With varsity practices now under way everywhere except Connecticut and a handful of season-opening games beginning on Saturday, it won’t be long now, gang.

With the start of the season in the nation’s No. 1 hotbed for lacrosse, the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region, now on the horizon, be sure to get breakdowns of teams.

Here’s a directory of the “Player’s perspectives” and other team breakdowns that have appeared here the last few weeks by region.

Hudson Valley


Pat Sunday


Paul Dingee


Charlie McCormick


Andrew Larrabee


Cameron Stephens


Brian Dubs

Gabe Weissmann


Ben Borsellino

John Castellano


Mike Daniello

Jake Weil


Rob Caffrey

Conor Prunty


TJ Foley

Vincent Parrillo


Kevin Walsh


Michael Zavarella


Kevin Christopher


Michael Collins


Matt Dalton

Kieran Donohue

Anthony Lombardo


Ty Schuldt

Long Island


Shane Thornton


JP Burnside

Brian Coleman

Brian Fischer

Steve Jahelka

Coach Steve Finnell (including team breakdown, leading offensive and defensive players, college committed players, schedule, etc.)


John Maimone-Medwick

Ryan Matthews


George Raum


Kyle Keenan

Jordan Stevens


Joe LoCascio



David Better


Tony Britton

Case Matheis

Eric Parnon

Coach Jeff Brameier (including team breakdown, leading offensive and defensive players, college committed players, schedule, etc.)


David Dickson

Patrick Robben

Adam Sands


Andrew Buckanavage

Share your perspectives

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25 Responses to “Breaking down Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut teams”

  1. slacrosse says:

    What was Jay Card of Hofstra thinking (he wasn’t) when he laid this horrible hit on John Rose of Harvard?? Looks like it easily deserves suspension to me!!


  2. Laxtime says:

    These stories by the players are tremendous and provide the most in depth, interesting and accurate previews possible.

  3. Brew Crew says:

    Well said. I agree. Great job by the players!

  4. NYmike says:


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    the 19th, between 11AM -1PM, and/or Sunday the 27th between
    12PM and 3PM. The actual exchange will happen on April 3rd from
    9AM-12PM followed by the Youth clinic. If possible, please try and
    spread the word because this Saturday is very short notice. For more info check out http://www.foxlanesports.com.
    Thanks Joe!

  5. WestLax says:

    Top 5 teams in each region:
    Garden City
    St. Anthony’s
    Sachem North
    West Islip

    New Cannan
    Fairfield Prep.

    NY-Hudson Valley
    John Jay

  6. rlaxfamily says:

    WestLax – I would sub out Mahopac and insert Rye. Only change to line ups.

  7. WestLax says:

    rlaxfamily and slacrosse

    Rye may be good but questions at Goalie and depth. As well the biggest question are they healthy??

  8. upstate says:

    I think I would leave Mahopac there until proven to be weaker than expected. I am not knocking Rye, but I just think Mahopac has a bit more depth and fire power.

  9. HV Lax says:

    Will be interesting to see if Bronxville can be the first team other than Rye or Put Valley to win Class C in Section 1 in eight years.

  10. slacrosse says:

    May be wrong but other then Jay, at least in terms of “numbers” I don’t think any Class A or B team matches the # of returning, starting/experienced players as Rye.

    Rye returns 11 of its first 13 starters, inc. 9 seniors (6 commits so far and guessing some more announcements to come). Pretty sure that all of Rye’s players will be healthy for the season’s starting game.

    Yes goalie is a question but there is competition to start at goal and I think whoever the starter is, will be solid. I’m also thinking that no other top teams in Class A or B have a real edge in terms of having a “dominant” goalie (other then Weismann of Greeley, think “dominant” goalies are Fraylick of Pville and Larrabee of Byran Hills).

    But “numbers” dont win games and I see a real dog fight in Class B between Jay, Town, Rye and Somers. Greeley and Fox Lane will also put out strong teams in Class B.

    • D-Pac says:


      Mahopac has about 10 starters returning with 15 seniors coming back. They have about 6 or 7 committed to play in college. The two junior starting middies will be going to D1 schools along with Drexel bound Foley. No way Rye is ahead of them. Rye couldn’t beat Put Valley last year and Pac handled them fine.

      • slacrosse says:

        Very impressive numbers all around and remember Foley from HV team–real good. Too bad Rye and Pac don’t play one another (maybe a scrimmage?).

        Good luck to Pac in Class A this season but will have to agree to disagree on ranking the two teams.

  11. JustaFan says:


    I don’t see your arguement in saying that Pac has more firepower than rye. Anthony berardis is a shifty dodger with a good shot, and Pac has a few shifty attackman, Foley is a solid middie but not a dynamic dodger. Rye’s offense is much more explosive, Barton, O’callahan, and Chapman are all explosive dodgers and have a deep supporting cast. Oh, and I forgot to mention that rye’s entire defense played on the empire team.


    • slacrosse says:

      As for the Empire Game experience, while the team’s record was poor ALL the Section 1 kids on the team got better by playing against most of the very best kids in the state. The D kids from Rye had the extra learning experience from being coached by Tim Schurr

    • D-Pac says:

      Just a Fan

      I didn’t say that Pac has more firepower, I just believe that they would beat Rye. Foley doesn’t need to dodge, he’ll run right over you. Pac’s attack is much better than Rye. Bota, Carey and Gycsek are the best trio in Section 1. Look for 100 goals between the three. Oh, and I forgot to mention that all three Rye defensemen should not have been on the Empire team. Seven out of the 20 kids on the team came from Rye. Sounds political to me. Rye hasn’t won anything. They didn’t even beat Put Valley, who Pac handled easily. Both teams need to step it up this year. Let’s see how the season plays out

      • slacrosse says:

        Surprised at your negative comments (maybe you’re not the “D-Pac” I was thinking of?).

        My thought had nothing to do with rehashing the HV team selection process which definitely had flaws. But The coaches selected the team–not the boys–no need to pick on them.

        Thought I was clear. Foley from Pac and ALL the kids who played benefited from the competition. As well Coach Schurr really helped ALL the D kids to improve their skills.

  12. WestLax says:

    RYE college:
    O’Callahan Colgate
    Bonsal Siena
    Collins Binghamton
    McCreddie Bates
    Bono Middlebury
    Barton Ct. College
    Chapman D-1 school after year of prep school
    Pickup D-1 school after year of prep school

    Not bad they still have weakness at goalie. We will see week of April 4, 2011 they play Jay and Iona Prep. Scrimmage Saturday @ Rye vs. Scarsdale.

  13. Hot Stove says:

    7-Put Valley
    9-Fox Lane

    • Lax Guy says:

      You put Somers below Brewster and Put Valley, I think you may be underestimating Somers a bit. They dont have as many flashy names but I think they will play a much more patient offense this season. I think they will be a better team this year than last. I still dont believe that they will beat JJ, but you never know. Thats why they play the games

  14. JJ119 says:

    Pac will suffer with the loss of Brando AA,Okie and Chase allsections. Mcguigan not in goal. This years team weak offensively because taking out all these scorers and the double teams will not be there for these supposed offensive players this year. Have to create on their own,may not be capable. First time goalie tough at this level

    • SC says:

      Pac, Will be a complete team. Firing on all cylinders, not just one dominate dodger like Brando, they will have multipliable threats on offense from the attack and midfield. This team will be harder to stop offensively than teams in years past. Pac, returns 4 starting defense-men, two starting attack and TJ Foley. Think it should be a very interesting year in class A!!

  15. SirLaxalot says:

    Just reread some of these great previews with the first BIG day of the season now almost here. OK – time for bed. Then GAMETIME!

  16. Little Boy Blue says:

    Darien is #1 here there eveywhere…

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