Can’t see it being anything other then a real tough, close and I hope well played game. Too many good players on the field for both teams including Seniors that don’t want this to be their last high school game!!

    • GreenBear says:

      I agree. Jay still has a ton of excellent Lacrosse players.

      I say Jay wins 10-8.

  7. Laxxer says:

    U-19 USA tryout team announced a couple kids from the section include mike D, Conor prunty, Conor Fraylick

  8. ReLAX says:

    1-0 Croton 9:35 left 1st

  9. ReLAX says:

    Croton’s had the ball most of the 1st & has superior skills they’ve hit 2 pipes & KC’s goalie had two good saves. EMO croton goal 2-0 5:36 left 1st

  10. ReLAX says:

    #8 KC scores 2nd Qtr EMO KC TO croton 9:24 in the half 3-1 Croton 7;35 4-1 Croton 7:11 TO w 7mins left. How did croton lose to KC recently? They’re sticks passing & execution is far better. Ref calls horrible penalty emo KC refs have definitely been helping KC. Croton goalie makes a save & then deposits the ball in his own net. Unbelievable, ugly goal the kind that can’t break a teams confidence 4-2 this game will now get closer because if that goal & refs

  11. ReLAX says:

    4-3 ridiculous croton let’s a wild clearing pass bounce thru their D to a KC attack who beats the downtroddin goalie who’s still thinkin about the one he scored on himself. It’s now 4-4, but croton scored w 1:18 left croton scores again 6-4 eroton @ half. I answered my ? They’re must of been sloppy play in that 12-111 loss. Croton should be up more. KC’s goalie been anticipating low & getting down in the dirt on every shot. Fake low shout high

  12. sec1 says:

    1-0 Ville10:36

  13. sec1 says:

    2-0 Ville 10:23

  14. sec1 says:

    3-0 Ville 10:00

  15. Jake says:

    any updates on the pv bville game? tht culd be a upset waiting to happen

  16. sec1 says:

    4-0 Ville 5:47

  17. sec1 says:

    5-0 Ville timeout 5:13
    Bronxville way to skilled on both ends for PV

  18. sec1 says:

    6-0 Ville 4:42 PV D ball watching and frozen in place

  19. sec1 says:

    6-1 PV with the Man up

  20. ReLAX says:

    Sun’s playin havoc w the iPhone sorry for the mistakes 6-5 goalie for croton needs to clamp down on loose balls & use his crease for protection emo KC but croton gains control calls TO w/ 8:37 in 3rd it’s been all croton since KC’s goal but they can’t find the net another pipe 7:05 after another pipe 7-5 KC’s goalie must be a hockey goalie the way he hits the ground on shots another pipe & KC’s goalie gobbles up a worm burner shoot high off stick side which is exactly what they do to make it 8-5

  21. sec1 says:

    7-1 Ville 2:31

  22. sec1 says:

    8-1 Ville 1:49

  23. sec1 says:

    9-1 Ville 0:58

  24. sec1 says:

    End of 1st 9-1 Bronxville

  25. ReLAX says:

    8-6 w 1:03 8-7 44secs left in 3rd 8-7going into the 4th

  26. sec1 says:

    9-2 Kevin Christopher takes from midfield scores 10:57
    10-2 10:45

  27. sec1 says:

    11-2 8:30 #10 on BVille, very good

  28. sec1 says:

    12-2 man down goal #42 behind the back 6:05

  29. sec1 says:

    13-2 5:31 #10

  30. sec1 says:

    14-2 #10 to #2 4:32

  31. ReLAX says:

    TO KC 9:55 left KC’s goalie like a Hoover he eats up every low shot EMO goal KC all tied up. 9:15 left every 9-8 croton 7:44. 10-8 5:49. 10-9 5:10 4:50 left TO KC 4:04left

  32. sec1 says:

    15-2 Ville
    15-3 1:42

  33. sec1 says:

    16-3 0:29 Bronxille coaches wining to much

  34. ReLAX says:

    11-9 2:08 1:28 1:06 2 goal lead burn the rest of the game & move on. TO croton. KC played hard good athletes not really lax players but it was entertaining 11-9 final

  35. sec1 says:

    17-3 Ville 7:33
    some 2nd line in

  36. sec1 says:

    17-4 6:00 running time

  37. sec1 says:

    18-4 Ville 2:59

  38. sec1 says:

    19-4 Ville 1:30

  39. sec1 says:

    End of 3rd 19-4

    • slacrosse says:

      Message to Bville Coach:

      STOP TAKING SHOTS!! I don’t care how many subs are in there!!

      Should have done that 5 goals ago.

      • GreenBear says:

        Couldnt agree more slacrosse….coaches need to have some class!

      • PV parent says:

        It would have been ok for the subs to get their chance to play and shoot, but they weren’t put in until late. I think #10 was still shooting until 4th period, and the brothers, also. Good experience for our rookies.
        Go Bronxville, win the Section! It’s not (quite) so bad losing to the champions.

        • sorry PV parent says:

          #10 didnt play play in the 2nd half also the brothers #42 didnt play in the 2nd half also. And the other brother is an 8th Grader.

      • sec1 says:

        should byram hills have kept shooting in a 20-2 victory?
        pretty clear bias against bvill

  40. sec1 says:

    20-4 9:08

  41. ReLAX says:

    20-2 byram hils

  42. sec1 says:

    20-4 Final Bronxville

  43. slacrosse says:

    Since I wasn’t there, maybe I’m missing something but from where I sit, IMHO, a 16 goal winning margin and 20-4 Bville win and an 18 goal winning margin for a 20-2 Byram Hills win are embarrassing to the Bville and Byran Hills coaches and programs and show poor sportsmanship.

    At some point you stop shooting–EVEN WITH SUBS IN.

    Know this is a strong statement but they have nothing to be proud of.

    • laxr says:

      Plenty of teams choose 20 goals as a stopping point. What would you suggest, deny the subs that have worked hard all season from finally getting an opportunity to go hard and score? This is a non-issue.

      • slacrosse says:

        Never heard of it but even if 20 goals is some kind of stopping point, 20 goals is TOO much when the opponent only scores 2–it’s the margin that counts–you gotta get that point, right.

        Also it’s not an “issue” like you said, it just an observation.

        • laxr says:

          20 goals is not too much. This is competitive sports, and if a team gets blown out, so be it. I’d rather blow another team out, and let them feel sorry for themselves, then to deny hard-working subs the chance to play hard. It would be wrong to tell these kids that they can’t play lacrosse (passing it around and running out the clock isn’t what these kids signed up for) because you are worried about the feelings of the players on the other team – you protect your own first and foremost.

          • 12rock says:

            Put me down in the ..no more shooting club .. maybe it’s an old school thing …yes it’s competitive ..but whats to prove , all that’s there at this point is to embarrass. When the game is under hand take a few steps back. I guess we will agree to disagree , I have heard all the arguments about play & competition . When up that much take a step back… I would think this represents how we live our lives as well .

          • laxfan says:

            it’s just as embarassing to see a team not trying to score. At that point let it be a scrimmage where both teams play one another hard and maybe one if not both teams get something out of it. To just stand around and not even try sreves neither team but you can make arguments both ways.

    • defense says:

      Slacrosse, please relax with your comments. I think I can infer that you were not actually at either game. Byram had many tough losses going into this game and needed it as a “statement” win. They did in fact stop shooting the last 10 minutes, when all the back-ups were in. When somebody is on a 40 yard breakaway with only the goalie to beat, its almost even more classless to NOT shoot that. They got every back-up in, and showed a lot of class the entire game. It was a hard fought game by both sides, concluded with the Byram players giving handshakes and picking up NS players who just saw their season end.

      • P&G says:

        You can debate whether 20 is the right number or not, but please spare us with “they had many tough losses…and needed it as a statement win”. You don’t get statement wins against a weeker opponent that you blow out.

        There is so much wrong with that statement.

      • Slacrosse is Right! says:

        defense, did you really just say what you did? That BH needed a “statement” win b/c they had many tough losses???? They’re 12-4 !!!

        And b/c of the need for this “statement” win BH had to run up the score??

        What tough losses are you talking about? Are you referencing their close loss to a tough LI Seaford team b/c BH couldnt win a faceoff( lost 17 out of 18). Maybe put someone in who can win a faceoff and your outcome is different. That’s on the coach for not making an adjustment.

        Defense you cant defend BH or Bronxville!

        • Indian J says:

          I’m with Slacrosse too. Please, Oh please let these two programs play somebody next year.

          • indian J says:

            If you are from JJ then you should know first hand about this. The Savastano’s over the years have poured it on scoring at times 22/23 goals beating teams by 20. If you dont believe me just look it up. And if you need me to i will give an example of some games JJ vs hen hud 22-4 then there 1st round game in states 22-3 in 2008. Just keep going back the SAVS ran it up! ARE THEY CLASS-LESS?

          • Indian J says:

            Don’t think the Savs were classless. Get a new screen name . Indian J is taken. I just said let them play somebody next year. Bronxville fans should agree.

          • OT says:

            1) The SAVS were playing 45 players and the starters were out by halftime in those games.

        • ReLAX says:

          Guess BH wanted to let the ville know they can pour it on too LOL. Hope whoever comes out of that side can play w/ em. The ville has a cakewalk to the finals. Meanwhile, Pville, BH & SH all are on the other side. Dobbs used to have a nice rivalry w/ the ville in football, back in the day. They need to get some of that Old School fire goin!!

        • OT says:


          honestly, these are varsity teams and this is the sectionals

          As long as the starters are long gone and at some point the second team as well, the losing teams have to stop somebody.

          You can’t be throwing subs out there and telling them not to try. If its gotten to that point institute a slaughter rule and end the game.

          The winning teams should want to get their starters out of there as soon as possible because mismatches this great can’t possibly help in preparation for their next games.

          • laxfan says:

            amen brother, well said, if the other team wants to throw in the towel and end it, that’s fine, otherwise at the varsity level in sectionals you can’t tell them to take it easy. Plus, it’s not like turning on a faucet and who has not seen those 8 and 9 goal miracle comebacks in lacrosse where goals tend to come in bunches. How would you like to be on the end of another team’s miracle comeback? People complain all the time about one team or another’s inability to “put away” another team. So they do and then we have to hear they are piling on…you have to pick one or the other and in the playoffs I want my team playing hard up until the final whistle no matter what side of the score they are on because i, for one, do not want to be the trivia answere for another teams “miracle” comeback.

      • slacrosse says:

        You call it a “statement” win??–Would like to but can’t say anything more after that.

    • Ohh please says:

      First of all from someone that was there Bville started subbing in the 2nd qtr. There starters from middies and D never played in the 2nd half. AS far as the only starters they left in were an 8th grader and 9th grader at attack b/c they simply dont have the #’s esp since 2 players were injuried in the game. They stopped scoring in the 3rd qtr maybe 1 goal in the begining of the 4th on a man up that were all subs. They PASSED the ball around for over 8 minutes in the 4th and had a stall warning the whole time! Now Really 20 goals is too many i guess Syracuse is a class-less program for putting 20 on st.johns this year. Completly agree with laxr below. The subs work hard all season and then they get in and you tell them just pass around you cant score. The subs scored 4 goals. Plus most of the time when you put in all ur 2nd and 3rd string the other team would score MORE GOALS since PV left there starters in! PV starters scored 1 goal when against all back ups! I would say ask the coaches of sect 1 of what they feel about bville and BH coaches im sure there wont be classless things said about them!

      • slacrosse says:

        I understand and AGREE that these types of games are good chance for subs to play and score–and they should.

        But IMO particularly at the high school level a Coach also needs to do the “right thing” in terms of avoiding totally humiliating the other team’s players, their parents and the coach and at a certain goal margin even that should stop. Keep stalling, do something not to score. Not saying it’s automatically doable/easy but it can be done.

        So what if PV couldn’t score vs Bville subs–doesn’t mean you keep scoring even vs PV regulars.

        As for Syracuse scoring 20 goals vs St. Johns, just like I told “laxr” its not the 20 goals that matters but the goal margin over the opponent. @0 is not good when your opponent only scores 2. Cuse beat St.Johns by 14 goals vs Bville’s 18 goal margin. I dont know why Cuse felt they had to win by that margin. Maybe it’s college and all bets are off.

        Finally and very importantly I don’t consider and have never considered ANY program in Section 1 “Classless”. BH and Bville are great programs with fine coaches. I am only “calling out” one aspect of these two games–the extreme margin of win. I don’t consider my observation to be classless.

        • slacrosse says:

          should be a “2” as in 20 instead of the the “@”

        • blax says:

          you try and stop a handful of defensive middies from not going to the goal when all they’ve wanted for the whole season is to get some glory and respect. Bronxville was clearly attempting to not score but when the defensive middies saw an opportunity they took it because thats all they had wanted for the entire season.

          • ReLAX says:

            That’s not an excuse. Leadership comes from the top. If a player does something the coach told him not to do, he comes out & never gets back in. The greatest coach in HS in this section That I know uses playing time to 1) make his kids practice hard & never take a play off 2)show up to school on time & pass & 3) do just about whatever is right to do. Yank the kid off the field if he goes against what’s right. A good coach would never let a player get away w/ what you just said

        • laxr says:

          14 goals vs. 18 goals — you are right, huge difference. It comes down to whether you want to let the guys who work hard without the glory a chance to earn some respect on the field, or you want to be sensitive to your opponents feelings, even though this is competitive sports. I know which choice I would make.

          • ReLAX says:

            Please don’t ever get into coaching @ this level! What it’s about is teaching life lessons. I come from a backround where these kids don’t get ALL they need at home & their coach needs to do more than coach sports. You want respect, than give it & do what the coach told you to do. If it is to not score because you’re killing a team then you better not score or you’re comin out & you ain’t goin back in for a very long time. That’s class & these kids need to learn it somewhere!!!!

          • laxr says:

            Pretend you are one of these backups. You practice hard all year, devoting ours every day waiting for your opportunity to prove yourself on the field. After waiting all season, you finally see your chance, and then you learn that all you can do is pass the ball around the perimeter. Not a great feeling is it.

            Now pretend you are one of the players on the opposing team. You are getting beaten badly. You are already down 13-3, and you are all but out of the game. The team scores 7 more goals from the start of the second half to the middle of the fourth quarter. Do you really feel that much better. Is anyone better off from this? Will the other team not scoring in the second half have a lasting impact on you, the way that not being allowed to go to the goal will impact the backup on the other team who waited all season for his shot? At the end of the day, there is a point when there is too much scoring, but 20 goals isn’t it (if you look upstate, West Genny beats teams 33-0 sometimes, and nobody would ever question his class).

          • ReLAX says:

            I believe it’s been established that they were trying to keep the score down & not score if that’s the case & the kid goes against what the coach tells him…the kid is out. No question! Every kid doesn’t get a 1st place ribbon on my team. He does what he’s told. If more kids were told to do the right thing these kids wouldn’t be the way they are. Again, you want respect you give it. If not go play for someone who runs the score up when the game’s way over. There’s no shot clock in lax. I’d pull the kids aside & tell em we’re gonna work on burning clock & I’m gonna watch who can catch & throw. Who can dodge etc. There’s too much emphasis on goal scoring anyway. My favorite college team would be playing @ hofstra today if they would’ve burnt 2 mins @ the end of there last playoff game.

        • ReLAX says:

          Slacrosse…it comes down to control. I watched the best HS coach I’ve ever been around bench one of his best players..a scholarship elite athlete for the 1st half of a BIG Game for being LATE to school. They do what you tell them to do or they sit. I’m blown away by some of these comments. No wonder these kids have no respect. Teach some lessons coach!! It’s not all X’s & O’s you control the playing time ..I’m flabbergasted.

    • ReLAX says:

      Slacrosse & sec1 are what Joe’s blog is ALL about they report scores on a regular basis & offer valuable info. Everthing else really is ancillary. I have tried to join w/ them & add some value w/ scores & colorful descriptions of the action. When slacrosse & sec1 call people out their opinions always mean more because they are the “real deal” sec1 the coaches were whining (spell ck) & you should of offered some cheese. Where is swlax would think he would be all over you two. Congrats on your wonderful win now please MOVE ON as swlax would say LOL

      • ReLAX says:

        I meant I don’t know if the kids are like the adults. I hope they are not. You have a great team & something tells me that more & more bloggers are going to hope they LOSE!!! Quick has em going upstate. He’s under .500 & not the greatest prognosticator so hopefully they will lose to the LI team, but the ville should won the section. They are very good. Please take a lesson to the suffern bloggers. They have quieted down nicely. I hope the ville fans do as well.

        • ReLAX says:

          That’s win the section & from the suffern bloggers…my bad

          • The Boy Who Cried Wolf says:

            Thanks ReLax, no hard feelings

          • ReLAX says:

            You guys have been awesome lately. Let your team talk for you today. And if you win, be classy about it. Not like some of the stuff you’re reading here today…yikes. I’d love to hear your cheers sometime. I bet they’re ingenious! You kids have shown me something. I never thought you would stop & you did. GOOD JOB!!!

          • The Boy Who Cried Wolf says:

            Thanks ReLax they got the W today and there was some serious wall ball balling goin on. If you would like to hear some of our cheers Monday at Suffern would be a good time because LP is coming to town…

  44. section 1 says:

    IRV 11 Ardsley 6

    Irv got off to hot start going up 5-0. Ardsley goalie couldn’t stop anything at all. #22 on irv led the team with 3 goals and some nice looks. Irv goalie played strong aswell. For.ardsley only one kid came to play #2 was a work horse winning majority of his f/o’s and dumping in 4 goals…it was a one man team for ardsley today.

    Good luck irv in rd 2

    • sowo lax says:

      I was at the game (only caught the 2nd half) too this seems pretty accurate. #2 was great someone in stands said he may walk on at Michigan. #3 for ardsley played solid on ball D.

      Irv had a great team effort. The poles shutdown ardsley’s attack. #22 is lightning goalie didnt have to play stellar. Only downside is that their lockdown defender #20 got absolute abused by ardsleys middie #2

  45. Pelican Brief says:

    Final – Pelham 6 Briarcliff 2

  46. Gonzo says:

    Pelham defeats Briarcliff 6-2

  47. ReLAX says:

    We still need Pville, Dobbs & Hollow scores. There was alot of lightning & torrential rain @ SH they might have PPDed it. Will C play again on Sun?

  48. over in the corner says:

    After getting hammered by FSU as coach of the Gamecocks –

    Lou Holtz: “You S.O.B. why didn’t you hold the score down?”
    Bobby Bowdon: “It’s not my responsibility to hold the score down, it’s yours.”
    Lou Holtz: “You know what, coach, you’re right.”

    You can talk all you want about sportsmanship and classless actions by coaches, but at the end of the day this is competitive, it is NOT traumatizing and the possibility of losing big is the risk that athletes take and accept.

    Shut up mom and dad and let the kids play. Yay sports.

    • Slacrosse is Right! says:

      Lets compare HS kids/coaches that get no extra benefits for beating their opponents senseless against college coaches and colleges who make a loads of money for going to bowls teams/rivals?

      Really was that a good comparison??

    • slacrosse says:

      Plenty of instances at the college and even pro level where scores were held in check, passing plays and even running plays are not run, etc, so as not to overly embarrass the other team.

  49. sec1 says:

    I was at game first time to see Bronxville this yr they are very good, as for the game I don’t know who all the starter are they may have started to sub in the 2nd not sure if they did? At the start of the 3rd they subed most of the O except for #1 who played most of the game, # 10 and 42 I don’t think played at all after the half, they did not shoot for the last 5 plus mins, which they had the ball for most of that time. It was 16-3 at half and 19-4 end of 3, 20-4 Final.
    Now to the Bronxville Team they are very good across the board and have enough I think to win Sec and compete with LI, the one problem I see is there weak sced. They are not going to be able to do some of what I saw today whenever they want. With that said they are well Coached which gives me hope for our Sec 1 in class C.

    • ReLAX says:

      They have the best chance of any sect 1 team to beat a LI team. Rye’s gone in sect 1 & ‘set’s not a C anymore & still I want CSH or Friends to beat the ville. I know it’s not the kids, unless they’re blogging. And I’ve met some really nice bville parents in the past. It’s got to be the bloggers that support the ville..that must be what it is. Salmon River will get em LOL

      • PV parent says:

        I know some nice Bville people too, but I don’t think they were cheering at the game.
        Stalling the game unless it’s to hold on to a slim lead is boring and condescending, and doesn’t give any player a chance to have fun and play. PV had its seconds in in the end, too.

  50. HV Fan says:

    SH won 10-5…score is closer than the real story…SH lost 2 starting long poles for next game and have 2 big injuries where their players might be doubtful

  51. laxdog says:

    20 goals when the other team scores less than 5 is bush league

  52. sec1 says:

    Thanks for the spell check lol, the reason they whining had to do with the Refs.
    They were up by 13 plus and were getting on them, which is fine if your protecting your players, but most of it was offside ect.
    The Refs did not have there best day, it went on alittle to long.

    • ReLAX says:

      I’ve seen their act b/4! In a game against Greeley they must if been called for a stick violation b/4 I got there because when the ref was checking a stick in the 2nd half.. I thought the ville’s coach was gonna cry, die or both. Watch Phil Jackson sometime. When you got MJ or Kobe you can just sit there & ReLAX. The ville is so good the coaches can both settle down a Lil. But I’m a screamer when I coach, because these kids don’t listen sometime. When you’re killing PV like the ville was it’s “No whining allowed” w/ the refs. One last thing, I know some of these refs. They don’t forget!! Remember that & settledown now!!!

  53. The Boy Who Cried Wolf says:

    Any thoughts? I know its stupid but it took us a lot of time and effort!

  54. Laxbro123 says:

    The Class C rankings are absolutely horrific. Bronxville and Byram Hills are the top two teams in that section by far. Pleasantville played a terribly weak schedule and by having Byram Hills at number 5 the ranking committee has forced Sleepy Hollow (a worthy 4 seed) to play a powerhouse at their own home field when they should be playing a team like Dobbs Ferry or Irvington. There is no way Byram and Sleepy should have gotten lower seeds than Dobbs. Absolutely horrible job done by the ranking committee for the class C tournement.

  55. LAXadaisical says:

    Does it really matter? Seeding makes no difference. Eventually you have to play the good teams to win whether you play them in the quarters or the semis. The best team should win no matter where they are seeded.

    • OT says:

      It mostly matters for the Section 1. The section likes to make the championships a showcase event, thus it is in their best interest to have the best teams in the finals. As long as the top two teams in each class are on opposite sides of the bracket, there really aren’t any other serious issues.

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