It gets late early out there.

That old Yogi Berra line, initially used to describe the conditions for left fielders battling the setting sun in the old Yankee Stadium, can also be used when it comes to the 2011 varsity boys lax season.

That’s because there is a jaw-dropping array of huge early season showdowns to be played on or before April 9.

Here’s a rundown of those big games coming up:

Smithtown West at Garden City (March 26)
Manhasset at Cold Spring Harbor (April 1)
Syosset at Sachem North (April 1)
Mahopac at East Islip (April 2)
Garden City at Ward Melville  (April 2)
Yorktown at John Jay (April 2)
St. Anthony’s at Chaminade (April 5)
Ridgefield at Somers (April 6)
Darien at Greenwich (April 9)
Suffern at Lakeland/Panas (April 9)
Delbarton at Fairfield Prep (April 9)
New Canaan at Somers (April 9)

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31 Responses to “You make the call: Pick winners of big early season games”

  1. SirLaxalot says:

    John Jay 9, Yorktown 6

    GC 8, WM 6

    GC 9, SW 7

    Ridgefield 10, Somers 6

    Darien 9, Greenwich 4

  2. Lax n stuff says:

    John Jay 10, Yorktown 4
    Somers 7, Ridgefield 6
    Darien 10, Greenwich 6
    GC 11, WM 6
    GC 12, SW 8
    East Islip 10, Pac 9, OT

  3. CHERRY RD. says:

    jj is not good when favored they are better as under dogs. town 4 jj 3

  4. laxin says:

    mahopac v, LP?

  5. Lax Guy says:

    GC 10 Syosset 6
    SW 9 GC 8 ot
    Pac 12 EI 10
    GC 13 WM 9
    JJ 10 Town 8
    Darien 11 Greenwich 6
    Pac a lot Carmel a little
    L/P 12 Suff 8

    • D-Pac says:

      Hey LAX GUY, from your lips to God’s ears on Pac- East Islip score. Should be a good game. EI won 14-13 last year with 4 seconds left in regulation after Pac tied it with 19 seconds left.
      As far as Pac vs Carmel, shouldn’t be close, but in years to come can be a wild rivalry.

  6. upstate says:

    not too sure why carmel and pac are on the list as a big game. carmel is in a tough spot this season as a first year team. As D-Pac said though, that will no doubt develop into a good rivalry just like they are in every other sport.

    BTW – Garden City at Syosset will be an interesting game. It is really early in the season so the teams won’t be fully clicking yet. Garden City will be tough to beat but for a team as good as Syosset typicaly is, catching GC in mid-March might be possible. Syosset can sometimes be a surprise in Section 8. I hope that one is televised on Sunday morning MSG varsity.

  7. Millermadness says:

    Hey joe, what do you think of Ossining this year, last year gave a real good run in the playoffs

    • Joe Lombardi says:

      Ossining finished last year by winning eight of its 10 and will hope to continue that momentum this year. But senior defenseman Michael Zavarella is the lone returning starter. Still, I think the schedule overall is favorable for Ossining to be more than competitive.

  8. kr says:

    GC 10 Syosset 5

    GC 8 SW 7

    Manhasset 8 CSH 5

    SN 11 Syosset 7

    GC 6 WM 5

  9. LI Lax says:

    Garden City at Syosset (March 22)- GC 7-2
    Smithtown West at Garden City (March 26)- GC 7-6
    Manhasset at Cold Spring Harbor (April 1)- Manhasset 8-5
    Syosset at Sachem North (April 1)- Sachem North 11-6
    Mahopac at East Islip (April 2)- EI 14-10
    Garden City at Ward Melville (April 2)- GC 6-4
    Yorktown at John Jay (April 2)- JJ 10-5
    Ridgefield at Somers (April 6)- No idea
    Carmel at Mahopac (April 7)- No idea
    Darien at Greenwich (April 9)- Darien 11-7
    Suffern at Lakeland/Panas (April 9)- No idea
    New Canaan at Somers (April 9)- No idea

  10. laxin says:

    preseason AA picks?

  11. justlaxin says:

    towns had 4 a couple times….2009 last time with fox, fennessy, ranagan and interlicchio….
    weil, caffrey, foley, or unknown stud like prunty on some contending team..not an offense to Prunty, his sophomore year, he was real good…just didnt know he was that good…where as a daniello has been hyped since 8th grade….

  12. playlax says:

    Great game to watch in dutchess county is Arlington v. Wappingers. They both lost to eachother last year, are big rivals and both are in same conference. Arlington hung in games with power teams last year. Wappingers can play and Arlington made big improvements last year. Both have promising futures and I can see either of them playing for a sectional champinship in next 5 years. Dutchess County could be the next “hotbed” for lacrosse in the hudson valley in upcoming years. Due to school budgets Wappingers doesnt get quality field time in the begining of season and Arlington has a great turf setup. If these dutchess teams keep improving I think we all could be surprised..In the future ofcourse.

  13. playlax says:

    Arlington V. Wappingers

    • Dutchie says:

      I agree. That should become a real good rivalry.

      • upstate says:

        no it shouldn’t be. arlington should crush wappingers. they did last season. i realize that it is a dutchess county rivalry, but arlington is way more talented. not a big game anymore.

  14. k dad says:

    Kennedy at Ossining scrimmage is on today 4:30

  15. Friar Tuck says:

    Round 1 – St. A’s 9, Nade 7

  16. Laxman says:

    Mark my words – Pac vs Carmel will be the #1 rivalry in Section One within 5-10 years

    • upstate says:

      i would lean more towards ten years. i think carmel has a youth program brewing though and a middle school team. Pac is just light years ahead right now though. If it was that easy to catch, believe me, more teams would be up there. the fact remains that despite all the new programs and the growth of the sport, the best teams in the section over the past decade have been town, L/P, PAC and JJ. put valley, rye and somers have made strong cases as well. most other schools are still just pretenders. carmel has a shot, but don’t hold your breath.

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