Perhaps the greatest player in the history of lacrosse is Jim Brown.

Brown, who starred in both football and lacrosse, was named by The Sporting News as the best football player ever.

But he famously said, “I’d rather play lacrosse six days a week and football on the seventh.”

A three-time All-American at Manhasset High School, he was a two-time-time All-American at Syracuse.

But his pro career was spent in the NFL, where he became a Hall-of-Fame after starring with the Cleveland Browns.

Brown’s lacrosse career reached its peak in the early 1950s.

Since then, there have only been a handful of African-American stars in the game.

Will that trend change?

Check out this story by Alisha Ricardi on efforts to diversify lax that appears today on

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3 Responses to “A look at efforts to diversify lacrosse”

  1. laxerrr says:

    Just imagine the talent in basketball and football on the lacrosse field… that would take the game to an entirely new level.

  2. Lax n stuff says:

    Fascinating article.

  3. Lax203 says:

    Very interesting article for sure. Along with diversification, the spread of the sport to regions like Texas and California is making for a whole new game.

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