Are you ready for what promises to be a busy — and eventful — week of action?

Well, ready or not, here we go.

Today the schedule is relatively light, but things pick up each day.

In Long Island, among today’s matchups: Island Trees at Cold Spring Harbor (4:15 p.m.), Elwood/John Glenn at Bellport (430 p.m.), Huntington at Center Moriches (4:30 p.m.) and Plainedge at MacArthur (7 p.m.)

On the Hudson Valley slate, Horace Mann visits Albertus Magnus  and Suffern plays at Pearl River at 4:15 p.m. In 4:30 p.m. action: Briarcliff visits Harrison, Bronxville hosts Harrison, New Rochelle plays at Pelham, Edgemont hosts Saunders, Scarsdale visits Ardsley and Irvington hosts Eastchester. At 5 p.m., Sleepy Hollow plays at Clarkstown North and Byram Hills visits North Rockland.

In Connecticut action, Trinity Catholic visits Bethel in a 5 p.m. game at Ralph DeSantis Field. Hamden plays at Pomperaug at 7 p.m. and Cheshire visits Shelton in a 7:30 p.m. game at Shelton High School Finn Stadium.

Enjoy today’s games, and enjoy this week’s action.

As always, be sure to post your thoughts on these matchups as well as any info on the scores and game details. coverage

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20 Responses to “Scoreboard Central: Monday/4.12.10”

  1. Jaybird says:

    Very nice article about the importance of hard work/dedication in achieving success. Case in point, the Pride of Cross River, Chris Daniello!

  2. gimme a stick says:

    The Irvington/Eastchester game has been cancelled and moved to a later date.

  3. slacrosse says:


    Yeah a great story about perseverance, hanging in there, etc. A good read for everyone, not just lacrosse kids.

    OK. Let’s have it. What’s your score in the J/Rye game?

    I will tell you beforehand that I just can’t pick a score when Rye is playing. I will say not surprisingly that J should be a solid favorite.

  4. LI Lax says:

    Can’t imagine that Jay won’t beat Rye by at least 7 or 8…Rye barely beat North Shore, who is not very good at all, and their other win is against a very down Dulaney team. Can’t imagine they will be among the upper echelon in Section 1

  5. Old Rugger says:

    JJ 13 Rye 8 Figure 4-5 goals hope the undisiplined and sloppy shot selection problems JJ had against an under rated Sett team does not continue. “One more pass and make sure someone is in X” Good luck to both teams. Don’t like the sectional seeding thing for Rye as they have to play Somers and JJ twice and then sectional seeding goes by how they did against NY teams doesn;t seem fair concidering JJ and Somers are B and Rye is C.

  6. wizard2 says:

    Old rugger-
    Rye missed being a B team this year by 4 or so kids this year and I think they are B next year. Next years B should be crazy strong.

  7. scooter says:

    Rye 10 JJ 7
    You saw what happened when JJ couldn’t win faceoffs against Manhasset, and now they go up against the best FO guy in the section.

  8. Indian J says:

    This should be a very telling week. I would think Jay would beat Rye but you cannot be certain. I like 11-6 J.

  9. BigBadBear says:

    but rye will not only need to win the face off’s, they will have to convert.if they turn it over, and let J’s fine middies get out and run, it will be a long day for rye..if they can hold the ball, get movement and good shots, they stand a chance

  10. Snapple Facts says:

    Jay-11 Rye-6
    Scooter makes a good point about McCormick’s ability to dominate the faceoff x. More possesions for Rye could make this a closer game than some would anticipate. However i think Jay bounces back from the loss to Manhasset.

  11. HV Lax says:

    White Plains-Bville is one to keep an eye on today…

  12. Old Rugger says:

    Guys JJ did not get totally dominated in FO against a Cuse bound FOGO. They just were slower (middies not back on defense quick enough and always second to GBs), and could not catch & throw (usually sign of a good defense) and poor shot selections when they had them (something like 16JJ to 40 Sett), Not that I’m comparing Rye to Sett but FO is not all that lost that game not even close. Rye will have to play all around solid game. I believe JJ learns from last game and bounces back, as BBBear said these are 16-17 year old kids very unpredictable early in season.

  13. Benlaxman says:

    Still shell shocked…
    I think I’m just going to the Jay Rye game if I can and count the goals and other numbers as usual! LOL… One or the other team will win. Good comment Old Rugger about 16-17 year old kids and unpredictability. In the end it will be a W or L… but statistics usually gives you a handle on why! It sometimes allows you to make predictions. I will go out on a limb and predict Jay 14 Rye 5. Based on “results” of the season so far. Jay will be better at FO than thought (they were not that bad against Set. They will play their usual tenacious midfield game… and if they play as a team should score at will. The only unknown is the D. Best d is to keep the ball on offense!

  14. Doid23 says:

    Love the Daniello story, great to see a kid man up, not make excuses or blame coaches, and work his butt off to get better. Then to do all that with the background of his father passing away, well, it’s obvious that his his Dad raised a great son, with the right values and work ethic. Good stuff.

  15. laxified says:

    The main difference between Set and JJ was speed. All over the field Set was faster especially at middie and D. Set D was actually faster than JJ attack. I would say JJ bounces back, as LI Lax said North Shore is very weak, CSH shut them out 10-0 and would think Rye defenders not as speedy as Set.

  16. LAXman says:

    Very inspiring story about Daniello… lot’s of people were wondering who will quarterback the SU offense this year and Daniello stepped up, leading point scorer on the 2x defending champs, definitely a playmaker and you can see how it shed off on his younger brother. He deserves more credit, he’s imo the best offensive player on SU and should be wearing #22 not Jameison!

  17. score says:

    Anyone have the Briarcliff/Harrison score? or any others?

  18. Section1LaxNut says:

    Yeh … Harrison won 9-8… Brandon Bonistall 3-3 for the Huskies. Connery, Press3g’s each for Bcliff.

    Also, Byram 6, North Rockland 5- Dan Lofkin 3-0

  19. Montauk Lax says:

    East Hampton 15, SJTB 7

  20. lacrossegeek says:

    Cole got hit in the knee in North Shore game, don’t know how its feeling. Rye needs to take care of ground balls and unforced turnovers to be competive this season.

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