Max Quinzani scored off a feed from Ned Crotty with 12 seconds remaining in the game to give Duke a 14-13 win over Virginia in the Division I semifinals tonight  in Baltimore before 44,389 fans at M&T Bank Stadium.

Duke will play Notre Dame on Monday at 3:30 p.m. in the national championship game in Baltimore, which will be broadcast live on ESPN. Notre Dame defeated Cornell 12-7 in the day’s other semifinal. Neither Duke nor Notre Dame has ever won a national title.

With Virginia’s elimination, this will mark the first time since 1990 a team other than Virginia, Syracuse, Princeton or Johns Hopkins has won the title.

Duke (15-3), which was the preseason No. 1-ranked team, started its season 2-3, including a 12-11 overtime win over Bucknell on Feb. 13 and 11-7 loss to Notre Dame (10-6) a week later.

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National champions will be crowned prior to Monday’s Duke-ND game. The Division II and III championship games will be played on Sunday in Baltimore and shown live on CBS College Sports.

For the Division II bracket, click here.

You can check out the Division III bracket by clicking here.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket for the Division I tournament.

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56 Responses to “It’s Duke vs. Notre Dame for the title”

  1. OT says:

    umm greenwhite

    1) UVA’s ride got the ball right back, took it to goal and scored, so not huge at all
    2) if he scores 4 goals on 8 shots in an NCAA semi when he’s “tight” everyone else better watch out if he ever does “loosen up”

  2. daddy says:

    Bocklet was 2 goals shy of the all time record for goals at Virginia. He would of had it if they won. Bocklet great year buddy

  3. GreenWhite says:

    I think you took my comment the wrong way. Bocklet had a great season and played well for 55 minutes vs Duke. But in the last 5 minutes he took two shots that literally went 10 yards over the goal and then threw the ball out of bounds. Look, I get it. There were 50,000 people there and the game was on national TV. I’m sure he’s not the only person around who would tighten up in that spot.

  4. SirLaxalot says:

    GreenWhite – Fair comments. I think they may have touched a nerve with JJ fans because of their lack of clutch play down the stretch vs. Jamesville Dewitt (2007) and Rocky Point (2008). But hey, that’s the way it is. Teams with coaches and players who make good decisions in crunch time in close games win championships.

  5. Laxpower 2010 says:

    Just a note – Horace Greeley grad Matt Witko is leading the way for the Tufts tomorrow vs Salisbury in the NCAA DIII finals. Congrats to him.

  6. Indian J says:

    I’m sorry but negative comments about Bocklet don’t fly. I’m not going to get into numbers- which are insane, or quality of person, or his contributions to the teams he has played for. Pointing out results of high school games has little relevance in regards to the NCAA tournament. If you wanted to touch a nerve with JJ fans, you did. Jealousy is unbecoming. Lousy. Why don’t you appreciate this game and enjoy it.

  7. Route 6 Lax says:

    John Jez from Cortlandt and Frankie Vitolo are going for their 2nd straight D-2 title tomorrow for CW Post, which has a big contingent of former LP players. Nice article by Joe in the NCN on this…

  8. Observer says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens at UVa now. Some of their fans are saying Starsia won’t be back because of the numerous alcohol related incidents and of course the tragedy that just occurred. Quint Kessenich mentioned a Washington Post expose on the program during the game tonight so I googled it and here is the link to it.

  9. jjfan09 says:

    ok im a good friend of bocklet and i don’t know anyone that is more calm than him in pressure situations, he also did score 4 goals

  10. Doid23 says:

    You stay classy, GreenWhite. You too SirLaxLot.

    And, no, we’re not sensitive. Being a jerk is being a jerk, regardless of the target or the circumstances. You reveal more about yourself with your comments, not Bocklet. At least he was there under the lights, how about you?

  11. NYmike says:

    The sport is getting bigger, boys – meaning the size of the players, football size relative to position – get in the gym, get strong, stay fast.

  12. inlax says:

    bocklet doesn’t come through in the clutch, so what, nobody is perfect, he had a great year but still can’t dodge

  13. McGee says:

    Bocklet is not a good lacrosse player — he is a great lacrosse player. There are professional athletes that get paid big money who make mistakes. He was only the #1 scorer on the #1 team in the country at the time. Please GreenWhite seems like you still have a problem with his goal in OT to beat Yorktown to win the Section title a few years back.

  14. no_style_points says:

    To me it looked like he simply missed a shot and there was not a lot of room to get that ball into the net. You know, there’s a goalie standing there with a great big stick in his hands. lol.

    Hey it happens a hundred times per game.

    As far as the pass, well, what else can you say except, “doh!” If I had a dime for every brain lock play I see in lacrosse I’d be a zillionaire. lol.

    If you don’t want him he can play on my team. lol.

    Good luck to Matt W. from Greeley. This is big news and we all wish him the best.

    If UVA is really thinking of ousting Dom Starsia, their search for a new coaching staff should start right on Long Island at CW Post with John Jez and Frank Vitolo. Just a thought. Good luck to them!

    So what’s everyone cooking on the grill this weekend?

  15. laxx says:

    The D1 National Championship on ESPN is often the only game of the year that non lax fans really watch. Nothing against UND, as they obviously earned the right to be there by playing, but for the sports continual growth, they better put up a good game. This is when the sport is growing the most, and it’s a shame that the final didn’t include Syracuse and either Duke/ UVA. If UND or Duke get’s blown out for a boring game, I think it will stunt the growth of the sport outside of the people that already love it. Also, I don’t know about you guys, but something about UND just isn’t intense. Be honest, who was excited about the Cornell/ND final four? I’m a die hard lax fan. I watch almost every game thats on tv, and yet i don’t know if i would have made sure i watched that in the regular season. Hopefully ND makes this game intense. Just my two cents.

  16. ND says:

    Nothing against UND here. They’ve had a fantastic team and deserve to be here because they did all they could do and won their games. That said however, UND better put up a great showing in the national championship game. This game is on ESPN, and I know it’s the one game of the year that non lax fans watch. In order to continue the sports exponential growth, UND and Duke better have a one or two goal game. Also, UND just isn’t an exciting team. Who, besides UND fans, was excited when they heard that the final four game was UND v. Cornell? I’m a die hard lax fan. I watch almost every game that is on t.v, but even I don’t know if I would have gone out of my way to watch that in the regular season. UND just isn’t a team I get excited about to watch. Clearly a Duke/UVa v. Syracuse/UMD championship game would have been much more exciting. This might not mean a lot to non-lax fans, so all i can say is that it better be a great game.

  17. s1wss says:

    its a post about Duke vs. ND …

    a professional sportswriter didn’t feel the need to call out Bocklett…

    someone did though on an anonymous name …

    kids a sophomore and had the 2nd best night on the team, unless you want to try and mention someone on UVA that had a better night than him besides Stanwick?

    If Starsia is out someone is going to inherit an attack that could win the next two NCAA titles and will be the favs to do so. maybe 3 if they could have gotten Galasso

    (Imagine being a coach in your first year your Junior Attackmen are Stanwick and Bocklett, your sophomores are Connor English and Matt White, and you got Nick Galasso who takes over a starting spot a couple weeks in if not right away.) not to mention you have the Bratton twins to work the top of the box.. i guess it too much offense thats why everyone around here is going to UNC and Hopkins

  18. s1wss says:

    UVA wins the next two titles avg. 15 goals/game …..

    White or English take Carrol’s spot and you have Stanwick, Bocklett, English, White, Bratton, Bratton in the box at the same time…. although you don’t really need 6 scorers in the box can just keep one of those guys rotating in at attack or throw them on a second middie line

    imagine if they could’ve grabbed Galasso! he would have started attack and you turn White and English into the 2nd middie line!

  19. True says:

    s1wiss- don’t forget about Lapierre, he was only a freshmen, he’ll turn into a scorer.

    But next year Syracuse is also right there for a national championship.
    They’re bringing back a healthy Marasco, Keogh, White, Megill, Galloway, Thompson, Amidon, Miller, a healthy Kevin Drew, Lade, and Desko. They’re bringing back 3/4 of their D, and a two time national championship goalie who’s coming off his best individual statistical season.

    They’re attack will be Marasco who is an incredible dodger feeding feeding Desko and Keogh, both incredible finishers. At middie, a first line midfield of Thompson, Amidon, and Miller will make for a lot of goals. This is also including the class their bringing in.

    Cuse and UVA look like the early favorites.

  20. no_style_points says:

    I’m going to post this twice just to keep the tradition alive.

  21. Quaker Nation says:

    Final: Tufts 9, Salisbury 6

    Congrats to the pride of Greeley, Matt Witko!

  22. no_style_points says:

    I’m going to post this twice just to keep the tradition alive. lol.

    Fear not about the boring final. First of all they have to play the game and if Duke is going to win a blow out, we’ll know that tomorrow.

    I just don’t see a downside to this. Two new teams and regardless the score, the Notre Dame brand is a powerful, powerful motivator!

    We’ll know what the effect of this game is in Summer 2015 when some kids from Indiana and Durham are the top recruits in the country! lol.

    And don’t forget seeing big games in Idaho on their ugly blue field.

  23. slacrosse says:

    Great to see Witkow doing his thing at Tufts! A really good player!!

  24. slacrosse says:

    Same for John Jez from Cortlandt and Frankie Vitolo from for CW Post, and all the Section 1 kids at D1-D3 and club teams.

  25. Joe Lombardi says:

    C.W. Post defeated Le Moyne 14-9 for its second straight Division II national title and third overall.

    The Pioneers, who trailed by three at the half, scored nine times in the second half. Former Lakeland/Panas standout Keith Rodriguez had three goals for the Pioneers.

    With Tufts’ 9-6 win over Salisbury in the D-III title game, here’s the rundown:

    Division I: Duke vs. Notre Dame, 3:30 p.m. Monday, May 31 (ESPN)

    Division II: C.W. Post 14, Le Moyne 9
    * For final stats, click here.

    Division III: Tufts 9, Salisbury 6
    * For final stats, click here.

  26. LI Guy says:

    Congrats to Tufts and CW Post! I enjoyed watching both the games today. The quality of play is very high at D-2 and D-3 levels.

  27. KDOG says:

    Anyone know where Hoch from LP was today? didnt see him out there and I know he’s been a big contributer for Post. Nice showing by all the LP boys and Vitolo continues to prove that he is one of the best EVER.

  28. Dad-O says:

    My son was having trouble throwing the ball when he was a younger player.

    One day at a Westrock practice, Frank Vitolo pulled him to the sideline, showed him the motion he wanted my son to use and then did something that is what Frank is all about…He stood there and quietly watched my son throw and catch for half-an-hour. Problem solved forever.

    Congrats to Frank, we miss you! Congrats to John Jez, Ossining grad and resident!

    Congrats to the L/P contingent and man there’s a bunch of them.

    Congrats to Wit at Tufts.

    Congrats to you guys for being the best bloggers in the section.

    Congrats to Joe for running the best blog.

    …alright that’s enough…lol.

  29. Mamo Lax says:

    Good to see Shane Ferguson coming back strong after a fluke injury. He should have a nice career at Springfield in the years ahead…

  30. slacrosse says:

    Congrats Shane. Remember you being really tough vs Rye and think Mamo beat us that yr.

  31. Laximus says:

    Should be a low scoring tight game…

  32. Observer says:

    This is a tough one to pick. ND lost 6 games. No team has ever won a national title with more than 5 losses. But this is the new age of parity in lax. This seems like logically it would be Duke’s turn to win the title after having great teams the last few years and coming close, but I just don’t know. Coach Danowski seems like a good guy but in the playoffs I’ve found him to have a “deer in the headlights” look in the crucial last few minutes. So… who knows??? Should be great theater.

  33. BigBadBear says:

    Personally, I found both the D2 and D3 games not all that great, the ball was on the ground a lot, but it also was like 150 on the field apparently..

    As for today’s game, match-ups make games…you have what is likely the hottest goalie and toughest D against a high flying offense, with suspect goalie play..

    I say Defense wins championships, I’m looking for ND to win,,they need to keep Duke at or around 10 or so, the heat will be a factor as will depth

  34. Has Been Lax says:


    CW Post DII Champ has 4 L/P players on their Roster! Keith Rodriques, M, so; Doug Houch, A/M, Jr; Bryan Leonard, D, Sr; Dan DaCosta, D, Jr

    Tufts DIII Champ has 2 Sect 1 players- Matt Witco, Greeley, M, Jr and Lucas Durst, John Jay, M, So


  35. Love Lax says:

    I Agree with BigBadBear,

    ND has excellent D & an especially hot goalie.
    Good FO and confidence.

    Duke might be a little beat up after semi’s
    Look for ND 14 – 13

  36. ctlax says:

    Duke Blue Devils? More like the CT Blue Devils. Where would Duke be this weekend without Costabile, Montelli, Payton, Theorides, and The McKee brothers. All played well against UVA. Cant wait to watch the action this afternoon!

  37. Lax says:

    Is there anywhere to watch the D-III finals online?

    A true shame that ESPNU is broadcasting Doug Gotlieb’s STALE radio show instead of a live national championship game.

  38. Joe Lombardi says:

    Lax –

    ESPNU did not have rights for the D-II or D-III championships, so therefore, it cannot reair those games. The D-III game was shown live on CBS College Sports, which holds the rights. It will reair the game on the following days and times: Tuesday, June 1 (2 p.m. and 8 p.m.), Wednesday, June 2 (2 a.m. and 8 a.m.), Thursday, June 3 (8 a.m.) and Saturday, June 5 (8 a.m. and 3 p.m.).

  39. Lax Novice says:

    It seems to me the goat horns in the Duke/UVA game go to the coach who drew up the play with eight seconds left that had Carroll driving to the goal but didn’t leave 4 guys on the defensive side of midfield. That offside after a timeout simply can’t happen there.

    Also confused why no one is giving Notre Dame a chance. Defense wins championships, and ND has the defense. It’s gonna be ND 8 – Duke 6.

  40. laxman44 says:

    You Hudson Valley guys are the most sensitive lax fans around. that was barely a critisism of the guy (Bocklet) just an observation and you jump all over it. For the rest of us we should just treat anybody from Hud Valley – especially Yorktown and JJ like delicate flowers and only heap praise on them.

  41. Doid23 says:

    I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this, but in the UVA-Duke game the ESPN camera on the “left” side of the field (from the viewpoint of the camera) was this awful angle from the endzone, rather than a view from the midfield, which they did on the other side. It was an awful angle, and impossible to see where the ball was in relation to the goal when it was up top or on the sides. Not sure why they did it, since they didn’t do it on the ‘right” side. Annoying as heck.

    Laxman, we can take comments, but calling a guy a choker is not an observation, The poster knew what he was saying, he was trying to stir things up. If someone said he had a bad game, or his shot was off, etc., that’s an observation. Call someone a choker, after scoring a handful of goals, getting some key ground balls, etc. based on one high shot and an honest mistake is ridiculous, and many called him out on it.

  42. no_style_points says:

    Quote of the day from today’s title game by Quint Kessenich, talking about Steve Schoeffel’s two goals…

    “…Schoeffel’s, got a pair!…”

  43. Syracuse says:

    Notre Dame is playing the best team defense I’ve ever seen in a NCAA tournament game. Duke can’t get a sniff from any decent angle. This OT may go one forever.

  44. Syracuse says:

    Or maybe not. What a game.

  45. Joe Lombardi says:

    New Fairfield’s CJ Costabile cleanly won the opening faceoff of the first overtime and then scored on the subsequent fastbreak to give Duke a 6-5 win against Notre Dame in the Division I championship game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

    For more, click here.

  46. slacrosse says:

    Great game! Congrats to Duke and terrific for the ND program!!

  47. cuse says:

    no_style_points, you post a good quote, however I see your quote, and raise you another Kessenich gem from today’s game.

    “Duke normally goes on runs late in the 2nd quarter…or the third quarter…or the fourth quarter.”

  48. no_style_points says:

    lol. Cuse.

    Where would we be without Quint?

    You know, in thirty years, I can see him sounding and even looking like Phil Rizzuto. Why not? They’re about the same height to start with…lol.

  49. greengoblin says:

    We should get a petition going to get rid of Quint and have Carc take over his job. Quint just comes off as d-bag no matter what he is trying to say. Not to mention the fact that everytime he is introduced he needs to be called Former JH AA. We get it you were a former all american, now you are a poor mans ryan seacrest…. green goblin out.

  50. HV Fan says:

    Alot of these Duke players play on the Sound Shore Summer Lacrosse League…last year i remember seeing CJ Costabile, Parker McKee, Will McKee and Max Quinzani (and im sure im missing others) all play for the Garden Catering Team(their out of Greenwich, CT)

  51. s1wss says:

    i added the Duke wins but doesnt hit double digits, and more should have agreed, although i did see a lot of double digit predictions above …

    proud of ND they are recruiting midgets compared to Duke its a lot more in house work, no disrespect to Danowski but he got a little bit of a head start with the group of boys he brings in….

    anyone know the last time a D-pole had a game winning goal ? in a championship ? in overtime ? off the opening faceoff? IF EVER ? FOR ANYONE OF THOSE ?? INSANE !

  52. Lax Novice says:

    I had Duke with the six right, at least. Seems as if Duke’s depth won out, ND simply didn’t take advantage of their possession time in the 1st half. No doubt about the Irish as a premier program now, with the ability to recruit nationally. Congrats to Duke on a well earned win.

  53. cuse says:

    no_style_points, the world would be a much worse place, that’s all I know.

    I think of Quint Kessenich how I thought of one John Madden, which is I love hearing them commentate, because of the ridiculous comments they’re going to say, not because of their actual commentating abilities. It definitely makes it more exciting than listening to Matt Danowski saying “yeah” in his LI accent to start everything he says.

  54. Laxholic says:

    Sick game. Congrats Dookies.

  55. Observer says:

    Well done Dukies!

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