Manhasset. West Islip. Garden City. Ward Melville. Smithtown West. Darien. Yorktown. Syosset.

Those are among the teams that will competing in what, in our opinion, may be the most competitive and power-packed event of the fall.

It’s the annual Shoreham-Wading River Fall Classic, gang.

Needless to say, many of the players you’ve been reading about the last few days during our coverage of Signing Week will be competing in the event.

It should be an interesting — and eventful — day of lax on Sunday, starting at 9 a.m. and ending around 3 p.m., at SWR in Suffolk County.

You can check out the schedule by clicking here.

For directions, click here.

You can check out a map of the fields here.

If you’re on hand for the action, be sure to check in here with your comments, observations and score reports.

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73 Responses to “Northeast’s top teams set for SWR Fall Classic”

  1. rion says:

    Why isnt JJ playing in this?

  2. stinger says:

    Wow Schoolhouse, they really got you riled up. That must have hit a nerve. Don’t take it personal its just trash talk. No warning needed, they know JJ is good.

  3. LI101387 says:

    Let’s not blow things out of proportion…of John Jay’s 10 college bound seniors, only 3 are D-1. 2007 Huntington had 14 college players (7 D-1) and four (R. Bratton, S. Bratton, Howell, and Brady) that are as good as Daniello if not better. All four went to went to top 5 programs (UVA, UVA, Duke, and Duke respectively).

    Is John Jay a top tier team this year?…absolutely. Are they even close to 2007 Huntington?…not a chance.

  4. annoying customer says:

    Hey schoolhous- JJ’s varsity would lose to most JV teams even if the JV teams played 2 men down for the whole game and without a goalie. They are a paper tiger and you are a false prophet.

  5. north says:

    Ok lets go through talent for talent with the 07 team

    bocklet, douglas, stockel or daniello, pray, morris

    drew, decandia, granelli, or walter, weil, beck

    bo, schneidman, crossett or caviolla, lambert, lanza

    Latino, or Branca

    Sav, or Schurr

    what team would you take

  6. saly says:

    bottom line is until Schurr and Nolan beat a top team when it counts they are not as good as the savs.

    If they beat Garden City or Manhasset this year when it counts I will say they are better.

  7. ralp A says:

    JJ has always had talent from back in the mary kelly days to the bremer and gibson days. Daniello The program never elevated until sav scheduled the top teams around the state. Remember a big win for the jj program was beating lakeland and mahopac. I can remember when jj was destroyed by Huntington the first year but beat them the next

  8. Long road says:

    Many of the JJ players will be at Yale this weekend. Waste of time.

  9. sony says:

    If the savs never elevated the schedule jj would not be on the national map.

  10. dice says:

    everyone things jamesville is a bad team they smoked garden city last year by 10 goals. GC beat nisky by 1. Bottom line is jj would of lost again to jamesville if they made it to the finals last year. JD has 4 state championships to JJ none

    • Laxtime says:

      Dice – What does last year have to do with 2007? HS teams changed every year. How they were last year doesn’t change the fact that in 07 JD was barely over 500 going into their sectional playoffs if I recall correctly and had a first year head coach. How does that team beat the John Jay “Dream Team”??? I’m still shaking my head over that one.

  11. slacrosse says:


    Stop smoking that LI “lax weed” !! No way Jay ’07 not as good as Huntington ’07.

    Wasn’t that the same Huntington team I saw with one or both of the Brattons lying on the ground crying after Jay beat them in the playoffs??

    • LI101387 says:

      The comparison I was making wasn’t ’07 JJ vs ’07 Huntington, it was ’11 JJ vs ’07 Huntington, because that’s the comparison that an earlier poster had referenced. Clearly ’07 JJ was quite a team since they split with Huntington that year…but I was simply responding to the assertion that ’11 JJ would beat ’07 Huntington, which I don’t believe to be true.

  12. slacrosse says:

    Everyone serious knows that pre-season, Jay is/should be ranked as one of the very top teams in the CT/Section1/LI region, and nationally as well.

    Yeah, course they’ll have to beat Sett and other elite teams they play to cement that ranking (aside from beating the top teams in Section 1–danger to look past them).

    Good luck to all the teams.

  13. Lax Novice says:

    Beyond the irony of John Jay supporters hijacking this topic with arguments about the 2007 team, it should be noted that of the teams listed by Joe in the initial paragraph the only team that Jay would be favored to beat in 2011 is its longtime Section 1 rival Yorktown.

    A couple of side notes, one of the teams the Huskers will be facing is Huntington. Yorktown also draws Half Hollow Hills West and Northport. Darien gets Ward Melville, Smithtown West and Farmingdale. Also, the mythical National Championship Game of 2010 never played between #1 West Islip and #2 Manhasset will be in mind when the 2011 versions of those schools meet at 10am on Sunday.

    Good luck to all.

    • laxer says:

      absolutely not… fox lane lost to ytown 18-15. this would typically not a huge shocker because fox lane has been up and coming, but yorktown had many if not all of their huge weapons and fox lane had only 3 starters, one on offense. the rest were JV players and fox lanes best player, cameron stephens (ohio state bound goalie), did not attend. Fox lane was leading for a good portion of the game as it was.

      If fox lane had more than one of their offensive starters playing or even just a goalie who could make a save , no question would it have been a win for fox lane. How can ytown be the favorite to be the team in line to beat JJ when they cant even beat the fox lane jv team?

  14. LI Lax says:

    Should be interesting for coach Searing of Northport to face his former school in this tournament. I’ve been wondering for a while if Northport would clear some space on it’s non league schedule for Yorktown, but hopefully when we get better again that game will happen.

  15. justlaxin says:

    I talked to a father from Town who says they will be without a whole bunch of guys. No Mariano, Mabus, Fusco, Gately, Cooley etc. Blue Chip camps and football stuff. That always happens at these tournaments. WI has always had nowhere near there top guys at this tourney. There will be a lot of young guys playing for Town then which is good for experience I guess. But that is a whole attack line missing. Oh well, enjoy the day.

    • annoying customer says:

      justinlax- way to hedge in case Town gets smoked.

      • Laxin says:

        I heard WM looked the best of all the teams.

        • Lax Novice says:

          Ward Melville looked outstanding yesterday. West Islip did too. In general, the schools who keep their HS teams together in summer and fall were much sharper than the HS teams whose guys are dispersed around the summer clubs. A beautiful day and lots of college coaches in attendance, big names and small.

      • LoveTownLax says:

        sorry annoying customer and laxer – it’s true! Many of our starters were at other tourneys…. But believe what you want, spring will be here soon enough!

        • Hmm . . says:

          At other tourneys last wednesday night? You’re right, spring will be here soon enough.

          • LoveTownLax says:

            what are you talking about Hmm? The Shoreham-Wading River tourney was on a Sunday and many of our starters were in NC, MD and CT…. so, yes, I do know what I am talking about…. It wasn’t “Fox Lane JV” vs Yorktown Varsity starters….

        • laxer says:

          I was talking about a sunday night brewster game, where a large portion of ytown varsity guys were in attendance. FL had 4 returning varsity players and 3 of their starters (only one on offense)… the rest were JV players (and the only goalie was the 2nd sting JV). if ytown is truly great they should be able to dominate what was predominantly a fox lane JV team. They shouldnt automaitcally be a contender

          • Hmm . . says:

            Sunday, Wed – whichever – agreed ‘town will have a challenge this year as well as JJ in Section 1 – was not impressed with JJ showing with Moonlight blue or white or whichever at Yale – what, did JJ not have their starters there either? Meanwhile FL teams are everywhere with sticks and their hands all winter. Uh-oh – stoking the fire. Wish the x-over games were more exciting locally.

          • LaxtotheMax says:

            Wow all I can say is that this is ridiculous. Comparing Fox Lane to the likes of Yorktown and John Jay??? Come on now they are not even close. Look at their histories, schedules, talent produced, and any other stats you can dig up. Its laughable. It is tough to judge teams in the fall/winter when players are hurt, in season, etc. Fox Lane did have a strong season in 2010 but lets get real here.

          • laxer says:

            sure… the histories say that ytown is a great program… but kevin interliccio and john ranagan arent suiting up for the huskers this year are they? so just because history says ytown is one of the great teams in the state doesnt mean they will perform as such this year. All im saying is that if ytown is so great and definitely the number 2 team behind JJ in class b… they should be able to toy with a fox lane jv team, not go back and fourth and ultimately win by 3. they had almost if not all of their weapons. FL had one. no excuse for ytown to not have dominated them if they are as good as they are meant to be. i didnt even mention JJ btw… all im saying is powers have changed in the section. ytown is no longer automatically a contender and shouldnt be considered so because they are yorktown. if anything the number 2 team is rye.

  16. LI101387 says:


    I wasn’t comparing ’07 JJ to ‘o7 Huntington, I was comparing ’11 JJ to ’07 Huntington, as that was the comparison referenced by an earlier poster. Clearly ’07 JJ vs ’07 Huntington were close since they split a pair of games that year. I was simply stating that I believe ’07 Huntington was more talented than ’11 JJ (clearly this is purely hypothetical and can’t be settled on the field)

    • slacrosse says:

      Thanx for clarification. Yes I’d have to agree with you on that one at this point. Both of those ’07 teams were special.

  17. LI Lax says:

    2011 John Jay will not be close to as good as 2007 Huntington. Let’s stop the ridiculous comparisons now. It’s only been four years, have you guys forgotten how good that Huntington team was? Yes, JJ beat them and 2007 JJ was very, very good as well (much better than 2011 JJ). 2011 John Jay should worry about winning Section 1, because odds are they are not going to be making the trip upstate for the championship (Would have to get past a stacked Class B from LI, though they do catch a small break that Nisky is back in Class A this year).

  18. LI Phil says:

    JJ…haha…yawn, they are not a good program!

  19. TriLax says:

    JJ does have more depth than ever before and as stated Daniello is arguably the best to ever wear a JJ uni – that’s a huge X factor. Simply stated the kid is the best player in the tristate area.

  20. justlaxin says:

    That is very debatable. I would even say Conor Prunty is the best in Section 1. Danseglio from St Anthonys may be the best or Pellogrino from Connectquot. Dannielo is excellent but there are many at the table with him or ahead of him.

  21. just lax says:

    Case Mathias hands down best in area.And how did this Shorewading river blog turn into.Is John Jay the best or players r the best.Big deal u have 10 kids going to play in collage,back in the day 10 or 12 kids from Yorktown would be on every major lax program in the country.Lakeland would have 6 or 7 kids major programs.Give it a rest yes JJ has been could the 5yrs,try doing it like Melville ,Yorktown West, Genny.Then u can say u r the bset around.

  22. Neutral Observer says:

    Case Matheis (sp?) is a nice little player with great stick skills but Daniello is the whole package – much more athletic and physically stronger than Matheis. Matheis may have a quicker release but Daniello has a harder shot. Put it this way ask any D-1 coach who they would take and I doubt a single one would take Matheis before Daniello. Having said that please don’t misunderstand me. Matheis is very skilled and will eventually get some playing time at Duke for sure.

  23. LAXman says:

    Good point, part of what makes Daniello such a sought after recruit is that he is the whole package. Good size and strength, has some of the quickest feet in the section, and a lefty with excellent stick skills in both hands.

    He gets it done on the field, and at this stage in his development he is better (and bigger) than his brother was, who happened to be one of the best attackmen in all of college lacrosse and the big east attack POY. I can definitely see Daniello becoming a star in college.

    • dississgud says:

      Why don’t you guys just ask the defenseman on this blog who’s entire recruiting announcement is about playing against both of these guys? He probably knows more about it than the homers on this thread. lol.

      • laxniac says:

        Haaaaaa! Good one dissisgud! I’ve seen the post you’re talking about.

        He could tell these guys what he thinks and these guys would just tell him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Ha!

  24. ACC10 says:

    Last I checked Matheis was the IL #2 overall Rising Junior recruit and the #1 offensive player and attackman. Daniello was the #8 overall Rising Senior recruit, the 7th best offensive player, and 5th best attackman.

  25. rLaxFamily says:

    I thought the teams that played this weekend at the SWR tourney had a great day. Good lax with or without team “top dogs” playing. Each team played 3 games, each opponent strong. Great school programs, top high school coaches working with a new mix of kids and relaxed college coaches enjoying the event. I met the Northport coach (on line for the john) and he intorduced himself. Seemed like a nice guy just shooring the bull about his connections to Yorktown. Overall, it was a good day of lax. A Relaxed event. Oh and to the blogger that blogged about the Wednesday night Brewster lax game between Yorktown and Fox Lane….I fell out laughing when I saw that you were determining next season’s predictions based a winter league game. Thanks for the Turkey. Have a good Thanksgiving.

  26. Lax Novice says:

    I’ll take the guy who was unstoppable in his 1st State Championship game versus a guy who will likely never play in one.

    • Blue White says:

      I saw Case in that 2009 game and agree he was a great finisher. I am not, however, following your line of thinking if you’re suggesting that winning a Class M championship in Connecticut somehow makes him superior. Seems a bit of stretch to me.

      • Lax Novice says:

        I think this entire topic is about splitting hairs, there’s a reason why both of these guys are in the Top Ten of their respective classes nationally. And I realize it’s more difficult to get to a New York State final than ours. That said, if we are looking for a difference between these two outstanding players, one can say he’s scored a total of twelve goals in two Class M finals thus far, and the other won’t have that opportunity. Is that a quality coaches look for at the next level, a demonstrated ability to be productive in the Championship games? I’d think so. So it’s not so much that the team won those two Championships that makes Matheis my preference, as much as Case was an integral part of both of those victories, where the season ends in a pile.

  27. mark Ratner says:

    remember Darien beat jj in a scrimmage last year after only 3 practices into the season and jj was like a month in

    • Lax Novice says:

      Scrimmages do not matter when it comes to who is better than who. No one is trying at all costs to win, so the results are meaningless.

  28. SirLaxalot says:

    Lax Novice – The Darien Class M state final games are akin to John Jay beating a team like Ossining. (No offense to Ossining, a fine program in its own right but I am just using them as a measuring stick to illustrate this point.) Who did Darien play this year in the final? I don’t even know. But I’m sure it’s a team John Jay would beat by 10-12 goals. I say this as an objective observer not a John Jay fan or supporter.

    The real state final as you well know for Connecticut is the FCIAC championship. So Darien is 0-2 the last two years with Ridgefield winning last year and Greenwich this year. THAT is the game that matters. Not the “pile” after once again beating an inferior Class M team.

    • Lax Novice says:

      Let me assure you of this much, the game that matters most (whether it’s the hardest title to win is a good debate) at Darien HS is the Class M State Championship. It’s certainly an important team goal to win the FCIACs, and that hasn’t been met due to great efforts by Ridgefield in 2009 and Greenwich last season. But it remains that for the program the motto “end the season in a pile” is what matters most, especially for seniors. Last year’s title was no gimme, two one-goal wins over Wilton and NC (in 2 OTs) were very difficult games. So while there’s regrets over not winning the FCIAC since 2008, it’s hardly been a disappointing last couple of years.

  29. laxr says:

    While I agree that FCIACs is more difficult than the Class M state title, states were hardly a push over. Darien beat Wilton (4th best team in FCIAC by season’s end IMO) and New Canaan (2nd best team in FCIAC, regardless of the 1 goal loss to Greenwich in the FCIAC championship) on the way to the final. In the final, Darien did not beat an Ossining caliber team – they beat a New Fairfield team some thought would beat Darien. New Fairfield beat Greenwich by the way. They also beat Rye by a similar margin to John Jay (NF won 6-4, JJ won 11-10 and 8-4). Although the Rebels are not an elite team, they are not so weak that Case’s 9 goal performance is anything less than spectacular.

    • Blue White says:

      Who thought New Fairfield would beat Darien? Especially if New Fairfield wasn’t an “elite team” by your own admission. By the way, New Fairfield beat Greenwich at the beginning of the season which was about 5 mins after their new coach was brought on board.

      It’s too bad that JJ and Darien no longer play a regular season game. They both, clearly for Darien, have become the premier teams in their respective counties and both have elite individual talent as evidenced by Daniello and Matheis.

      • laxr says:

        Didn’t say I thought they would. Check the Laxpower forums – you’ll see several people predicted a New Fairfield victory or at least a tight game. Also check MSGVarsity, and you will see that Joe picked Darien 8-7 in OT, and the other guy picked Darien 7-6.

  30. Red Black says:

    Case has a sick stick and really knows the game but I dk I just think bc of his size he’s gonna get pushed around in college. I mean he’s 5-6 and gonna be going against defencemen who are like 6’2 210 and all. But Darien will definately win another state title.

    • laxr says:

      He’s already taken on big D1-bound poles from teams like Conestoga and Niskayuna, and come out with hat tricks.

      • Lax Nut says:

        does anyone have any info on a soph from Byram Hills named Jake Kaiser? and espn rise mentioned him on their update from last weekends philly showcase?

  31. Laxerrr says:

    daniello pound for pound may be the strongest lax player you’ll find anywhere.

  32. Ride the Wave says:

    Lax Novice, nice job. That really sums it up perfectly. Well done.

  33. just lax says:

    Case Will be another Matt Quinzanne

  34. LoveTownLax says:

    laxer – Yorktown did NOT have even close to all of it’s “weapons,” you should do your research before writing! Did you even look at the list of the names of the kids that were not there???????

  35. LoveTownLax says:

    apologies laxer – I know understand the cross-over conversation was about an indoor Brewster Sports Center game.. don’t know who was there, but am still looking forward to the spring! :o)

  36. rLaxFamily says:

    Love TownLax – I had mentioned to laxer earlier in the conversation that I thought it was funny how he was making spring projections based on the Brewster in-door league. I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read the post. I too thought he was ranting on about SWR but went I realized it was a post about Brewster…I chuckled.

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