Today’s Day 3 action of the Battle of the Hotbeds Lacrosse Camp at the University of Delaware will be highlighted by tonight’s senior and junior all-star games. The Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region is well-represented.

You can check out the four all-star teams by checking out the following links:

* White 2011

* Blue 2011

* White 2012 and younger

* Blue 2012 and younger

Playoff action is set for tomorrow.

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10 Responses to “Hotbeds senior, junior all-stars”

  1. Lax Man says:

    Sting Black 8 Ward Melville 4 in final. Amazing at the end of the day Long Island again dominating the lacrosse landscape. Last year it was LI Express 2011 central.

  2. Guest says:

    Nice work Ken Miller! Another great Sting season.

  3. just a thought says:

    Nick Mariano WestRock and Yorktown Made Junior AllStar team.Had a pretty goal on man up.Had a great Tournament For WestRock Blue.The whole team played well ended up 7-3.

  4. laxified says:

    Sting Black- Top 16 Champs. Tri-State semis, Brine Shootout lost to eventual champ Calvert Hall in OT and Hotbeds Champs beating WI and WM. Many good players from all over but the four or five Set helmets had a hell of a year and I wouldn’t hand GC the county title next year just yet

  5. Just sayin says:

    Who did well in the all star games?

  6. Roy-Boy/Lewey Lew says:

    Both WestRock teams and Primetime all finishing 7-3. Weather was hot, competition was fierce. Great jobs boys ,very nice work in representing the Hudson Valley!!

  7. Old Rugger says:

    Congrats to the 2 Section 1 2013 All Stars Jack Lambert and Nick Mariano. Way to go. Now take a month off from lax and have some other type of fun. You boys made us proud.

  8. VikingLax says:

    Old Rugger.
    Don’t Forget WestRocks ( Clark South ) Goalie Kris Alleyne, also an all-star!!

  9. Laxit says:

    Good job all-stars!

  10. Laxtitutes Rule says:

    sound shore playoffs big game tonight no limit vs prime time

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