The postseason is officially upon is in the Hudson Valley/Long Island region. Action is under way in Long Island, and seedings will be unveiled in the Hudson Valley today.

But first, there are a couple of very noteworthy regular-season games tonight in Connecticut. Both are 7 p.m. starts. Fairfield Prep, which has lost two of its last four after a 10-1 start, hosts New Fairfield (13-2) at Fairfield University’s Alumni Field. Cheshire (14-1), fresh off a huge win over Fairfield Prep, visits New Canaan (12-3) at Dunning Stadium.

Now, to the playoffs.

In Suffolk opening-round Class A action today, ninth-seeded Walt Whitman plays at No. 8 William Floyd at 4:30 p.m. In 4 p.m. action, No. 12 Bay Shore plays at fifth-seeded East Islip, No. 11 Northport plays at No. 6 Sachem North and No. 7 Smithtown East hosts No. 10 Sachem East.

Top-seeded Farmingdale hosts No. 8 Port Washington in first-round Class A Nassau action. At 4:45 p.m., No. 5 Baldwin plays at No. 4 Syosset, third-seeded Hicksville hosts No. 6 Oceanside and seventh-seeded East Meadow faces No. 2 Massapequa in the Field of Dreams in East Meadow.

In first-round Class C games, third-seeded Friends hosts Floral Park and fourth-seeded Locust Valley visits Seaford at 4:45 p.m.

The Section 1 seedings meeting is scheduled for this morning. Seeds will be posted as soon as they become available on the Hudson Valley/Connecticut page at So be sure to check throughout the day. Here’s the link.

Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts and predictions on these matchups, and while you’re at your game or games today, be sure to check in here with info on the scores and game details early and often.

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59 Responses to “Scoreboard Central: Thursday/5.20.10”

  1. LaxItUp2010 says:

    Best of luck in the sectionals and states John Jay.

    Congratulations Tim Schurr on an excellent 15 win – 1 loss first season as Head Coach at John Jay.

    Congratulations John Jay players on overcoming all the pre-season turmoil, playing your hearts out, coming together as an elite team and putting together a wonderful season to date…. Wish you all the luck in taking it all the way to the state finals.

  2. Yippee-ki-yay! says:

    Path to the title…yippee-ki-yay!

    John Jay bye
    Mamaroneck bye
    Scarsdale bye
    Harrison at Ossining
    Greeley at Fox Lane
    Nyack at Somers
    Brewster at Eastchester
    Hen Hud at Tappan Zee

    John Jay over Hen Hud
    Mamaroneck over Brewster
    Somers over Scarsdale
    Ossining over Fox Lane

    John Jay over Ossining
    Somers over Mamaroneck

    John Jay over Somers

  3. Old Rugger says:

    Yippee-ki-yay agree with final outcome but think HG over FL and then Ossining before losing to JJ. They played a stronger schedule which hopefully helps them now. 3rd JJ Somers game (Counting my eggs before they hatch) should be good as Somers seems to have solved many of their issues (especially penalty wise) 2 good coaches going at it. Let the games begin. I love this part of the season.

  4. LI Lax says:

    Suffolk Predictions:

    EI 16, Bay Shore 4
    Sachem North 11, Northport 7
    Smithtown East 12, Sachem East 4
    Whitman 13, Floyd 11

  5. We Love the Playoffs says:

    I’m liking the prediction up top for B, but I would change it to Ossining over Greeley not Fox Lane…and Brewster over Eastchester and Mamaroneck.

    Just because Greeley lost to some better teams doesn’t make them better than O. Greeley didn’t beat anyone of note. Ossining has some nice wins this year and even if they make us all scratch our heads so often they are a capable group.

    Either way it’ll be fun… Greeley and Ossining both beat FL by 1, so maybe these teams are so closely matched that the Foxes win the second time around against both. Could happen.

    Brewster is another head scratcher and they’ll play Eastchester. Easychester may be a better way to describe the Eagle’s schedule and I don’t see anything there that would give confidence they can hang with Brew other than if Cirillo and Massi score ten each.

    Brewster beat FL, HG, Ossining and Hen Hud – the entire middle tier – and if there is a darkhorse to get to the finals it’s got to be these guys.

    Have a great day!

  6. StillAwaysTogo says:

    class A seedings

    Pac-40+16=56-3.73-pac beat wp head to head gets tie breaker
    Clarkstown south-20+11=31-1.93

    remember not all teams played 16 games in nys federation

    South at lp
    Wappingers at town
    Arlington at Suffern
    White plains at Pac

    lp vs winner of suffern/Arlington
    Town vs winner of Pac/Wp

  7. StillAwaysTogo says:

    Check that, it looks like wp is a 3.8 index with last point for irvington going 8-8, so pac moves to 5th and will have to travel to White plains. everyone else stays the same.

  8. LaxHound says:

    Official seeds from MSG Varsity…

    Class A

    First round
    (5/25) at higher seed at TBA
    No. 1 Lakeland/Panas vs. No. 8 Clarkstown South
    No. 2 Yorktown vs. No. 7 Wappingers
    No. 3 Suffern vs. No. 6 Arlington
    No. 4 White Plains vs. No. 5 Mahopac

    Class B

    First round
    (5/22) at higher seed at TBA
    No. 1 John Jay-CR (bye) plays winner of 8/9
    No. 2 Mamaroneck (bye) plays winner of 7/10
    No. 3 Scarsdale (bye) plays winner of 6/11
    No. 4 Ossining vs. No. 13 Harrison
    No. 5 Fox Lane vs. No. 12 Greeley
    No. 6. Somers vs. No. 11 Nyack
    No. 7 Eastchester vs. No. 10 Brewster
    No. 8 Tappen Zee vs. No. 9 Hendrick Hudson

    Class C

    First round
    (5/22) at higher seed at TBA
    No. 1 Pleasantville (bye) plays winner of 8/9 game
    No. 2 Bronxville vs. No. 15 Kennedy Catholic
    No. 3 Pelham vs. No. 14 Haldane
    No. 4 Putnam Valley vs. No. 13 Hastings
    No. 5 Nanuet vs. No. 12 Sleepy Hollow
    No. 6 Rye vs. No. 11 Briarcliff
    No. 7 Pearl River vs. No. 10 Byram Hills
    No. 8 North Salem vs. No. 9 Irvington

  9. StillAwaysTogo says:

    …and lp would play winner of pac/wp not suffern/arlington……

  10. Syracuse says:

    Intriguing semifinal matchups likely with L/P meeting Mahopac and Yorktown hosting Suffern. This is L/P’s tournament to lose.

  11. upstate lacrosse says:

    when/where are the Section 1 finals?

  12. LaxItUp2010 says:

    Upstate Lacrosse,

    June 2nd at White Plains HS. probably at 5pm

  13. but wait says:

    lp wouldnt meet mahopac town would first with lp playing arlington or suffern…

  14. P&G says:

    Upstate –

    What LaxItup2010 said, plus this:

    3:00 – Class B
    5:30 – Class C
    8:00 – Class A

  15. We Love the Playoffs says:


    Pleasantville bye
    Bronxville vs. Kennedy Catholic
    Pelham vs. Haldane
    Putnam Valley vs. Hastings
    Nanuet vs. Sleepy Hollow
    Rye vs. Briarcliff
    Pearl River vs. Byram Hills
    North Salem vs. Irvington

    P’ville over Irvington
    Bronxville over Byram Hills
    Rye over Pelham
    Putnam Valley over Sleepy Hollow

    Putnam Valley over Pleasantville
    Bronxville over Rye

    Bronxville over Putnam Valley

    Sectionals rule!

  16. lax hv says:

    But wait
    If Pac beats WP and the top three win LP 1 Vs Pac 5
    Town 2 vs Suffern 3

  17. Old Coach says:


    Greeley makes it to the semis against Jay as the 12 seed in B
    Somers as a 6 seed gets to host Brewster (the 10 seed)

    same in C

    Rye as a 6 seed gets to host Byram (the 10 seed)

    or not

    In any event, Section one lucked out with their abysmal seeding rules. Jay and Somers, LP and Town, Put Valley and Rye are all on opposite sides of the draw. So we will either get the two best teams in each class final at the showcase at White Plains or we will get teams that beat those teams to get there. But it happened purely by accident when it should have happen by design.

  18. slacrosse says:




  19. laxxxx says:

    We Love the Playoffs-
    Honestly, have you ever seen Greeley play?
    No_Style_Points will kill me for this
    but when Greeley plays a full game, they can roll teams.
    Now against Brewster, well it was the beginning of the season and they just had a bad game.
    And Greeley against FL, it was 5-0 HG at the half. Now after the half, Greeley got selfish and kids started to try to score goals for themselves and they fell apart but still pulled off the win.

    And as far as no big wins, how about Guilderland? They beat beat Pac 8-6, so they are a pretty impressive team…. and that is an impressive win

  20. slacrosse says:


    Looking forward to the game between Bcliff and Rye on Sat. I think it’s the first time they’ve played each other?

    Good luck to both teams!!

  21. Lax Bum says:

    Congrats to all the seeded teams!

    Congrats to the Savastanos on their entry into the sectionals in their first year!
    (Where are all the Savastano bashers now? lol)

    Greeley to the semi’s? I’ll believe it when I see it. They beat two teams with winning records and lost 11 games. Throw out the scores because they don’t matter. One of the teams they beat was Fox Lane though. Still…I’ll take Oss or Fox over them and eat my hat if Greeley wins out of that group.

    The darkhorse prediction up top is interesting and I think Brewster can beat Eastchester and Mamaroneck. Mamo beat up one some lower teams, but don’t forget they did beat Brewster. If those teams are evenly matched then it’s Brewster’s turn to win. What the hell, why not? lol.

  22. laxxxx says:

    We Love the Playoffs-
    Have you even see Greeley play? I mean they are a completely different team in person than on paper.
    No_Style_Points will kill me for this,
    But Greeley has put up quite a fight this season. I won’t list every game, but we all know that many of them were VERY close
    And Brewster, well it was just a poorly played game. Match them up again and Greeley will pull out a win.
    And the FL game, Greeley was up 5-0 at the half. If they played the second half like they did the first half, FL would have been embarrassed. But HG got cocky and selfish and some kids wanted to score some goals for themselves which made them fall apart, but they were still able to pull of the win.

  23. slacrosse says:

    Old Rugger

    Agree with you on the Greeley victories.

  24. O-Lax says:

    Does anyone know when the All- League and All- Section players will be announced?

  25. LaxItUp2010 says:

    I think its June 7th the same time the HV All Amreicans are named.

  26. no_style_points says:

    Greeley lost to Mahopac not won. No shame in that.

    You cannot be a different team in person than you are on paper. You are what your record says you are. Losing with style against better teams is never better than winning against evenly matched opponents – it simply is what it is. lol.

    I think the middle of the B bracket is a toss up all around. You can make an argument for any of the teams because many of them have played each other.

    Greeley gets no points for coming close in a lot of their games and losing, but they do gets points for beating Fox Lane and Guilderland, who are a so-so Sec 2 team, (but they did beat Mahopac after losing to HG), not too shabby. There’s no reason why Greeley can’t beat either team, but forget about calling them the favorites here – their record doesn’t support it. They have to prove it on the field and they can do it.

    Ossining doesn’t get the nod over any of these teams because they lost to Hen Hud and Brewster, but they do get the nod because they beat Fox Lane and a few other good teams. Do not give them respect at your own peril because they are capable of beating Greeley and Fox Lane as easily as they are of losing. That’s O.

    Fox Lane doesn’t get any points because they played O and HG close and lost, but they do get points because they beat P’ville and Put Valley. Don’t call them the favorite, but there’s no reason why they can’t beat Greeley and Ossining second time around – they can.

    The teams that are stacked in the middle are all there because they have all won big games and lost big games.

    My favorite amongst this group is Brewster.
    Lucky for all these teams that the Bears are on the other side of the bracket because they’ve already beaten Fox Lane, Ossining, Horace Greeley and Hen Hud. lol.

    Enjoy Saturday everybody!

    Are all game times 11am?

  27. Love Lax says:

    And the winners are:

    A. L/P

    B. Somers

    C. PV

  28. long time laxer says:

    It seems that everyone thinks Brewster is the dark horse to go far. And they may have beaten all those teams in the other bracket. But they did lose to Mamaroneck, which is in the same bracket. I guess we will see.

  29. westchesterlax says:

    whoever said that greeley got selfish against fox lane doesnt know anything about that game. fox lane came out firing in the 2nd half. they scored 5 goals in the 3rd quarter… that doesnt happen because kids are getting selfish. that happens because you possess the ball and play good team offense. fox lane can beat any team on any given day. shown by big wins against pville, put valley and byram. Plus fox lane gets players back for the playoffs, improves in all phases… plus they are so hungry to beat greeley and ossining.

  30. yamanashi says:


  31. slacrosse says:

    Hey wonder if Sav will put out the “slow-down” offense against Bville that he used last season against Manhassat??

    Come to think about it—why not??

  32. brooo says:

    Ok. Greeley was easily making 4 passes before even thinking about going to the goal in the first half. they were throwing FL off balance and taking advantage of it and went up 5-0.

    In the second half, Greeley basically stopped passing. clears were done solo instead of making the easy pass. attackmen would take the ball and hold on to it, eventually getting eaten up. they made it too easy for the defensemen.

    middies stopped running back on turn overs and stopped sliding on defense.

    Greeley fell apart in the game and still pulled through…

    and lets talk about the situation greeley was in. 4 of their middies were not there for the game, including their starting faceoff middie. and even then, the back up faceoff middie wrecked the FL kid (it was frankly almost embarrassing).

    and big wins against pvill, put valley, and byram? are you serious? those teams arent competition. Greeley’s first game against Byram was a mess, but they blew them out 17-3 in the second game.
    How did FL do against JJ, Somers, Rye, Pac, or L/P? oh right, they didnt even play them. no wonder they are ranked 5

  33. slacrosse says:

    Schoolhouse Road,

    I wanted to be a bit “diplomatic” about it.

    Boy, remember the ‘debate” got to the point where Bill Cherry, Manhassat’s coach came on the blog to defend Sav’s strategy!!

  34. Doid23 says:

    Don’t look now, Schoolhouse Road, but no_style_points is on his way over here, and I think he’s got a few words for you.

    As to the “it’s NOT the way lacrosse is meant to be played” comment? I heard that same statement this weekend, but it was one of the fathers on my son’s summer team stating that “practice in Texas in July when it’s 105 degrees at 6:00 o’clock is NOT the way lacrosse is meant to be played”. THAT I agree with!

  35. P&G says:


    LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Syracuse, for his gritty, honest – tough love assessment of his true green love. Lost points for his crush on Arlington (where are those Arlington supporters, btw)????

    ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: No_Style_Points: Refreshing – Simple, Understated, but so true…Thanks for actually making a blogger accountable. Sophomore Jinx inevitable. just saying.

    OVER-RATED BUT WE WILL TOLERATE IT CAUSE ITS A BLOG: Any Arlington or Mamoroneck follower…Love the enthusiasm, bring the reality next time.

    CRANKY BUT LIKED: Doid23 and Old Rugger…I honestly can’t tell who you root for…That’s either a really good thing – or just weird. and cranky.

    DAD OF THE YEAR AWARD: 532 posters tied for first place for artificially supporting their kid.

    WHAT THE F AWARD? Who is Eric Newman, and why is he special?

    THE AMELIA EARHART AWARD: Awarded to John FANagan – where have all the other Yorktown posters been? LI Lax wake up? need some ant-Branodfino comments…no? ok…i get it.

    BITE YOUR LIP: To ALL the Somers fans….Tough to repeat, huh?

  36. Indian J says:

    A deliberate possession offense is actually a very good idea and very much part of the game of lacrosse. These “slower” offenses are actually always looking to score, it’s just that they’re looking for an extremely high percentage shot- that is, the result of a defensive mistake that comes with an extended possession or momentary lapse in concentration. ( a mistake that results in an easy goal). It sometimes looks like the team is “stalling” but, they usually are not, unless they’re winning and are looking to eliminate the clock. Going around the horn, or possessing the ball for long periods of time before going to cage is a good idea if your opponent is notably stronger than you. You may bore some spectators, but then again you might not. There have been many examples in H.S and college of the better team collapsing as the result of the “deliberate” offense. Once a weaker team is in the game, and then stays there, the stronger team can panic. A panicked defense sometimes slides too early- or not at all- or just gets the jitters (penalties, botched clears, inability to pick up loose balls). This is when that style of offense is working almost as well as a motion offense. The weaker team is now playing in their most inspired form and making a consistent business of capitalizing on their opponents mistakes. This does not often result in a huge upset win, but it has happened. It almost always reduces the margin of victory for the far superior team.

    As for Sav, I think he did such a great job at Jay and maybe someday Kennedy will get to try something(- something is better than nothing) against Manhasset too.

  37. Syracuse says:


    Great stuff. I’m still on the Arlington bandwagon, but I know its season will end very soon. I hope to put out some awards of my own at some point, too (as Joe cringes from his Connecticut compound) … In all seriousness, good stuff. I wish The CROP would show his mug more often, but other than that I can say in all honesty it’s been fun this year. I’d give the true Lifetime Achievement Award to Slacrosse because he’s way too positive for my liking (just kidding). A good man.

    And yes, P&G, you will get an award, too. I’m torn right now between “When In Doubt Say He’s From Switzerland” award or “The Statler & Waldorf View From The Balcony” award.

    I’ll let you know.

    Great stuff boys.

  38. P&G says:

    Syracuse, If you are still on the Arlington wagon – then I am too….And I am actually trying to get them into the next level from an off-season-perspective..

    Can’t wait to see what awards Slacross and I garner.

  39. BigBadBear says:


    I will be there! What a lousy first round match up for us, but I do love the setting at Rye. It is not the first time we have played, I do believe we played about 3 years ago, score was 9 -1 you (the kid with the lone goal, might have been a scrimmage).

    Any chance that you had a sudden rash of non-painful injuries, help us out a bit?

  40. daddy says:

    Ask Bill Tierney about stall offense 6 national titles at princeton. Bates douces offense 1 and done.

  41. LacrosseInsider says:

    Clearly Slacrosse gets the “most posts” award if nothing else!

  42. Elephant Man says:

    Great job by “Final B standings” on the Wednesday thread correctly picking Somers would not only be #6 seed but play Nyack in the first round. I know Joe had said Somers would be #6 already but figuring out they would be playing Nyack was great. I should have known when I saw on one of the other blogs that Somers was going to be #8 and have to play JJ in the quarterfinals that they were wrong as usual.

  43. Kharas says:

    Underdogs in playoff NCAA lax, like playoff NCAA hockey and basketball, usually do employ a slower offense. Keeping the game low scoring for as long as possible is usually the formula for the upset. With that said I don’t think the Savs will slow the game down any more than any other coach. Weaker teams also lack depth so you slowdown just to keep key players fresh. Anyway, should be an interesting Saturday.

  44. SWLAX says:

    The difference b/w stalling with a JJ team and stalling with a Kennedy team is that the entire JJ team could catch and throw well and not turn the ball over; it will be tough to do with a Kennedy team at this point. It’s tough to stall if you don’t have the ball…

  45. slacrosse says:

    Good point as usual SWLAX.

  46. no_style_points says:

    I got an award?! Wow, it’s a great day already. Thank you P&G, I’m humbled and hope I can live up to it.

    Doidy…Thanks, man, I don’t even know where to begin with “not the way it’s supposed to be played,” but it looks like the others picked the ball up and ran with it! lol. The rules say that if you have one goal or more than your opponent at the end of the game, you win, but there is no shot clock! Even Section One hasn’t messed that up yet. (Well, sort of, by awarding points for simply showing up to play winning teams…but don’t get me going. Do you realize that a team that needs one point to get in can forfeit their way into the playoffs on the last day of the season? Okay, now I have a vein bulging out of my forehead.)


    This is not tournament ball, where the goal is getting attacked every few seconds by all star teams – it’s high school ball and the ball doesn’t move as quickly for most of the teams.

    Kennedy isn’t running a slow down offense, that’s just how fast they can move the ball at this point. lol. And if that causes the defense to get caught ball-watching so be it. Look, I know that nobody likes style more than the Jay faithful and that’s fine because they have so many skilled players. But if our friend, Schoolhouse is as frustrated with it on the sidelines imagine how frustrating it must be for the players, which means it must be doing something.

    I have a tough time questioning the strategy of a coaching staff that won 5 games at JFK and got them into the dance.

  47. Doid23 says:

    P&G: I prefer the label curmudgeon over cranky, and if you don’t like that you can kiss my *ss.

    And I am a long time Jay fan, born in Yorktown but moved to Jayland in 1st grade. My older brothers were actually part of the initial JJ lacrosse club with Kear.

  48. daddy says:

    Good coaches make you think. What is Sav going to run against Bronxville. Most people would even talk about Kennedy and Bronxville but we are now arent we

  49. Doid23 says:

    BTW Good post by “thediscple” on the HS lacrosse forums over on Laxpower with his predictions for the entire NYS State championships (didn’t know if I was allowed to link or copy from Laxpower). Joe, might be a good contest or poll.

  50. ahslax says:

    P & G: That is the best laugh I’ve had for awhile… Arlington is going to make a showing against Suffern, won’t be so brave to make a prediction. Slacrosse get my vote for being the wise gentleman of the boards and the biggest Rye supporter. Good luck to everyone.

  51. Syracuse says:


    Let me get this straight. You’re a curmudgeon in a 10-gallon hat? I’m trying to get my head around that. I look forward to your posts on Texas lax because the only team I really have ever heard of from down there is Highland Park. Anyway, I think you richly deserve the “Everything Is Bigger In Texas” award because I’m sure lacrosse will supplant football on Friday night faster than the polar ice caps will eventually give way to that 100-foot wave bound for Manhattan.

    By the way, Mr. Kear is a good man. Played against him. The grandfather of the Jay program from where I sit.

  52. Syracuse says:


    You definitely get the “Quit Your Whining” award. I think that goes without saying.

    And I apologize for not knowing your name, but whomever the guy is who throws out there all those lengthy posts with statistical breakdowns, pythagorean theorems and Laxpower hyroglyphics on true power ratings for Section 1 teams gets the “Joe Won the Math and Science” award.

  53. laxman33 says:

    the eastchester vs. brewster game is going to be a great game and those kids from eastchester are tough italians and their offense is very solid when they play all together. saturday night under the lights lax is going to be a great game. those kids from eastchester are ready and will bring it to brewster

  54. Laxbro says:

    The john jay lacrosse team looks ready for the play offs did anyone see eric newman tearing up the field on wednesday he is back at full strenght during playoffs i will not be suprised if he scores 5 goals a game with his rocket shot and get 6 assist a game with his amazing field vision.

  55. Doid23 says:

    Cuse, Well, I don’t think I’m a curmudgeon, but it’s better than cranky. As to the ten gallon hat? I’ll start wearing one of them when I start saying “y’all”, wearing cowboy boots, and rooting for the Cowboys.

    While you are correct, there is no chance in hell of lacrosse even approaching football in Texas, there is room for sports zealots of all types here, cause they LOVE their sports. Highland Park is clearly the biggest lacrosse town in Texas (it also feeds most of the private schools in Dallas such as St. Marks, Dallas Jesuit, Episcopal, etc), but it’s growing fast everywhere (Army goalie Palesky is from Plano). For perspective, there were 9 teams of 18 kids each in my sons 3-4 grade HP town league this spring. It’s coming, what may hold it back is a scarcity of strong competition.

  56. laxhawk says:

    good luck in the playoffs everyone!

  57. slacrosse says:


    Yeah noticed the Army kid from Plano!!

    Noticed Highland Park played some really good teams from Co, lawrenceville, etc. Get them to travel up to Section 1 and play some teams out here. I’d say we’d have our hands full for sure.

    Sounds like a really strong junior program!!

  58. SWLAX says:


    You have a bad team that is well coached going against a good team that is equally well coached…no one should be talking about this game but people can talk about whatever they want!

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