Get ready, gang. It’s time for the Sound Shore League to crown its champions. For the uninitiated, the Sound Shore League includes a 31-year-old men’s league made up of teams from Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Fairfield counties, as well as a high school league.

In the much-awaited Division 1 semifinal showdown between Prime Time and defending champion No Limit, Prime Time pulled out an 11-7 win.

Here’s the schedule of final-round games set for Monday, Aug. 2 and Tuesday, Aug. 3:

Monday, Aug. 2

at Purchase College

Westchester varsity
No. 1 White Plains vs. No. 2 Scarsdale, 7 p.m.

No. 1 Lurkers vs. No. 2 Gargoyle Athletics

at Suffern Middle School

Rockland varsity
No. 1 Hurricanes vs. No. 2 Pine Bush, 7 p.m.

Tuesday, Aug. 3

All games at Purchase College

Division 2
No. 1 Haligan’s Publik House  vs. No. 2 Husked Corn, 7 p.m.

Division 1
No. 1 Prime Time vs. No. 2 Goose Bar and Grill, 8:15 p.m.

Division 3
No. 7 Crown Trophy vs. No. 9 Michael’s Tavern, 9:30 p.m.

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22 Responses to “Sound Shore championship schedule”

  1. YTOWN says:

    Anyone have rosters for the d1 teams?

  2. Verne Sauce says:

    Word on the street is Timothy “The Big Red Wrecker” aka “verne” aka “disco inverno” is making his triumphant return for Husked Corn tuesday

  3. Laxtime says:

    Impressive – Prime Time with the best summer travel team in the area and now possible the best men’s adult team too.

  4. laxsalad says:

    Prime Time is very young and loaded with active D-I talent.There will be some good lax to watch on Tuesday. Public House is always strong and I think is one of the pre-division split teams. Husked Corn is a bunch of Town guys who play well together.

  5. Not Impressed says:

    Laxtime. You might win the adult league, but NO WAY is Prime Time the best summer travel. As far as all around summer travel success it has to got to WestRock, and Superstar!!!!

  6. Lax n stuff says:

    Who are the leading players on Prime Time? How about on Goose Bar and Grill?

  7. laxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Not Impressed… Are you kidding? The U17 team only lost somehting like 4 games all summer, can Westrock and Superstar really compete with them. They’re record was probably something like 22-4. On top of that I know that some of the younger teams won tournaments and placed in the top 5 at multipole others.

  8. Laxtitutes Rule says:

    Goose Bar and Grill is a bunch of Darien grads and Prime Time is a bunch of John Jay grads… Funny how it works out that the best 2 teams in the Sound Shore League’s westchester-rockland-fairfield region are made up of the best 2 high school teams in the westchester-rockland-fairfield region.

  9. Ride the Wave says:

    Yes, indeed. Good point.

    Goose Bar and Grill is located on Post Road in Darien. Best player on the team is probably Sam Spillane, who most folks know from his Duke fame – and well as Darien.

    Who are Prime Time’s best players?

  10. OT says:

    From what few box scores have been published – some of Prime Time’s players

    Chris Daniello – Cuse
    John Galloway – Cuse
    Brian Douglass – Yale
    Kevin Stockel – Drexel
    Ryder Bohlander – Maryland

  11. P&G says:

    Not impressed, I saw all the older teams for the respective teams – and Prime Time was the best. The U17 team is basically a dozen of the best kids from John Jay and add in 4 or 5 D1 commits or prospects.

    I know the next level down for prime time is very good as well. Not as many JJ kids. I believe they beat up on Superstar in a tourney some where.

  12. Bigeasy says:

    Primetime, Superstar, and Ballers are all good programs. Leave it at that. Kids are getting better in all three playing all over the place. I saw a few PT teams play in LI and was impressed. I saw Ballers HS team play in LI and an 8th grade team and was impressed. Only saw Superstar team play at Hofstra and they looked good as well.

  13. back n forth says:

    Yeah, I have to agree with Not Impressed, if you measure all around success Westrock and Superstars are larger programs that win a lot of games.

    But if you want an elite team to compete with the best PT team you’d have to take the best players from the Westrock blue team and the orange team and combine them into one team, and same would be true for SS U17 & 18.

    WR orange was 19-5(?) around in there including hotbeds and the blue was about the same, but neither of those teams match up well with PT as constituted.

    Can WR compete with PT? No doubt, but the teams would have to be broken down into one truly elite team. Same I suspect with SS.

    On thing that is indisputable though is that PT is a better gateway to big time DI programs, which again is a double-edged sword because there are people who will automatically assume that because of that, that PT is untouchable by the other area teams and that’s simply not true.

    It sure would be nice if next summer Lew, Roy and the guys put together an area tourny featuring PT, WR, SS & NLB. It would be a very fun day for fans, and the players would love it. Plus, it could extend from rising high schoolers right down to the little guys and would just be a blast.

  14. GoLaxYourself says:

    What do you guys think about the Division 2 game between Husked Corn and Publik house?

    Both undefeated teams, 1 vs 2 seed.

    Although there might be some debate about who should have gotten the 1 seed, i’m thinking Husked Corn will pull through with a convincing win.

  15. P-house says:

    Both teams are loaded with talent but I believe that Husked Corn is way too stacked of a team to be touched by Publik house. They are loaded with talent and are definitely one of the teams of the future along with Prime Time. I want to see those 2 teams match up!

  16. laxsalad says:

    Husked Corn is loaded but young. Defense has five AAs alone with another five on Offense! plus three academic AAs. Goalies are ridiculously good. It is obvious these kids like playing together too. I’d say stacked is a good word. Making the trip to Division I? maybe another year–D-I Sound Shore is very good lax–experienced player v. horses. Meantime, Husked Corn by several though I don’t think the game will be in doubt.

  17. slacrosse says:

    back n forth

    Think CT Chargers top team could definitely compete as the best or at least one of the very best summer teams within West. and CT. Your tournament idea is great but would def. include them.

  18. Laxtitutes says:

    What no talk about publik house on here, I know everyones jumping on the husked corn bandwagon but Publik house is the returning champ and still undefeated. Lets hear it on who everyones taking in this game

  19. Rui Girao says:

    Husked Corn is basically Yorktown HS past players

    PrimeTime is all John Jay HS past players plus a few surprises i’m sure

    Goose Bar & Grill is all Darien HS past players plus a few surprises i’m sure

    Crown Trophy is a mixture of Ossining players, JoJo Marasco and other guys from various schools

    Michaels Tavern is a mixture of Pleasantville players, some Sleepy Hollow players and other guys from various schools

  20. ylax79 says:

    Husked Corn is all YOUNG recently graduated Yorktown lacrosse players….The Dooleys, McCalls, McElduffs, Carcaterra’s, Interlicchio’s, Raniolo, Santavicca, Penner, Settembrino, Vedder, etc, etc. all play for either No Limit or Super Star….

  21. SirLaxalot says:

    What is the talent difference in the divisions? I know Division 1 is best. So let’s say Prime Time played Husked Corn. How much would Prime Time win by? Thoughts?

  22. Lax n stuff says:

    Great nice of lax. Congrats to all.

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