While the number of Division I programs has remained relatively stagnant, the surge in popularity lacrosse is enjoying has led to many more opportunities for players.

When all levels, including the MCLA are taken into account, there are more colleges fielding teams — and throughout the country — than ever before.

For more, be sure to check out this article by Nelson Coffin from laxmagazine.com.

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9 Responses to “Surge in opportunities for college lacrosse players”

  1. Lax n stuff says:

    This is cool. Appreciated.

  2. BigBadBear says:

    The MCLA keeps growing….you do have to do a fair amount of research as there is quite a big difference among the teams, but the better teams play a very competitive brand of lax..Michigan just beat DIII Wittenberg, (but lost to D1 Bellarime) in scrimmages…and if you like any of the SEC schools, they all play club

  3. Hail_MCLA says:

    MCLA represents perhaps the biggest growth area of the game nationally. Many of those programs are regarded as varsity sports by the host schools, which means the lax program gets full run of the athletic facilities. Add in that many of those schools fly around the country and visit interesting places and you can see why it’s becoming at least a somewhat viable destination – especially for guys who’ve slipped through the DI-DIII cracks. If it was up to me, I’d rather play at a school that flies to Florida or San Diego and not receive athletic money, as opposed to getting a thousand bucks and playing on a DI team who’s highlight of the year is getting the snot kicked out of it by Syracuse on TV, or playing yet another game against Sacred Heart. lol.

    The big FBS schools bring with them brand recognition and that is why somwhere down the road they may become viable on TV too – they do not need to field top DI competitive teams they need to field beter teams. In the meantime though, they do not attract the best players and pay-for-play is a problem, but both of those can be taken care of in time.

    The nice thing for these schools is that players are not looking for a pipeline to a professional game, so if a school is a good fit and the lax is “good enough” those players can have a great time.

    Didn’t Lakeland/Panas have an All-American a few years ago who wound up playing at U/Miami? Looking at my thermometer right now, I have to say, that guy is a genius.

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    This story becomes all the more timely with the announcement today by the University of Tampa that it will be adding a men’s varsity lacrosse program that will compete at the Division II level starting next year.

    For more, check out the official press release:


    • BigBadBear says:

      and of course the big story in MCLA teams moving on to the NCAA is Michigan, which is “considering” going to D1..long rumoured…could be a bit of a domino effect if they do move, perhaps some other big football schools will make the move…

      • Joe Lombardi says:

        Absolutely, Bear. Speaking of Michigan, Pleasantville’s Michael Bartomioli, who helped Michigan win the MCLA title, returns to Michigan on Feb. 19 to face his old team as an assistant coach for the University of Florida’s program. Bartomioli is working on his Master’s at Florida.

        For more info on the MCLA, including scores and schedules, check this link:

      • Wishful-Thinker says:

        It might not be that big of story as much as we wish it to be. As long as title 9 continues to kill budgets by mandating there be as many per capita roster spots in girls’ sports, schools will continue to eliminate men’s programs in lieu of adding women’s teams while keeping men’s sports. That means they keep the balance by eliminating men’s sports instead of adding in women’s sports.

        NCAA gymnastics is all but gone, and many schools have eliminated men’s teams in various other non-revenue sports in order to accomodate Title 9.

        Even if U/Michigan gets involved it does not mean that the other schools will find $1-2 million to do the same because they will also have to start a women’s program. That’s why many schools have already started a women’s lax program, but not a men’s program – it is biased and does not cut both ways.

        The best chance lacrosse has to spread through the FBS is for the politically-correct, outdated 1970’s disaster known as Title 9 to be repealed and eliminated. Fat chance. lol.

  5. Lax Coach 67 says:

    Some interesting info in this article.

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