Mahopac co-coaches Dave and Mike Haddeland and assistant coach Joe Corace will undoubtedly have the Indians fired up for today’s 7 p.m. game against Lakeland/Panas at Lakeland High School. (Photo by Jim Stout/

A week from today, the selections and seedings for the 2010 Section 1 tournament will be made.

But we have some crucial games between now and then that will have a big bearing on what happens at that May 20 meeting.

Case in point tonight as Lakeland/Panas (12-3) hosts Mahopac (9-4) at 7 p.m. at Lakeland High School.

But that’s not the only big rivalry game tonight. Chaminade and St. Anthony’s will be meeting at 6:30 p.m., with the game at St. Anthony’s.

Before we get to today’s action in depth, a quick note about last night. White Plains’ Ryan McGee set the school season record for points in a season and assists in a season in the Tigers’ 15-6 win over Eastchester yesterday. The old record for points in a season was held by Connor Gilmartin (2006) with 69 points and Connor Gilmartin (2005 and ’06) with 28 assists. McGee is bound for St. Joseph’s (Pa.).

Lakeland/Panas enters tonight’s game vs. the ‘Pac with a four-game win streak, including a 10-7 win against Yorktown in the Murphy Cup game. Mahopac had a four-game win streak of its own before falling to Guilderland 8-6. The Indians then defeated Wappingers 16-1.

Chaminade (10-3) defeated St. Anthony’s 14-8 on April 13. So tonight’s game is Round 2 of possible three rounds. (The third meeting, of course, would be for the CHSAA title.)

Darien, the five-time Connecticut Class M state champion, visits defending Class S state champ St. Joseph-Trumbull to headline today’s Connecticut slate along with a 6 p.m. showdown between Ridgefield (10-2) and Wilton (8-4) at Wilton’s Fujitani Field. At 7 p.m., Fairfield Warde hosts Norwalk and New Milford plays at Pomperaug.

At 4 p.m.,  Bridgeport Central plays at Danbury and Statford hosts Brookfield. Brien McMahon visits Westhill at 3:30 p.m. North Haven hosts Hamden at 3:45 p.m. Unbeaten Staples (13-0) visits Glastonbury (7-3) at 5 p.m. The Tomahawks’ losses have come against Fairfield Prep, Cheshire and Northwest Catholic.

Also today in the Hudson Valley, Horace Greeley (3-10) can clinch a playoff berth with a win tonight vs. Fox Lane (11-3) at Fox Lane Memorial Stadium. In another 7 p.m. game, rivals Peekskill and Hen Hud play at Hen Hud. At 4:30 p.m., John Jay visits Byram Hills, Yorktown plays at Brewster, Bronxville plays at Pelham at Glover Field, Croton-Harmon hosts North Salem, Briarcliff hosts Westlake, John F. Kennedy Catholic hosts Ossining and Haldane is at Put Valley.

In Nassau, unbeaten Manhasset visits Seaford at 7 p.m. At 4:30 p.m., Floral Park hosts Locust Valley, Massapequa plays at Hempstead, Farmingdale plays at Plainview JFK, Hicksville hosts Herricks, Baldwin plays at Syosset and East Meadow hosts Oceanside. At 4:45 p.m., Port Washington plays at Valley Stream Central at Fireman’s Field and North Shore hosts Clarke. Uniondale hosts Freeport at 4:15.

West Islip plays at Lindenhurst in 4:30 p.m. Suffolk action. Also at 4:30 p.m., East Islip hosts West Babylon, Commack plays at Longwood, Walt Whiteman visits Bayshore and Smithtown East is at Northport. Ward Melville visits Middle Country at 4:15 p.m. Smithtown West plays at Sachem East at 5 p.m. Copiague hosts North Babylon at 7 p.m.

Be sure to post your thoughts and predictions on these matchups, and while you’re at your game or games today, be sure to check in here with info on the scores and game details early and often.

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116 Responses to “Scoreboard Central: Thursday/5.13.10”

  1. Math 101 says:

    For some of you trying to figure the seed:

    First off only NY games count.
    You get 4 pts for a win- No matter who
    You get one point for playing a team .500% or better -win or lose
    You get two points for playing a team .750% or better- win or lose
    Add the points up , divide by the # of NY games and you get an index.

    So some of you who are just going by wins are incorrect, for instance in B, teams like JJ, and Somers get points for Strength of schedule. Even if they lose to those teams. In A LP and Yorktown the same formula. But do not count CT or Washington games??
    Now that you have that someone else do the math.

  2. Old Rugger says:

    I did not realize it was indexed to the number of NY games only thought it was total points as you describe for NY games, so teams that play non NY games are not as penalized as I thought?

  3. IndianChief45 says:

    Pac 12, LP 8

  4. seedings says:

    Math 101, in order to get the points for playing a team with a better than .500 record, or better than .750 record, is it the team’s record at the time the game was played or their record at the end of the season?

  5. IslandLaxpert says:

    St A’s 9, Cham 7

  6. Jericho says:

    Chaminade 9
    St. A’s 8

  7. 906 says:

    Thank you for shedding some light
    Math 101 ill get my pencil out.

  8. Confused... says:

    What’s misleading is the way that the seeding criteria is written, this is straight from the Tournament booklet:


    I. Qualifying Standards
    – 25% – Overall Record
    – 25% – League Record
    – 25% – Class Record
    – 25% – Class Record and Above, Record

    II. Seeding Point Values
    – Four points for every win, regardless of class
    – Two points for every tie, regardless of class
    – No deduction of points for losses
    – Two bonus points will be awarded for playing a team that has a winning percentage of .750, or above – teams receive this if they win or lose, determined at seeding day
    – One bonus point for playing a team who has a winning percentage between .500 and .749- teams receive this if they win or lose, determined at seeding day
    – Bonus points will only be awarded for NYS Federation games, as seeding will only come from these games (these are teams in NYSPHSAA and its affiliates- CHSAA, PSAL, NYIS)

    No where in there does it mention anything about then dividing the total points by the # of game played with the index being the deciding number. On the results sheet though, it does mention an index, that says “Total number of points obtained in NYS Federation divided by # of games played”…does that mean # of games played within the NYS Federation, or number of game played total? They are very different things, and hopefully someone can clarify.
    The index makes no sense either way (lets be honest, any way you cut this it makes no sense)…it has to be total points, and maybe the index is used for a tie breaker?
    For example, if you have a team with 52 points who has played 15 games, and a team that has 53 points and has played 16 games, the 15 game team has a higher index, and thus would be seeder higher? How can reward a team for playing less games (assuming that 16th game was never scheduled, not an out of state game)?
    Also, if you have a team who plays out of the NYS federation (Somers, LP, Town, etc), obtaining no points for those games, but using them towards the index, that is hardly fair either.

    This is so @#%^@# up!

  9. gimme a stick says:

    Congrats to McGee of White Plains, if he wears number 8 he was dominant yesterday…very frustrating day for Eagle fans a 7-4 game at the end of 3 resulted in the final listed above.

  10. BigBadBear says:

    hey Joe does Pelham play B’ville today? or tomorrow? either way, I think an interesting game, can the Pelicans hang? Trap game for the Bronco’s?

  11. dee-up says:

    going with L/P over Pac

  12. slacrosse says:

    Yeah, you waited to see which way I went first (13-10 Pac) and then made your pick!!


  13. slacrosse says:


    It’s like the US Tax Code. You look at it’s complexity, etc. and just KNOW something is very, very wrong with its rationale.

  14. slacrosse says:

    Hey, congrats to McGee. Great ice hockey player as well!!

  15. Joe Lombardi says:

    Bear –

    Pelham has been pretty consistent all season – losing just to White Plains and Mamaroneck. Bronxville (11-3) is a solid favorite and has played the tougher schedule, but it is a game worth watching.

  16. LAXFAN says:

    How many teams can make the playoffs in the B class? How many top seeds get a buy?

  17. blax says:

    How many teams in class B make the sectionals? Is it every team that wins 25% of their games?

  18. Old Rugger says:

    Seedings it is at time of seeding meeting. I’ll take
    Bronxville by 6-8
    LP 12 Pac 8
    St A’s 10 Chaminade 7
    HG FL (Rivalry) I’ll take HG by 1
    Thank you MSG as have not been able to make as many games live as I would like. Love the coverage. With the Tax code we can go to experts I don’t think there are any experts on the seedings.

  19. Old Coach says:


    Re: Qualifying Standards

    Is that “meet any one to qualify” or “meet all four to qualify”?

    … because if its “meet all four”, if Greeley doesn’t get in unless they beat Rye.

  20. slacrosse says:

    Old Rugger,

    Good point onTax Code vs. Seedings

  21. slacrosse says:

    As I assume FL is already in the playoffs, I’m therefore rooting hard for HG. All those tight games vs tough comp. ending up in losses!

    I’ll go with HG 11-6.

  22. coach says:

    Definitely Lakeland today. So are teams like No. rockland going to make the tourney? If they win today they will have a 25% win percentage. Clarkstown South has a 30 % win percentage and wappingers has a record of .500 will they be in it? They seem like the only question marks of A?????

  23. HV Lax says:

    Old Coach-

    what four qualifications are you talking about? Greeley needs to win 4 out of its 16 games to get into the playoffs, that is all.

    The HG vs. FL rivalry is always great, Greeley wants to dominate this team like they dominated Byram

  24. Old Coach says:

    HV Lax

    posted above


    I. Qualifying Standards
    – 25% – Overall Record
    – 25% – League Record
    – 25% – Class Record
    – 25% – Class Record and Above, Record”

    supposedly direct from the tourney handbook

    my question to the poster was do you have to meet all of those standards or just any one of those standards?

  25. Laxinupsec1 says:

    Joe, what are your thoughts on l/p v mahopac tonight?

  26. Sec1 says:

    Town 1 Brew 1 end of 1

  27. score update says:

    Start of 4th quarter. JJ up 8-6 over Byram.

  28. score update says:

    10-7 JJ with 5 minutes to go in game.

  29. Sec1 says:

    Town 8 Brew 3 half KI with 3

  30. score update says:

    Byram scores on man down transition at 3 minute mark. JJ up 10-8 with 2 minutes to go.

  31. score update says:

    JJ up 11-8.

  32. score update says:

    Final: 12-8 JJ over Byram. 12th goal scored while Byram was doubling ball at end.

  33. Syracuse says:

    Nice job Byram Hills. Seriously. That’s a heck of an effort.

  34. laxnoz says:

    were the jj starters sitting the bench the whole game?

  35. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay never pulled starters, byram kept it close all game.nice effort

  36. Sec1 says:

    Town 12. Brew 4 end of 3

  37. BTB'er says:

    Anyone have a Town update?

  38. Sec1 says:

    Town 15-6 Final

  39. kr says:

    anyone know what’s going on on Long Island….Chaminade/StA and Manhasset/Seaford?

  40. Laxit says:

    Pac 6, LP 5 ht

  41. kr says:

    anyone have an update on the LI games?

  42. pride says:

    jj is not playing well. this is a bad time to be getting spring fever fellows. Can you say jj peak already. Somers could beat them in the first round of sectionals.

  43. Laxit says:

    LP leads 10-8 after 3

  44. hv lax says:

    does anyone know what the seedings in class b will look like?

  45. Lolaxin says:

    L/P leads 10-9 with 5 min to go

  46. Lolaxin says:

    Pac’s Foley ties it up 10-10 with 21 seconds to go

  47. Syracuse says:

    Pride … meet No_style_points

    No_style_ points … meet Pride

  48. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: St. Anthony’s 8, Chaminade 6

  49. Blax says:

    Its 9:00pm! Do you know where your score is?

    Its gotta be end of 3rd by now in Pac/LP game?

  50. update says:

    L/P Pac 10-10 going into O/T

  51. mad_lax says:

    10-10 pac/lp 4 mins to go

  52. Blax says:

    wow….that was quick

  53. mad_lax says:


  54. Lolaxin says:

    double ot…

  55. mad_lax says:

    double ot

  56. Lolaxin says:

    L/P wins 11-10 in double OT

  57. Syracuse says:


  58. mad_lax says:

    Caffrey from Honovich w/ 47.7 in 2OT

  59. beans says:

    so as of now what would the section 1 class b playoffs look like?

  60. The Dude says:

    Greeley over Fox Lane

  61. laxxxxx says:

    what would the class b standings look like?

  62. Iceman says:

    Is that why we couldn’t get an update? All the fans were in too much suspense.

    “You Pay For The Whole Seat But You’ll Only Need…. The Edge” haha

  63. no_style_points says:

    Oh, Syracuse, you dog you.

    I was looking forward to a quiet evening and did not notice Pride’s post and you just haaaaaaad to point it out.

    Now my world is spinning, the dog is barking, my neighbor’s daughter is crying and I think I have a broken pipe in my basement…the whole night is shot and I blame you. lol.

    However, the flip side is that you are well-respected and it is much deserved, so I if anything I should thank you for doing my job and spotting the post. lol.

    The bottom line is that JJ survived Byram’s best effort and won the game by a comfortable margin on the road. John Jay would have needed 9 goals to win the game and they scored 12…see how that works? If it’s good enough for the rule book it’s good enough for me.

    Remember, there are NO STYLE POINTS!

    Anyone who believes that this victory somehow diminishes John Jay’s chances in the sectionals needs to have a check up from the neck up…and Pride, please don’t take that as a personal affront because I don’t even know you and I assure that I am equally grumpy amongst everyone here when it comes to how teams look when they play.

    Congrats to JJ for their, what is it, 13th win?
    Byram, nice try, better luck next time.

    Next up for Jay is Ridgefield, and I am willing to go out on a limb and say that I don’t think they’ll be thinking about “how close” the Byram game was when, they take the field on Saturday. lol.

    Syracuse, Pride and everyone…have a great night!

  64. sectionals_r_us says:

    Class A, 13 (1050+) Class B, 13 (650-1049) Class C/D, 20 (0-649)
    Arlington (2678) Brewster (905) Albertus Magnus (353)
    Clarkstown N (1150) *Yorktown (1033) Ardsley (571)
    Lakeland/Panas (1561) Eastchester (681) Briarcliff (455)
    Mahopac (1298) Fox Lane (988) Bronxville (339)
    Mamaroneck (1088) Harrison (723) Byram Hills (630)
    New Rochelle (2588) Hendrick Hudson (677) Croton (434)
    North Rockland (2159) Horace Greeley (981) Edgemont (473)
    Scarsdale (1090) John Jay CR (964) Haldane (236)
    Suffern (1139) Nyack (699) Hastings (409)
    Wappingers (3183) Ossining (1046) Irvington (449)
    White Plains (1737) Peekskill (677) JFK (474)
    Clarkstown S (1155) Somers (739) Nanuet (507)
    Roosevelt (909) Tappan Zee (795) North Salem (316)
    Pearl River (638)
    Pelham (568)
    Pleasantville (450)
    Putnam Valley (439)
    Rye (646)
    *Received Section approval to participate Sleepy Hollow (604)
    in Class A Section Tournament Westlake (451)

    I hope the formatting held up.

    This is taken from the Section One Tournament handbook for 2010.

  65. laxified says:

    Manhasset 13-6 over Seaford. Seaford should give up the sport. One guy had five penalties, all late hits and was applauded by his fans/parents. What a joke. The Seaford coach has zero control of his team or teaches them to play like talentless thugs. Ryan Matthews took one of the late hits, totally unable to protect himself after a shot and hurt his leg/knee.

  66. laxxxx says:

    Greeley was off to a great start. they were up 5-0 at the half.

    But then something happened. maybe they got cocky? That kid Leventhal looked like he was doing his own thing. walking around the field, not playing defense, not even running back when he could easily stop a fast break.

    we started to rally back hard and were up 6-5, but then nathan becker picked up a rebounded shot and dunked it. then finally #28 had a nice shot putting Greeley up 7-6 for the win.

  67. D-PAC says:

    One of the greatest high school games I’ve seen in a long time.LP jumps up 2-0. Pac up 6-3 late before half. . LP scores 2 quick ones to close out the first half. One in transition and one off the face-off. Seemed to deflate Pac a little after somewhat dominating the first half. 6-5 at half. LP cpmes out firing and outscores Pac 5-2 in 3rd quarter. 10-8 going into 4th. No team scores until about 5 minutes left. Wild finish with Pac scoring to tie with about 50 seconds left. Pac played strong D and shutout LP the whole 4th and the 1st overtime. They controlled the ball and had it in LP’s end for the first 3 minutes of the second overtime until an errant pass went straight to the defender who got it down fast and with two passes the game was finally over. Caffrey scored his only goal of the game, I believe. He was shutdown by #24 Parrillo.
    THE SECTIONALS ARE GOING TO BE UNBELIEVABLE. It’s whoever wants it more.

  68. CoppsHill says:

    Ridgefield looked very energized tonight vs. Wilton. Very nice effort.

  69. slacrosse says:

    Yeah great game and congrats to LP.

    Great effort by Pac and while the result is disappointing to them, they shouldn’t hang their heads at all!

    Class A playoffs are gonna be a wild ride!!

  70. peekskill says:

    not to bash peekskill but hen hud won not sure on the final around 15-0, but i would like to point out the peekskill team never gave up trying to play, they competed and played as hard as they could until the end, great sportsmanship after the game by peekskill as well.

  71. slacrosse says:

    What a season!!

    Pac loses to Guilderland who they should have beat handily and then plays great in a 2OT loss to LP!

    Byran Hills who has gotten slammed lately has a very respectable outing against Jay!

    Go figure!!

  72. Double OT game says:

    Couldn’t believe how well the competition in this game was….the middies dominated the field while #25 Shawn Honovich on Lakeland and #6 Chase Thompson on Mahopac were back and forth the whole game and had stellar performances …both should be considered for all-section and or all-american

  73. SWLAX says:

    B’Ville v. Pelham was a tough one the watch today…how can there only be one ref there? Doesn’t someone confirm refs? The poor guy looked flustered and missed a lot of calls, the game was out of control 10 seconds in…

    Hats off to Pelham who overcame a 8-3 second quarter deficit, they never gave up. Bronxville needs to learn how to finish a team off, one or two more at that point and the game would have been over.

    Sloppy game all around. I bet both teams would like another stab at each other…

  74. wow says:

    so mamaroneck is class A not B?

  75. LAX FUN says:

    Don’t forget to come out to the Mahopac game on Saturday at 1pm for the lax lob. Closest ball to the cone wins two tickets to the Yankee/Red Sox game. Come out and have fun and watch a great game against Putnam Valley.

  76. Laxinupsec1 says:

    I think the major question about mahopac In the form of “what defense” has been answered. And before Pac threw the ball away in 2nd ot, coaches screamed to and ref never gave it to them

  77. Casual observer says:

    anyone have a score from IP/trinity?

  78. laxxxxx says:

    mamo is class b the section1 book is wrong the cut off is 1100

  79. Doid23 says:

    Not to take anything away from Byram Hills, but John Jay just doesn’t blow anyone out, the two outliers being Brewster and Set. Now, I have only seen highlights of them, and have never seen a full game, but from what I can take in, they just seem to be a team built around their defense (no surprise given Schurr’s background), and the team has learned to play a disciplined game. In a nod to no-style-points and the 70’s and 80’s version of Al Davis, “just win baby”. After last years season, I see this year as tremendous progress, if not the juggernaut we’ve seen from some past Jay teams. If they win or lose the B Sectional title, it will be a close game. Who knows what happens if they get to the Island in the state semis, but that’s a long ways away.

  80. question says:

    How are the section 1 seedings determined? Is it by number of wins in NY state? If so teams like Ytown and Pac will have lower seeds than teams like WP and Arlington?

  81. SirLaxalot says:

    The new playoff format has been discussed here for the last few months. I found this link which should get you up to speed…

  82. Old Rugger says:

    Laxified, I could cut and paste posts about seaford for the last 3-4 years, although I have never seen them play, all posts point to head hunting when playing better teams and the parents supporting it. ADs gotta think twice when scheduling them.

  83. franklyscarlett says:

    I just don’t see Darien being challenged for the FCIAC Championship. Ridgefield Wilton game was good but neither at the level of Darien. Have not seen NC yet this year but based on previous game with Darien I’d have to say that it’ll take an off game by Darien and an above average performance one of the contenders to derail the inevitable. Just the way I see it.

  84. Old Rugger says:

    Congrats to HG for making it to the dance. You willbe a tough first round draw, would love to see them get Mamo in first round.

  85. LaxItUp2010 says:

    sectionals_r_us :

    Are you implying through your “point system” post that Class B teams like Mamaroneck ,Byram Hills, Horace Greeley, Scarsdale, Brewester, HenHud have more points and are rated higher (thus seeded hiigher) in the playof system that John Jay? If that is the case the system is assinine,

  86. Lax to the max says:

    Caffrey was shut down by Parillo but scored the winning goal .Seems that the winning goal counts for something.That statement makes no sense.Great game by both teams.Hope the seedings play out properly to see all the best teams in the semis and finals >The kids deserve it

  87. Black and Gold says:

    Friars big win over Chaminade in front of 1800 fans, great game by 2 classy programs that have ruled the Catholic League for years. Looking forward to the Championship Game on May 27th at C.W. Post………………………..

  88. Old Rugger says:

    Class B so far a/o end of day yesterday’s games. Question is the NY Ivy league a recongnized league for the point system?
    1. JJ (64PTs) [1 game left that counts for seeding)
    2. Mamo (61) [0 games left]
    3. Fox Lane (53) [1 game]
    4. East Chester (51) [2 games]
    5. Ossining (50) [1 game] if Hackley game counts
    6. Somers (47) [0 games]
    7. Tappan Zee (45) [2 games]
    8. Hen Hud (44) [1 game] 2-0 vs same opponents
    9. Scarsdale (44) [2 games] 1-1 vs same opponents
    10. Brewster (41) [2 games]
    11. Harrison (29) [1 game]
    12. & 13 HG & Nyack (28) [2 & 1 repectively]

    Somers could drop as far as 10th if the guys below them win out. Looks like it might be that top four get first round bys and 12& 13 have an out bracket game. Funny how HG is at bottom and FL near top and HG just beat FL. please bring back the power league or something like it.

  89. P&G says:

    I think Doid is onto something. And I hope this doesn’t violate any of “NO SYTLE POINTS” rules of conduct!

    John Jay isn’t likely to be involved in many blowouts. In addition to Doid’s points on defense, the offense they run doesn’t lend itself to blow out lesser quality teams, but is intended to methodically work against the better teams. Add to it they are running about 20 kids in their “normal” rotation.

    Lack of killer instinct? Sloppy at times? Not a full effort for 48 minutes? Maybe…as NO STYLE said earlier they are 13-1 and have beaten everyone except the no. 2 team in the country.

  90. Observation says:

    Brewster has beat #8,5,3 teams.

  91. Old Rugger says:

    Class A so far with games left that count for points
    1. LP (57 pts) [0 games left]
    2. Suffern (53 pts) [3 games left]
    3. Arlington (48 pts) [2 games left]
    4. Town (47 pts) [1 game left]
    5. Pac (47 pts) [2 games left]
    6. White Plains (42 pts) [3 games left]
    7. Wappingers (34 pts) {no games}
    8. Clarkstown S (29 pts) [2 games left]
    Town could go down as far as a 6 seed. If it were to be played today Town and Pac in 1st round winner to play LP CS. The other side of the brackets much weaker. Hopefully the last few games will at least even out the brackets, so that finals are LP against Town Pac winner as this is really a 3 horse race no matter the points.

  92. no_style_points says:


    I think the NY Ivy is a part of the NY Metro/PSAL and PSAL, so I would say yes, those games count.

  93. jay jay tweets says:

    Look, JJ got the win yesterday which I know is all that counts (got it, no style points), but agree w/others that letting teams hang around is a dangerous habit this time of year. After being close all game, a BH team that has been reeling lately went to the FO circle with the score 10-8 with 2 min left. Jay won that face, scored a quick goal and sealed the game, but who knows if it went the other way. Against a top-tier team, Jay can’t count on that. Not taking anything away from BH performance (maybe the Jekyll & hyde of the section!) who def came to play, but JJ needs a better effort guys.

  94. jay says:

    Jay plays just enough to win, when they need to they will step up

  95. PVLaxmom says:

    So for the seeding, PV gets 4 points each for rolling over Peekskill & Haldane, but only 1 bonus point for losing to Yorktown by one, because Town’s record is less than .75 because of the quality of the teams they have played? Something is wrong here.
    Somebody rich needs to put up money so schools can bus their teams to play teams with parity, and have the wins and points mean something.

  96. just laxin says:

    Remember you have to divide by the games played in NY not just total points. So If you do that based on your points I think LP is 1, Suffern 2, Town 3 and Pac 4. Crazy. I have to go divide B cuz that is where I have the most worries about the seeds.

  97. Hutch says:

    jay says in post #95 “Jay plays just enough to win, when they need to they will step up”

    I seriously question that logic jay. Is that really the philosophy you want to bank on heading into the playoffs? Jay’s talent and good coaching may get them through Section 1 and likely through the regional game w/Nisky, but they will get smashed by LI if they keep playing just well enough to win. This is the time of year that elite teams should be firing on all cylinders and really starting to gel. That doesn’t seem to be the case right now. Honestly, Jay should beat Byram by 10 G’s on a bad day (no offense to BH).

    Assuming they get to the semi’s and face anyone of the teams in this murderer’s row: Garden City, Wantagh, Levittown, Comsewougue…say goodnight JJ. It’s not as easy as flipping a switch and saying “now we’ll play for real.” Jay has to learn to put the nails in the coffin and stop letting teams hang around, or the LI matchup they have coming might never even materialize.

  98. Indian J says:

    The difference with JJ and other teams is that Jay seems to play to their competition, and then, is able to beat them. If it was week two or three, then there would be some serious question marks- and there was if you remember. Truth is, if Byram was competing late into the game only to have it thwarted, this is not surprising because Jay has done this so many times this season. Byram is not a strong team, but they have been competitive with stronger teams. They have been beaten by the likes of Greely, and Somers by much larger margins. Why? Because to those teams, it was a must win and a way to affirm their dominance. Greely, ran up the score on Byram. They were up for that game. Jay should up for every game, but its impossible to get up for every single game, every single time. Fact is, Jay has marquee teams on its schedule and teams that are just competitive ( for the most part). I’m not condoning taking anyone lightly, and I agree it will have to change, but how about applying some criticism to teams that actually have lost the game? Jay for all its faults, is better than whichever section one team you care to compare them to. Not just in potential, or reputation, but head to head. Everybody else, of which there are some very strong teams, have lost to Jay head to head. Don’t go befouling Jay because they don’t see Byram as a chance to pad their stats or deviate from a system, or to distract them from their goal. They won by four. They probably did not play well. Byram deserves credit for bouncing back from a lop-sided Greely loss. If you’ve played lacrosse before, You have at least one of these stories: “Dude remember! We only lost to them by one! That was so sick!” It’s a game of wins and losses. John Jay is not thinking about Byram Hills anymore. They are thinking about Ridgefield. If Jay winning a game by four gets other teams thinking that they will be beating Jay, fine. It only makes it easier for Jay to win.

  99. Math 101 says:

    Old Rugger And Friends, I don’t think you have The Bonus Points Correct. Plus remember you have to divide by the number of NY games ONLY. So if Somers does have 47. The index would be- 3.4 Fox Lane- 3.3 and Eastchester-3.2 Ossining-3.1. So if Ruggers points are correct then Somers is 3, and Fox Lane 4??????????????????????

  100. Syracuse says:

    I guess the one good thing out of all this seeding nonsense is the RIGHT teams will be top seeds — Lakeland/Panas, John Jay and Putnam Valley.

    In reality, here’s how the seeds should look in Class A, in my opinion. Class B is a bit more clear cut.

    1. L/P (beat Mahopac, Arlington and Yorktown)
    2. Yorktown (beat both ‘Mahopac and Arlington, lost to L/P)
    3. Mahopac (beat Arlington, lost to L/P and Yorktown)
    *4. Suffern (lost to L/P)
    *5. Arlington (lost to Mahopac, L/P and Yorktown)
    *6. White Plains (lost to Mahopac)

    * denotes pending — Suffern closes with White Plains and Mahopac; Arlington would get bumped down if Suffern beats Mahopac (just a personal feeling); White Plains could bump Arlington to No. 6 if it beat Suffern (again, just an opinion)

    I think most any fan who has followed Section 1 long enough could come up with a similar top 6.

    In Class B, Mamaroneck is the wild card because its record is impressive, but strength of schedule is severely lacking. It’s signature win came over White Plains and I realize Bronxville is much improved by a 13-3 loss doesn’t get Somers or John Jay worried the least bit. Somers, to me, is the clear No. 2 seed. The Tuskers played an excellent schedule.

    So, I’d go:

    1. John Jay
    2. Somers
    3. Mamaroneck
    4. Fox Lane
    5. Greeley
    6. Scarsdale

    Brewster and Ossining are debatable as No. 6 seeds, but since Brewster beat Ossining by 10 they’d get nod for any seed if it came down to those two. Greeley, despite 10 losses, still could beat, in my opinion, any team in B short of Somers and Jay.

    Class C

    1. Putnam Valley
    2. Bronxville
    3. Pleasantville
    4. Rye
    5. Pelham
    6. Byram Hills

    I think Rye and Byram are the most dangerous low seeds in Section 1 history, short of Yorktown ending up lower than a 2 in Class A.

    Again, just random thoughts from looking at sked. No real science to it.

  101. wow says:

    Syracuse….Brewster beat Fox Lane by 8, Ossining by 10, and Horace Greeley by 1 and you still put them lower than those teams?

  102. seedings says:

    agree with most of your “should be” seedings syracuse, but question C. Pelham? Who’ve they beaten…lost to Sleepy Hollow, WP, Mamo…And while I can’t fault Bville and Pville for playing out their schedule and both are good teams, can’t even compare scedules to Rye and BH who have had each other twice, Somers twice, JJ twice and Greeley twice and PV, and both are alive and in the vicinity of .500…wonder what those other teams records would be with that slate? Just no perfect solution, I guess…

  103. LaxItUp2010 says:


    You say Class B is as follows.

    1. John Jay
    2. Somers
    3. Mamaroneck
    4. Fox Lane
    5. Greeley
    6. Scarsdale

    I would say:

    1. John Jay
    2. Somers
    3. Mamaroneck
    4. Fox Lane
    5. Scarsdale
    6. Ossining
    7 Henrick Hudson
    8. Brewster

  104. Lax Novice says:

    Seedings don’t matter. Playing matters. If you’re good enough, you’ll win, anywhere, against whomever. It seems the entire discussion of seedings is meant to replace a discussion of rankings, which I just noticed after an entire season has passed that Lax Lessons doesn’t do under it’s own umbrella, that being transferred to MSG Varsity, which is fine. So if you crossed out every mention of “seedings” and replaced it with “rankings”, I guess the discussion makes more sense.

    Because rankings, like seedings, don’t matter. Playing matters.

  105. calax says:

    Seedings – Pelham did not lose to Sleepy Hollow – check for the correct game scores. Pelham beat Scarsdale and just lost a very close game to Bronxville.

  106. Dad-O says:

    Old Rugger…I think you’ll like this:

    Somebody do some math and see what the rankings/seedings would look like if you applied this formula to the teams:

    Home Win 3
    Road Win 4
    Home Loss -4
    Road Loss -3
    Win vs Top 20 +1
    Win vs Top 10 +2
    Win vs Top 5 +3
    (You add in all three categories for a win vs a top 5 team; +1, +2, +3;
    You add in the first two categories for a win vs a top 10 team; +1, +2;
    You add in one category for a win vs a top 20 team; +1)

    Division win +3
    Out of division win +0

    Division Loss -3
    Out of Division Loss -1

    Road win in Overtime…+1

    Win vs L.I. Top 10 +3
    Win vs L.I. Top 5 +6

    win vs opponent with winning record +1
    Loss vs opponent with winning record 0
    win vs opponent with losing record 0
    Loss vs opponent with losing record -1
    Win vs opponent with higher rating +1
    Loss vs opponent with higher rating 0
    Win vs opponent with lower rating 0
    Loss vs opponent with lower rating -1

    Loss to opponent in lower third of rankings -5
    (46 teams separated as: 1-15, 16-31, 31-46)
    Top 10 team loss to opponent in lower third of rankings…-12
    Top 20 team loss to opponent in lower third of rankings… -5

  107. no_style_points says:

    I am heartily humbled by the respect being shown to me by all my fellow bloggers.

    I can understand why Jay fans are a little antsy. They aren’t playing in a “comfort zone” for their fans as they have in the past and games have been tighter. They’re winning by 4-6 goals instead of 10-12. Honestly, it matters, especially to the folks in the stands who have no control over it and a bunch of their games have been rollercoasters.

    I completely understand they are very capable of losing a game…but I will believe it when I see it. lol.

  108. Lax Novice says:

    Then make sure you’re in Cross River tomorrow –

    Ridgefield 10, John Jay 8.

  109. slacrosse says:

    As of today:

    1. L/P
    2. Yorktown
    3. Mahopac
    4. Suffern
    5. White Plains
    6 Arlington

    1. John Jay
    2. Somers
    4. Fox Lane
    5. Mamaroneck
    6. Scarsdale

    1. Putnam Valley
    2. Rye
    3 Bronxville
    4. Byrum Hills (rebound starting with Jay game–strong schedule)
    5. Pleasantville
    6. Pelham

  110. slacrosse says:

    Jay over Field 12-9

  111. slacrosse says:

    St. A over Town 14-7

  112. Dee-up says:

    Indian J– Not sure , but after reading your above post it sets me back a little . I have seen many of your post , it’s one thing to be a fan but your totally blow B.H. up with those comments and a lot of other teams by saying why and how other teams play them padding stats ect. Glad you feel J is so head and shoulders above the rest , yet others may not agree with you . This is a good year for you but no need to crow so loud. Enjoy the time you may see another like last year .
    Bottom line it’s always nice to give your team props but not at the expense of others being blown up. We all have up and down years , some more so then others . A few teams are more consistent. As we move forward the advantages of some are getting smaller and talent is getting better all over , so enjoy the games .

  113. Indian J says:

    I don’t mean that other teams have underperformed or done wrong in winning by large margins. I admit that perhaps it could be construed that way. Fact is, many teams in Section one might be able to beat JJ. I was just reinforcing the fact that despite “close calls” it has not happened. I did not intend to diminish the accomplishments of the other teams, in fact, I meant to credit my team with beating those teams that are in fact pretty darn good. I know it seems like gloating, but its not. I just think its premature to bring Jay down before they lose to any of the section one teams because the spread was not covered. Nothing wrong with winning soundly either so please don’t see my comments as abrasive. When other teams win big games, I have mentioned on this blog that I am happy for them. I am. No question that some of the records in Section One are deceiving as per their talent- and what they could end up doing. It’s sports. I can’t predict with certainty what will happen. I’m just looking at today. Clearly parity is upon us.

    Hope we are still cool.

  114. laxforfun says:

    What confuses me Indian J – “pad their stats” Somers pulled starters in both games 4 minutes into the third quarter. What wasn’t done was allow kids to get their 100th goal or maybe a shut out or have a record scoring game, to me that would be padding stats. Jay had to keep starters in for the whole game. 10-8 with minutes left. Everyone knows jj is 13-1 but the point is that some games seem a little to close. How does Schurr’s defense allow Byram to score 8 goals? This is absolutely no disrespect to Byram it is to the fact that how jj is seeing W-L columns and sometimes it is more how the whole game was played. JJ played a great second game against Somers, first game only 2 goal difference. Not even a good game against Byram. Rye was very close in both games. Greeley way to close. – the amount of wins JJ has is impressive the margin of the wins are not.

  115. In the Huddle says:

    Don’t know what The 100th goal or shutout comment is all about. However just to bring up something. Coach Lew even going back to his days running the Rebels Defense has ALWAYS! put backups in , in games that are looking in the W column. This is a credit to his respect to those other teams, as well as getting guys in that earn it in practice. He is not the only one D Marr, J Lindsay are also known for these actions. Just thought I would shed some light on the Good things. Mainly because people want to crush these hard-working coaches for every little thing.

  116. laxforfun says:

    In the Huddle,

    That is exactly what I was saying, – Indian J stated other teams “pad their stats:” my response was that was not what was being done. That even though some major milestones could have a occured, such as 100th goal and working on a shut out they were not even taken into consideration. So stating “pad their stats” was so far off the mark. I agree Coach Lew does not like to run up scores and he gives kids chances to play who do not usually get a lot of playing time.

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