Chris Longo came up big in Somers’ biggest games last season.

The senior goaltender made 17 saves as the Tuskers unseated four-time defending champion John Jay 14-9 in the sectional finals. This came after a 26-save performance in a 10-7 regular-season win over John Jay.

Longo and the Tuskers are in action on Saturday as they host their second annual Red/Gray Preseason Tournament, starting at 9 a.m.

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What have you been doing to get ready for the season?
I’ve been watching the film that other players parents took of the game and breaking down everything to see what I can improve on and how I could have done it differently. Also we’ve been having workouts in the school weight room, along with box league and winter league in Brewster.

How have you improved in your three years on varsity and what do you think your strengths are as a goalie?
Starting as a sophomore got me a lot of recognition by many people and mostly by my teammates. I would have competitions with fellow teammates such as JoJo Marasco and Colin Tullgren during practice of a goal- to-save ratio. I would have to save more of their shots than  I let in.  If I lost I would have to buy them lunch.  At the beginning, that got pretty expensive, but having guys like (Greg) Petre, (Erik) Pfiffner, (Matt) Deiana, JoJo (Marasco), (Colin)Tullgren and (Kieran) Donohue shooting on you is the best practice you can have.

I believe I’ve improved a lot on my clearing ability. It’s still not where I want it, but I have gotten a lot better. As for my strengths, seeing the ball and reading peoples’ body language. In the past three years, I’ve picked up the ball leaving someone’s stick faster than ever, and coming in on one-on-ones, I’ve been able to save the majority of shots by the way people drop there shoulder or lift their elbow.

What are your thoughts on the Red/Gray Tournament and what do you hope to get out of it as a team?
We are really looking forward to this.  We have a lot of new faces and a lot of great players and athletes returning. This is a great opportunity to see if we are going to pick up where we left off last year for the returning kids and also to see where we can improve with new weapons.  Last year was the first year of the Red/Gray Shootout and it was awesome, so many teams were really happy with the day and since so many are returning we know Coach Lew (Janavey) did a great job putting this all together.

How do the individual players on defense for Somers complement one another’s skills and how do you guys all work together as a unit in practice and in games?
(John) Bello, (Eddie) Schurr and (Christian) Smith are the main guys this year. Bello is very quick on his feet and can pounce on any attackman or midfielder you throw in front of him. Schurr has amazing stick skills and is one of our ground-ball kings which is key to winning games. Smith, like Bello, is quick on his feet and can lay a hit when needed. We’ve all been playing together since third grade. Half the time I don’t need to say anything in goal because once someone gets beat or makes a mistak,e the other guys are there to pick up the slack and get the job done. It’s amazing that on the field it’s almost as if they read each other’s minds.

We practice as if it’s a game. When we do 6-on-6, the D constantly talks to one another and never puts another guy down for getting beat or anything. Also if a goal is let in, they are the first ones to come up to me to say “Don’t worry, that was my fault,” to keep my head  cool. No matter how many times I remind them I could of had it, they don’t want to hear it. I’ve played with other teams during the summer and fall and I don’t know what I would do without my Somers D-line in front of me. They are the best.

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11 Responses to “Player’s perspective: Somers’ Chris Longo, senior goaltender”

  1. daslax says:

    longo is gonna have a standout season this year because hes more experienced and hes starting the season as one of the top goalies in the area.

  2. TuskerTown says:

    Somers needs you to come up big again this year Chris. have a great season!

  3. slacrosse says:

    Somers has senior skilled players at all key positions then all other top teams. Yes the Jay game could be close but I’d be surprised if they did not win Class B.

    If this particular team develops to play at their highest potential, IMO they could end up giving a Garden City type team a very good game.

  4. dee-up says:

    All things tied , then the edge goes to Somers over jay based on this brick wall they call Chris Longo , Good luck Lew and somers .

  5. Travis says:

    I think Somers is overrated. Without Jo-jo they will lose to JJ three times….

  6. Indian J says:

    Somers’s “more athletic” and senior players are not the brand of lacrosse player that JJ has. Somers has tough strong kids who are smash mouth. John Jay has kids that will affect the NCAA div I tournament in just a few years. I’m not saying that Jay will win all three contests ( assuming that there is more than two) or that they are far superior. I’m saying it’s not the same, and has not been the same kind of lacrosse player that we are comparing between the two schools.

    JoJo was an exception of course

    Jay will be able to move the ball faster and score more quickly because of superior stick skills.

  7. scooter says:

    you should tell that to the D1 coaches that went to Somers. They think you’re wrong

  8. who_knows says:

    I saw a lot of the Somers guys play with Westrock last year and they moved the ball well, but at times they did not play with good timing, nor with superior tempo.

    I look for them to improve as the season wears on and the defense is formidable.

    Good luck to all!

  9. laxme says:

    listen i dont get why everyone has to be so high up on how John Jay is the best and everything, didnt this argument happen last year and then somers rose above and de-throwned JJ…
    i understand Somers lost JoJo yessss that is huge but they have many of players. JoJo is NOT the only player! With the WALL in goal and bello smith and schurr infront of him along with midfielders a. lombardo pfiff and then you got petre and younger kevin cousin including ALOT of new faces that are just as good as the others…
    keep putting somers down and they will repeat!

    good luck longo!

  10. Lax-101 says:

    Johm Jay is a better team PERIOD! And now they will also out-coach Somers, especially playing them more then once. JJ will make adjustments .Somers- will NOT!

  11. whattayamean says:

    I love all the unsubstantiated hyperbole.

    JJ has to prove they are better on the field…Until they do Somers is still King ‘O Da Hill and has to perform under pressure because they should be favored. They’re still the champs until dethrowned.

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