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7 Responses to “A View from the Dome: Let's talk state titles”

  1. Ric B says:

    As for the Upstate Teams I can speak with some intelligence (I think). Though I am not a fan of WG due to the 1991 NY State Title game (we lost!). But I have lived in Syracuse since 1991 and the WG program is just unreal. The reason I will say WG all the way this year is because they have a great defense. As they say offense wins game and defense wins championships. Believe me I am a downstater through and through and I hope I am wrong. This years WG team is pretty stacked. The one thing WG does that most others don’t in high school is make mistakes. They are so well coached that they almost play mistake free lax for 4 quarters. They may not have the most talent 10 for 10 but they do have a few legitimate D-1 guys and others to support them who don’t hurt the team. A good TEAM beats 10 great players anyday. This is what WG does and brings to the table each game.
    As for Lafayette, they have the best player in the land in John Greeley. Greeley is big, fast, smart and has been playing on the Lafayette varsity team since 8th grade, so he is not phased by a big game. He can single handedly take over a game and couple him with the Thompson bros and they have about the deadliest Offense in America. The one question I have is thier defense. So we will see how they fair come play-off time. I think they should get through the section pretty easily, but one never knows in this great game.
    Finally, “an eye on Homer”. WOW, that is a bold, bold, call! I personally worked with a few of the Homer players and from what I saw I was not that moved by them. Don’t get me wrong, they have a few kids that will be college players, but I am not sure they will get out of the section. I too was shocked at the JD game score, I thought it was a mis-print. JD is still pretty strong, I think that JD wins section 3.
    Ok, let the criticism begin……

  2. syracuse says:

    Clearly Ric B, the dreamy one that he is, is the authority on all lacrosse north of Poughkeepsie — and thank God for that I say. It’s hard enough to see teams in Section 1 on a given day, so having someone as versed in the game and in-tune with that region chiming in will be a godsend to us down here — provided, of course, he gets off the couch, quits trying to pawn off girls lax sticks and Under Armour items on little old ladies and stays away from 44s in downtown Boeheimville (if it hasn’t already burned down).

    I know this is asking a lot, but Westchester County high school proms are fast approaching and I know Ric B has plenty of memorabilia signings scheduled in the tri-state area.

    Joe, did you know Ric B. once played all four positions on the field at the same time?

  3. Ric B says:

    Syracuse, you are correct, I did play all 4 positions at one time. Come on, you know I had the skill to do that back in my day!

    Get off the couch? WOW, that is a bold call….and below the belt….ouch! FYI, 44’s is now closed.

    Not withstanding Syracuse’s comments (a lot that may or may not be true) I am not that in touch with lax here but I do pay attention to it. I love being from downstate so much that I was ridiculed by many upstate NY players and parents for wearing John Jay Purple to the JJ vs. JD state championship game a few years ago. I mean, after all, my heart will always be downstate when it comes to lax, unless, my 3 year old daughter starts playing. Then I will have to ask Syracuse to send me a stick or two…..

    Syracuse, it sounds like to me that you are a big fan of The Trojans (Homer High that is). Why is that? Is it the reason that we all think????? That area has put out some good players over the years. We’ll have to see….

    Joey “Cross Check”-

    I will do my best to check in on to put in my 2 cents on topics that I know about. After all, I am not AN authority on lax, I am THE authority (you like that don’t you Syracuse?)!

    I want you to look out for Greeley, the kid is the real deal, and deserves the hype. Also, look out for another player in Tully NY named Zach Guy, he is an attackmen who used to play for Lafayette high school until he moved out of the district. If he were still at Lafayette they’d be pretty close to being the most talented team in the land. And possibly the best Defense north of P-Land is Joe Fazio from WG…keep an eye out for these guys…

    Peace, Love, Lax and Dinosaur BBQ,


  4. syracuse says:

    Ah yes, I remember the day Ric B. played all four positions. How could I ever forget it?

    It was back in 1986 during a freshman game at Lakeland. I remember because we played on the field where the stands came out to the midfield line. I was in eighth grade and Ric was in second or third.

    Late in the second half with the game surprisingly close, I stripped Ric behind our cage. I then face-dodged the heck out of him at the midfield line.

    So I’m steaming toward Lakeland’s restraining box and wouldn’t you know it, but there’s Ric B again, this time brandishing a small redwood tree.

    I had no fear. None. I simply gave him a little stutter step and put the ball between his legs, ran around him and picked it up on the other side (as you can probably surmise, Lakeland’s defense was pretty porous back in the day).

    So with ball in tow again I’m steaming in towards the net when all of a sudden WHAM!

    Ric B, sporting goalie stick, helmet and throat protector, lays me out. I see stars and visions of stacks of soda cans at Murph’s house.

    To make a long story short. after caving in the side of my head, Ric B picks up the ball, runs through our D and scores. I didn’t bother to find out if he indeed switched back to a shortstick or stayed with the goalie stick.

    Either way, that was my SportsCenter moment and it paved the way to the glorious career Ric B ended up having. I’m sure my folly was in the recruiting package Syracuse reviewed before paying him under the table to play there.

    We’ve known each other a long time, this Ric B. character and myself. He just doesn’t remember.

    So when posed the question, do I like “Homer” because I happen to be one? Hell no. The only Homer I know wrote a pretty famous book.

    And maybe one day Ric B. and I can get together over a beer and reminisce about the day he stole away my budding D-I college career.

    But, I must add, we DID win that game, pretty much like we always did.

    Ah yes … Ric B. You’ll never meet a nicer guy.

    And I seriously mean that 🙂

  5. Ric B says:

    You stripped me? I don’t know about that, but from that point on the whole story sounds true…I had game in 3rd grade…WOW! That was my typical game back then….

  6. sec1 says:

    Top three teams in last 40yrs in order WG, WM, YT in NYS, With YTown by far the Best at the next level.. Also to Rics point about WG he is right about their coaching and system and depth. I can say almost every YTown WG game YTown had more talent on there starting team. One game comes to mind the 1982 WG 8 YTown 7 in that game there were 20 faceoffs, WG winning 19 of them and Ytown winning 1 which was a corner faceoff, which is not in the rules anymore. Think about it.

  7. syracuse says:

    I wonder about Genny this season. The Cats are 2-1, with a loss to LaSalle of Penn. That leads me to wonder whether Genny is down a bit? Or if LaSalle is the best team in the history of the high school game.

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