If you’re a player from the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region who wants to share your thoughts on the 2010 season in our “Player’s perspective” feature, please be sure to get in touch with me.

Since we launched the feature and I first issued that invitation, the response has been overwhelming. Our goal was to hear from at least one player from as many programs as possible, and we’ve far exceed that.

Be sure to read up on all the outstanding submissions from throughout the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region we’ve brought to you folks right here by checking out the Player’s perspective archive.

So be sure to get in on the act if you’re interested by dropping me an e-mail at joe@laxlessons.com.

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3 Responses to “Player’s perspective: Here’s how you can get in on the act”

  1. Observer says:

    It’s been great to read these. What a response! I originally thought maybe you should just narrow it to players who have committed to Division 1 colleges otherwise there could be too many but they’ve all been interesting.

  2. askdlf says:

    lets hear from jj seniors like pickel or odonnell

  3. Laxtime says:

    These have been so interesting and informative. It’s great to get the insights of so many players from the area. We hear from the coaches all the time. It’s so nice let the players have a voice.

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