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Players from Summit huddle up during their 9-5 win over Delbarton in a New Jersey showdown that improved the Hilltoppers’ national-best winning streak to 58 games.

It was a much-awaited Saturday and it ended with one noteworthy winning streak being extended and another ending.

Quite a day, indeed. To relive it — and check out scores and updates as they came in yesterday — be sure to check out our “Gameday Saturday: 4/30” thread here.

Summit beat Delbarton 9-5 in New Jersey, its third win against the Green Wave during its span of 58 straight wins, the longest in the nation. Ironically, the win streak started after the Hilltoppers lost to Delbarton 10-6 to start the 2009 season.

Manhasset’s 45-game win streak is now history, following a10-6 loss to Garden City in the 120th Woodstick Classic.

Those are among the many topics we discuss involving tristate state lacrosse in our Sunday notebook.

Among those topics – Tuesday’s Somers-Yorktown showdown.

You can check out the article by clicking here.

Speaking of the Somers-Yorktown game, scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Charlie Murphy Field in Yorktown Heights, it’s the subject of our latest poll question.

Who do you think will win the Class B confrontation?

To vote, go to the right panel of this page. Then, just scroll past the “New Comments” and “Popular” tabs and click on “Poll,” and then cast your vote from the choices available, or write in your choice if it’s not listed.

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46 Responses to “Summit extends streak to 58; Manhasset's halted at 45 with Woodstick loss to Garden City; Somers-Yorktown preview”

  1. WestLax says:


    1. Mahopac
    2. Yorktown
    3. Somers
    4. John Jay
    5. Lakeland/Panas
    6. Rye
    7. Suffern
    8. Bronxville
    9. Hen Hud

    On the fence: Arlington, Fox Lane and Nyack

    • laxer says:

      rye has a 2-6 record… bronxville only lost one game… mamo is 5-6. hen hud isnt even good at all.. fox lane and arlington have much better records than half of those teams… and you didnt even put byram or greeley on there. honestly an awful attempt at rankigns

      • sec1lax says:

        take into account strength of schedule “laxer”…. bronxville, mamo, fox lane, and arlington are subpar teams with good records because they play NO ONE, rye would handle each one easily, you will see this monday against fox lane

      • WestLax says:

        Laxer I appreciate your comments about Rye but here are some facts. They crushed Byram Hills(other then their goalie they have a JV team). Fox Lane lost to BH that’s all I need to say. Rye vs. Fox lane tomorrow look for the score tomorrow night. I had Bronxville higher last week but the loss Mamo had them drop a couple. Greely be serious have you seen them play?? Be careful about records, look at L/P after 5 games and look at them now. last note Rye plays in a league with BH, Fox, HG they will not lose a game. Oh yeah Rye is 3-6 they beat New Fairfield 13-7 going away last night.

        • HHH says:

          So Westlax, based on your comments above why would you even have Fox Lane on the fence if BH’s JV team beat them ?? Wouldn’t this put BH’s JV team at least on the fence if not all the way up to the 10th spot ahead of Mamo the team they beat last night? Please give us more of your wisdom.

          • WestLax says:

            HHH I have to keep it in a positive light. My observations are based on games I have seen. My top 4 are pretty solid. If L/P and Rye played again I might give Rye the edge. I was a little harsh about BH being a JV team they have played well and beat teams I have ranked ahead of them but based on what I have seen they are outside the top 10 sorry. White Plains, Mamo, Foxes and Arlington will get a chance to show their stuff come section 1 playoffs. At the end of the day the top 4 in class “A” are Pac, Town, L/P and Suffern. Class “B” should be Rye, Somers, JJ and Town in final 4. Class “C” should be Bronxville as the favorite.

  2. HHH says:

    Westlax, Mamo lost to BH 7-4 last night and it wasn’t even that close. Try again.

  3. upstate says:

    stop shoving mamaroneck down our throats. they are not in the top ten of section 1…end of story. White Plains beat them! Arlington is better, Greeley is better, Put Valley is better, Fox Lane and Pleasantville are better. This is ridiculous.

    • slacrosse says:

      This is not an “official” list.

      Stop the over the top complaints and go to the trouble that Westlax does and put down your list with constructive comments.

      • S1LAX says:

        Remember when North Rockland beat Mamo?

      • Lax Guy says:

        Slacrosse, agree lots of attitude but no one puts forth their own list.

      • upstate says:

        Here is my list:

        1. Mahopac
        2. Somers
        3. Yorktown
        4. John Jay
        5. L/P
        6. Bronxville
        7. Suffern
        8. Rye
        9. Pleasantville (weak schedule, but they did take it PV)
        10.White Plains

        Outside looking in Hen Hud, Arlington, Byram, Fox Lane, Greeley.

        Mamaroneck doesn’t get a sniff.

  4. observer says:

    Regardless of order, I see a clear break after #8 (maybe even # 6). Have not seen IP or FP but they’re probably somewhere on this top 10 list as well. After this group, no one else should clearly be there.

    Next level of “Tier 2” teams would include WP, Arlington, Mamo from class A ; FL, HG from Class B; and Pville and BH from C. Don’t see any Rockland team anywhere near the top 10 or even 20(other than Suffern). WP playing better and beat Mamo easily last week so is ahead of them. Arlington seems to be up and coming but mixed results. HG has lost to FL and BH so is barely hanging in there. FL lost by 5 goals to BH and 9 goals to Bxville so despite a good record I don’t see a quality win other than maybe vs. HG. BH has beaten FL and Mamo comfortably, HG and Brewster so do not see them as ahead of all those teams. Difficult to assess Pville who plays some extremely weak teams w/ only quality win against a reeling team PV team missing several starters, but still they are undefeated. PV’s recent tailspin and injuries, including brutal loss to North Salem, knocks them out of any discussion.

    Most of second tier seems to be marked by inconsistency…capable of good wins but some inexplicable losses. That’s why right now they are second tier, but on a given day they are capable of upsetting most top teams on the list who have shown some chinks.

    • BigBadBear says:

      very intelligent review, agree..I would make the cut-off after L/P, everybody else has something to prove….also for what it is worth, the number of college “commits” doesn’t mean much (unless you have 10 going to top tier D1 schools)..if you are a junior now, very stressfull time of the year, SAT’s, ACT’s, AP’s, etc…and the rain outs have forced several teams to play back to back or 2 games in 3 days, very tough to do with smaller rosters..

      at the end, the only thing that counts are the playoffs…

      • slacrosse says:

        You have a point on cutting it off after LP based on record (Rye) or weak SOS (Bville and Suffern).

    • slacrosse says:

      Really good approach/analysis. Yes Tier 1 are the first 8 teams putting aside their order.

    • F&MviaTP says:

      Listen ‘PAC, ‘town, somers, JJ,& L/P are the powers…everyone else is trying to break into that elite class. I’ll put Rye @ the top knocking on the door because of past program history & how they looked playing @ Iona. Haven’t seen Suffern but I hear they can play w/ the better teams. I’ll always give the nod to teams that play a tough sched & come from better leagues before I award untested teams that need to prove they belong w/ section big dogs

    • laxerrr says:

      Just to comment on Greeley losing to Fox Lane…
      Fox Lane beat Greeley 7-5
      Greeley was missing 2 of their 3 starting defenders – one was out with a sprained shoulder and the other had a prior commitment that he could not get out of. That left Greeley with one starter, and two freshman and one sophomore filling in the other two close spots and the LSM spot.

      losing by two goals with half of their defense missing is pretty impressive. Just wait till they play them again with the whole team there. it will be a completely different game. you’ll see.

  5. section1 says:

    mamaroneck has 4 college commits and is the real deal beating Bronxvill was not a fluke and they do deserve to be in the top ten

  6. Bobcat says:

    well based on Westlax’s calling BH a JV team you would have thought Mamo would of crushed Byram with all of its college commits.

  7. LAX VET says:

    Final Four

    A B C
    Mahopac Yorktown Bronxville
    Lakeland/Panas Somers Put Valley
    Suffern John Jay Pleasantville
    White Plains Rye Byram Hills

  8. LAX VET says:

    OOPS, Try again:

    Final Four

    White Plains or Arlington

    John Jay

    Put Valley
    Byram Hills

  9. Lax Novice says:

    While the discussion is about the relative merits of the Section 1 teams, I recall someone opining recently that the teams in Section 1 and the FCIAC were “about the same.” So I took a look into it and, as is almost always the case, the facts support something entirely different.

    I’m showing thus far this season FCIAC teams with a 5-1 advantage head-to-head over Section 1:

    4/6 Ridgefield 9, Somers 8
    4/9 Somers 15, New Canaan 11
    4/16 Fairfield Ludlowe 8, Mamaroneck 4
    4/20 Darien 9, Yorktown 6
    4/23 New Canaan 8, John Jay 7
    4/30 Ridgefield 9, John Jay 7

    Honorable mention goes to Rye’s 13-7 win on the road vs non-FCIAC New Fairfield, a confidence builder for the resurgent Garnets.

    So Section 1’s lone victory over a FCIAC team this season is due to Somers’ incredible 2nd half comeback in a game they were losing at one point 11-4, if I recall. So much for which league is superior to the other.

    Coming up this week are two games on Thursday May 5, Rye visits New Canaan and Staples of Westport is hosted by Horace Greeley.

  10. NOTJL says:

    Somers vs Yorktown Always an exciting affair. Too bad I think it always rains when these two Powers butt heads. Some side notes: Two big strong middies Mabus and Lombardo going at it both who are also there schools QBS on the gridiron.Two very very good shut down defensemen in Fahey and Schurr.On that note two unsung defensmen in Cirieco and Cooley big guys with good skills who do not get a lot of press.I think there are also some other players in this game that paralell each other who were not on the radar pre-season For the Tuskers Chris Rios, and Kevin Cousin and Kevin Schurr. For the Huskers Quigley, Siliano, and Conor Gately. There is also the goalie situation which no one knows to much about. Then you also have the side show of Janavey and Marr who will be on the refs all evening. Allthough two guys who are always willing to help give back to the community. ( This game is for the Crispinelli fund )
    Let the predictions begin.

    Yorktown -11

  11. sec1 says:

    NOTJL I agree that Town should win this game, I dont think Somers has and answer for Ty Schuldt who might be the best player in the Sec 1 right now. Also Town is going to be without Austin Fusco who was injured in Chaminade game and is there best cover guy, even as a Frosh, F/O and Goalie play will have alot to do with the outcome. Lax Novice Good point on your Comp of two Areas, except most likely Town beats all of the FCIAC teams on your list, except Darien but will see.

    • slacrosse says:

      Yes FCIAC leads in its record vs Section 1 games but just a snap-shot of certain scheduled games, not a case for one league being “better” then another. Yes Town beats all but Darien and Jay HEALTHY would have beaten all but Darien.

      • slacrosse says:

        Gotta inc. Wilton, Mahopac in CT/Section 1 games.

        • Lax Novice says:

          Wilton doesn’t play Yorktown until May 17th, which is pretty far off, I’d only included those that are coming up this week. Mahopac is not playing anyone outside of NY this season, according to the laxpower schedule.

          And can we now please stop playing can-you-top-this about whose injuries are worse than whose and who would have beaten who if so-and-so were available to play. Teams schedule other teams and on the day they play with who is available. Injuries, or the lack thereof, are only one of many factors that go into the personnel decisions that determine the outcome of any game. Five years from now, few will remember if Joey or Jimmy were hurt when they played so-and-so in some nondescript game. Not to mention that most who bring up injuries as some sort of reason why their team lost have no concept of who might be missing on the opponent’s side. At the end of the day, your actual record is who you are, for better or worse.

          And I’m expecting Ridgefield to beat Yorktown on May 10th at home.

          • laxforfun says:

            John Jay will remember – god they still relive the past every day on here.

          • LoveTownLax says:

            well said, Lax Novice…. in-season injuries are a shame for player and team, (and LTL wishes A. Fusco a speedy recovery!!!) but nevertheless teams compete – and win or lose – with the players they have on any given day, period, end of story…. Daily review of injured-reserve to rationalize a loss or to asterik a win is getting really tiresome this season….

            and way to go, USA Navy Seals!!!!!!! :o)

        • laxr says:

          Just checked, and Wilton and Mahopac do not play each other this year. Where you referring to Wilton vs. Yorktown?

    • laxr says:

      Yorktown vs. Ridgefield, Greenwich vs. Lakeland-Panas, and Wilton vs. Mahopac will give us a better idea of how these conferences stack up (I would be surprised if Greenwich lost, but the other two seem like they could go either way IMO). Right now I think that, with the exception of Darien, there is a lot of parity in both leagues, and a lot of the teams in the two leagues could beat each other on any given day.

  12. LI Lax says:

    My approximation of a top 15 in the region:

    1. West Islip
    2. Ward Melville
    3. Chaminade
    4. Garden City
    5. Manhasset
    6. Darien
    7. St. Anthony’s
    8. Smithtown West
    9. Fairfield Prep
    10. Ridgefield
    11. Connetquot
    12. Yorktown
    13. East Islip
    14. Somers
    15. Mahopac

    • slacrosse says:

      Ridgefield should be grouped somewhere in neat the bottom of the list.

      • LI Lax says:

        They only lost to Summit, but you’re right that they’re lacking a quality win really…

        • Lax Novice says:

          Ridgefield did beat Somers on Opening Day, along with the unfortunate John Jay this past Saturday, but their FCIAC schedule is just getting going now, other than beating Staples sans Kip Orban. We’ll know more where they fit here if at all in a couple of weeks.

    • laxr says:

      Spot on for the most part. However, I think Comsewogue is a team that has been completely overlooked by pretty much everybody so far this year. I think they fit up somewhere in the 6-10 range, perhaps right after Smithtown West for now. Also, Sachem North routed East Islip, so I would put them probably just ahead of Connetquot.

  13. Refs are people Too says:

    NOT JL
    You should write for the local newspapers. Nice breakdown. I think this game will be won at the midfield , because both Defenses will neutralize two good attacks. Goalie play will be a factor if one of them steps up, or the flipside one or more of them plays poorly. Also wonder if Lou continues to platoon the goalies, that might come back to bite them.Look for someone on offense to take over either, Shuldt, Mariano, Mabus. OR Lombardo, Rios, or Donohue? Will one of these coaches hurt there team with a dumb bench penalty?? All that in the mix I say

    Yorktown -13
    Town middies just too much.

  14. slacrosse says:

    Think Town has too many weapons on O. Somers will score but if Town’s D plays well, Town 11-8.

    Have seen Lombardo have some dominant days at FO. Could push the scales in favor of Somers with a possession advantage.

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